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Game Release The new game release ESM Egyptian Slave Mania III has hit the shelfs.It is about the slaves in Ancient Egypt’s slaves.In the game it tells you a lot of facts as well as having a great gameplay.

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Noah Fretton

In the game you are Ku Tata who is an Ancient Egyptian Slave.He was a criminal until the vizier came and made him a slave.In this game it shows us how the slaves lived in Ancient Egypt.It contains mild violence but it is a very factual game it tells us about the slavery system,about the Pharaohs and Gods,simple people,priests and viziers and the Nile River.This game takes place on the Nile.You Ku Tata are the Pharaohs slave/servant and you dress him in the morning etc then you end up being transferred to a slave that builds The Great Pyramid you work for hours on the pyramid then you yet again transferred to a house servant which is not the best thing but is certainly better than any other of the jobs you have had.All you do is clean and take care of pets of a vizier which is pretty easy.Then finally at the age of 38 you die and are buried in the sand not quite far from the Nile where most of the people/slaves you know are buried.This game tells us how Pharaohs lived easy lives and the further down from the top of the food chain the harder it was to live.In this gameplay you go through the daily life of a slave.As a slave for the Pharaoh you dress his get everything ready for him .You have to work all day.Then after three months you go to build the pyramids you work there for another three months until you are transferred again to be a servant for a vizier shortly you die at the age of 39.This gameplay shows Ancient Egypt in a great way.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 10:10:20 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time

Ancient Egypt Slave Game  
Ancient Egypt Slave Game  

New game realese Egyptian Slave Mania III