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September 2011

Florida Trail Riders

Garrett’s Got Talent | 2011-2012 Schedule | Words w/ Lee


2 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

Florida Trail Riders

Volume 40 | Number 7

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EDITORIAL FTR Communications 3 Prez Says | FTR Scholarship Winners 5 FTR Magazine Editorial 6-7 News | Style Check: Lake City 8-9 The Editor’s Beat | Ad Index 13 Advertising Index | Contingency Sponsors 11 Enduro Files 21 Ask Adam 24 Chaplain’s Corner 26-27 Words with Lee Smith 27 Out Front: #217AA 28-30 MINUTES General Membership Meeting Minutes 14-18

Garrett Edmisten AA #217

Find out what Garrett is looking forward to next - page 28

Next Month: October Hare Scrambles #1 and #2 - Beginner’s Luck, Enduro Files ONLINE at

INFORMATION FTR Officer Nominations 19 Dare to Enduro 20 HS #4 - Strickland Ranch - 31 Enduro #3 - Orange State 32 HS #5 - Cedar Creek HS - 33 Executive Committee | FTR Officials 34 Who to Contact in FTR 35 Membership Application 36 Where to Ride? 37 2011-2012 Competition Schedule 39

R emember : If you have questions regarding weather-related event cancellations, visit

2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 3

Communications: Florida Trail Riders: Ford Snodgrass

President (941) 915-9894

Jack Terrell

Vice President (863) 984-9294




Jonny Simpkins

Treasurer (352) 394-2430

Deborah Broderick



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New Olfog! B

Editor and Publisher: Jenn Sheppard

Florida Trail Riders, Inc. (FTR) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1971. The mission of FTR is to promote the image of responsible motorcyclists. Published 12 times a year, Florida Trail Riders Magazine is published to inform the membership of events, official business and information about the area with materials submitted by members for inclusion. Letters and photos may be submitted to:

Full Service Race Shop Toll Free


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4 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

The Prez Says

From the President’s Office:


et me start by thanking everyone who attended this year’s banquet. I believe it was a huge success. I know a lot of members had to make sacrifices to be there and I for one appreciate it. Carol Preston and crew worked very hard before, during and after to make it what it was. I had a great time and met a lot of new people. I hope to meet even more people as this season progresses. y the time you read this, the first few races will be in the books. I will be looking forward to seeing everyone at the Hare Scrambles events. I’ve been talking a little smack on the forum over the summer so I hope a lot of you show up to cheer us on or even to bang bars with us. Either way, I hope everyone can come out to support our local clubs and FTR. y now everyone has probably heard that our Business Manager Tiffany St. John has resigned. I want to thank her for all she has done for FTR over the years. Now don’t be sad; she will still be around the races. The only difference is that she’ll actually be having fun instead of being stressed out. I can still remember those days. Tiffany has been so involved with FTR for so many years she probably can’t remember those days but


I’m pretty sure they’ll come back to her quickly. ust in case you haven’t seen the website lately, I wanted to let everyone know that we are moving into the future. We now offer online membership sign up and renewals and in the near future I hope to do online race registration. One step at a time, but always stepping forward. ne last thing before I go. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Tucker Rocky Racers Support Program. See ya soon.



Your FTR President

FTR Scholarship Winners:

Katherine Duffy - I was very excited to hear that I received an FTR scholarship. My education means a lot to me, and every bit of help I can get towards paying for college means that much more. I appreciate that FTR has this scholarship program in place to help students pay for college and further their education. I am currently attending the University of Central Florida as a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Lacey Nordle -

Being awarded this scholarship allows me to become closer to achieving my dreams of going to college to become a doctor.

Benjamin Gavins -


Ford Snodgrass 555A

ye a r s



Shane Watts Raffle 160 TCTR 300 Apollo 1000 Suncoast 500 SEFTR 500 William St. Laurent 50 DDR 250 RCDR 300 TTR 500 SADRA 500 OSDR 500 BSTR 500 Sunrunners 500 Centerpieces 70 East Coast Screen Printing t-shirt proceeds

It meant a lot to me, I became extremely proud to be part of such Unofficial totals: $5,630 a great organization, an organization than keeps giving back to the upcoming people that will someday run FTR. 2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 5

Club Hoppin’ with Daytona Dirt Riders

The Highlander



showed up to a local pizza joint recently for the Daytona Dirt Riders meeting, finding one lucky seat empty in the corner and listened to the topics up for disucssion, mainly the upcoming Hare Scrambles in Ormond Beach: course length; how to do the start; the quad track, when the scorekeeper should drop white flag - “on the leader, not on the watch” - and how “everybody’s dying to have one of those extreme Endurocross sections.” I counted nearly 50 people inside the private room, mostly dads and youngsters, and noticed an entire corner of the room devoted to DDR - old copies of newspaper articles about the Alligator Enduro, T-shirts tacked on the wall and shelves of Enduro of the Year trophies, along with a giant list of all the Alligator Enduro winners from 1949 to 2011. “We just keep bringing in new stuff,” said Kevin Moyer when I met him after the meeting. “It’s always a packed house. Especially now that race season is here.”


t the inaugural Highlander race in July, I ran into a few FTR members at the first Rock on Adventures event which drew more than a thousand people to Bartow - I counted almost 500 cars - on the same property as the upcoming Hare Scrambles in Bartow. Fellow FTR member Nic Frey, #813 A Open in Hare Scrambles and Enduros and has been in FTR since ‘98 years, signed up for the 3-mile race. “I started at 10:30 a.m.,” he said. “It was significantly more difficult for me than a Hare Scrambles. It was similar in a way, you used all of your body.” Nic is already signed up for the next Rock on Adventures event on October - the Highlander II. “The next one won’t be so hot,” Nic said. “You’re really using all parts of your body....I’m a glutton for punishment. It’s definitely a way to test your endurance and then it’s fun, too. It’s not that often you get to climb on boulders in Florida.” §

DR’s race is Oct. 8 and 9 in Ormond Beach. 6 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

The #4C Kawasaki of D’Artagnan “Dart” Rardon was wide open out front at a Hare Scrambles last season.


From Sonya Britt, Krystal Rardon and D’Artagnan “Dart” Rardon:

We love receiving our FTR Magazine every month and are fans on Facebook, too! When our son went out to check the mail this morning he brought it in and immediately started going through the pictures to see if he can find his standings and his picture. How exciting that our son is in the big color section of the June/July magazine right in the middle of page 38/39!! He is 65C rider D’Artagnan “Dart” Rardon! 1st year 65 rider and stoked that he is in living color in the magazine. So we all sit down to read the captions, he can’t wait to see his name, and his name is not there. Instead it says “Ft Lauderdale’s Beau Smith #4 with the lead over Palmetto’s Cory Nocera #441...”. We also noticed that he is ahead of #441 as stated except that #441 name plate says Tanner Harrelson not Cory Nocera. It looks like it is listed as Mini C and should be 65C according to all of the kids in the picture.”


he editor regrets this error and apologizes to the family for the serious editorial oversight.

Florida Trail Riders Magazine Editorial

Doug Harvey Racing

Central Florida Kayaks


contacted Doug after seeing his post on Facebook about needing a mechanic but he found someone, so we caught up anyway, before the start of the new season. He talked about a few things “possibly on the horizon brewing” but did not mention any names. “We’re picking up some new riders,” he said. “Our suspension has been on all of Jimmy Weinart’s outdoor bikes this year. We have two riders using our suspension in SX. We’re working real close with Yoshimura so we’ve got some good things, trying to start going more toward the amateurs again. This has been our busiest summers in many years, which has been surprising. We had a good year and looking forward to another great year.” §

“Dart” at a


ecently, I caught up

with the owners of Central Florida Kayaks because I wanted to know more about kayaking; I hear it’s good cross-training. And who better to explain how kayaking benefits dirt bikes riders than the renowned Hare Scrambler Kenny Boyd:

“It’s definitely not motorcycle related that’s for sure,” Kenny said, “but it’s amazing, when you get in a kayak, some of the nuisances - the way that you set up for a corner and you exit a corner. If you’ve never rode dirt bikes, you probably would never know it but when you get in one of those things you kind of got to think ahead. It has nothing to do with motorcycles but you can kind of take some of that and put it in practice. The neat thing about it is it kind of gets you away from the sport. You go out and kayak. It’s totally different.” Kenny described a typical day:

glass bottom boats).” Cost: “$59 per person and that’s a 3 hour tour - sometimes a little longer.” It’s relaxing and challenging: “A lot of people have canoes and never learned to kayak. It’s not an extreme sport like it is up in the mountains when you go white-water rafting. It’s definitely a specialized sport.” A bonus: “We also do photography tour in front of the tandem. We specialize in bird watching tours. It’s funny you don’t think of a racer as a bird watcher...

Read the story about Garret’s foot on page 28

once you become a bird watcher it really opens up a lot of horizons for you. You’re never bored.”

When to kayak? “We paddle year round. It’s a great thing to reward your wife or your pit tootsie and do something totally different weekend. It’s the most relaxing The routes: form of recreation, which I can “Definitely some really unique places: Silver River up in Ocala believe.” (home of the world famous Florida Trail Riders Magazine Editorial “Normally 2 to 4 people, up to 10 kayaks. We have a couple of tandems so we can take up to 12 people.”

Garrett’s Got Talent:

Between MX and Hare Scrambles, I’ve won probably about 40 championships... one year I won 12 classes in MX.

Loose & Loomy

Originally reported in the August issue of Florida Trail Riders Magazine

in an orderly manner. As always, we will increase or decrease time between rows based on trail conditions. 6. Riders MUST have helmet, riding boots, goggles or other eye protection, and no shorts. 7. Pit riding is a No, No and disqualifications will be handed out for those that feel they need to try the system. If you are not sure what pit riding is, please refer to the rule book for clarification. 8. Remember you MUST be 16 years of age to operate a golf cart, side by side, etc. If you look under 25, carry your driver’s license with you. This is your warning! P.S. If you are old enough to operate a vehicle, remember it must be done in a safe manner. An example: Seven kids in a two-seat golf cart is not a safe manner.

