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Florida Trail September Riders 2012 September 2012 | 1


members, for making this year’s banquet a success! T Thankhe you, FTR scholarship fund awarded more than $8,259!

Florida Trail Riders

ma g a z i n e SEPTEMBER 2012

T able of C ontents

VOL. 41 | NO. 9

8 Chaplain’s Corner 10-21 FTR Banquet 24-26 Meeting Minutes 28-31 FTR MX 36-49 On The Cover 45 FTR Schedule Photos courtesy of Katie Swann, Dorothy at TF Racing and Mike Belle.


On the cover Tyler Trammell 2011/2012 Overall Enduro Highpoint Champion Read about the Georgia native and his first overall win of the 2012/2013 FTR season at the Lochloosa Enduro.

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yler Trammell finished first overall at Enduro #1, winning by one point over Clay Lyons in AA. 26 27 27

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GB Works 33 33 33 34


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FTR M a g a z i n e A d v e r t i s i n g Florida Trail Riders Magazine is published 12 times per year by Florida Trail Riders, Inc. FTR Magazine will review and consider letters and mail submitted by members. Deadline is day 20 of the month prior to publication (i.e. January 20 for February issue). The decision to publish or edit submissions rests with the magazine. Opinions expressed in articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the editor or the members of Florida Trail Riders, Inc.

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Ford Snodgrass

President (941) 915-9894

Brooks Tomblin

Vice President (386) 615-0493


Broxton Bridge Enduro is canceled until further notice. From the SE&TRA website:

“Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the Family Riders control, we must cancel our Enduro for January 13, 2013...Hopefully, the weekend of January 18 & 19, 2014 we will be back...

Daniel White

Treasurer (407) 480-1059

Kayla Vawter Secretary

(863) 381-2649

Business Manager

5461 Carrick Rd. Cocoa, FL 32927 (352) 538-6291

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appy Labor Day, everyone. As I write this, the long weekend is upon us, so I posted on the FTR Magazine Facebook to see who was riding where, and a lot of you said you were heading up to the Little Brown Jug Enduro in Greenville, S.C. And, while I was not at the Little Brown Jug, I did cover the first FTR Motocross and the first FTR Enduro, and I’m excited to cover the FTR Hare Scrambles later this month. ecently, I started teaching full-time at a local community college and a funny thing happened during the first week of classes. I walked into the TV Production lab one afternoon a few minutes early and noticed one of my students sitting in the front row wearing a One Industries hat. I smiled and since he was the only one in the classroom, I asked him: “Do you ride?” He looked surprised and answered, “I used to.” I nodded. “What did you ride?” I asked and when replied, “FTR,” I could not believe it. He went on to say he had joined the Air Force and moved across the country, so he had not raced in a few years and had not seen a magazine since moving back to Florida, so I promised to catch him up with the latest few issues. also caught up with Lydia Greiner this month - one of the fastest, smartest girls in the 16-24 class and a former FTR MX Champion. I talked to her over the summer about writing a column for the magazine as I have known her for years since she races MX and also attends USF in Tampa (Go, Bulls!) where she is majoring in history. She showed up to Round 1 at Bostwick MX and swept the Women’s class. Check out her article and cheer her on at the next MX race! hope everyone enjoys this issue and make sure you check out the FTR website for the latest schedule changes and upcoming events. We are adding new advertisers all the time so be sure to support those who support FTR! - JS Jesse An




sley and I at the

Dorothy at TF Ra

cing photo

Race Tech’s


Off Road

center in

FTR banquet


Ask about being “Valved for Life.” Factory trained, factory backed technicians - FTR specials year round

Trackside support Accepting resumes NOW!

| (951) 288-5087 | Lake Mary, Florida

6 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Facebook stats from Aug. 1 to Sept. 1, 2012

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Chaplain’s 8 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e



he new FTR Season is here and what a great start. First, let me say kudos to the many volunteers who helped to make the Florida Trail Riders 2012 banquet a success. It is always neat to see so many of our friends in a totally different environment. Plus... we’re all clean! There’s no sweaty gear, dust or mud. This sometimes makes it hard (and fun) to determine who is who. Also, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great event. I know I butchered some of your names (sorry for that) but you took it all in great stride. The following weekend was Round #1 of the Florida Trail Riders Motocross Series in Bostwick, Florida. It has been at least two years since I was on a motocross track. Hat’s off to Rick Dreggors (FTR’s new Motocross Chairman) and his team for a fantastic weekend. We rolled in Saturday morning just in time to begin practice. If you are interested, Saturday’s practice at the FTR Motocross races generally go from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. After that, the track folks bring out the tractors and begin to create their work of art for Sunday’s event.

Bernie is the owner and operator at Bostwick. He and his crew did an incredible job in making the weekend course very safe and lots of fun to ride. Sunday was great. Because it was the first event of the new season, we were a little slow getting things rolling. However, soon we were moving at warp speed. We changed up the time slot for church from 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. and that worked out great! What a large group. Thank you for being there. After church we had the riders meeting and there were lots of “give-a-ways.” They hope this will be a regular part of the series at each riders meeting. As a side note, I was amazed at how many women came to race. Listen up FTR lady Hare Scrambles racers: this maybe something you might want to come and be apart of. Again, great job to Rick and his crew. I look forward to Round 2 of FTR Motocross at Mesa Park. The next weekend we traveled to Lochloosa for Round #1 of the FTR Enduro series, hosted by the Big Scrub Trail Riders. When I arrived late Friday night, I have to admit I was a little worried about the lack of rigs. However, that soon went away when Saturday came. People trickled in all day long. The

“Just Thinking” Junior Enduro on Saturday afternoon was a huge success. My two kids had a great time. Then on Sunday… Wow! What a great showing! My family, along with Robin and Vicki Arnold, worked at the restart check #9. Nothing but smiles on (most) faces. I have to admit it was bloody hot. Because I forgot to bring a hat, my bald spot was taking a beating. The Hare Scrambles Class turned out to be a huge success! What a great way to get more seat time. They left on their own rows after the Enduro began. Kudos to Allen Pearce for running two separate events at the same time, at the same location! Great job Big Scrub Club and congratulations for hosting an event that brought more than 170 racers together! What am I doing this weekend? I’m trying to recover from a horrific case of poison ivy (or poison something of another). Like a knothead, I went in the woods to chop trail in a pair of shorts and ended up coming out with something I greatly regret. FTR Family, thanks for your kindness to Off-Road Racing Ministries. We look forward to serving along with you this race season. Let me share a brief word of encouragement that an FTR member shared with me. He has been going

through a very difficult situation. On this journey, he discovered that saying you are a Christian and living a Godly life are two totally separate things. Anyone can say they are a Christian and not be one, just as someone can join FTR but never race.

You are a racer because you put yourself out there. You pay the price. You sweat when it’s hot and struggle in the blinding dust. Sometimes racing is fun and sometimes you ask yourself why. Nevertheless, you keep on racing. Being a Godly man or woman is not easy. Yet we do it because it is what God has called us to do. I enjoy what God does for me and I want to please Him. Am I always successful at that, NO! But my desire is to please Him. He provides peace, comfort and, most of all, forgiveness. If you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to call on Him. As always, I am here for you, too. I hope you had a great summer! I’ll see you on the line.

