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2012-2013 Schedule | Motocross Rev up | On The Cover: Mose Howard

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Here’s to our FTR Family for another successful year!

Ian Nordle, pictured, at the Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point, Ga. earlier this summer. Photos page 42

t s 1 4 on ti ta n e s re P s rd a w Annual FTR A

August 4, 2012

1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd. Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Celebrate and enjoy great food, door prizes, raffle and vendors among past, present and future FTR champions! The Vendor Area will be open from noon to 4 p.m.

for ticket pickup, raffles and more! Dinner starts at 5 p.m. followed by the Awards Ceremony and Dancing until midnight.

Tickets are limited and usually sell out.

Please send banquet ticket order and checks payable to: Florida Trail Riders 5461 Carrick Road Cocoa, FL 32927 Or use the FTR website and pay with a credit card Questions? Call (352) 538-6291 Full banquet details, including menus and hotel information, is posted on the FTR website at

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4 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine | May 2012

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his month, in between working with the FTR Banquet Committee and reaching out to vendors for donations for member giveaways, I tracked down Mose Howard for the cover story, landed a few new advertisers for the magazine and website, worked with the FTR MX Committee on next year’s schedule, interviewed the owner of Powersport Grafx and rounded up a few race reports from the recent 24-hour Perry Mountain Challenge. I encourage everyone to submit articles for the magazine; ANYONE can submit a story. (Thank you to Tom Fleming and Justin Maley for sending in your stories this month. Talk about hilarious!) I also spoke with Todd Wichtner, our Tucker Rocky rep, and if you have not already signed up for the contingency program, you are missing out! This year, Tucker Rocky made a change and all of the gear is included in the program, including the entry level gear, because, as Todd said, “we know the times that we are in,” so now there ara no excuses not to sign up for the contingency program! It’s free, fast and easy! You can learn more about the program in the following pages. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and has had a chance to recharge their batteries. - JS

Race Tech’s Off Road center in Florida.



Special “T hank You”

ky is bringing This year at the FTR Banquet, Tucker Roc with giving something new to the table and, along are giving away away their usual six sets of gear, they (worth of Tucker three cash prizes: $500, $300 and $200 rocky merchandise).

ticipated in the contingency ALL FTR members who par l automatically be entered program this past year wil present to win. in the drawing. You must be program y and the Contingency Read more about Tucker Rock on pages 18 and 19.

As told to Jenn Sheppard

Bart Hayes - Powersport Grafx Owner Who: We started the company about 12 years ago and I’ve actually been a life long rider and I’ve been involved with motorcycles since I was about 10 years old What: Back then, even though it’s not a long time from a technology standpoint, it is a pretty long time, it was hard to get custom graphics or number plate backgrounds for your bike and I actually owned a motorcycle shop since the mid ‘90s, so we were already in the industry and had a lot of good contacts in the industry and we are based in NC and there’s a real strong offroad community up here. We just took our passion for the sport and built a company around it. It’s hard thing for an entrepreneur to separate good business sense from your passion. You gotta sometimes take the emotion element out but we were able to do that. I was able to surround myself with good people and here we are. What else: We’re not a sign shop. We’re a custom graphics manufacturer. This is what we do. We are one of 5 dealers licensed to print KTM and Husaberg but we print all colors and have a big OEM presence as well. We do have a mechanical side of our business. I own Genuine Dirt Racer Products, which is a retail offroad race shop, and I own WP Racing USA, which is the U.S. distributor for WP suspension components and we assist with R&D for those components and things of that nature. It kind of all goes hand in hand. On the PG side, we ran factory KTM’s factory satellite GNCC team for a few years and that brought us a lot more notoriety. We won 5 national champions and had 51 class wins and 2 years. But it’s still all about the graphics. We’ve got templates for motorcycles all the way back into the vintage days. It’s our specialty. It’s what we do. Unfortunately on our website, we cant show everything that we’ve done because there’s just too much of it. We’ve got thousands of designs and things of that nature so if there’s a decal or a sticker that you need for your particular motorcycle, or your motorcycle dealership or all of the above, we either have done it or can do it. Where: We’re in North Wilkesboro in the foothills of North Carolina, about 90 miles north of Charlotte right here in the middle of some of the best riding in the country. Here at our facility, we have 67 acres and we have both a mx and an offroad loop for the mechanical component of the business. Every now and then we’ll have a customer appreciation day for the PG side and you can just come ride. We’re not able to