arrives. 4. Riders - it is still very hot and humid out there. Remember to hydrate. Also if you get From Hare Scrambles overheated, stop riding, get out Referee and Rider of the sun if at all possible and Safety Coordinator remove as much clothing as possible. Helmets and boots hold in a lot of heat. If you have extra cool water, pour it on your head. If you get dizzy while riding, this is a sign of heat exhaustion - STOP riding because the next thing you will get to experience will be a ello all my fellow FTR crash... members and families. I 5. Remember to slow down when hope everyone has had a fun and safe summer...I am, as I you see the yellow flag. Resume hope you are, ready to get back racing after you are completely to racing. I miss hanging with clear of the incident. The yellow all my FTR family. So, I thought flag or a course worker waving I would cover a few things means there is an incident ahead. that everyone needs to keep in mind. This is the “So you can’t Proceed with caution and respect say you didn’t know” message. your fellow injured rider. 6. Lastly, please remember that The referee stuff: The safety stuff: clubs put up ribbon for a reason. It may be to mark off a ditch, (getting 1. Remember you MUST have the 1. Although we have had many your motor home or trailer stuck appropriate color backgrounds good summer rains, there are stinks) or an area that the land and numbers and/or letters on areas of the state that continue owner does not want patrons in your bikes/quads. to have a high fire index. Please or because it is a Fire and EMS 2. We will be randomly doing make sure that your camp has a lane. Please respect these areas sound checks. fire extinguisher. and lanes. It doesn’t mean drive 3. No spark arrestor equals no 2. Please remember to always through the ribbon ‘cause it’s race. No discussion. And, yes, stay with your bike if you have dark out or because you think you there will be spot checks on the a mechanical issue while out on deserve to park line. there. Please keep 4. Saturday practice Follow the N o Pit Riding rule or you could in mind that there line up will be as we lose a position, be disqualified from the event is no prize to see have done it: Big how close to the or requested to leave the property. bikes will be first, sign-up trailer you followed by 85s The FTR Rule book on Pit Riding : “Except for can get with your then 65s and lastly competition machines traveling to and from competition pit vehicle. When parents riding with or practice no person shall operate a vehicle an emergency 65s. Parents are happens, we will withouta valid drivers license ...Operation of any NOT allowed to ride with 85s. Parents machine or vehicle within the parking and pit areas shall not have time to find the owners of please remind your be done in a safe and responsible manner.” the vehicles and riders of two things: get them moved. A First, it’s practice and there is no the track. There are many course little common sense goes a long trophy for finishing 1st (aggressive workers and safety crew out way. riding will not be tolerated.) on the trail and we will get you - I look forward to seeing all my FTR Second, please get to practice and your ride out safely. We do friends and family at the races. Feel promptly and patiently wait your not need you getting lost in the free to stop by my rig at anytime with turn. Everyone will get to go. woods. suggestions, comments or complaints. 5. Sunday practice guys and girls: 3. Riders - please do not move Remember that, regardless of please line up in rows of 5 (similar any injured rider unless they are in time of day or night, if you have a to an enduro start). immediate danger. Moving them medical issue, find either myself or This allows us to rapidly check could cause more injury. Send a a member of the Safety Team for wrist bands and tech stickers as rider to notify a course worker and assistance! well as get you out on the trail stay with the injured rider until help Contact Donny:

Donny Richardson:


8 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

(727) 235-2051



Florida Trail Riders Magazine is looking for original content to post on the official FTR blog


Call in your story: (407) 719-5513 or write:

T “ “ M

Did you know?

ucker Rocky pays back FTR members who purchase MSR or Answer gear: mid-line and up for adults and entry level and up for kids. Riders who tally points through the season, based on their class finishes, can trade in the points for dollars to be used in any on of the Tucker Rocky catalogs, including gear for ATVs and sport bikes. As they’re racing, after they buy a set of gear, and keep the points tallied up, the points are as good as cash. If you’re racing two classes, you can get points for both classes,” said Tucker Rocky rep Todd Wichtner. Riders have to send in a form to qualify and set up the deal through Tucker Rocky. We definitely want to see the grown in the industry and the sport going,” Todd said. “Not just going; we want to keep it going. The key thing is for our riders to be getting paid.” ore details can be found on the Florida Trail Riders website or contact Tucker Rocky at (817) 258-9238. §

Style Check Kevin Moyer Photos

A Special “Thank you” to:

Action Kawasaki, AEM Athletic Endurance Matters, inc., Branton Foliage, Bridgestone America’s Tire Operations, Central Florida Powersports, Cycle Sports Center, Dirtwise, Dunlop Tire Corp., Durhamtown Plantation, EVS, Fun Bike Center, Kayak Tours, Motorcycle Enthusiasts, O’Neal MX, Palmetto Motorsports, Renthal USA Sponsorship, Spectro Oil TF Fleming Racing, The Motorcycle Shop 2, Twin Air USA §


Thank you, Tammy Wilson, for compiling

2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 9

Action Kawasaki has sponsored FTR’s AA Hare


Scrambles Champion for 7 of the last 8 years


10 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

(941) 745-9521



13710 Bellamy Bros. Blvd. Dade City, FL 33525






SHOCK: $175 SHOCK: $75






2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 11

Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Inc.

5138 Commercial Way US HWY 19 Spring Hill, FL 34606 (352) 596-8028 September FTR specials! Two - 2008 450 XC ATVs - Both are brand new, one is still in the crate! $7,500 for each - includes freight, does not include taxes or license


2006 KTM 250 SX-F - very clean and loaded

2007 SX 50 Junior $2500 2008 SX 50 Junior $2600 2008 SX 50 Junior $2600 2009 SX 50 $2935 2010 SX 50 $3000 2008 XC 65 $3100 2008 XC 85 $3600 2008 XC 105 $3800

Big Bikes:

2010 400 XCW $7600 2009 200 XCW $5600 2009 450 XCW $7000 2010 530 XCW $7600 2010 530 XCW $7600 2010 530 EXC $7800 2010 530 EXC $7800

1995 KTM 620 RXC - great bike,


great shape

$2895.00 Each unit includes freight, does not include taxes or license *Ask about our deals on Triumph motorcycles

12 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

Jenn Sheppard joined FTR in the late 90s and won an Enduro championship in 2001. She returned in 2010 when she became editor and publisher of the magazine where she got her start writing the“Hot Notes” article.


hit the road this month to interview Garrett Edmisten; I actually wanted to sit down with the defending Hare Scrambles champion and, after mentioning it to him at the banquet, we met in Okeechobee at a private practice track down the road from Thundercross. I armed Garrett’s helmet with the GoPro and he ripped a few miles through the trees before deciding to start jumping stuff. Less than an hour later, he’d crashed off a dirt mound before I had a chance to take any shots for the cover and was nursing hit foot on ice. That’s when he told me about his friend Steven who photographed him practicing at the very same spot recently and that I could probably use the pictures for the magazine. So, the cover, along with subsequent “fashion air” shots of Garrett, are courtesy of upcoming photographer Steven Rumplik. Check him out on Facebook and Flickr! Thanks, SR! ’m excited for the new official FTR blog, which I hope comes to life as the 2011-2012 season kicks off. I’m looking forward to meeting, talking and telling more stories this year. It’s hard to get to everyone, but I’m going to make a


The Editor’s Beat

conscious effort to reach out more. If you have a story, let’s hear it! I’m starting a podcast for preand post-race coverage as I write this that will be posted on the blog; there is a lot to look forward to! I also wanted to mention that One Industries is accepting resumes for the 2011-2012 racing season, and I was able to confirm directly from the company that all FTR members are eligible! The deadline is Oct. 31, so if you are interested in reaching out to One Industries, contact me and I will help you spice up for resume! I want to help FTR members get the recognition they deserve, but you have to go out and get it! “Good things happen to those who work,” so go for it. After talking to Garrett about his sixth overall Hare Scrambles championship, I came away with a fresh attitude, which I know we can all relate to: “There’s just a bunch of random stuff I would like to do,” Garrett said. “I think everybody should do it in their life. If there’s something you want to do, do it.”

Be sure to check out the new official FTR blog - - for the GoPro footage from Garrett’s helmet and more. §

If you have magazine ideas, email

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Advertiser Index 2 10, 11, 12 Red Rage Racing Corp., Dirtwise, 22, 23 24, TFsuspension. com,, GB Works,, centralfloridakayaktours. com, 25 Brooks Tomblin Consulting 34


2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 13

General Membership Meeting Minutes From the 2011 Banquet at Disney’s Dolphin Hotel: 10:12 a.m. Meeting called to order by President

July 30, 2011

Roll Call: Ford Snodgrass (President)

Ford opened the meeting reminding the group that the meeting will be run according to the standards of Robert’s Rules of Order in accordance with the FTR rule book.

Roll Call: 41 members present | Quorum noted to conduct business Guests: NONE

I. Reading and approval of previous meeting minutes: Jack Terrell motioned to accept previous meeting minutes as printed in the magazine. Ed Lukosavich second Unanimously accepted

II. Reports: Jack - Land use:

Jack Terrell (Vice President) Deborah Broderick (Secretary) Jonny Simpkins (Treasurer) Mike Belle (Hare Scrambles Chairman) Rick Dreggors (Motocross Chairman) Cary Hunt

Jack stated that the State OHV Program Trust fund has been swept and (Enduro Chairman) used for other purposes. He also discussed the Croom closures. He suggested that there are two alternatives to remedy the state’s misuse of the program. One is to repeal the legislative act that authorized the program and the imposition of the title tax. The second is to modify the legislation in a way that requires that the title fees be use only for their intended purpose. He stated that lobbying and getting support to sponsor new bill will be the best actions to take. In response to a question about the state OHV advisory committee, Jack stated that the OHV community has three representatives on the committee: One dealer representative, and two OHV enthusiasts (Jack being the FTR representative)

Jonny - Treasurer: Bank statements were presented and discussed. FTR’s financial situation looks great. P&L and Balance sheets were presented and Jonny states that the numbers indicate that FTR is moving in a positive direction. We are at the Dolphin one more year and actions are in motion to secure other venues for the following 2013 banquet. He stated that the CD’s on the reports belong to the land use fund. We still owe money to the land use fund account, but this year the amount dedicated per the rule book was met and deposited into that account. (He believes that this is the first time ever to have that happen.) He states that we are depositing money to that account as we collect membership dues. Discussion taking place revealed that the only new expenditure that was needed was the scoring generator. This generator was purchased and when there is enough budgeted money, the old one will be repaired and used as a backup. Other expenditures were budgeted for, but were not used, so money for the generator was there. Questions were asked in regards to updating the scoring system. Information was passed and it will be looked into. Jonny stated that the new budget can be revised to accommodate anything that this organization feels we need to acquire to better the organization. A question about the trailer tires was presented. Jonny stated that the tires were part of the budgeted money and that can be taken care of. Tim Nordle, the scoring maintenance contract, will let the EC know when that will be needed. Jonny states that we can put that tire cost specifically in the budget and when the time comes the money will be there. 14 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011


Deborah - Secretary:

Report on the magazine was presented. The magazine still operates in the negative, but much better than in the past. This will be addressed and ideas are in works to make that negative a positive. It was made clear that the magazine is in color now and a great product. Report on membership numbers was presented. They were low, but a lot of members join at the first event of the season. Report on the banquet was presented showing a positive outcome without the use of the credit from the Dolphin and the calculations of the rooms that were short. Friday night rooms were short, but the Dolphin credit appears to be able will cover that amount. The minimum was met with meals and the Saturday night rooms. Report on the scholarship fund amounts: total, allocated, collected. These figures did not include the donations collected at the banquet. The report will be updated as the information comes in.

Rick - MX Chair: Rick introduced himself as the new chair. He discussed the 8 race schedule for this season with only using four tracks twice each (Reddick, Bithlo, Waldo, Thundercross) and only scheduling them in months that did not conflict with other series. He hopes that will bring in more participation. Rick stated that he will consider consolidation of classes and more emphasis on activities and actions that support the kids of the sport. He also stated that club members can come and work at the tracks to help offset the costs of the track charges. He was going to get the specifics on that, but stated that any clubs or members that wanted to help at the MX races to get in touch with him.