Your friend, Andy Dickson FTR Chaplain

Super Senior A #121

You can contact us:

(904) 813-5713

“Run the race with endurance, the course that has been laid out for you” (Hebrews 12:1).

September 2012 | 9

1 0 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Rob Swann

Won $500 in Tucker Rocky bucks

Tucker Rocky also awarded a $300 and $200 prize, in addition to handing out six sets of gear. Congrats!

Above: Howard Jones, Regional Sales Manager at Tucker Rocky Distributing. Thanks to the FTR contingency program with Tucker Rocky, 35 members entered into the program, which allowed FTR to purchase contingency items totalling $5,250 in retail value. The more riders who enter into the program, the more FTR can spend on contingency items for the year end awards. Contact the business manager if you would like a list of the items that were chosen and given away associated with the program.

2011/2012 FTR Scholarship Winners

From left to right:

Amanda Richardson:


Member of SADRA, helps with safety team, Women B

University of North Florida: Nursing

Ryan McCarthy:


Member of OSDR and SADRA, B-200

University of Central Florida: Civil Engineering

Hannah Sacco: $2,064.78 Member of Suncoast Trailblazers, Beginner Florida Gulf Coast University: Dietition/Nutrition


September 2012 | 11

Total Income: Total Expenses: Total Income: Total Expenses:

By The Numbers:

$66,432.87 (includes $8,000 donated from the general fund) $53,393.25 (includes the hotel credit of $8,000) Without general fund donation and the hotel credit: $58,432.87 $61,393.25 Contact the business manager for the number details.

Member Thank You’s:


Brad Gustafson: My wife Kathy and I attended the FTR banquet for the first time and we had a great time! The banquet was run very professionally. It was clear that a lot of hard work went into it and I very much want to thank you all your efforts. Hey and the food was pretty good too! All in all it was extremely well done. Can’t wait for the new season to start!

Keith Finnerty: Thanks to all the people who took a lot of unpaid time and made a Definite impact by providing a fantastic Night out for the FTR Membership. My Family truly appreciates your efforts. Thank you to all the Clubs, Sponsors and Vendors who supported our event. Your Participation truly made it a special event.

Jonathan Campbell: My wife and I had a great time. Thanks to everyone and can’t wait til next year. Hopefully I can be on the podium then too!

Ed Lukosavich: Another Great Banquet, I would like to thank all

the people involved making it possible, You did a great job.

Jeremy Powell:

I agree. I have been to several FTR, SETRA, a National/AMA enduro banquet, and FTR is the bee’s knees when it comes to banquets. Everything was polished, professional, well run, and the trophies and swag were awesome. Thanks to all who made it happen that way!

Left: Renita

Swann, first place, Quad Women Veteran Right: David Moellier, third place, Quad C (Mike Belle photos)

Below: FTR

ladies on the dancefloor

(Dorothy at TF Racing photo)

1 2 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Thank you to Mike Belle for all of the photos from the banquet, and thank you to HBD Motografx for providing the backdrop for the photos!

Jeremy Powell President’s Award

Awarded by FTR President Ford Snodgrass, Jeremy won the President’s Award for his dedication to FTR, service as Enduro scorekeeper, forum administrator and now the new Enduro Chairman. Congrats!

Stephen Schumacher Awarded by TF Racing, Stephen won the most improved rider award with a first place finish in the Mini C class. Stephen started out the season with a DNF at the first Hare Scrambles, but that would be his only one of the year; he was able to stay inside the top 10 for the rest, including a win at the secondto-last race! And, he beat out the second place rider by four points for the overall championship! Congrats!

Mike Belle photos

Most Improved Rider

September 2012 | 13 This year’s Sportsman of the Year Award was selected by the FTR Banquet Committee from nomination letters submitted by FTR members.

This nomination letter was supposed to be read at the banquet:

Sportsman of the Year

Awarded by the FTR Banquet Committee. Congrats!

Fellow FTR Members: Thank you for this prestigious award. I was caught offguard with a mouth full of food and had absolutely no idea on what to say or how to act. I ride Quad AA and I am known as John-Boy. This past season I was diagnosed with Sacardosis which attacked my lungs and has limited my breathing. I have still been able to come out to every race and support my wife, teammates, friends and even strangers. Whether it be waist-deep in mud pushing out a quad or push starting a dirt bike off the starting line, to even putting in a timing chain just after practice, I have never said, ‘No,’ to helping someone out. This award reminds me of people’s appreciation and I will be out there again next season lending a hand to those who need it.

Thanks again, John Vawter (pictured below with Ford Snodgrass)

Kayla Vawter photo

John Vawter

Most of you know may or may not know John Vawter. He is a loving husband, a great friend and, most of all, loves the sport of offroad racing. But what most of you don’t know are the challenges he has faced this past season that haven’t allowed him to race. John was finishing up the police academy just before last summer and was looking forward to returning this past season to race when, over the summer, realized he couldn’t ride for very long without running out of breath. After several doctors visits, chest x-rays, CT scans, and a biopsy, he was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. Wikipedia defines it as the following: a disease in which abnormal collections of chronic inflammatory cells form as nodules in multiple organs. The cause of sarcoidosis is unknown, G ranulomas most often appear in the lungs or the lymph nodes, but virtually any organ can be affected.” I define it as another challenge we will pull through. Through all the tests, doctor’s visits and medications, he has been to every race supporting me doing the thing we love the most. He has lent a helping hand to those who have needed any final preparation or repair to their bike at the race and even during. Sitting on the sidelines and watching others do what you love to do is not an easy task. I feel that this award would commend him for his dedication to the sport and this organization as he fights off this disease that has taken him out of the sport. - Kayla Vawter

P lease thank these vendors and sponsors for helping to make this banquet a success! • TF Racing provided fun for the vendor area including a T-wrench speed challenge; M&M counting challenge; Guess-The-Rider challenge; Facebook likes contest and a pushup contest. • Ellen Fleming donated two quilts to the raffle/Christy Rae donated a Destry Abbott gear set, Hammer nutrition energy pack and an outdoor utility room tent

• Shane Watts donated one DirtWise Riding School worth $360

• Spaceport Cycles donated a FMF 4.1 Carbon Pack kit ($59.99); Answer adult goggles ($19.95); Two Suzuki Makita Smooth Backpack ($36.95/each); Two N-Style Yamaha pre-cut backgrounds ($21.95/each)

• Race Tech donated 10 Race Tech T-shirts • One Gold Valve, front and rear (328) • Labor to install at Maley Motorsports ($250)

• Jacksonville PowerSports donated $1,743.78 in riding gear

• Beach Blvd Motorsports donated $200

• Pit Posse Motorsports and Outlaw Racing donated 500 50 percent off coupons.

Thank You!