do it a whole lot because we’re so busy with everything but we really appreciate the sport. It’s a unique situation, our sport is, because it’s truly a family sport. And we help and interact with people from all walks of life and that’s the neat part. The human competent in the neat part of our business. Where: We’re trying to come down for the banquet. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been down to the FTR banquet, and I’d like to do that, but at the very least you’ll see us again the spring for Bike Week. But we’re there for you. UPS runs every day. I think, even if you live in Miami, it’s just two days for shipping. We’re all about service and because we’re all racers here, we know that there’s no minute like the last minute. Why FTR: Obviously we go to Florida at least one time a year during bike week and I’ve made some great friends in FTR from a long time ago, even before we started the graphics company. That’s a great family down there and the FTR does a tremendous job keeping our sport healthy and we’re just pleased to be a part of it. With regard to FTR and their members, we’ve won a lot of championships. People have ridden their motorcycles with our products down there, but it’s not just about the guy that’s winning AA. It’s about the guy that’s in the C class because you know you have to justify what you do in life, and if we can help make one person happier or help them enjoy the sport just that little bit more, then we’ve done our job. You really have to look at the karma side. We try really hard to please everybody. I tell my sales guys everyday, ‘Hey, the most important customer we have is the one that you’re talking to right now,’ and I truly believe that. The people that participate in our sport especially, they’re people of high integrity and people that are just looking to have a good time. I mean we all work hard and we have to play hard, too. And you gotta respect that. How: Our website is our best tool at We also have a toll number (800) 903-6764. We’re on Facebook and people that have pictures with our graphics on them, please, please, please send us pictures because the whole social media thing is really our best tool for people seeing the designs these days, but we don’t mind people calling. We love our customers and we love to talk to them. That human interface is what’s missing in society today and we’re still doing there doing it. If they’ll mention that they’re a FTR member, we have an extra discount in there for them, too. §

Keep the letters coming! Email Attn: Letter to Editor


8 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

From the FTR Forum and elsewhere:

J onny S impkins : Highlander I and II were

awesome and fun. Highlander III will leave you screaming for more! Heavy earth movers will build the most awesome course in Florida. The Highlander trademark for the biggest and fastest Monster Water Slide will be upheld on September 22, 2012. Large rope obstacles, large telephone pole obstacles, massive mud, awesome challenges but all designed with fun in mind, not beat you up so bad that you need to take a week off work. We will be showing pictures and updates as we build this very unique course. Live band, things for the kids, great food, ice cold “beverages,” kids races, overnight camping and so much more. By September 22, we may offer other activities for the entire family, such as canoeing and kayaking. We are hoping to make a major announcement soon that will make competing in The Highlander an absolute must for the fitness minded individual! Be prepared for September 22, be really prepared!

Randy Faul: “What a great bunch of riders we had on the Expert team, lead 95 percent of the race with two/three lap lead, had it covered. Bike issue with about two hairs to go. All of you guys rode like pros, were team players and did a great job! You guys had it won, hold your heads high! Next year, guys, I want everyone of you guys back.”

Ed’s note: Action Kawasaki’s Open

Expert team finished 15th out of 30 teams with 41 laps.

“FTR does a tremendous job keeping our sport healthy and we’re just pleased to be a part of it.” - Bart Hayes, owner Powersport Grafx

Rider Representatives: Hare Scrambles:

AA/A/B Kyle Parsons, (407) 595-


0191 -

C Vacant Specialty A & B Jeremy Powell,

(904) 225-3176 - Specialty C, Women Kerri Chambers, (863) 956-9140 - Saturday Riders Michael Sacco, (727) 422-9278 -

Quads Kayla Vawter, (863) 381-2649


AA/AB Matt Ludwig, (727) 424-3532 - C Vacant Specialty A & B Jerry Bean, (904) 382-3893 - Specialty C, Women Allen Pearce, (352) 339-5644 -

Motocross: AA/AB Tommy Thompson, (352) 484-2337 - C & Specialty A/B Vacant Specialty C, Women Ray Spudeck, (850) 807-0524 -