Cary - Enduro Chair:

Cary thanked Peter (passed Enduro chair) for his service. He stated that the main challenge to the series was for clubs and members to increase attendance to the events. He talked about his missing Enduro committee representatives and that if anyone was interested to contact him. He is having his first meeting at the first event of

the series (Lochloosa) that is specifically geared towards getting Broxton Bridge an approved event on the schedule. He would like to promote more in-state Enduros. He stated that the use of the start/stop time of the event did not increase the number of participants, but changed the event with different type of riders. There was discussion that there was a need to standardize the rule book to accommodate the new start/stop format. Cary stated that a proposal needed to be presented. It was pointed out that if our rule book does not cover it, the fallback is the AMA rule book and that the start/stop format was clearly covered in that rule book. There was discussion on the Junior Enduros and stated how important it was to have them as the majority of Enduro riders were older members and that the need to get the younger individuals involved was important. He will encourage the use of Junior Enduros.

Mike - HS Chair: Mike stated that the season was a good one. All events were good. He thanks all the clubs and the members for their work and participation. He stated that FTR would not be here if it were not for the club’s support and the membership participation. He thanks them all. He stated that the benefit Hare Scrambles this season added $17,000 to the General Fund, which helped out FTR tremendously. It made a difference. He thanked all his officials that assisted during the season. He stated that next season there may be more clubs putting in for sanctions than we have spots on the schedule and he believes that this competition might be good. He listed all the new positions that were filled for the new season. He stated that more “sound testing” will be conducted this season and that there will be warnings issued that will eventually result in “no ride” policy if the noise level is not met. Average rider count at events was 550-600 riders.

Continued on page 16

Mike stated that he welcomes all input and thanks those that do. 2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 15

Ford wanted to add: EC asked Daniel White to bring us into the new age of computers and has set up FTR with online membership new and renewal, (trial runs for now) eventually leading to pre-register for events online. There was discussion about how this will affect the sign up process, (it will change) and who will cover the extra cost (participants).

III. New Business: There was discussion on the Tucker Rocky contract and how donations outside of contract are limited. Tucker Rocky did state that during the party section, we were not to conflict with their contract, but after the party we could do another giveaway that was not associated with them. (After 10 p.m.) (This is how we were going to treat the child neck brace given away this year.) There was discussion on how to get the Tucker Rocky contract more visible to the participants of the events. Many did not know about it or where to shop. Many ideas came out and will be looked into and used. Also discussion took place talking about what the contract does for FTR and the participants, and how it is run and handled. Jack Terrell mentioned to the membership that the EC implemented financial guidelines for the banquet committee to follow and that they came through with a fantastic banquet at a very reasonable cost. Great thanks needs to go out to the Banquet Committee: Carol (chairman), Tammy, Donna, Rick, Kerri, Toni, and Tiffany. FTR thanks you!

IV. Unfinished business: Gary Wyatt presented his proposal and made a motion to accept. Daniel White second Discussion took place. There was concern about how the committees accounted for the club representatives. Mike stated that the clubs must submit a list of eligible members that can represent the club. Only those can vote and represent. The consensus is that the process can be managed so that proper/fair representation occurs. Vote: 32 yes 1 no Passed

Gary Wyatt Proposal

• Chapter I, Constitution of the Florida Trail Riders Page 2, Article XI

Delete “The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Enduro Committee Chairman, Hare Scrambles Committee Chairman and Motocross Committee Chairman. Duties of the Executive Committee will be to appoint Committee Chairmen and Rider Representatives and to act as a governing body for FTR on all routine and emergency matters not otherwise covered in the FTR CONSTITUTION.” Replace with “The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Enduro Committee Chairman, Hare Scrambles Committee Chairman and Motocross Committee Chairman. Duties of the Executive Committee will be to appoint Rider Representatives and to act as a governing body for FTR on all routine

and emergency matters not otherwise covered in the FTR CONSTITUTION.”

• Chapter I, Constitution of the Florida Trail Riders Page 2, Article XIV, I. Competition Committees, B. Members: The committee will be composed of the following with each member having one vote: Delete “1. Chairman

Appointed by Executive Committee”

Replace with “1. Chairman, elected by the competition committee of those seeking the job representing the committee they will serve. The election will be held at the last competition meeting of the year and the chairman will take office at the beginning of the next competition year.”

16 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

Jack presented his proposal. Daniel White Second Discussion: Concerns about if the series was resurrected, the answer was that the rules would be reinstated. Vote: 36 yes 2 no Passed

Jack Terrell Proposal

In the FTR Rulebook: Delete in its entirety Chapter XII Quad Scrambles Rules. • Delete “Quad Scrambles Committee Chairman” from the Executive Committee block in the Table of Organization on the inside front cover. • Delete “for all Enduro, Hare Scramble, Motocross and Quad Scramble enthusiasts” from last line in 4th paragraph of welcome letter, and replace with “for all Enduro, Hare Scrambles and Motocross enthusiasts.” • Delete “Quad Scrambles Rules” from Table of Contents

Allen’s proposal #1 was presented by Jack Terrell (Allen was not present); Jack presented it as a motion to accept. Mark Bordelon second. Discussion took place. There was concern about the validity of email. After discussion consensus was that there was not an issue. Vote: 32 yes 0 no Passed FTR Constitution, page 2, Article IX Replace 1., 2., and 6. With the following:

2. The official ballot will clearly indicate how, when, and to whom the ballot must be delivered. The official ballot must require the member’s name and address, FTR number, and the member’s signature. The only ballots accepted will be the official ballot containing the required information, signed by the member, and received by the Election Committee Chairman by November 30 of the election year. Ballots will only be accepted by U.S. mail, private courier service (FedEx and UPS), or email. Emails must contain a scanned copy of the official ballot meeting all of the above requirements. 6. In the event an election is determined to be invalid, a new election month shall be declared by the Executive Committee and an official ballot shall be posted

as specified in paragraph 1. above. Balloting procedures specified in paragraphs 2. and 3. above shall apply. Replace within 2nd sentence of paragraph 3 the word “Executive Director” with words “Secretary, of their designee.” Replace the last 2 sentences of paragraph 3 with: The FTR Secretary, or their designee, will be notified of the results immediately following the final vote count. It will be the duty of the Secretary, of their designee, to publicize the election results. Replace the last 2 sentences of paragraph 5 with: The FTR Secretary, or a designee appointed by the Executive Committee, will publicize the vacancy, accept nominations, and post an official ballot on the FTR website in similar manner as that specified for the regular annual election in paragraphs 1. and 2. above. Balloting procedures specified in paragraphs 2. and 3. above shall apply. Replace in the last paragraph of Article IX (3 places) All words “Executive Director” with “FTR Secretary, or designee.”

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2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 17

Allen Proposal #1

1. For the annual election, a request for nominations will be posted on the home page of the FTR website and in the Official News and Announcements section of the FTR Forum by September 15 of the election year along with the mailing address and email address of the Election Committee Chairman. All nominations must be sent by mail or email to the Election Committee Chairman. October 15 will be the closing date for nominations. Nominations submitted by email must be received by the closing date for nominations. Nominations submitted by mail must be postmarked before the closing date for nominations and received no later than 5 days after the closing date. An official ballot will be posted on the FTR website during the election month beginning with the first day of the month and remain posted until the end of the month. Notification of the availability of the ballot will posted in the same manner as the request for nominations. It

is recommended that the request for nominations and the official ballot also be included in the appropriate issues of the FTR magazine. If the official ballot is included in the magazine, it is recommended that it be an INSERT separate from the regular pages of the magazine.

Allen’s proposal #5 was presented by Jack Terrell (Allen was not present); Jack presented it as a motion to accept Reagan Dixon second Discussion took place. Vote: 19 yes 4 no Passed Proposal # 5 FTR Constitution, page 6, Article XV – Bylaws:, III. Dues Sanction Fees and Head Tax:

Allen Proposals

Add to A. Determined by the Board of Directors. “Dues, Sanction Fees, and Head Tax may be changed at any time by majority vote of the

Board of Directors at an official meeting of the Board of Directors. Constitution and Rule Change procedures in Article XIII and Article XIV shall not apply to the setting of the dollar amount of Dues, Sanction Fees, and Head Tax. Board of Directors, by majority vote at an official meeting shall have the authority to allocate dues for a specific purpose.”

Allen’s proposal #6 was presented by Jack Terrell (Allen was not present); Jack presented it as a motion to accept Reagan Dixon second Discussion took place. Vote: 29 yes 1 no Passed Proposal # 6 General Rules, page 12, J. Fees, 4. Head Tax for Enduros, Hare Scrambles and Motocross Replace last sentence with:

“At Hare Scrambles, an additional fee of $3.00 per rider will be collected to update, maintain and staff the electronic scoring and sign up equipment.”

Best Track vote results:

Hare Scrambles-#4 Sunrunners Enduro- #8 Eagle’s Nest MX- #1 Thundercross Gary Wyatt mentioned that the Palatka/Jacksonville Hare scrambles will have two separate courses for quads and bikes. There was mention that as an organization we need to be promoting the youth more. Kerri Chambers wanted to thank everyone for getting FTR back on track. Jason Chambers made a motion to adjourn. Gary Wyatt second Meeting adjourned at 12:22 p.m.

Submitted by Deborah Broderick, FTR Secretary §

Cut this out and send it in or email your answers!

FTR Officer Nominations

Please use this form to nominate candidates for positions as FTR Executive Committee members or Area Directors. Please contact the people you are nominating and verify that they understand and will perform the duties associated with the office and are willing to serve. The following positions are open for election:

Vice President Treasurer All Area Directors (nominate only a candidate for the Area representing your County of residence): Area #1: Out-of-State Escambia Santa Rosa Okaloosa Walton Holmes Washington Bay Jackson Calhoun Gulf Gadsden Liberty Franklin Leon Wakulla Jefferson Madison Taylor Lafayette Dixie

Area #2: Hamilton Suwannee Columbia Baker Union Bradford Nassau Duval Clay Putnam St. Johns Area #3: Gilchrist Alachua Levy Marion Citrus Sumter Lake Area #4: Flagler Volusia

Area #5: Hernando Pasco Pinellas West Hillsborough Area #6: ast Hillsborough Polk Area #7: Seminole Orange Osceola Area #8: Brevard Indian River Area #9: Manatee Sarasota Hardee DeSoto Highlands

Area #10: Okeechobee St. Lucie Martin Area #11: Charlotte Glades Lee Hendry Collier Area #12: Palm Beach Area #13: Broward Dade Monroe

DeaDline forFOR nomination october 20, 2011. DEADLINE NOMINATIONforms FORMS ISisSEPTEMBER 1, 2009 I would like to nominate the following for:

I have contacted these nominees and they are willing to serve.

Vice President

Your name



Area Director


For which area?