Raffle items collected for award handouts and the scholarship raffle table • Jenny Parsons, of Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, donated $160 in Reverse Reginmen products, including a two-pack of Essentials Lip Shield SPF 25 ($16) and Essentials SFF 30 Body Sunscreen ($24). • Nutritionally Green donated five certificates ($100/each) • MotoE donated three personalized nutrition/coaching programs on motorcycle protocols, strength training, flexibility protocols, nutrition protocols and mental development elements, including 12 months of coaching, weekly call from Robb Beams (52 hours with Robb); weekly call with all three riders; weekly checkups - from fall 2012 to summer 2013 winners must opt into contract.

• $150 in trees and plants on stage and at the door to the banquet

• WMR donated free jersey lettering for 25 jerseys ($50/each) Sharon Pollard

Won $326 in the 50/50 raffle Congrats!

• East Coast Screenprinting donated $1,145 in T-shirt sales • EVS donated a box of goodies including gear, gift certificates key chains and air fresheners.

• Millennium Motors donated 50 percent off cylinder repair and free cylinder plating ($150/each) Voting for the Best Event Award took place at the 2011/2012 Awards Banquet Celebration in August.

1 6 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Best Event Awards

Winners of the best 2011-2012 event:

ye a r s

1 4

Hare Scrambles - Race 12: Big Scrub Trail Riders/Gatorback, FL (By Four votes) Enduro - Race 6: Central Florida Trail Riders/Richloam, FL (By one vote)

Pat Storm $75 Kevin Vaughn $55 TCTR $300 CFTR $500 Apollo $500 SEFTR $500 SADRA $750 Suncoast $500 Old School $500 TTR $250 Sunrunners $500 Nature Coast $250 BSTR $500 PBT&TR $250 Azalea $250 Tom & Ellen Fleming Quilts $669 Raffles $287 50/50 $326

Volunteers and Families who need to be thanked:

Tony Ryll: Hotel coordinator/liaison Kerri and Jason Chambers, Kayla Vawter, Tim and Cheryl Myers, Cary Hunt, Lacey Nordle, Ragan Dickson: trophies, jackets, contingency items and banquet room setup Andy Dickson: Master of ceremonies for banquet Jenni Lamb: T-shirt sales and coordinating FTR scholarship fund Ed Lukosavich, Jonathan Campbell, Samantha Broderick: Banquet ticket and armband sales and Leatt neck brace raffle Sally Terrell, Jonathan Campbell and Allie Lamb: FTR scholarship raffle table Ellen Fleming and Teresa Faul: quilt raffles for the scholarship fund Jonathan Londsdale and Scott Lamb: Audio/ visual display in banquet area Mike Belle: photo shoot

*Kerri Chambers donated a Pit Pack for the Tolken raffle

The FTR Board of Directors for allowing $8,000 to be borrowed from the General Fund for the banquet ticket price offset to pass on a discount to the membership Banquet committee: Jenni Lamb, Kerri Chambers, Samantha Broderick, Kayla Vawter, Cary Hunt, Jenn Sheppard, Deborah Broderick, Toni Ryll Rick Dreggors: Contingency signup table and help with vendor area Todd Wichtner: FTR’s Tucker Rocky representative for contingency program Walt Disney Hotel

All FTR clubs and individual members helped enable FTR’s year end awards ceremony. Thank you, FTR membership! FTR Chaplain Andy Dickson and sons

Mike Belle photos

FTR club and member donations for the FTR scholarship fund:

CFTR Invitational


2 2 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Send Letters to E ditor @ floridatrailriders . org

s the FTR year comes to an end and a new one calls, I have to reflect back on how it has been. The past year our club has worked hard to serve the FTR membership. We ran a successful Hare Scramble sand a fantastic Enduro. These two events provided fun and competition for thousands of friends. The events brought much commerce and activity to remote areas of the state. We are all proud to be a part of the American way! Some of the dividends were fun times for riders and spectators; trophies to show for some; donations to the injured riders fund and to the scholarship fund to help elevate our members above just great riding skills. We enjoyed some pristine lands that few Floridians have access to anymore. Through various events, meetings, riding opportunities, CFTR has provided great camaraderie and allowed members to build some wonderful friendships. These intangible benefits were not handed out but everyone who got involved helped to create these special gifts to the participating members. CFTR pulled together and worked eight weekends to complete a Hare Scrambles in the worst heat of a Florida summer. During those weekends we rode together, shared meals together and had fun like we were kids playing in the summer sun. During the best weather of the year, we enjoyed 65,000 acres of specially permitted land - spectacular wild forest only an hour from Orlando - that allowed us to ride and put on what I say was the best Enduro to ride this past year. This event is always well-attended and promises to be even better this next year. During the course of this year, over 500 times I saw one club member help another club member unsolicited. Some were helping me! Having friends that you can trust is invaluable and there is no better way than spending time together with these people who are so generous with their energy and time. We had 12 to 15 of us that took on the Enduro series this year and I think we won. The series scores do not say so but we all feel it! We were together as a group and again shared great times! We shared encouragement from each other and pushed ourselves to achieve goals we can be proud of. We all had help when we needed it, and everyone provided help when they could. It really is tough to decide if it is better to have a friend who will help you out or being the friend who can help someone else. This year, we are coming back stronger than ever as a result. After a year of hard work, the club voted to reimburse members who meet certain criteria for their Croom pass. We also decided to arrange a club trip to Highland Park. This was a great week away with endless riding and more good dirt bike fun. We ate well and played hard. We enjoyed all the fruits of the Georgia mountains. We rode every trail and look forward to a return trip or someplace different soon. As we head to the FTR banquet and plan for the new season, I wish everyone the best. If you are not a club member, do not hesitate to get involved. You will find that you are easily welcomed, but the club is always made up of the participating members! You must be involved to get anything out of it. Without your participation, FTR would not exist. It is, after all, a volunteer organization.

Many Hands Make Light Work! So, I encourage you to get involved. CFTR Meets the second Tuesday of every month in Longwood at Victorio’s 7 p.m. And those eight work weekends start right after the banquet; come out and get involved!

Keith Finnerty




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General Membership Meeting Minutes Meeting at Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Fla. The meeting was called to order on August 4, 2012 at 9:12 a.m. by the President.

Role was taken, in attendance were: Ford Snodgrass Brooks Tomblin Kayla Vawter Daniel White Mike Belle Rick Dreggors Jeremy Powell

(President) (Vice President) (Secretary) (Treasurer) (Hare Scrambles Chairman) (Motocross Chairman) (Enduro Chairman)

Present absent

Present Present Present Present Present

Others: 30 members were present and three guests. Quorum noted to conduct business.

Old Business:

Approval of previous meeting minutes. Mike Belle made motion to accept minutes as printed. Kayla Vawter seconded. No discussion. Vote: Unanimously accepted.

New Business: (In conjuction with Officer Reports) President: (Ford Snodgrass) 2009 Tax Audit: Florida Trail Riders owed the IRS $12,963.00 in taxes and penalties for audit covering 2009. We were told if we paid it and moved on the IRS cannot go back any further. If we challenged the IRS it may hurt FTR in the long run allowing them to audit other years. Ford made motion to pay IRS fees out of Land Use Account. Kayla seconded. Discussion: Jack Terrell mentioned that the Land Use Fund is not a “slush fund”. Gary Wyatt and Jack Terrell both discussed what the original purpose of the Land Use Fund and why it was created. Further discussion on the next steps with the Land Use Fund will be held with Brooks who was not present at the time. Vote: Unanimously accepted.