Dwayne Sprenger, (772) 571-0681 -

ye a r s


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FTR Motocross


10 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

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Picking and choosing the tracks for 2012-2013

he 2012-2013 FTR Motocross Series kicks off the weekend of August 11 at Bostwick Creek MX Park. Your FTR Motocross Committee has worked hard to secure dates and locations, adding new sponsors to this year’s series better for the members of FTR. One of my goals

as the FTR MX Chair was to create a race schedule that avoids conflict as much as possible with other prominent motocross races occurring in Florida and to add experienced Hare Scrambles riders to the MX Committee. One of the suggestions was to host a FTR MX race a couple of weeks before the first FTR Hare Scrambles to allow riders a chance to train and test and this was one of the reasons we chose Bostwick Creek MX Park two weeks before the first Hare Scrambles; Bostwick offers a Hare Scrambles loop that will be open on Saturday at no additional charge giving riders the opportunity to enjoy the Hare Scrambles Loop and the MX track all day. Other host sites include some of the traditional tracks that have supported FTR Motocross in the past along with two rounds at a new facility located in Fellsmere: Mesa Park Motocross.  We have tried to maximize the riding time for you throughout the weekends by matching our race dates with Saturday night race series at Dade City, Bithlo, and Sunshine MX allowing FTR members to practice on Saturday and race Saturday night against the local hot shots. The track promoters have waived track membership for FTR Members for their Saturday night events. We want to provide as much seat time as possible at each event. FTR Motocross races are also a part of the Tucker Rocky contingency program. This

year, Tucker Rocky made their program even more affordable for FTR members to participate in the program for the upcoming season. All FTR members must do is purchase any set of Answer/MSR gear and send in a registration form to Tucker

Rocky. They handle the rest. You will be eligible for discounts on parts and equipment for your bike and, at the end of the season, they track your points and send you Tucker Rocky “Race Bucks” which are redeemable at any Tucker Rocky dealer. All ANSWER and MSR is

now eligible! The FTR Motocross series has always been a competitive and family-friendly series, and we are trying to do even more this year. We will be offering additional contingency opportunities for advanced riders, and we will have water slides and other events for the kids to enjoy on Saturday after practice. We are trying to finalize getting back to awarding trophies, particularly for the kids, based upon the guidelines in the FTR rulebook.  We are also promoting Motocross Teams to participate in the FTR MX series. A team can have up to five eligible riders at each round and the top three finishers are awarded points. All participating teams will receive a banner with their team name and preferred pit location during the FTR MX race. This allows businesses involved with teams to showcase their teams to spectators and other riders within FTR and develop competitive/friendly rivalries between the teams for the overall team awards at the end of the season.  We are planning to have a podium with a backdrop advertising sponsors of the series and doing interviews of moto and top finishers at each event.  Champions Powersports, for instance, will be presenting awards for first moto winners at each event, Hole Shot Awards for select classes and a rider only raffle during the riders meeting. Riders only have to complete in 50 percent of the series to be eligible for year end awards. We look forward to seeing you at Bostwick for Round 1. Stay tuned for more updates as we will be continuing to add to the program between now and the start of the series. - Rick Dreggors

12 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

The View From Row7 J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 1 3


A column Kayla Vawter, #331

ello all! It is so hard to believe how fast our summer break is flying by! Time to cram in that last minute weight loss and exercise program to get back into tip top shape for season. I for one just got around to washing my quad from the Ormond Beach race. I really don’t remember it being that dusty! By the time you receive this, the banquet will be here! Time to visit with our race family and hear stories from the past season and hear the bluff of how hard everyone trained during the off season. What a better way to wrap up the last season and open the new one than getting together in a semi formal setting? The banquet committee has been working hard to make sure this will be the best one yet. So make sure if you see them running around like mad on banquet day stop them and thank them for their hard work. Well enough with my ramble...I have got work to do! Not only with my training session but banquet duties! See ya soon!


Until next time...keep those chains tight! Kayla is a two-time Quad Women Hare Scrambles Overall Champion and Hare Scrambles Quad Rider Representative. She also serves as FTR Secretary. Her husband, John, races Quad AA. They are both #331.