County (see above list by County)



sSend enDnomination nomination forms to: Office Deborah b531071, roDerick , ftr secretary forms to the Business at PO Box DeBary, FL 32753-1071 ftr secretary at 5461 carrick rD. cocoa, fl. 32927 2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 19


Oct-2 ENDURO #3 ENDURO #7 March-4 Suncoast/CROOM* Sandlapper/S.C. Nov-6 ENDURO #4 ENDURO #8 March-11 Perry Mountains MC/Ala. Daytona/ALLIGATOR*

Jan-15 ENDURO #5 ENDURO #9 May-5 Family Riders/BROXTON Apollo MC/EAGLE’S NEST* RIDGE

ENDURO #10 May-20

Feb-19 ENDURO #6 FTR Benefit/HEART ISLAND* *Florida event CFTR/RICHLOAM* What is an enduro? From the Greenville Enduro Riders Association:

Check crew says go, ride as hard as you can or want to for 10-15 miles or so, check crew scores your card, take a break, ease down the trail to the next going in check and repeat about 4 more times. Go home tired, happy, maybe with a trophy.

What do I need?

Requirements: FTR membership and a forestry approved spark arrester.

Which bike?

Flyers will specify rules per each event, but almost every event allows all off-road motorcycles to compete. Certain series/ events have Jr. Enduros for the younger folks.

How to prepare:

Meet the people on your row when you go to the first check in. The goal for your first enduro is finishing because they are often longer in distance than most novices ride in a day. Key off of the people on your row so that you are always on time entering each check.

How’s the Course? Each event will have different terrain to tackle, but all events are rideable by all skill sets.

What about costs?

Events range from $40-60, but you will ride land that is only open once a year. Most events are 50-70 miles in length, so you get your money’s worth!

How to enter: Pre-register via the mail by downloading a flyer from or register the day of the event. For more info: Contact Jeremy Powell at (904) 521-3539 or Enduro Chairman Cary Hunt

20 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

(727) 638-6228 or

Enduro Files by

Cary Hunt

[Editor’s note: A recent forum post from one FTR newbie prompted this article, “Understanding Enduros. Courtesy the 2011-2012 Enduro Chairman, Cary Hunt]


“I am new to FTR and was wondering if your Enduro’s are old school “keep the time” style or just

fastest rider wins the same as WEC and AMA have gone to? - Justin Maley


or the most part, FTR has not changed the rules for the sport, but most of the clubs have adopted the new AMA format for Enduros. The new format takes away the need for computers and time keeping which allows the event to be ran like several small Hare Scrambles within one event. In the old format most all the checks were unknown as far as their location and after a mileage reset, which is used to get the rider back on time to start the next section. The check going into that section is also unknown and there is the risk of getting there early or” burning the check”, which counts more points against you than arriving late. Also, in the new format the checks

Wikipedia defines Enduros as:

starting a section are called “known controls” or “start controls”, under this format once you arrive at the check out at the end of a section there is usually a mileage reset to get you back on your minute or “back on time”. At this point you are allowed to ride forward to the next check in or start control. From there when your minute comes up you leave to start that section. So there is no fear of burning the check, and no need for keeping time, and just ride to the next check to the best of your ability and hope you out ride your competitor. At the end of the event you turn in your score card, each section is added up for a total score to be compared with you competitors score. The lowest score

“ Enduro is a form of motorcycle sport run on courses that are predominantly off-road. Enduro consists of many different obstacles and challenges. The main type of enduro event, and the format to which the World Enduro Championship is run, is a time-card enduro, whereby a number of stages are raced in a time trial against the clock Time keeping enduros; Although the term enduro often applies to any type of longdistance, off-road motorcycle races, its true technical definition usually refers to a set of rules, varying by the events’ governing body, that specify exactly when a rider should arrive at certain pre-defined locations along a prescribed route. The object of the event is to arrive at those locations exactly per the defined schedule, with early or late arrivals resulting in penalties to the riders’ scores. This sort of event is not technically a Race, but rather it is a Time Keeping event. In a true enduro timekeeping event, riders leave together in groups called, in the USA, “rows,” and each row starts on a certain minute. For example, if in a particular Enduro the first row leaves at 8AM, and a certain rider’s row is scheduled to leave at 08:20, then the event’s Key Time is 08:00 and every rider on Row 20 (usually 4 riders per row) has as his/her minute 20, because his/her start time will be 08:20. To be “on his/her minute,” a rider must arrive at certain non-disclosed locations known as checkpoints along the route at the prescribed time, which is the prescribed time for Row 0 plus 20 minutes.

wins. You would have to be living under a rock not to know that the interest in the sport of Enduros has declined over the last ten years, and in an effort to rejuvenate the sport that’s why the AMA changed the format to try and draw more riders from other disciplines. While taking away the need for computers and time keeping there is still other brain related functions that come into play other than just twisting the throttle, such as pacing yourself throughout the event, hydrating, prepping your bike and body for 60 plus miles of whatever the terrain may be. Each event offers a little something different in the way of terrain. Some have a good mix of it all. Naturally, the out of state Enduros, There are different types of checkpoints, such such as the “Gobbler as known checks, secret checks, emergency Getter” in Alabama, has checks, start checks, and finish checks, and much more elevation points are calculated differently depending on changes than the in-state how late or early a rider arrives at each type of Enduros which are a little check. For example, emergency checks are used to break scoring ties and points are calculated more sandy and flat. The depending on the number of seconds that a “Little Brown Jug” is rider is early or late, whereas in a standard known for having lots of secret check, points are calculated based on the great trail throughout. The number of minutes that a rider is early or late. “Orange State” Enduro There are also special tests: sections which may be walked only, not ridden, before the event is known for have a good where, during the event, the distance between mix of trail here in Florida, the ‘test-start’ and ‘test-finish’ must be covered it has some elevation as quickly as possible. Electronic timing is used changes, some tight to separate riders times by thousandths of a woods, and open sandy second to determine a result in the case of a tie. This is the part of the course that often attracts trails. So no matter what most spectators. Other spectator points are type of terrain you like usually ‘bog-holes’ or awkward and difficult most, take the challenge stream and river crossings out on the ‘open’ part and pick an Enduro of the course. on the calendar to ride There are very specific rules governing where race-sponsors may place checks, and what something different and types. The rules usually refer to a distance from see how you do. previous checks, or minimum distances for Running a Hare certain stops such as fuel stops. The careful Scrambles you are placement of checks to confuse riders is part of racing head to head with the appeal to Enduro enthusiasts. A good Enduro rider is as familiar with the rules and possibilities your competition, in an as the race organizers, and therefore can predict Enduro you and 4 others where checks may or may not be, and rides leave the start together a accordingly to ensure that he/she arrives at the minute ahead of 5 others next check as close to his scheduled minute as and a minute behind 5 possible.”

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2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 21

others. For the most part you may not have anyone in your class on your row so taking away the heads up racing. For some that like the heads up racing just remember that you can ride your on race in an Enduro and even though you’re not racing heads up. I can tell when I’m having a good race just by the way I feel going down the trail. The 2011-12 season is here, and I would like to post a challenge to everyone in the FTR, to all the clubs that are putting on an Enduro, please keep in mind you have a huge variety of people running your event, from young to old, beginner to AA. We all like a challenging event but remember the more fun we make it for everyone, the more people that will be coming out, enjoying these events and getting the rider numbers up. To all the Hare Scrambles riders who have never tried an Enduro, give it a shot, you will get more bang for your buck, more seat time on the bike, and have a lot of fun. So check the schedule in this magazine, sign up early to get the best row, and come out and ride an Enduro, and lets all have fun this year. - See ya on the trail, Cary Hunt §


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We will not be undersold on any new KTM model in stock! - The dealership you’ve been looking for! 2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 23

Continu pa

Ask Moto Adam . . .

I always love when the racing season is upon us. Here are some tips that I have gathered over my 10-year racing career. 1. There are an abundance of things to check to ensure that you have a safe and successful race. Assuming your bike is in good condition and it felt great on your last ride, you should start by washing your bike with Simple Green and a pressure washer or hose with a spray nozzle. 2. Next, change your oil using quality motorcycle oil: Maxima, Bel-Ray, Lucas Oil, Amsoil and the list goes on. If you ride a two stroke, use 10w30 or I would recommend 80 weight. If you are like most of us though, you ride a four stroke. When I change my oil, I warm my bike up for about 30 seconds to ensure the oil has circulated around the motor and is warm. Next, unscrew the drain plug and let all of the oil flow out. Replace your oil filter before you fill the bike back up with the specific amount

of oil in your owner’s manual. After you fill your bike back up with oil, start it up and let it run for another 40 seconds. Then, either put your bike on a box stand or stand it straight up and check your oil level through the window on the side of the case or the oil check screw, depending on your brand. 3. Clean your air filter and make sure to use waterproof grease around the lip of the air filter to help keep dirt from getting in. 4. Grab a t-handle or socket set and start checking all of the bolts on your bike to make sure they are tight. Be careful not to over tighten them but four strokes have the tendency to loosen bolts up quicker because of the vibration. Don’t forget to check your spokes. 5. Check your chain and sprockets. Make sure you have good, thick teeth and the sprockets are not too worn or fish-hooked. If they are, you should replace the whole set (rear and counter sprocket and chain, too) at the same time. Look at the chain slider and make sure it is bolted on to your swing-arm securely and has enough rubber left to last you a bunch of races. Lube your chain! 6. Twist the throttle and let it snap back. It should have no resistance, and if it feels grainy, you should take it off and

clean it to make sure it isn’t sticky. 7. Check your handlebar mounts. These should be very tight. 8. Get a second opinion. Have a friend or parent look over your bike. You may have overlooked something that they might catch. 9. Now that we have your bike all squared away, let’s talk about your body. Hopefully, you have been riding a few times a week and are in good shape. Drink plenty of water during the week to keep yourself hydrated and riding your best. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which helps reduce arm pump. You should go to the gym regularly and work on cardio. It’s good to work with weights, however you should use light weight and do lots of repetitions. Lastly, you should sit somewhere quiet before each race and envision the race in your mind. Think about the race from start to finish and relax. 10. During practice, take the first lap at 50 to 70 percent of your fastest speed. This will allow you to get the feel of the trail. Don’t worry about certain sections that you think will give you trouble. Instead, try to go fast as you can everywhere else.

- Moto Adam Wald, #17

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2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 25



This past weekend was another great moment, or should I say a milestone, in the life of the Dickson Family. Saturday, we attended the first event of the Florida Trail Riders’ Enduro Series. I was so glad we attended. Other families from around the state were there, like us, cheering their kids along for the Junior Enduro that the Big Scrub Trail Riders was hosting. The weather was… for the lack of a better term, HOT! However, and more importantly, from the perspective of an offroad racer the trail was incredible. They had received about an inch of rain the night before so the ground was absolutely perfect. I took a walk in the woods and could not believe how beautiful the course was. The laps for the junior event were a little over 10 miles each and all I could think was, “I hope I get to ride this tomorrow!”