Motion Passes. - Ford closed by thanking the members for their support during his time as President as his term is coming to an end.

Tresurer: (Daniel White)

Florida Trail Riders is currently financially stable. We are operating well into the green and on our own.

General Fund: Land Use Fund: Scoring: Scholarship:

~$100K ~$90K ~$30K ~$9K

2 CD’s: Total Assets: Debt: Outstanding Ads owed:

~$30K ~$250K NONE ~$2,400

Discussion was also held about more Marketing & Advertising of Florida Trail Riders and a possibility of doing the printed magazine full-time again. continued on next page

More discussion was held about the scoring system update. Pre-registering online will be available, checking lap information available on smart phones, and also a television screen with live updates. Secretary: (Kayla Vawter)

As of July 31, 2012, there were a total of 662 members signed up consisting of: 30 lifetime members, 569 adult members and 63 juvenile members Most members do not sign up until the first race. Membership numbers as of February 29, 2012, toward the end of last season were 1,766 total members. Membership increases as the season progresses.

Enduro Chairman: (Jeremy Powell)

Jeremy thanked Cary for his time as the past Enduro Chairman. Lee Daley will be the Enduro Referee next season. Ken Stephenson and Deborah Broderick will be co-scorekeepers. New electronic scoring system is in place. Results will be available much quicker. Discussion was held that some of the Enduro supplies are low. Florida Trail Riders will replenish low items such as clocks and flags once list is presented.

Mx Chairman: (Rick Dreggors)

Rick has worked hard at trying to schedule our race series avoiding any conflicts with any other series including our own Enduro and Hare Scrambles Series. The MX series will have 10 rounds with no other MX series running an event on that date. The series has gained a lot of sponsors either through money or product donations. Rick and his committee have also been working on trying to encourage the younger kids to join by have holeshot awards and giveaways. The MX series has also been working with some of the tracks to reduce costs to participants.

Hare Scrambles Chairman: (Mike Belle)

The series had a very successful season averaging around 600 riders at each of the 15 events. A couple new classes have been added for next season: Sportsmen and 66+ have been added to the Saturday race schedule. Along with the PeeWee Quad Riders being able to race bikes also or vice versa.

continued on next page

Rider Representative Proposal: (Written by: Mike Belle) Purpose: To adjust the rider representative definitions for the displacement classes in order for the riders to have better representation. Currently the seat for the “C-Displacement” position is very hard to fill because riders in that division are new and don’t stay there long due to promotion rules.

Page 3, Table of Organization Currently (3 places): AA/A/B Displacement classes C Displacement classes Change to (3 places): AA/A Displacement classes B/C Displacement classes

Page 7, Chapter 1, Article XIV

Currently: 4. One Rider Representative appointed by Executive Committee for each of the following: a. AA/A/B Displacement classes-this includes all riders in the AA, A, and B Displacement Classes b. C Displacement Classes-this includes all riders in the C Displacement Classes c. Specialty A and B Classes d. Specialty C classes and Women’s classes e. Saturday Classes-for Hare Scrambles only f. Quad classes-for MX and Hare Scrambles only

Change to: 4. One Rider Representative appointed by Executive Committee for each of the following:

a. AA/A Displacement classes-this includes all riders in the AA and A Displacement Classes b. B/C Displacement Classes-this includes all riders in the B and C Displacement Classes c. Specialty A and B Classes d. Specialty C classes and Women’s classes e. Saturday Classes-for Hare Scrambles only f. Quad classes-for MX and Hare Scrambles only

Page 26, Chapter 8, D Currently: 2. The Hare Scrambles Committee will be composed of one chairman, one representative from each promoting organization granted a sanction for the year in question, one rider representative from A, B, C, Specialty A, B, Specialty C/Women’s Division, Saturday, Quad, HS Scorekeeper and HS Referee. Change to: 2. The Hare Scrambles Committee will be composed of one chairman, one representative from each promoting organization granted a sanction for the year in question, one rider representative from AA/A

Displacement classes, B/C Displacement Classes, Specialty A and B Classes, Specialty C classes and Women’s classes, Saturday Classes, Quad classes, HS

Scorekeeper and HS Referee.

Jack Terrell made motion to accept. Keith Finnerty seconded. No discussion.

Vote: Unanimously accepted.

Motion Passes. Jack Terrell discussed the Recreational Trails Program that will be continued but a provision allows each state governor to opt out if they wish. Jack urged that clubs need to contact our state governor and let him know not to opt out of this program. Kayla made motion to adjourn. Rick seconded. Vote: Unanimously accept. Meeting adjourned 10:55 am. Respectfully submitted by,

Kayla Vawter, FTR Secretary

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September 2012 | 27

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FTR Motocross 2 8 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Chicks Who Rip September 2012 | 29



Lydia finished first in Women and third in 16-24 at Round 1 of the 2012/2013 FTR MX Series.

ne of the most obvious ways that FTR is different from other series lies in the variety of tracks. As much as I love racing in Florida, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to race such a wide variety of tracks outside of FTR. Round 1, at Bostwick Creek MX Park, was my first time there in all my years racing and riding. The track was awesome and it was some of the most fun I’ve had at a race in a while; a few of my friends and I already are making plans to go back! When I went to Bostwick for Round 1, my boyfriend and one of my other friends who were completely new to FTR decided to tag along. It was really cool watching their reactions to the atmosphere at the track. The members of FTR are, by and large, the most friendly, down to earth and laid back people I have ever met in the motocross world. Everyone was happy to be there and while there was some pretty good competition, especially in Dash for Cash race, people were friendly and the farthest thing from cutthroat. I think they were

A race report by Lydia Greiner

riting, to me, is a conversation. Every time I sit down to write a paper for school, a letter, a magazine column, it’s like comfortably talking about something. I would like to briefly introduce myself to you before we begin this conversation: I’m nearly 21 years old and have traveled all over the state and country racing. In 2007, I was the FTR MX Women’s Champion. Since mid-2009, school has been the focus of all of my energy, though I have continued to ride regularly and race locally. I am a full-time student studying history at the University of South Florida in Tampa, and I currently work in the parts department at Love Motorsports in Homosassa. The 2006-2007 FTR motocross series was the last time that I was able to race any FTR, life just got busy: qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s, traveling, taking AP courses in school and then college. Everyone that I spoke with was so excited when they saw the 2012-2013 motocross schedule; my parents and I decided that FTR would be able to fit into our plans for the year. There is just something extremely unique and different about FTR especially compared to other motocross series...