14 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 1 5 from the

FTR forum:

Eddie Adams: TeamGotOil is the AMSOIL vendor at the Hare

Scrambles. We are planning on being at the vast majority of the Hare Scramble and a few of the MX and Enduro events as well. New for this season: We are now Authorized dealers for Twin Air Filter products, as well as Screwed Industries. If you are interested in Twin Air Filters, please contact me via email, message, comment on the forum or by phone with your bike’s year, make, model and engine size, so I can ensure that I have your filter in stock. I will build a list of needed filters based on responses I receive. The most popular filters are what I will initially put in stock. I hope having Twin Air on board will help everyone with their filter needs. We carry most of the AMSOIL synthetic products currently available for motorcycles, quads, cars, trucks, diesels, and small engine equipment. Stop by our booth at the races for questions or info on how to buy products at wholesale.

Full Service Race Shop TOLL FREE: 866-WMR-RACE LOCAL: (772) 426-3000


Got Oil? Distributing

290 S. Lake Shore Way Lake Alfred, FL 33850 Cell: 863-224-8429 • Fax: 863-956-1388 ZO# 1685289

Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Inc.

TheThe300cc enduro optimum balance of power, weight and agility.

Kids: 2008 KTM 50 SX Junior $2995 (one remaining) 2008 KTM 85 XC $3600 2008 KTM 105 XC $3800 2011 KTM 150 XC $8200 (two)

Big Bikes:

Husqvarna TXC310

2011 KTM 350 SX-F $7395 2011 KTM 450 SX-F $7895 2009 KTM 450 XCW $8200 2008 KTM 450 XC ATV $7495 (two brand new) 2010 KTM 690 Duke $8995 2010 KTM 530 XCW SixDays $7600 (two remaining)

GasGas EC300 Your Dirt Bike Superstore

904 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC 29607 864-232-7223 AUTHORIZED DEALER

5138 Commercial Way US HWY 19 Spring Hill, FL 34606

(352) 596-8028

*Each unit includes freight, does not include taxes or license

Chaplain’s T 16 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine


he season is over and we are about halfway through the summer. The racers are saying, “Now that I’m not spending money on travel and entry fees at race event, I can buy new gear and bike parts!” However, the wives are saying: “OK, honey, since racing is over, we can take that weekend race money and put it toward the house. How about going up to Home Depot and buying some paint?” PAINT? Now that’s a five letter word most men hate to hear.

When it comes to injuries, this past season has been a rough one. Over the years, for reasons that are unexplainable, I have seen the volume of injuries come and go in ‘cycles. There are times we rarely use the helicopter. Then there are those seasons where we cannot seem to get rid of that bird. Please continue to pray for Ben Kelly and Jimmy Connours as they recover. They are making great progress. Also, continue to lift up Chris Tolken, (he has ALS), and keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. I hope you have a wonderful summer planned. We were going to compete in the Perry Mountain 24-hour race last month, but it did

“Thinking Out Loud” not work out for us this year. Unfortunately, our 50+ team did not materialize and I have recently been plagued with sore knees. I plan to take it easy this summer and focus on getting well. I hope to be able to continue to race when the season begins in August. Nevertheless, our family will be very busy these couple of months before the race season kicks back off. Last weekend was Father’s Day. I hope you had the opportunity to spend time with your father. Though I was unable to physically visit with him, we did spend time talking to one another on the phone. How fortunate I feel to still be able to do that. If you have been around me much, you know that my heart’s desire is for men to take a stand for what is just and Godly in our society. Naturally, this type of society will best perpetuate itself when it is borne out in the lives of the sons and daughters of just and Godly fathers and mothers. I believe that the Family is the heart of who and what we are. Did you know that the First Family (Adam and Eve), given to us by God Himself, is the oldest G2 file photo of Austin and Ethan Dickson.

“Run the race with endurance, the course that has been laid out for you” (Hebrews 12:1). J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 1 7

institution on planet earth; and it is assaulted daily. What are we to do? How does that impact our future? As a community, we must protect the family. I am continually encouraged at our Florida Trail Riders events because I see father and mothers with their sons and daughters taking that precious commodity we call time and spending it together. For many today, that is not easy. However, I hear testimony after testimony from parents who are so glad to spend quality time building the character of their children in a sport/ hobby that can be challenging in so many ways.

If you feel as though you have not done as you should have, change! It is never too late to do what is right. If you need someone to speak with, call me. Make today the first day of the rest of your life. In closing, thank you for letting me take just a moment to cheer you FTR moms and dads for going the extra mile of building wonderful memories and spending quality time with your family. Remember, if you are a parent, your child is your greatest gift. I’ll see you on the line. Your friend, Andy Dickson

Remember, you are your child’s greatest teacher because they are watching you every minute of every day.