“Enduro #1, A Hard Lesson in Life” Anyway, back to my original subject. All I heard from both of my boys was the excitement of changing bikes this season. For the first time, Austin would ride Ethan’s KTM 85 and Ethan would move to the “big” bike a KTM 200. It’s hard to believe that both boys are growing up. Why, I remember when Ragan and I attended our first FTR race we showed up in a little brown Subaru wagon and changed Ethan’s diapers in the hatch. My, my how times have changed. The boy is now wearing my gear. Anyway, (again) to make a long story short, both the boys rode this weekend. Austin really struggled on the

But he sure looked good. Then, about 10 miles later, he fell in a corner or two or three, and his pace dropped to a crawl. I kept thinking, “How could a person ride a bike this slow and stay upright… we’re dying out here!” This went on for what seemed like another 10 miles. At this speed, I even began to struggle. When we stopped to give some fuel to our friend Bill Jenkins, Ethan and I had a chat. “Son, I want to get back to the truck as soon as you do. There’s no more water and I know it’s hot. However, at this pace we are never going to make it. You have got to dig deep and pick up the speed. I know you can do that because I watched you earlier today. Now DO IT!” We got on our bikes and that boy rode like his tail was on fire. We were back at the truck in no time. All I could think was, “Why couldn’t he have done that an hour and a half ago?” I’m sure there are times when God feels the same way about us. He’s thinking, “I know what you are capable of but you just refuse to do it.” Or we refuse to cooperate with God because of the problems in our life. When Pete Magee stopped on the trail (again, for like the fourth time) to pickup my “super-highly-frustrated” younger son and try to encourage him during the course of the event, Austin’s response to Mr. Magee’s kindness was typical of our response to God when we have problems in our own life.

He giveth more grace as our burdens grow greater, He sendeth more strength as our labors increase; To added afflictions He addeth His mercy, To multiplied trials He multiplies peace. His love has no limits, His grace has no measure, His power no boundary known unto men; For out of His infinite riches in Jesus He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again. first lap. He even wanted to quit. Wow, haven’t we all been there. However, I gave him a little pep talk, and he pressed on. By the end of his second lap, he was on top of the world! The next day, Ethan and I rode on the same row. He, like his brother, struggled the first few miles. Then, like a switch was flipped, the boy was riding that “big” bike like a veteran. I could not believe my eyes. I don’t know what happened.


Allow me to let you in on a little secret from God. He is not going to take the trees from our life. Trees are wonderful. They provide shade. They provide resources. And, most importantly there is no greater

feeling than navigating through them with speed and confidence. God is NOT going to take our problems away. Sure we are going to clip a tree or two (sometimes more than that). And yes, there will

be times when we violently land on the ground and have no idea how we got there. But, have no fear, God is ALWAYS near. Learn to trust and lean on Him daily to get you through this forest of life.

As always, I look forward to seeing you on the line. Your friend, Andy Dickson

Words with:

Contact us: (904) 813-5713,, 78 Dolphin Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Lee Smith, Evolution B #250

- “Last year, I think I did 6 or 7 events; I switched up. I did Evo(lution) Senior once or twice. And then I did B. This year, I’m looking forward to a more full racing season…I’m eligible for Master B. - I like the Evolution because those were bikes that I was drooling over as a kid. When I first started racing FTR, I would check out the 1982 Yamaha.

G2 Photo >

- I joined FTR I think in 2002. I started in beginner class on a 125; I was probably the oldest guy in beginner class and the last race of the year, I actually won it. That’s when I went up in my age bracket class on Sunday’s. - And then 2004 kind of was a rough year because we had the hurricanes hit down here and my house got damaged; we were out for almost 9 months rebuilding it. I really got out of it for about a year and a half to come home and spend time with my family - I rode as a young child until I was about 17. I always kept in touch with it, kept looking at the magazines and telling myself I had to get a dirt bike - Never really got in the MX scene because I never did any type of organized racing; it was always kind of out in the woods with whoever rode.

- I was at a small (Husqvarna) dealer show in Port St. Lucie and he told me about FTR, and me and my brother-in-law, who was 14 at the time, talked. I still remember the first race, it was the fourth race at Palatka, back when we didn’t have a clue what to do; I mean the horn went off and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I was jacked up. When I started our beginner class, we would have like 40 riders. I think I got seventh. My nephew (Patrick Franklin) was a natural. He promoted himself. - From the onset, the races and the people itself, the first thing I noticed like when I first showed up when we didn’t have a clue was right away, ‘You go over here, and at this time you want to do this...’ Everybody’s friendly. - We go to Thundercross in Okeechobee, which is close to us, and we would go out there sometimes and a lot of guys - I had a Husky WR - and they would look at you: ‘You got a bike with a headlight?’ It’s definitely a different atmosphere. - I don’t think I’m really competitive the way they got it set up now to compete for a championship…I’m not really on the budget. I kind of got to be careful of that, too. I’ll probably get in at least 9 races - It’s definitely a family affair; since I started my brother-in-law races, my nephews got involved in it. He actually won the C championship on my old Can-Am. A lot of my friends that rode with me in Port St. Lucie. I’ve definitely been an advocate of FTR; I mention it all the time - I would like to thank all of my friends and co-riders in Evo B and C that have helped me and encouraged me to get better and faster. When I first started way in the back of the pack and they kept encouraging me: Bill Jenkins, Sam Mento, John Evans and David Pearce. My one goal was to beat Bill and Sam and I finally did it and my confidence level went up - I’ve always enjoyed sports and that’s kind of where I get it but I also put a retainer on myself I know my limitations and one of my saying is a good race is, ‘Nothing’s broken or sticking out.’ - I’ve had one or two injuries. It’s not fun and you’re off the bike for months at a time. I could probably twist the throttle a little more at times but I definitely have a point a point where I’m comfortable and keep it there. I like to keep it on two wheels and keep it rolling.” §

ut Front O line!

on tage


arre ee G


Garrett’s Got Talent

{Editor’s note:


o ro fo P o ’s G

caught up with Garrett at a private practice track where we once raced an FTR Hare Scrambles back in the day. We made small talk while he unloaded his bikes and I geared up for our photo shoot. I’ve known him since the late 90’s when I joined FTR; I remember the way he rose to the top, dominating B200 and then the A200 class before moving up to AA. It was often, I remember, that watching his race was the highlight of my weekend. He amazed me, effortlessly railing the clapped out RM125 around everyone, looking almost out of control through the grassy pastures, still getting faster each lap. He pushed so hard that he was always thisclose to highpointing every race from the second row. We shared that memory recently, when we sat down for this interview. I had a list of questions prepared, how he and FTR have changed over the years, but as usual, it was easy for him to lead.} 28 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011



JS: How do you feel today? GE: (icing his foot) That’s a good

question. I had a good ride. This is my second time riding in three months and I feel all right, I just haven’t rode in a while, so I’ve got to get back into riding, which - (long pause) - riding, I don’t have enough time. I’m out of time. GNCC is in two weeks. FTR is in one week. I’ve veered off subject. How do I feel? I don’t even know. I feel good. I always feel good on a motorcycle.


GE: (shakes head) He got

me at the Indian Reservation with like seven turns to go; it was just a split turn and he went up one side and I went up the other and I lost drive and he got a better shot at it and was able to sneak up the inside of me and there was not enough time left to try to get back around him. But that was fun.

JS: Having been gone for a few years,

after winning five Hare Scrambles championships in a row, from ‘02 to ‘06, how are you able to just pick up JS: What about this year’s where you left off? Are you a natural? championship? Is it any more GE: Ninety percent of me is natural meaningful than the others? talent. Sometimes that can be a good GE: I would say they’re about the thing; sometimes that can be a bad same; they equal the same but it’s thing. You’ve always got to train to be always cool to win another one. I wish the best because everybody else is out I could have won them all in a row, there working that much harder than instead of having mixed years, but it’s you…That’s why at FTR races, I’ll start always good to win. last. It’s not to make anyone mad or to be a jerk, I do it to benefit myself. A JS: A couple of times this year, when race is a race, so if I let them go, I have Charlie Mullins was around, were you to catch them, and I’m going to have really challenged? to work hard to make sure I pass them. GE: Those are always fun when It’s a confidence booster. Plus, it helps people come. I mean I’m not a cocky a little bit doing that to get your sprint person, I might sound like a cocky person, but when I’m on a motorcycle, speed up, too. I’m going to try to get I know what my ability is and when you into, instead of practicing on Sunday morning for the race, I’m going to start get to a certain speed, it’s hard to find riding my mountain bike in practice. somebody who can match you, and I did it at the last one I went to, up in then when those guys come down, I Chipley, to get in a little bit of an extra actually, even though I’ve got to dig workout. way down and find extra strength, it’s JS: Wow. always fun to put up a You’re also fight like that because The offroad industry definitely one of the that lets you know where doesn’t get enough recognition few who you stand and if you do all around. I would like to see can actually good, it gives you a lot of confidence for the next the offroad industry get more crossover and ride time you see that person support – they had it at one MX, too? you want to beat them time – I just wish they would GE: Yea, I even more. But I enjoy it. I don’t care if I get beat or come away from California a started on not, I always enjoy racing. little more and come back over MX when I to the east coast and show us was a kid. JS: Did you beat him

some love.”

We got into Hare Scrambles when I was about 6 or 7. My dad and another guy started the Peewees, 50s and 60s and I’ve been in FTR ever since then. MX has always stuck with me. I’ve always had the ability to ride MX and I never fully got out of; I just didn’t race it as much, but I always practice MX because it’s really good cross-training and it gets you ready for sudden moments in the woods; when you see something out there, you’re going to be prepared for it if you’re used to doing that stuff. On the MX track, every lap you come around, something’s changed, just like Hare Scrambles, but MX is more high speed and a little bit more technical, so your reflexes will get faster if you practice on that more. And if you can do two 30-minute motos as hard as you can a day, for me, that’s the equivalent to racing three hours.

JS: Which do you like better? GE: I like MX a lot but I realized a long

time ago that it’s so hard to make it in the sport of MX and I had a much better chance for woods so I stuck with the woods. I like the woods; I grew up doing it so they’re both pretty equal.

JS: When did you join FTR? Do you think it’s changed?

GE: I’ve been in FTR probably since

I was around 8 years old. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I still see a select few people who’ve been in the game as long as me if not longer. Sometimes I wish I could see FTR go back to the old FTR. Some of the people in FTR forget that they were kids once and kids are the future of the sport and I would like to see something better for the kids really more than anything. continued on page 30

JS: What did you get for winning the

2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 29

overall? GE: I just got my trophy and a jacket. That’s all.

JS: Remember years ago? You’d get

a gas can, a stand, a gear bag, a tire… GE: I remember all of that when I was a little kid just showing up to the banquet…all kinds of door prizes and raffling. We’d be out at the pool with contests out there: handlebar changes and tires. Bring some more stuff like that back to the banquet. Make it fun for the people. Make it feel like they’re getting something back in return…I’m still fortunate enough to have some sponsors to get free stuff still but you have to think about the people out that who weren’t fortunate enough like I was.

JS: I was wondering what you think

would bring more AA competition? GE: You know, I’ve always pursued my riding career as a job, some people just do it for fun, but regardless, fun or a job, if you’re in the highest-level class, you’re always looking for some kind of payback toward you because everything’s out of your pocket. It would be nice to see a payout for AA guys. It would help FTR a bunch and bring more money to the clubs when the pro guys come down because they have a chance to make money. I would like to see more support for the racers.

like to do. I think everybody should do it in their life. If there’s something you want to do, do it. It’s hard for the industry not wanting to give anything least give the winners more than what they get.