surprised by the generosity of the promoters; during the riders meeting, there were dozens of gift certificates given out at random to the racers just for showing up. Also, I thought it was really neat that those who traveled the farthest to make it to the race were given gas cards; times are still tough for a lot of people and I think the fact that it was acknowledged by FTR illustrates how everyone involved is there simply for the love of the sport. Nobody would take the risks that are associated with dirt bikes and motocross if they didn’t love it. The thing that separates the people involved with FTR is simply their attitude. It is never a race to go racing. Nobody seems to get flustered; nobody seems to get mad; racing is racing and it is what happens on the track. Off the track, everyone is a friend and although these things seem so simple, this relaxed atmosphere is difficult to come by in motocross and it’s what makes the FTR motocross series so unique! My friends, family, and I can’t wait for round two! - Lydia Greiner

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he 2012-2013 FTR MX series kicked off the weekend of August 11 at Bostwick Motocross Park. Sunday morning dawned with a forecast for rain, and as usual, high temperatures. There were 185 entries for Round 1, including 20 entries in the Dash for Cash which offered a $1,000 purse by Champions Powersports. Other sponsors included Cycle Sports Center, EVS, Beach Boulevard Powersports, HBD MotoGrafx, ProTaper and Answer/MSR. Sponsors also provided four $50 gift cards for those who travelled the farthest along with a lot of other prizes and gifts that were given out during the Rider’s Meeting. Races started with simultaneous gate drops on the Bostwick PeeWee track and main track. PeeWee Ryder McCarty won PeeWee Oil 4-6 and Chase Matott finished first in the PeeWee 4-6. Jackson Parks won PeeWee 7-9 class and Brandon Fraizer won the Quad 7-12 class. Parker Maguire finished first in 65 7-9 class with Christian Dresser winning the 65 7-12 class. Some of the day’s best racing was provided by Parker and Christian as they battled for the win in the 65 7-12 class, with Parker finishing second. In the 85 class, Jonathan Fitzgerald won 85 7-11 and Colton Eigenmann, fresh off podiums at the Ponca National, won the 85 12-13 class. Colton also won Super Mini with Ryan Rossier and Jake Bender finishing second and third. In Youth 13-15, there were 13 entries with Dawson Stark winning the overall. In the Youth 1624 class, Matt Karwat of the Champions Powersports team took first. Brianna Parks won the Girls 9-12 class. From the Vet classes, Vet A Preston Tyson took first place with Jim Nagy taking second. In the Vet B, Michael Jones took first place and Jason Beck took second on a borrowed bike. Our Ironman of the day’s event, Nicholas Frey, took third with Nic racing three classes on Sunday. In the 250/Open A, Dustin Whitehead finished first over Michael Cark and James Gaines. Justin and Michael would battle later in the Dash for Cash $1,000 purse moto with Clark winning that moto taking home the $500 first place prize. In 250 B, Sean Sattanno of Champions Motosports also won 250/Open B and Steve Culleny won 250/Open C. In the Woods class, Cody Thomas, Steve Loomis, Jr. and Nic Frey were the top three riders. In Plus 30, Jim Nagy was first with Michael Jones second. In the Plus 40 class, Barry McCarty won the overall followed by Preston Tyson and Steve Loomis, Sr. In the Plus 45, Barry McCarty finished first with Force Gear’s Daniel LaPlacsa and Kissimmee Motorsports’ Rick Bigalow finishing second and third. In 125

Round 1 at Bostwick Creek MX B, Rich Wilkes was the overall winner. Rich also wound up on the podium in the Dash for Cash earning some cash for his efforts. The top three finishers in the 125 C class were Daniel Cook, Patrick Fitzgerald and Bryce Mauldin. Tracy Forward won the Vet Women class and Lydia Greiner and Lacey Nordle finished first and second in the Women’s class. The FTR Motocross Series also allows team entries with the best three scores counting toward the yearend overall awards. Your high point team for Round 1 was the Champions Powersports team with first place finishes by Christian Dresser, Jonathan Fitzgerald and Matt Karwat. Second place team was Beck’s Tech Team 1 with first place finishes by Dawson Stark, Tracey Forward and a second place provided by Jason Beck. Third place team finish was Team 2M/3D Racing with first place finishes by Ryder McCarty, Barry McCarty and Leighton Dreggors with a third place in 65 7-9. The OffRoad Racing Ministries (ORRM) team finished fourth with first place finishes by Parker Magurie, Colton Eigenmann and a fourth place finish by Ethan Dickson in the Woods class. Beck’s Tech’s 2 team finished fifth in team racing at Bostwick with second place finishes by Rusty Heagan and Preston Tyson and a seventh place finish by Cole Collier in the Youth 16-24 class. Kissimmee Motosports’ team finished sixth with Rick Bigalow, Kevin Steele and Quinton Bigalow tallying 131 combined points. A complete recap of the scores and team points can be found on the Florida Trail Riders website, and it is still not too late to put together a team for the remaining nine rounds of the FTR MX Series. Round 2 of FTR MX Series will be October 21 at Mesa Park Motocross Track in Fellsmere. Hopefully, the weather will be cooler and we have a long break between now and October to make the series better and also to allow racing to start early on Sunday morning by making signup go faster. Stay tuned to the FTR website and the FTR forum for additional information on Round 2, which could include a special quad race and live entertainment Saturday night. For those of you who haven’t been to Mesa Park, it is convenient and right off of I-95; the facilities are impressive. They offer RV hookups, a limited number of covered pit areas and other amenities. I look forward to seeing everyone at Round 2 at Mesa Park and thanks to everyone who attended Round 1 at Bostwick. Rick Dreggors FTR MX Chair

Rider Representatives

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Hare Scrambles: AA/A/B Kyle Parsons, (407) 5950191 -

C Vacant Specialty A & B Jeremy Powell,

(904) 225-3176 - Specialty C, Women Kerri Chambers, (863) 956-9140 - Saturday Riders Michael Sacco, (727) 422-9278 - Quads Kayla Vawter, (863) 381-2649 -

Enduro: AA/A Matt Ludwig, (727) 424-3532 -

(863) 660-4459 -

Specialty A/B Steve Loomis, (407) 467-8290

Specialty A & B Doug Ludwig (727) 510-9295 - Specialty C, Women Allen Pearce, (352) 339-5644 -


C Ray Spudeck, (850) 274-9961 -

B/C Mike Ludwig (727) 510-9295 -


AA/AB Dave Johnson,

Full Service Race Shop

LOCAL: (772)


Specialty C, Women Joe Steidle, (352) 494-6944 -

Quads Dwayne Sprenger, (772) 571-8199

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Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Inc. 5138 Commercial Way, US HWY 19 Spring Hill, FL 34606


Big Bikes:

2008 SX 50 JR $1,783

2009 XC-W 450 $7,248

2011 SX 85 $4,611

2011 SX-F 350 $6,134

2008 XC 85 $3,531.20 2008 XC 105 $3,964

2011 XC 150 $6,134 (TWO LEFT)

2010 XC-W 530 SIX DAYS $7,650 (TWO LEFT) 2011 ENDURO 690R $9,410 2008 ATV 450 XC $ 6995.00

2013 models are arriving daily! *Each unit includes freight, does not include taxes or license

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Tyler Trammell 3 6 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

2011/2012 FTR Enduro Overall Highpoint Winner 2012/2013 Lochloosa Enduro #1 Highpoint Winner

September 2012 | 37

Editor’s Note: I ran into Tyler Trammell at the banquet standing next to his bike on display for winning the 2011/2012 Enduro Championship. We spoke briefly about the upcoming season and I promised to catch with him in a few weeks at the first Enduro. Pulling into the track at Lochloosa, I spotted Tyler’s bike under the KTM tent and waved; Then, after the rider’s meeting, while walking back to his pit, I learned about his plans to race a FTR Hare Scrambles for the first time this year - he’s already reserved a number his hometown of Dahlonega where he attends North Georgia College & State University and why he said he wants to move to Florida. A few days after the race, which he won by one point, Tyler called on his 5-hour drive home from North Carolina after spending the day testing his WP Racing USA suspension at Powersport Grafx headquarters.