You can contact us:

(904) 813-5713

480 N. WASHINGTON AVE. TITUSVILLE, FL 32796 (321) 269-5941

FTR Discounts! Taking deposits on all 2013 KTM Models 2009 85 XC 2012 85 SX 2012 85 SXS 2012 125 SX 2013 200 XC-W

$3,999 $4,499 IN STOCK $5,199 IN STOCK

2011 KTM 150 SX $5,699 2010 250 XC-W 2-Stroke $6,999 2011 250 XC 2-Stroke $7,499 2009 450 XC-W $6,499 2010 450 XC-W Champion Edition $7,299

Call to reserve yours today! We will not be undersold on any new KTM model in stock! - The dealership you’ve been looking for!

18 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

20 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

Hannon family photo


Lee Daley ph

Cameron Hannon Editor’s Note: I spotted Cameron Hannon at the riders meeting for Junior

Enduro on the Samsula Hare Scrambles property back in May. A track official was going over the rules for the race, introducing “key time,” for the event, a new term for most of the youth huddled under the tent. After the race, I caught up with Russ, Cameron’s dad, through the FTR forum, arranging to interview Cameron about his first Enduro and the rest of the Hare Scrambles season. He finished seventh overall in 65B and moved up to Mini C before the end of the season.

JS: How was the Junior Enduro? CH: It was fun and a lot different than a Hare Scrambles. JS: Why is that? CH: It’s tighter and not as much flat, open sections, which I don’t really like the flat, open sections so I’m glad about that. It’s longer and I think it’s (for) a higher skill level. I really liked it. JS: Why don’t you like the flat, open sections? CH: It’s not that I don’t want to go fast. I just like more of a challenge. JS: Did you learn anything at the Junior Enduro? CH: Yeah, I did learn. I learned about how to go through tight stuff a little bit better and I also learned how to scan the trail

ahead. JS: What about the Hare Scrambles season? How did it go for you? CH: It went pretty well. I got a fifth, a fourth and two firsts. JS: Then you had to move up? CH: Yup. I moved up to 65 B but now I’m in 85 C. JS: Why? Were you getting too tall? CH: It was for both getting too tall and my age. JS: How do you handle the bigger bike? CH: Better than the 65. It has a bigger suspension and bigger wheels so it helps me get over some things that I couldn’t on the 65. JS: How long do you think you’ll stay on the 85? CH: For two more seasons.

JS: When did you start riding? CH: When I was about 6. JS: Tell me about your first memory riding dirt bikes? CH: My first dirt bike I had a PW 50 and there used to be a track by my house but I wasn’t old enough to ride that track yet. There’s a little field by my house and we just set up some cones and I rode around those. JS: And you were hooked? CH: Yeah. JS: Why do you like riding? CH: The challenge but it’s also just a lot of fun to do it. JS: Do you play any other sports? CH: No, just dirt bikes, really. JS: Do you ride motocross or just Hare Scrambles? CH: I don’t race motocross but that’s where I practice - on the MX tracks. JS: Do you like motocross? CH: It’s fun but it’s not as fun as Hare Scrambles. JS: Why? CH: A lot of motocross actually is just putting the throttle in the wide open. JS: So it goes back to the higher skill level? CH: Yeah. JS: What do you think about FTR? CH: I like FTR. When you race, it’s competitive but it’s not as competitive as motocross. All of the people there are really nice. JS: What role does your dad play? CH: He’s basically everything. He’s the mechanic. He does everything on the motorcycle. I help with maintenance on the motorcycle. JS: What’s something that you want to get better at? CH: Logs, probably. JS: Why? Do you hit them crossed up? CH: I can go over them but the only way I know how to do it is just slam into it. Some of the riders pop their front wheel up so that it’s at the


This interview ran in a previous version of FTR Magazine.