JS: Do you think about working out in the future? What’s the future hold?

GE: Good question.(laughs)

JS: Do you have anything to prove? GE: I’ve got something to prove to

myself, really. The competitor in me always sets goals. You’ve got to set realistic goals: short and long term. Your short term goals, you want to make them easy, so you can achieve them so you don’t get discouraged from your long term goals, and your long term goals, when you finally get to that point, if you don’t reach it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t try hard enough, depending on how you did it; you just have to stay positive with yourself and don’t let yourself get down on it because not everybody wins every race. I sure haven’t won every single race. You just have to stay positive with yourself on everything. A good attitude will take you a long, long ways and that’s something on a motorcycle that I’ve always had because it’s all I’ve done my whole life and it’s all I know and what I really enjoy to do.

ck de sto o r s y a e. r-wis o ’ve alw t o ,m ion bikes spens u s t e g ut usly I that b e k i l Obvio f tuf ike and s tock b ll s a done e d ’s a can ri , that e n if you o ’s ast on f that stuff f o g to and d. A lo . e e n game you d n i am


JS: Do you think that positive attitude carried over into your personal life?

GE: Definitely. I mean, everybody has

hard times, and you’ve always got to remember that and eventually it will be over and the more positive you stay with yourself, the better the situation will be. You always have to have a positive outlook and keep looking forward to the future; never go back to the past. There was a saying I heard on Oprah. It was a very true saying. I was watching with my sister, and there was a guy on there who was saying, ‘If you hold on to the past, you die a little everyday,’ and that’s the truth. For real, when I get on a dirt bike, it’s, I don’t care. I love riding and I know what I can do on a dirt bike and that’s all I want to do. And when you have the ability to do something like that, you know, you’re good at it, have fun.

JS: That’s what it’s all about... GE: That’s all you can do it. Because,

if you’re like me, and you’re going to take it as a career path - yes, it is a job, that’s how we make our money - but the day you start treating it like a job, you’re going to lose respect for it and you’ll be miserable. You always have to stay positive and make it interesting and fun with yourself. Whatever you do, with any job. If you’re going race to race, ‘Oh, this guy’s here, that guy’s here;’ Who cares? When the gate drops or the line goes, that’s when the true test begins.

JS: Cool. I’ll never forget you riding


When I get on a motorcycle I’m free and I like it, but to off-

the-bike training, it’s definitely a good benefit for you and will make you a faster rider. It’s hard to do it but cardio is where it’s at. I would like to get back to how I was in the season in 07-08 when I was racing GNCCs, I was in the best shape of my life and I feel like a owe it to myself to get back to that speed because I’ve been there before and I know I can do it. I need to get back to that level to be happy with myself before my riding career does come to an end. But I also have more goals. I’ve always wanted to try for an outdoor. I’ve tried just didn’t make it so, before I stop, I want to make one. And I definitely want to try for Daytona Supercross one good time. There’s just a bunch of random stuff I would

that clapped out RM125 and trying not to highpoint the races... GE: I still got that 125 at my house. Every race, Bob would be out there in the bushes: ‘Stop.’ ‘No.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘No.’ ‘Yes.’ It didn’t matter, anyways, because we would argue for a minute and I would lose my minute right then and there. Finally, one race, the last race of the year, ‘You gotta stop,’ I just went by and waved to him. I said, ‘Bye,’ I kept right on going. I was going to AA the next year.

JS: And the rest is history! Who is still

helping keep you up front? GE: I want to thank Keith Walpole at Walpole, Inc. He’s taught me a lot, too, just being around him being around his business and how he operates and stays positive really helped me out a bunch and gave me a better outlook on everything to never give up and never keep trying to pursue the dream. Also, Action Kawasaki, Dunlop Tires. TF Racing, Rekluse, IMS, Premier Urgent Care, Spectro, G2 Photos and Steven Rumplik – a new up and comer. Bobby Downs. Fluidyne, PG graphics. My dad and mom and the Down South Players. §


7:30 Signu

Peewe Peew Peewe PractP Quad 9: Peewe 9: Super Bike 9: P

Race Race

R Peewe

R Race

R Peewe

Race R

Peewe R


Row Big 1T Row 2 Pract

Race 9:

Row 10 1 Row 2 Rider Riders R


Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6

R Race

Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row R7 Sunda Tech In


Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Quad 3:30 Row 8











HS #4 Gate Fee: $10 Entry Fees:

Gate Fee:$20 $10 Peewees Entry Fees: All others $50 Peewees $20 All required others $50 Spark Arrestors are for all

Competition machines, Spark Arrestors are required for all

4 stroke header wrap preferred except Competition machines,

Saturday ScheduleRace Schedule Saturday 7:30 AM and - 10:30 AMInspection Signup and7:30 TechAM Inspection Signup Tech – 10:30 AM Saturday Schedule

Peewees. 4 stroke header wrap preferred except 96db MAX sound limit for all Peewees. 96db MAX sound limit for all Tether switches are required for all Quads

Peewee A and B Practice 9:00 AM – 9:15 AM 7:30 AM - 10:30 Signup PeeweeCTrack Peewee Practice 9:15 AM –AM 9:30 AM and Tech Inspection Practice: Quad Practice (Big Track) 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Peewee Track 9:15 AM 9:30 AM PW A & B Peewee Quad Practice 9:30 AM – 9:45 AM switches are for all Quads 9:30 AM - Practice: 9:45AM PW C YOU WILL Tether BE INSPECTED: NO required PASS, NO Super Peewee Quad Practice 9:45 AM – 10:00 AM This is a BRAND NEW beautiful race property. You will not 9:15 AM - 9:30 AM AQuad & BAM AM - (Big 10:00 AM PW & Super PW Bike 9:45 Practice Track) 10:00 AMPW – 10:30 REFUND! 9:30 AM - 9:45AM YOU WILL BE INSPECTED: NO PASS, NO Races: Race 1 10:05 AM – 10:25 AM PW C be disappointed. are 5NEW hotelsbeautiful very close This is aThere BRAND racebyproperty. You will not - 10:00 AM A PW & Super PW Quad Race AM -AM 10:25 AM PW REFUND! Peewee A 1 10:05 9:45 FTR transponders are required for scoring Races: Race 2 10:30 AM 10:45AM AM PW B Race 2 10:30 AM – -10:45 DESTINATION DAYTONA along great restaurants. be disappointed. There are 5with hotels very close by and will be available at sign up for $30 Race 1 10:05 AM 10:25 AM PW A Race Peewee B3 10:50 AM - 11:05 AM PW C FTR transponders are required for scoring We have DESTINATION some AWESOME sponsors for the event it mayrestaurants. Race 2 10:30 AM - 10:45 DAYTONA along with great Race 3 10:50 AM – -11:05 AM Race 4 11:15 AM 11:30 AM Quad PWAM PW B and will be available at sign up for $30 3 10:50 AM - 11:05 AMPW PW C Peewee C5 11:35 Race Race AM - 11:50 AM Quad Super Plate Ltr & Nr surprise you! We have some AWESOME sponsors for the event it may Saturday Race 4 11:15 Race 4 11:15 AM – 11:30 AMAM - 11:30 AM Quad PW Class Color Ltr Color Race 5A11:35 AM - 11:50 AM Quad Super PW Junior A (86-200cc 2stk / 126-250cc 4 stk age13-16) Row - Quad Peewee Big 1Track Plate Ltr & Nr surprise you! Black A White Row 2 - Quad Peewee B Class Color Ltr Color Practice: Junior B (86-200cc 2 stkA 126-250cc 4 stk/age13-16) Junior (86-200cc 2stk 126-250cc 4 stk age13-16) Race 5 11:35 AMTrack –AM 11:50 9:30 AM - Big 10:00 QuadAM Jrs and Adults Black B White Black A White Row 10:00 1 - Quad Super Peewee A and Adult Bikes AM -Practice: 10:30 AM Mini, Jrs, Sunday Schedule Club Contact: Frank Geremia Contact: Junior C (86-200cc 2 stroke 126-250cc 4 stroke age13-16) Junior B (86-200cc 2 stk 126-250cc 4 stk age13-16) Sunday Race Schedule Row 2 - Quad Super B AM Quad Jrs and Adults 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM 9:30 Peewee AM Riders Meeting 12:15 PM- 10:00 Black C White Signup Black B White 386-341-4965 Riders Meeting at10:00 starting 12:15 PM Jrs, and Adult Signup 10:30 AM Mini, Bikes 126-250cc 4 stroke age13-16) Sunday Schedule Race 6 12:30 PM – AM 2:00-line PM Junior2Cstroke (86-200cc 2 stroke 126-250cc 4 stroke age13-16) Tech Inspection 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Club Contact: Frank Geremia Junior Girls (86-200cc 8:30 AM - and 9:30AM Practice Race 6Row 12:30 2:00 PM12:15 PM Black G White Black C White 1 Riders - PM Mini –AMeeting 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Signup Practice AM – 9:30 AM 10:00AM 8:30 Riders Meeting US 1/SR 5 386-341-4965 Mini A (0-85cc 2 Junior stroke Girls 86-150cc 4 stroke 17”-19” age 9-14)4 stroke age13-16) Row 1 -Row Mini2A- Mini (86-200cc 2 stroke 126-250cc Race Riders Meeting atAM starting linePractice 10:00 AM B 6 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM 8:30 - 9:30AM White A Black Black G White Row 2 -Row Mini3B- Mini C, Row 1 -Girls Mini A Mini 10:00AM Riders Meeting Race 1110:30 AM – 12:30 Mini B (0-85cc 2 Mini stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke 17” age 49-14) US 1/SR 5 A (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc stroke 17”-19” age 9-14) Race 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Row 3 -Row Mini4C, MiniRow Girls2 - Mini B - 65A White B Black PM 1 - Vet A, Senior A White A Black Row Row 4 -Row 65A5 - 65B Row 3 - Mini C, Mini Girls Mini C (0-85cc 2 Mini stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke 17” age 49-14) Co. Rd B (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc stroke 17” age 9-14) Row 2 1 -- Vet A,Race Sr A 1 10:30 Row Super Senior A AM – 12:30 Row 5 -Row 65B6 - 65C, Row White C Black 4 - 65A White B Black STRICKLAND 65 Girls PM Row 3 2 -- SSr A, Mstr 200 Row Master A A, Row 6 - 65C, 65 Girls Mini Girls (0-85ccMini 2 stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke 17” age 9-14)17” age 9-14) C (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke Co. Rd - 65B Race 7 2:15 PM –Row 3:455 PM Row 1 Vet A, Sr A RANCH Row 4 3 -- Vet Row Vet BB White G Black Race 7Row 2:15 PM – 3:45 PM White C Black STRICKLAND Row 6 - 65C, 65 Girls 1 - Evolution 200 Row 5 4 -- Sr B Row 65 A (51-65cc age 8-12) Green A White17” age 9-14) Row Senior B 2 - SSr A, Mstr A, Mini Girls (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke Row 1 - Evolution A 7A Race 2:15 PM – 3:45 PM RANCH Row 2 Junior A, Junior B Row 3 Vet B 65 B (51-65cc age 8-12) Green B White Row 5 SSr B, Wmn A White G Black Row 6 Super Senior B, Women A Row 2 - Junior A Row 1 - Evolution A 65 C (51-65cc age White Follow the arrows 3 - Evolution Row 4 - Sr 65 8-12) A (51-65cc age 8-12)Green C Green A White Row 7 6 -- Mstr B, GMstr A BA Row Golden Master Row 3 -Row Junior B RowB2 - Junior A, Junior B 65 Girls (51-65cc65 age 8-12) Green G White B (51-65cc age 8-12) Green B White 2.5 mi Row 4 Junior C, Junior Girls Row 5 SSr B, Wmn A Row 8 7 -- Vet C B Row Master Row 4 - Evolution B Peewee A (50cc 65 auto thru age 8) A Black C (51-65cc age 8-12)White Green C White Follow the arrows RowEvo 3 - C, Evolution 5 - Vintage, Evo Sr B Row VetC CRow 6 - Mstr B, GMstr A Row 9 8 -- Sr Row 5 -Row Junior C, Junior Girls Peewee B (50cc 65 auto thru(51-65cc age 8) age 8-12) White B Black Girls Green G White 2.5 mi Row 4 - Junior C, Junior Girls 6 - Beginner RowC7 - Vet C Row - Senior Row 10 9 - SSr C, Destination Peewee C (50ccPeewee auto thruAage 8) auto thru White Row 6 -Row Vintage, Evolution C, Evolution Senior (50cc age 8) C Black White A Black - Vintage, Evo C, Evo Sr 8 3:45 PM –Row 5:155 PM Row 8 - Sr C Beginner (0-Open cc age B13+) White Black Row Super C Row 11 10 -- GMstr BSenior Peewee (50cc auto thru age 8) White B Black Row Race 7 - Beginner Daytona 6 - Beginner Quad Junior (91-200cc stroke stroke - QuadRow AA, A Row 9 - SSr Destination Peewee2 C (50cc91-300cc auto thru4age 8) age 13-15) White C Black Row Golden Master B, Women B, Row 12 11 -- Mstr C, Wmn B, C, Sunday Row Race1 Signup andQuad White Race 8Open 3:45 PM PM – 5:15 PM Beginner (0-Open cc ageBlack 13+) White Black Row 2 - Quad BPM Women Wmn VetVet Row 10 - GMstr B Daytona Tech Inspection 3:30 – 5:30 EXIT 273 Interstate 95 Quad Super PW Quad 51-90cc (age 6-12) Green White4 stroke age 13-15) Junior (91-200cc 2 stroke 91-300cc Row 1 Quad AA, Quad A - Quad +30 PM Row - Master Row 11 - Mstr Race13 2 1:00 PM –C 3:00 PM C, Wmn B, Race 8Row 3:453 PM – 5:15 Quad Peewee A (50cc ages 4-8) White Black Black White Row 2 Quad B Open Race 2 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Row 4 Vet Quad, Senior Quad Wmn Vet Row 1 - Quad AA, Quad A Row 1 - AA Interstate 95 EXIT 273 Quad Super PW 51-90cc (age 6-12) Green White Row 3 -Super Quad Senior +30 Quad Row 5 -BQuad 0-400, Race 2 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Row 2 -Row Quad Open Row 1 2 -- AAA Open Quad Peewee A (50cc ages 4-8) White Black 4 - Vet Quad, Senior Quad Row A Open Row 1 - AA 6 -+30 QuadRow C Open Row 3 -Row Quad Row 2 3 -- A-250, A200 If you ride in a class above you are NOT Ormond Beach Row 5 - Quad 0-400, Row A-200 Row 2 - A Open 7 - Women Quad, Women VetSuper Quad,Senior Quad Row 4 -Row Veteran Quad, Senior Quad Row 3 4 -- BA-250, Open allowed to ride on Sunday Row B Open 6 - Quad C Open Row 3 - A-250, A200 Row 5 -Master Quad Quad 0-400,Row Super Senior Quad Row 4 5 -- B-250 If you ride in a class above you are NOT Ormond Beach Row B-250 Row 7 Open, - Women Quad, Women Vet Quad, Row 6 -Row Quad Open Row 4 - B Open 8 -CQuad Utility Quad Junior Row 5 6 -- B-200 allowed Vintage (pre 1975 age 13+)to ride on Sunday White V Black Row B-200 Master QuadVet Quad, Master Row 7 - Women Quad, Women Row 5 - B-250 Evolution A (pre 1988 air cool drum brakes age 13+) Row 6 7 -- C Open Row 7 C Open RowRace 8 - Quad Utility Open, Quad Junior Quad Yellow A Black Row 6 B-200 3:30 - 5:30 PM Sunday Signup Row 8 - C-250 Vintage (pre 1975 age 13+) White V Black Row C-250 Evolution B (pre Evolution 1988 air cool drum brakes agedrum 13+) brakes age 13+) Row 8 - Quad Utility Open, Quad Junior Row 7 - C Open A (pre 1988 air cool Row 8 9 -- C-200 Yellow B Black Row 9 C-200 Yellow A Black 3:30 - 5:30 PM Sunday Race Signup Row 8 - C-250

