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==== ==== Weight Loss Programe for A Healthy living ==== ==== Get your FREE Report - - First, you have to leave the idea of slow cardio workouts burn more stubborn fat, recently the consensus has shifted to high intensity exercise as the fastest and most realistic approach to lose obstinate fat. Even though most people do not prefer the high intensity exercise because it burns fewer calories you may be surprised to learn that this type of workout actually lead to huge amounts of calories being burned over the course of two to three days. Second, you have to gain more muscle to burn more fat and it is true, some people think that this is just a myth but studies have shown that the more muscle you have the more you will be able to burn fat. You do not have to look like a WWE star to lose stubborn fat all you need to do is to add some light weight training to your daily cardio workout, this will greatly improve and increase your body's fat burning machine. Third, repetition is very important, the more number of repetition you do the more fat you will burn. The math is pretty simple, the more exercise you exert the more calories you will burn. A lot of experts believe that eight reps of your chosen exercise is the surest ball to hit more stubborn fat burning. Fewer than eight will result in increased in strength but no muscle are develop, whereas more than twelve will help build up muscle but not strength. So to simplify what I am saying; use eight reps to ensure muscle development and endurance. Most of the time burning stubborn fat is not how hard you work it is often how smart you incorporate knowledge and action. Like in the case of reps, we are taught that the more work you apply the more results you will see but it is not the way to play the dice. So if you are striving to help fight stubborn fat keep this simple three information I have imparted. Until my next post, love life and live well. Bye.

Staying healthy in this days is a major challenge because of numerous options we have in food. Get your FREE Report - ==== ==== Weight Loss Programe for A Healthy living ==== ====

Weight Loss Programe for A Healthy living  

Weight Loss Programe for A Healthy living Weight Loss Programe for A Healthy living Weight Loss Programe for A Healthy living Weight Loss Pr...

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