top of the log so all they have to do is get their back wheel over. I just slam into the log like I said. JS: You need to learn how to wheelie! CH: Yep. JS: I’m sure someone out there can teach you. Didn’t you guys just join the Daytona Dirt Riders club? CH: Yeah. JS: Now you can start meeting people your own age and go riding with them? CH: Hopefully that will happen but a lot of kids live pretty far away. JS: Where do you live? CH: We live right on the border of Taft (near the Orlando airport). JS: What else do you think would help you get better as a rider? CH: If FTR let us ride the course maybe after all of the races were done that day, just for some practice. JS: That would be cool. Your dad told me you went to KTM World recently. How was that? CH: It was fun. It was really challenging because it had a lot of terrain that I don’t usually get to ride in Florida. JS: Do you have any racing goals for the future? CH: I want to get better as a race but I don’t have any real big goals. JS: Just keep having fun. CH: I do like racing. I’m also in Boy Scouts and I’m working up the ranks. JS: When did you start Scouts? CH: When I was 10. I have three more ranks ‘til I’m an Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank there is. JS: Do you like Boy Scouts? CH: I like it a lot because, with

Boy Scouts, it gives me a lot of experience that most kids don’t get to have. JS: Like what? Can you give an example? CH: Every summer we get to up to camp and our troop tends to go to a different state each year and try to get out of Florida. This year we’re Russ (Cameron’s dad): going to Tennessee “It would be nice for a week. if there were more JS: What do you do lessons by the at camp? CH: We better riders. The have classes last one was log like a normal crossing. Others school might be roots, day, except rocks, creek, sand they’re merit and general woods badge classes. riding tips. I know I’m taking the rock Cameron would do climbing any that he could.” and I think rowing and then also we’re doing white water rafting. JS: Wow. You must be one of the only dirt bike rider Boy Scouts! CH: Well, I don’t know. I bet there’s some out there. JS: Is there anyone you would like to thank? CH: I would like to thank my father, mother and the club that put on the Enduro. JS: Thank you, Cameron! It’s been a pleasure talking with you! §

22 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 2 3

24 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 2 5

26 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine


J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 2 7

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FTR at the 24 Hour 28 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

The Filthy Foreigners Take on Alabama/By Justin Maley


FILTHY FOREIGNERS o L e f t Tu r n .

Why didn’t I turn left there? That was the thought that went through my mind as I watched the trail pass by on my left hand side at about 1 a.m. on a Sunday morning in Alabama. I was still thinking that same thing as my bike and body disappeared into the forest and I was ripped from my KTM300 then thrown to the ground like a discarded Kleenex during flu season. When I stood up I still thought, “Why didn’t I turn left?” I had a grin from ear-to-ear as I thought this. It wasn’t an intelligent grin. More a grin of a mad man wondering where he is and what he is doing. The kind of grin that, if you did it in public more than once, would cause the men in white coats to show up and cart you away for an extended stay in a room with padded walls. Let me back the story up three weeks and then maybe this will make more sense. In the middle of May, a good friend and FTR fellow racer, Brent Teixeira, gave me a call and asked if I would be interested in riding the Perry Mountain 24-hour Challenge. “Sure, why not” was my reply. I figured he would get busy, it would rain, I could

(Continued) handle it, he might change his mind, any of the above or a combination of all of the above would happen. Heck, I was a professional motocrosser for 14 years, I can ride some backwoods, hillbilly, 24 hour race in Alabama, no problem. The famous Perry Mountain 24-hour Challenge is held just north of Selma in Alabama every year. This year was the 11th running and the race is a must for any real hardcore woods rider. It’s extremely well run and attracting riders from all over the United States. A number of teams went to the event from FTR for 2012. FTR members took the win in the Family Duo Class, finished toward the top in the Duo class and generally faired pretty well. We managed to park next to a Family Duo team from FTR and their Tortoise against the Hare approach seemed to work amazing. From the get-go, they had a plan of rest as much as needed and then ride when they could. At one point at midday on Saturday, less than 2 hours into the race both guys were asleep in the pits and I thought to myself, “That plan ain’t gonna work guys.” By early the next morning, they had a slight lead and kept it till the end. Just goes to show that perseverance really does play a role in this style of race! Brent and I finished a couple laps further down as we packed up early Sunday morning, headed for the nearest pharmacy to buy butt donuts and drive our sorry and sore butts back to Florida. Two weeks after this event, my rear end was almost recovered. At one point I had a blister on it about three inches long and half an inch wide. Brent was in the same state of disrepair. Two grown, married men texting back and forth asking how each other’s hind ends are is not my normal day-to-day conversation.