October 8 and 9, 2011

Kevin Moyer

(386) 761-6123



Evolution C (pre Evolution 1988 air cool drum brakes agedrum 13+)brakes age 13+) B (pre 1988 air cool Yellow C Black Yellow B Black Evolution Senior Evolution (pre 1988Cair cool drum age brakes 13+) age 13+) (pre 1988 airbrakes cool drum Yellow S Black Yellow C Black Quad AA (age 16+) Redair cool drum AA White Evolution Senior (pre 1988 brakes age 13+) Quad A (age 16+) White A Black Yellow S Black Quad Open B (age 16+) White B Black Quad AA (age 16+) Red AA White Quad Open C (age 16+) White C Black Quad A (age 16+) White A Black Quad 0-400 (ageQuad 16+) Open B (age 16+)Yellow Black White B Black Quad +30A (ageQuad 30+) Open C (age 16+)Red White White C Black Veterans Quad (age White Quad35+) 0-400 (age 16+) Red Yellow Black Senior Quad (age 40+)+30A (age 30+) Black White Quad Red White Super Senior Quad (age 45+) Black X White Veterans Quad (age 35+) Red White Master Quad (age 50+) Quad (age 40+) Green White Senior Black White Quad Utility Open (age Senior 16+) Quad (ageWhite X Black Super 45+) Black X White Women Quad (age 16+)Quad (age 50+) Blue White Master Green White Women Vet Quad (ageUtility 35+) Open (age 16+) Blue V White Quad White X Black Quad Junior (91-200cc / 91-300cc 4stk) Women2stk Quad (age 16+) Blue White White Black Women Vet Quad (age 35+) Blue V White Quad Junior (91-200cc 2stk / 91-300cc 4stk) White Black Sunday AA (age 13+) Red AA White A 200 (age 13+) Sunday Black A White I HEREBY GIVE UP ALL MY RIGHTS TO SUE OR MAKE ANY CLAIM FOR DAMAGES DUE TO NEGLIGENCE OR ANY A 250 (age 13+) AA (age 13+) Green A White Red AA White OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER AGAINST THE PROMOTERS, SPONSORS AND ALL OTHER PERSONS, PARTICIPANTS Yellow A Black Black A White I HEREBY GIVE UP ALL MY RIGHTS TO SUE OR MAKE ANY CLAIM FOR DAMAGES DUE TO NEGLIGENCE OR ANYA Open (age 13+)A 200 (age 13+) OR B 200 (age 13+) A 250 (age 13+) Black B White Green A White OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER AGAINST THE PROMOTERS, SPONSORS AND ALL OTHER PERSONS, PARTICIPANTS B. 250 (age 13+)A Open (age 13+) Green B White Yellow A Black ORGANIZATIONS CONDUCTING OR CONNECTED WITH THIS EVENT FOR INJURY TO PROPERTY OR PERSON I MAY B Open (age 13+) Yellow B Black OR B 200 (age 13+) Black B White SUFFER, INCLUDING CRIPPLING INJURY OR DEATH WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THE EVENT AND WHILE UPON EVENT C 200 (age 13+) B. 250 (age 13+) Black C White Green B White ORGANIZATIONS CONDUCTING OR CONNECTED WITH THIS EVENT FOR INJURY TO PROPERTY OR PERSON I MAY C 250 (age 13+) B Open (age 13+) Green C White PREMISES. Yellow B Black SUFFER, INCLUDING DEATH WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THE AND WHILE C Open (age 13+) Yellow C Black C 200 (age 13+) Black C White I KNOW THE RISKS OF DANGER CRIPPLING TO MYSELFINJURY AND MYOR PROPERTY WHILE PREPARING FOR ANDEVENT PARTICIPATING IN UPON EVENT Vet A (age 35+) C 250 (age 13+) Red A White Green C White PREMISES. THE Vet B (age 35+) C Open (age 13+) Red B White Yellow C Black I KNOW THE RISKS OF DANGER TO MYSELF AND MY PROPERTY WHILE PREPARING FOR AND PARTICIPATING IN Vet C (age 35+) Vet A (age 35+) Red C White Red A White EVENT AND WHILE UPON THE EVENT PREMISES AND, RELYING UPON MY OWN JUDGMENT AND ABILITY, ASSUME SR A (age 40+) Vet B (age 35+) Green A White THE Red B White ALL SR B (age 40+) Vet C (age 35+) Green B White Red C White EVENT AND WHILE UPON THE EVENT PREMISES AND, RELYING UPON MY OWN JUDGMENT AND ABILITY, ASSUME SR C (age 40+) SR A (age 40+) Green C White SUCH RISKS OF LOSS AND HEREBY AGREE TO REIMBURSE ALL COSTS TO THOSE PERSONS OR ORGANIZATIONS Green A White ALL SSR A (age 45+)SR B (age 40+) White A Black Green B White CONNECTED WITH THIS EVENT FOR DAMAGES INCURRED AS A RESULT OF MY NEGLIGENCE. SSR B (age 45+)SR C (age 40+) White B Black Green C White SUCH RISKS OF LOSS AND HEREBY AGREE TO REIMBURSE ALL COSTS TO THOSE PERSONS OR ORGANIZATIONS SSR C (age 45+)SSR A (age 45+) White C Black White A Black CONNECTED WITH THIS EVENT FOR DAMAGES INCURRED AS A RESULT OF MY NEGLIGENCE. Master A (age 50+) Blue A White SSR B (age 45+) White B Black SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT Master B (age 50+) Blue B White SSR C (age 45+) White C Black Master C (age 50+) Blue C White Master A (age 50+) Blue A White SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT Golden Master AMaster (age 58+) Black A White B (age 50+) Blue B White SIGNATURE OF PARENT (REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE) Golden Master BMaster (age 58+) Black B White C (age 50+) Blue C White Women A (age 13+) Yellow A Black Golden Master A (age 58+) Black A White Women B (age 13+) Yellow B Black SIGNATURE OF PARENT (REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE) Golden Master B (age 58+) Black B White Women Vet (ageWomen 40+) A (age 13+) Yellow V Black Yellow A Black Women B (age 13+) Yellow B Black Women Vet (age 40+) Yellow V Black

Row 9 - C-200

Riders are responsible for correct colors, numbers and letters - see chart at right. Riders are andresponsible guests are responsible for following all and FTR letters rules. - see chart at right. Riders for correct colors, numbers Riders and guests are responsible for following all FTR rules.