T JS: How was the rest of the race? I left when it started pouring! TT: It was all you could do to see in front of your face! I had no goggles - I just gave my goggles to one of the check guys to bring back for me because they were useless, so I mean it was horrible between the rain and then, after taking the goggles off, having all those face-slappers hitting me; it was brutal. I was actually glad for it to be over. It almost cost me the win. JS: Why? TT: Well I slowed down so much in the last two sections and apparently Clay, who got second, evidently didn’t see the worst of it ‘cause his scores stayed the same for the last half of the race. He almost snuck up on me and got it that way but that’s all right. I’ll take it. I only won by a point and I think going into the last loop I had a four point lead, so I blew it. JS: Yeah, when I saw you at the check, you said you weren’t feeling too good? TT: Yeah, I was having a bad day but when I went back and looked at the scores, I was winning by at least a minute every section so nobody was close so that’s good. We made a lot of huge changes up here today on my suspension and I gained a lot of speed today. We were able to take nine seconds off

a minute-and-a-half lap up here on a grass track so that’s huge JS: What kind of changes did you make? TT: It’s not that anything was bad. It’s just tweaking little things here and there. Like, ‘Oh, let’s try adjusting the preload on the rear shock,’ and see what it does, or trying a few clickers here and there seeing if it helps or not. And it turns out that everything we did today helped. In simpler words, we just stiffed everything up a lot. JS: Did you have to pretty much start over with your suspension since it’s a new bike? TT: Yeah, we pretty much start over - that bike that I was on this past weekend, that was it’s first race. We stripped it down. That bike was never even rode. It’s shot straight to the house and we take everything off of it and we rebuild it the way I like it. What you actually saw down there - it doesn’t really give it justice to what all is going on. It looked like a stock bike but it was nowhere near it. It didn’t have the stuff on the outside like the bike at the banquet. That one was kind of discreet for what all we had on it. JS: Well, that could be a good thing! TT: It could definitely be a good thing. I looked like everybody else. continued on next page

3 8 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Tyler Trammell

JS: When did you start riding? TT: My dad got me on a bike to begin with when I was four years old and I was doing the motocross stuff.

Mike Belle photos from 2011

JS: What’s one of your earliest memories? TT: I actually remember it like it was yesterday and that’s because it was at Paradise Offroad Park in Macon, Georgia and I remember it because, after the start, there was a huge uphill and my 50 was jetted so bad that it wouldn’t make it up the hill and I never could make it up the hill. The flaggers had to come down and push me up the hill every lap. I still have the trophy. I got seventh place. JS: That’s hilarious. TT: Yeah, I stayed in MX until I was 13 when I had a pretty bad injury. I had a mild concussion that really set me back for a while and that’s when we decided to switch over to the woods racing. I never really; you know, I was just an average motocrosser - I never really took it serious. It was just a weekend thing. I didn’t train. It was just fun. Well, my dad grew up riding enduro-type racing so we switched over to that and that’s when stuff started to click, you know? A lot of the MX skills transferred over and we just took it and ran with it. (In 2008, Tyler won the SE&TRA Harescramble series overall in the B class and also the Open B class Tyler’s “race face” in the GNCC series before getting at Lochloosa hooked up with Steve Hatch.) TT: I spent some time with him (Steve) doing some clinics with him in a big group and learned a lot and that right there is kind of what sent me over the edge. And I kept progressing year after year. (In 2010, after winning the overall in the A class, Tyler had a cyst on his tailbone removed and was forced to sit out for about a year.) TT: That was the year I got promoted to the Pro class so that really put me behind. But I came back from that and that’s when I got one-on-one with Steve and that really is what has made me take on the next level is getting in with him. I went out to

September 2012 | 39

Arizona and stayed with him at his place for a week and did a lot of training and mental stuff. It’s the whole nine yards with him. They don’t just do one thing; it’s everything. He pretty much stayed on me and we stayed in touch the whole year. I got a good, solid program for training. And I just came out the first year with FTR and SE&TRA and it just came out of nowhere; I found some speed and just started dominating and was able to win FTR and for SE&TRA I got beat out of Enduros by Russell Bobbitt but that’s not too bad to lose to a national champ. Coming into this year, Steve came up and spent some time actually with me at my house to get me ready for this year. We’ve got a new program going and it seems to be working so I guess we’re just going to take it and run with it right now. It was good to get a win under the belt. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t pretty but it will come. JS: Going back to the mental part, how important is that? TT: Steve says 80 percent is mental and 15 percent is what you do in the week and 5 percent is race day - the mental part is huge. They really stress that. They break it down into keywords that you use to help you stay confident in your race. They’re all about vision. You have to envision yourself winning. You have to envision yourself when you’re racing. You have to see where you’re going to go and that is huge to them. And it really does; it helps. When you’re calm and relaxed and you’re confident, it’s a totally different ball game out there. And that’s been huge: learning how to deal with that and to not get yourself freaked out before a race or worry about who else is there or if you

had a bad section, don’t let it carry on to the rest of the day. JS: So, you’ve been around for a few years racing the various series. What do you think about FTR? TT: I don’t think their name is as big as the others, yet, but I think they really have something going. We found them because they’re co-sanctioned with SE&TRA and that’s our main region but we decided to run them because, why not? When we came down last year and decided to do Lochloosa, that’s when we knew: ‘Oh, man, they really got something good going here.’ We’ve really enjoyed being a part of the FTR and, to be honest, the FTR people in the organization are nicer to us than anyone has ever been. We feel more at home coming to FTR stuff now than we do really coming to SE&TRA. Everybody’s super nice; even at Lochloosa, everyone was asking how everything’s going and how I’m feeling. It’s just been real supportive especially after the banquet and everything. That’s another thing. The banquet was awesome. I don’t think the people in FTR realize how good they have it until they go somewhere else. Even on the national level, that by far is one of the coolest banquets we’ve ever been to and just the place was awesome too and even the awards. The GNCCs the year I won it, I can’t even remember what I got besides the number 1 plate, and FTR I came home with more stuff than I can ever remember so that was really, really neat. I think it’s awesome how they make it a big deal because everybody puts a lot of time and effort into and you want to be rewarded that way. JS: I’m really glad you enjoyed

