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RECICLED AIR 10 reciepes 10 tubs all with yogurt

Recycled air

I decided to sell used empty tubs of yogurt filled just with air, but very precious anyway... Each tub has a single reciepe made with yogurt. All the reciepes are measured with yogurt tubs, therefore you don’t need anything else... than recycled air! FACTS 10 yogurt tubes 10 indcations printed on recycled paper 10 cover-ingredients printed on recycled paper

The object

The reciepes were divided into two parts: the ingredients were written on the top of the tub; the indications were inside it.

Coconut raita Combine the yogurt, cucumber and coconut. Place a dollop on top of a potato pancake and garnish with a pinch of chopped cilantro.

Light dessert Prepare a crem mixing the spray crem with the yogurt. Put the corn flakes at the bottom of a cup, then put the crem on them and smooth it. Put the blackbatties on over the cup and put all in the fridge for 45 minutes.

Basic sauce Put all the ingredients in the mixer and mix until it becomes a cream. Put in the frigde for 40 minutes, then mix with a spoon before serving.

Plumcake Whip up the eggs with the sugar. Add the flour, salt and butter (out of the fridge for 10 m inutes). Finally, add t he yogurt, salt, a b it o f grated l emon and t he baking podwer. Put in the oven for 50 minutes at 180째C. Remember! DO NOT OPEN the oven for the first 30 minutes. Do not touch the plumcake until it is warm.

Filett-o-pistachio Put the chopped filett on a waxed paper with the oil in the oven for 25 minutes at 180째C. When cooked take out the oven and wait until the filetto gets warm. Then, mince the pistachios with the garlic and mix with yogurt. Put the souce on the filett and put in the oven for 10 minutes.

Tzatziki Grate without peeling the cucumbers, put them into a bowl with salt for an hour. Chop the garlic; mix the cucumbers and the garlic, with the minced mint and put a bit of oil. Mix with yogurt until you get a cream. Put in the fridge for at least an hour.

Y-Apple cake Peel and chop the apples, then put them in a bowl with the eggs and the flour; keep mixing adding the sugar, the oil and - in the end - the yogurt. Finally, add the baking podwer and a bit of grated lemon. Cook in pre-hotted oven (180째C) until it becomes amber brown.

Frozen cake Mince the biscuits. Melt the butter in a little pan; then add the biscuits. Spread the mix on a oven paper. Whip up the cream, and slowly add yogurt and sugar. Spread the cream on the biscuits base until it becomes smooth. Finally put in the fridge for an hour and then in the frizer for 45 minutes.

Y-Chicken Put the oil in a pan and wait a couple of minutes; then add the mustard. Put the chopped chicken in the pan and l ow t he fire. Cook until i t starts to become amber brown and then add the yogurt. Mix until the souce becomes a crem. Put in a plate with salt and pepper.

Onion - tomato raita Beat yogurt and milk until smooth. Chop onion and tomatoes and add to yogurt. Add salt and pepper and sprinkle the Chat Masala over, and serve.


Alice and Elen, 23 y.o., students One tub each; Alice bought the Light Dessert reciepe; Elena bought the Filett-o-pistachio reciepe Stefano; 43 y.o., matematician Three tubs: basic salt sauce, frozen cake, Y-chicken

Niccolò 22 y.o., student Two tubs: Onion - tomato raita; Plumcake

Giulia 25 y.o., student Two tubs: Tzatziki; Coconut raita


Salt reciepes

Sweet reciepes

Sauces reciepes

Salt reciepes

Sweet reciepes

Sauces reciepes

Recycled air  
Recycled air  

10 reciepes of food made of yogurt in 10 yogurt tubs