FTR MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED - AVAILABLE AT SIGN UP!! AMA MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED - AVAILIABLE AT SIGN FTR MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED - AVAILABLE ATUP!!! SIGN UP!! Name__________________________________Class_____________Bike#__________ AMA MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED - AVAILIABLE AT SIGN UP!!! Address______________________City___________________State_____Zip________ Name__________________________________Class_____________Bike#__________ FTR#____________________Age________Make M/C____________cc_________ Address______________________City___________________State_____Zip________ Phone number_______________ AMA#____________________ FTR#____________________Age________Make M/C____________cc_________ Phone number_______________ AMA#____________________ THIS IS A RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT - READ IT BEFORE SIGNING THIS IS A RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT - READ IT BEFORE SIGNING

THIS IS A RELEASE _________________________________________________________ THIS IS A RELEASE _________________________________________________________ THIS IS A RELEASE _________________________________________________________ THIS IS A RELEASE _________________________________________________________

DDR USE ONLY 2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 31 DDR $______ FTR $______ DDR USE ONLY TRAN $______ T-SHIRT $______ TOTAL $________ DDR $______ FTR $______ TRAN $______ T-SHIRT $______ TOTAL $________

32 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 33

Ford Snodgrass, President

1524 Fleetwood Drive, Sarasota, FL 34232 (941) 915-9894

Officials Referees

Jack Terrell, Vice President

180 Sunrise Hill Lane, Auburndale, FL 33823 (863) 984-9294

Deborah Broderick, Secretary

5461 Carrick Road, Cocoa, FL 32927-9074 (321) 749-4527

Enduro: David Wildner (727) 510-9039

Hare Scrambles: Donny Richardson

Jonny Simpkins, Treasurer

6300 Oil Well Road, Clermont, FL 34714 (352) 394-2430

(727) 235-2051

Motocross: Bryan Hayes (321) 537-4267

Cary Hunt, Enduro Chairman 14967 Newport Road Clearwater, FL 33764 (727) 638-6228

Scorekeepers FTR Scorekeeper: Tim Nordle (352) 303-0088

Enduro: Jeremy Powell

Mike Belle, Hare Scrambles Chairman 912 Justice Drive Tampa, FL 33613 (813) 963-0657

Rick Dreggors, Motocross Chairman 439 River Isle Court Longwood, FL 32779 (407) 862-6878

(321) 453-4257

Hare Scrambles: Donald St. John (912) 729-1089

Motocross: Sandy Moss (321) 537-0716

Investment Management Consulting Business/Personal/Estate Tomblin, Castardo-Jones Wealth Management Group of Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Brooks Tomblin, Sr.

(386) 506-4903 or (800) 342-2933

34 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | September 2011

Who to Contact in FTR Board of Directors by County: Area #1:


2 4

Rocky Gavins 290 East Palmer Mill Road Monticello, FL32344 (850) 545-9945 Counties: Out-of-State, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette, Dixie

Area #2:

Ragan Dickson, 78 Dolphin Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082,



(904) 813-5713, Counties: Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Union, Bradford, Nassau, Duval, Clay, Putnam, St. Johns





Area #3:

Allen Pearce, 3473 NW 49th Ave. Gainesville, FL 32605-1069 Counties: Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake

10 12



Area #4:

Chad Hunter, 408 Grove St. Ormond Beach, FL 32174-7022 Counties: Flagler, Volusia

Area #5:

Vacant - Counties: Hernando, Pasco. Pinellas, West Hillsborough

Area #6:

Kerri Chambers, PO Box 231, Auburndale FL 33823, (863) 956-9140, Counties: East Hillsborough, Polk

Area #7:

Bill Jenkins, Jr. 13519 Lacebark Pine Road, Orlando, FL 32832-6578 Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola

Area #8:

Sam Boydstun, 1410 Gleneagles Way, Rockledge, FL 32955 Counties: Brevard, Indian River

Area #9:

Joe Collis, 2210 N Rye Road, Parrish, FL 34219-9625 Counties: Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee, DeSoto, Highlands

Area #10:

Rick Bertine,1565 SE Tidewater Place, Stuart, Fl 34997, (772) 260-3287, Counties: Okeechobee, St. Lucie, Martin

Area #11 Ed Lukosavich, 6655 Bottlebrush Lane, Naples, Fl 34109-3813, (239) 514-4530, Counties: Charlotte, Glades, Lee, Hendry, Collier Area #12:

Area #13:


Counties: Palm Beach


Counties: Broward, Dade, Monroe

2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 35






FIRST NAME _____________________________ LAST NAME ______________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH _____-_____-__________ (MM-DD-YYYY)

SEX _________

ADDRESS________________________________________ CITY_______________________________________ STATE ________ ZIP ________________ COUNTY ______________________________ HOME PHONE ____________________ WORK PHONE ____________________ EMAIL __________________________________________________ AMA # ______________________________ (NOT REQUIRED)

OCCUPATION ________________________________ ENDURO:



CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc __________ HARE SCRAMBLES:




CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc _____ NUMBER ______,______,______ SATURDAY HARE SCRAMBLES:

(If you are a new member or renewing after July 31st, give three choices for numbers)





CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc _____ NUMBER ______,______,______ MOTOCROSS:

(If you are a new member or renewing after July 31st, give three choices for numbers) CHOICE 1:



CLASS ______________________ BRAND _________________ cc _____ NUMBER ______,______,______

(If you are a new member or renewing after July 31st, give three choices for numbers)

Do not mail this form to the Business Office if there are less than 10 days before the race you intend to enter. If you are mailing this form to the Business Office, please allow 10 days from the date of mailing before contacting us about your number.

Where to Ride?

Contact FTR Clubs in Your Area


12 3 2

1. Apollo Motorcycle Club - Dan Graziano, Cocoa, FL (321) 635-8436, 2. Azalea City Motorcycle Club - Gary Wyatt, Interlachen, FL (386) 684-2698,


4. Central Florida Trail Riders - Kevin Simmons, Orlando, FL (407) 859-3006 or (407) 625-3006,


5. Columbia Enduro Riders - Ricky Dennis, Columbia, SC (803) 786-0051,


7. Family Riders, Inc. - Johnny Thomas, 1 Venice Ave, Hanahan, SC 29406 (843) 553-1463 8. Greenville Enduro Riders Association - Duane Wellington, Laurens, SC (864) 908-6109,

10. Palm Beach Trail & Trail - Randy Rash, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (954) 931-5709, motodadfla19@aol. com

18 9

6. Daytona Dirt Riders - Randy Griffin, New Smyrna Beach, FL (386) 423-4302,

Out of State: 5, 7, 8, 11, 16

11. Perry Mountain M/C - Glenn Hollingshead, Selma, AL (334) 872-0619, 12. River City Dirt Riders - Mundy Murzic, Jacksonville, FL (904) 465-2013, mundyspro@

1 13

20 15 10

16. Sumter Enduro Riders - Johnny McCoy, Sumter, SC (803) 481-5169, 17. Suncoast Trail Blazers - Brian Coughlin, Tampa, FL (813) 908-9008,

13. Sarasota Area Dirt Riders - Randy Faul, Arcadia, FL (863) 494-6476,

18. Sunrunners M/C - Jack Terrell, Auburndale, FL (863) 9849294,

14. Sarasota Area Quad Riders - Amanda Fronckowiak, Venice, FL (941) 223-6974,

19. Tallahassee Trail Riders - - Rocky Gavins, Tallahassee, FL (850) 545-9945,

15. Southeast Florida Trail Riders - - Glen Demick, Jupiter, FL 33458 (561) 743-3683,

20. Treasure Coast Trail Riders - Scott Klucinec, Vero Beach, FL (772) 473-3801,

2011 September Florida Trail Riders Magazine | 37

Kevin Moyer photo

3. Big Scrub Trail Riders - John Hawkins, (352) 516-6903,

9. Old School Dirt Riders - Ron Collis, Myakka City, FL (941) 962-5036,


2011-2012 FTR Schedule

Visit for up-to-date race info or call (352) 538-6291


Event Promoting Club/Track Location


Aug-21 Enduro #1 Big Scrub Trail Riders, LOCHLOOSA Aug-27&28 HS #1 River City Dirt Riders, LAKE CITY/AMP Sept-4 Enduro #2 Greenville Enduro Riders , WHITMIRE, SC Sept-10&11 HS #2 Apollo MC, SAMSULA, FL Sept-17&18 HS #3 Central Florida Trail Riders, BARTOW, FL October-2 Enduro #3 Suncoast Trail Blazers, BROOKSVILLE, FL October-8&9 HS #4 Daytona Dirt Riders, ORMOND BEACH, FL October-22&23 HS #5 Azalea City MC, BOSTWICk, FL November-5&6 HS #6 Sunrunners, BARTOW, FL November-6 Enduro #4 Perry Mountains MC, MAPLESVILLE, AL November-19&20 Rain Date December-3&4 HS #7 Old School Dirt Riders, BROOKSVILLE, FL

2012 January-7&8 HS #8 Suncoast Trail Blazers, OKEECHOBEE, FL January-14&15 HS #9 Palm Beach Trail Riders, BRIGHTON, FL January 15 Enduro #5 Broxton Bridge/EHRHARDT, SC January-28&29 HS #10 Treasure Coast Trail Riders February-4 BOD Meeting - time/location TBA February-11&12 HS #11 SE Florida Trail Riders, OKEECHOBEE, FL February-19 Motocross #1 TBA February-19 Enduro #6 Central Florida Trail Riders, RICHLOAM, FL February-25&26 HS #12 SADRA, ONA, FL March-3&4 HS #13 Big Scrub Florida Trail Riders, GATORBACK, FL March-4 Enduro #7 Sandlapper, SALLEY SC March-10&11 Motocross #2 TBA March-11 Enduro #8 Daytona Dirt Riders, Alligator < New date March-18 Motocross #3 TBA March-24&25 HS #14 FTR Benefit, TBA April-1 Motocross #4 TBA April-14&15 HS #15 Tallahassee Trail Riders, CHIPLEY, FL April-22 Motocross #5 TBA April-28&29 Rain Date May-5 BOD/Sanction Meeting - TBA May-5 Enduro #9 Apollo MC, SEVILLE, FL May-13 Motocross #6 TBA May-20 Enduro #10 FTR Benefit, HEART ISLAND, FL May-27 Motocross #7 TBA June-3 Motocross #8 TBA August-4&5 FTR Banquet

Winner Tyler Trammell Mose Howard

More from online next month!

10315 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32246



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(TAX & REG. ONLY) ____________________________



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Florida Trail Riders Magazine September  
Florida Trail Riders Magazine September  

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