it. You must get tired of driving though? TT: We think it’s worth it: the drive, it is, it’s hard driving. This one was actually one of the better it was just six hours but some of them get pushing eight or nine but it’s part of it. JS: What role does your dad (William) play in all of this? TT: He is everything that it takes to get it done. He’s the mechanic, the funder, the driver, you name it, that’s what he does. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be doing it, so I owe pretty much everything I’ve accomplished to him because he’s giving me the opportunity to do it. He’s pretty easy going. We get riled up sometimes if I had a bad race or he thinks I’m not trying but we’re very close. We have a good relationship. We have to keep it fun. That’s the reason we do it. JS: What’s the best thing that could happen with your racing? TT: Perfect vision for it, of course, would be to do what I’m doing like I am today, everyday, and go around riding everyday and testing, but I’ve got to try and think of reality and the big picture and look at it as it’s just going to be a hobby. I would love for it to go somewhere else and I’m really trying right now. I know my time; this is the prime age to get it done and that’s what we’re really going for, but I’m not going to be too narrow minded with it. I’m going to keep an open mind and know that I have to have college and my education because you’ve got to have that to fall back on. And times are tough right now so ideally, it’s not ideal for someone to be making a living riding a dirt bike right now. JS: What about your favorite track? TT: Sand is my favorite. That’s continued on next page

4 0 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

why we love coming to FTR. I guess that’s the MX coming out of me. Hands down my favorite race is Lochloosa after running it last year I’m like, ‘Man, I want every race to be like this.’ We have a place in Alabama called Monster Mountain MX Park. That’s my favorite place to go and practice. They have a huge rutted up sand GP track that you just rail around the whole time. And they have a huge outdoor national MX track and of course they have the woods, too. They have everything. That’s my favorite track. JS: So, you can still ride MX and all that? TT: I still have a little bit in me. I’m nowhere near these other guys that go down and jump something and you see the bottom of their bike, but I can do it enough to where it helps me rather than hurts me. JS: Cool. Who is your favorite rider? TT: It would definitely have to be Russell (Bobbitt). He’s been somebody I’ve grown up around. He grew up in SE&TRA when I first went into woods riding, he was just coming through and starting to dominate, and so he’s always been someone I’ve looked up to. I like his riding style. I like him as a person and, over the years, we’ve actually gotten pretty close to where I’ve been hanging out with him and going to ride with him and spending actual time with him. So somebody that I used to look up and be pretty distant to is somebody who’s became a good friend and helped me out a lot. JS: And now he’s your competition? TT: Yeah, and it turns out he’s my competition so I might not be getting many phone calls to hang out. JS: Well, when the gate drops, the friendship stops,

Tyler Trammell

right? TT: Yep. There you go.

JS: Last question: What is the best advice you’ve ever heard? TT: It would have to be from Steve Hatch. He said, “You can make excuses or you can make it happen, but you cant do both.” And that’s been huge. You’ve got to leave it all out there. You can’t ever hold it back. Even when you’re having your worst day. You’ve got to give it your best because you never know who’s watching. JS: Exactly. Who is helping you out? TT: We’re getting support from Cycle Specialty and Bo Bobbitt - Russell’s dad. He’s helping us out with bikes. Bart (WP Racing USA) is doing our suspension. Those are the two biggest people. This year, we’re finally getting some support from KTM so that’s going to help out a bunch. Everybody else: All Terrain Powersports, Dunlop tires, Gaerne boots, Scott goggles, Steve Hatch...There’s a ton of other stuff that we have on our bikes. JS: Awesome. I hope to see you at a few Hare Scrambles! TT: We’re definitely going to try to make it to a couple, depending on the schedule. I know this time of year , I don’t think I have a weekend off until midOctober but we’re going to try. I’m sure they’ll be just as good as Enduros. JS: There is definitely more competition in your class. TT: Yeah I’ve noticed in the results. It seems to draw a bigger AA crowd. I wish they would show up to the Enduros but maybe they just don’t like that type of riding. §

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Executive Committee : Elected Officers Ford Snodgrass, President

1524 Fleetwood Drive, Sarasota, FL 34232

(941) 915-9894

Brooks Tomblin, Vice President 406 N. Halifax Drive, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

(386) 615-0493 Kayla Vawter, Secretary

4012 Raccoon Road Zolfo Springs, FL 33890

(863) 381-2649 Daniel White,Treasurer

10745 Foxhole Drive, Clermont, FL 34711

(407) 480-1059

Chairpersons Jeremy Powell,


96187 Long Beach Drive, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

(904) 225-3176

Mike Belle,

Hare Scrambles

912 Justice Drive, Tampa, FL 33613

(813) 963-0657

Rick Dreggors,


439 River Isle Court, Longwood, FL 32779

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Enduro: Lee Daley (321) 631-4406 Hare Scrambles: Donny Richardson (727) 235-2051 Motocross: Sean Fitzgerald (352) 455-4029


Enduro: Ken Stephenson (321) 453-0638

Hare Scrambles: Donald St. John (912) 729-1089 Motocross: Ken Kloza (305) 849-1707

Hare Scrambles Scoring Database Maintenance: Tim Nordle (352) 303-0088

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Board of Directors by County: Area #1: Rocky Gavins, 290 East Palmer Mill Road Monticello, FL 32344 (850) 545-9945 Counties: Out-of-State, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette, Dixie Area #2: David Davis, 426 NW Indian Ridge Lane, Lake City, FL 32055 (386) 365-0890 Counties: Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Union, Bradford, Nassau, Duval, Clay, Putnam, St. Johns Area #3: Dylan Galbreath, 810 Crest View North Wildwood, FL 34785 (352) 330-1911 Counties: Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake


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Area #8: Sam Boydstun, 1410 Gleneagles Way, Rockledge, FL 32955 Counties: Brevard, Indian River





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Area #4: Chad Hunter, 408 Grove St. Ormond Area #10: Jonathan Campbell, 6008 Tangelo Drive Beach, FL 32174-7022 Fort Pierce, FL 34982 (918) 261-9770 Counties: Flagler, Volusia Counties: Okeechobee, St. Lucie, Martin Area #5: David Wildner, 731 Locust St. Tarpon Area #11: Ed Lukosavich, 6655 Bottlebrush Lane Springs, FL 34689 Naples, Fl 34109-3813 (727) 510-9039 (239) 253-2333 Counties: Hernando, Pasco. Pinellas, West Counties: Charlotte, Glades, Lee, Hendry, Collier Hillsborough Area #6: Kerri Chambers, PO Box 231, Auburndale FL 33823 (863) 956-9140 Counties: East Hillsborough, Polk

Area #12: Kyle McAfee, 572 Santa Fe Road West Palm Beach, FL 33406 (561) 722-1318 Counties: Palm Beach

Area #7: Bill Jenkins, Jr. 13519 Lacebark Pine Road, Orlando, FL 32832 Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola

Area #13: Paul Lucas, 7500 SW 171st St. Miami, FL 33157 (305) 244-7531 Counties: Broward, Dade, Monroe

4 4 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e

Where to Ride? 20


3 2 12

2. Azalea City Motorcycle Club - Gary Wyatt, Interlachen, FL (386) 684-2698, 3. Big Scrub Trail Riders - John Hawkins, (352) 516-6903, 4. Central Florida Trail Riders - Kevin Simmons, Orlando, FL (407) 859-3006 or (407) 625-3006,


5. Columbia Enduro Riders - Ricky Dennis, Columbia, SC (803) 786-0051,

6 4 19 9

6. Daytona Dirt Riders - Randy Griffin, New Smyrna Beach, FL (386) 423-4302,

1 14



7. Family Riders, Inc. - Johnny Thomas, 1 Venice Ave, Hanahan, SC 29406 (843) 553-1463, familyriderssc@ 8. Greenville Enduro Riders Association - Duane Wellington, Laurens, SC (864) 908-6109, 9. Old School Dirt Riders - Ron Collis, Myakka City, FL (941) 962-5036,

Out of State:

16 10

5, 7, 8, 11, 17

10. Palm Beach Trail & Trail - Randy Rash, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (954) 931-5709, 11. Perry Mountain M/C - Glenn Hollingshead, Selma, AL (334) 872-0619, 12. Nature Coast Trail Blazers - Paul Ladouceur (352) 279-4911,

New Club!

17. Sumter Enduro Riders - Johnny McCoy, Sumter, SC (803) 481-5169,

13. River City Dirt Riders - - Mundy Murzic, Jacksonville, FL (904) 465-2013,

18. Suncoast Trail Blazers - Brian Coughlin, Tampa, FL (813) 908-9008,

14. Sarasota Area Dirt Riders - - Randy Faul, Arcadia, FL (863) 494-6476,

19. Sunrunners M/C - Jack Terrell, Auburndale, FL (863) 984-9294,

15. Sarasota Area Quad Riders - Amanda Fronckowiak, Venice, FL (941) 223-6974,

20. Tallahassee Trail Riders - - Rocky Gavins, Tallahassee, FL (850) 545-9945,

16. Southeast Florida Trail Riders - - Frank Campbell, West Palm Beach, FL (561) 722-1321,

21. Treasure Coast Trail Riders - Scott Klucinec, Vero Beach, FL (772) 473-3801,

Kevin Moyer photo

1. Apollo Motorcycle Club - - Dan Graziano, Cocoa, FL (321) 635-8436,

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2012-2013 FTR Schedule

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Red indicates multiple race weekend

2012 August 12 MX #1/Bostwick Creek MX August 19 BSTR Enduro #1/Lochloosa September 2 Greenville Enduro #2/Whitmire, SC September 22 & 23 CFTR – Hare Scrambles #1/Bartow October 7 Suncoast Enduro #3/Brooksville October 13 & 14 DDR – Hare Scrambles #2/Ormond Beach October 21 MX #2/Mesa Park MX October 27 & 28 ACMC – Hare Scrambles #3/Bostwick November 4 Perry Mountain Enduro #4/Maplesville, AL November 4 MX #3/Dade City MX November 10 & 11 Sunrunners – Hare Scrambles #4/Bartow November 17 & 18 Apollo – Hare Scrambles #5/Samsula December 1 & 2 OSDR – Hare Scrambles #6/Myakka City December 9 MX #4/Bithlo Motorsports December 15 & 16 PBTTR – Hare Scrambles #7/Okeechobee 2013

January 5 & 6 January 13 January 26 & 27 February 2 & 3 February 10 February 16 & 17 February 24 March 2 & 3 March 3 March 10 March 17 March 23 & 24 March 31 April 13 & 14 April 27 & 28 May 5 May 5 May 11 & 12 May 19 May 19 June 2

Champion ---Tyler Trammell

Suncoast – Hare Scrambles #8/Mondon Hill Family Riders Enduro #5/Broxton Bridge, SC Rain Date TCTR – Hare Scrambles #9/Brighton MX #5/Reddick SADRA – Hare Scrambles #10/Sarasota CFTR Enduro #6/Richloam BSTR Hare Scrambles #11/Gatorback Sandlapper Enduro #7/Salley, SC DDR Enduro #8/Daytona Beach MX #6/Sunshine MX NCTB Hare Scrambles #12/Dade City MX #7/Dade City MX TTR – Hare Scrambles #13/Chipley Primary (HS Benefit) Rain Date Apollo Enduro #9/Samsula MX #8/Sunshine MX Rain Date Benefit Enduro #10/Heart Island MX #9/Waldo Motorsports MX #10/Mesa Park MX N e x t M o n t h : T h e O c t o b e r I ss u e F TR E n d u r o O p e n e r Enduro Committee Meeting Minutes

4 6 | F l o r i d a T r ai l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e


Trail Riders 5461 Carrick Road | Cocoa Beach, Fla. 32927




(Please check the appropriate fee) $25 FOR 12 AND UNDER (Please check the appropriate fee) $25 FOR 12 AND UNDER


YES NO FTR Member #

FIRSTName NAME _____________________________ LAST NAMEParent ______________________________________ (First, Last) Name (For Youth) Birth (MM-DD-YYYY) DATE Date OF of BIRTH _____-_____-__________ (MM-DD-YYYY) Address

ADDRESS________________________________________ City


SEX _________

Check here if you wish Check here if you do not wish to receive your monthly to receive motorcycle-related magazine digitally inCITY_______________________________________ materials from approved stead via mail (Requires companies with whom FTR broadband): exchanges lists.

STATE ________ ZIP ________________ COUNTY ______________________________ County


HOMEPhone PHONE ____________________ WORK PHONE ____________________ # Emergency #

Occupation EMAIL __________________________________________________ AMA # ______________________________ Email (NOT REQUIRED)

Enduro Class:



Hare Scrambles Class: ENDURO:



OCCUPATION ________________________________




CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc __________ Brand



Saturday Hare Scrambles: (65’s,

HAREMini’s, SCRAMBLES: Juniors, Vintage, Evolution, Peewees, Beginners, All

Choice 2: Choice 3: CHECK HERE IF YOU DO NOT





CHOICE 1: CHOICE 2: CHOICE 3: , , CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc _____ NUMBER ______,______,______






(If you are a new member or renewing after July 31st, give three choices for numbers)





CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc _____ NUMBER ______,______,______

(If you are a new member or renewing after July 31st, give three choices for numbers)

Do not mail this form to the Business Office if there are less than 10 days before the race you intend to enter. MOTOCROSS: If you are mailing this form to the Business Office, please allow 10 days from the mailing date before contacting us about your number. CHOICE 1:



CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc _____ NUMBER ______,______,______

(If you are a new member or renewing after July 31st, give three choices for numbers)

Do not mail this form to the Business Office if there are less than 10 days before the race you intend to enter. If you are mailing this form to the Business Office, please allow 10 days from the date of mailing before contacting us about your number.

September 2012 | 47

No fees - Tax & Registration, only Call Andy Kent for details: (904) 641-0066

10315 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32246


2013’s Are Here

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September FTR Magazine  

Issue 9 2012

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