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 2 9 The race, apart from being very dusty, is awesomely marked and run. Mile markers make it easy to keep track of where you are and the course itself is really technical. Every part of the weekend seems like it has been planned and the guys and girls at Perry Mountain all pulled together to run an amazing event. Right around midnight is when things start going awry though. It really is hard to explain but it is almost as if the little guy in your head just figures it’s bed time and he goes over, turns the light out and that’s it. Nothing is functioning ‘til he is back at the brain controls. Hence the first paragraph in this story. I knew I had to turn left, I saw the trail go left, even smiled that stupid grin as it went passed. I just didn’t turn left...At the end of the lap, after handing the bike to my Army Ranger Mechanic, Charley Sikes, and telling him I was done for the night, I threw up on his shoes and then headed to the truck for a sleep. That was the end of it for me. Brent woke up early and did another three laps and then conceded to the great butt gods. Battered and bleeding with not enough Monkey Butt powder in the world to make us feel better, we packed and headed home. Will we back next year? YES! We hope to see you there. Let’s go and show Alabama how FTR rolls. Just remember, pack a blowup donut for the trip home and start stocking up on Anti Monkey Butt Powder right now. Special thanks to my team mate Brent Teixeira, Mechanic Charley Sikes, JT Racing USA and Race Tech for helping us make the event.

FTR at the 24 Hour 30 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

The Pro team #4, My Side of the Story/By Tom Fleming


en ye a r s of Perry Mountain 24hr Race has worked on us over and over again… In the past, we have won every class that we set out to win in this classic event. The Pro class, however, has always been a heart breaker. The “Perry Lady”, in her long black dress has stood in our way, and said “No boys. Not this year.” Every year we would prepare, write down what we learned, what we screwed up and, most important, what could we have done better. This year, Jon McCabe, Mose Howard would be back and have Garrett Edmisten return. But, Christmas came early and the Florida boys would have a Legend on board: Destry Abbott himself would be riding with us. But wait! How about Gary Sutherlin...heck yea! Gary, another pro, rode with Jon and Mose two years ago and, due to a knee injury, was unable to ride last year. As luck would have it, we joined with a newer name from the west, Jacob Agrubright. Who? Well, folks, keep reading the offroad magazines for his name; this guy is going to be around for a long time. He is one of the new young guns! This year, Jack O’Neill of Action Kawasaki worked very hard to assemble this team. As in the past, each rider needed to be able to carry the speed and

Team Riders: Destry Abbott Jacob Agrubright Garrett Edmisten Mose Howard Jon McCabe Gary Sutherlin

endurance to get the job done. Friday, practice day, meet and greet, test the headlight, wash and spiff the bike and get to bed early? Oh yeah, right. Friday was a very long day! This year, Kawasaki Motor Corporation backed the Action Kawasaki Team - our bike was a true “Monster Energy Kawasaki.” Jack and Action Kawasaki furnished the 2012 KX 450F and Team Green supplied boxes of goodies that would help the team with the little things that can and will go wrong. All said ‘n done, the tires were dismounted and remounted to inspect the wheels and to add an additional inter tube, which was cut and placed around the solid foam inserts, Destry, Gary and Garrett jumped on the upgrade. During practice, the master cylinder piston sealing ring decided it was not happy, and melted the rear brakes, disc and master cylinder. Yes, the whole system melted and we had to remove the complete unit and move to the backup brake system, which came off of Garrett’s FTR race bike. (Note, this started the cannibalization kickoff tour; my God it’s starting to look like a graveyard for KX 450s, and how the heck are these parts going to get back to the correct bike?) We now had three 450s lying around without brakes, wheels

Photos by Kyle Parsons

or seats. Okay, got past that and all is good. Swap out the race wheels, Garrett installed the Monster/Kawasaki graphics, Destry and Gary set up the backup wheel sets. We changed the brake fluid, engine oil and air filter all changed, Bob (Mr. Clutch Spring) Edmisten replaced the entire clutch and the usual routine maintenance stuff was complete at 1:30 a.m. Now, we can go to sleep. Race Day, everything is calm and smooth and Garrett will start us off; Gary will be next followed by Jon, Destry, then Jacob, with Mose as the anchor. Don’t get carried away, we have 23 hours to sit back and watch some good racing. Well, it became plain and simple pretty fast. There will be little watching and no sitting. We could not keep tires on the Pro bike #4. Brakes were a problem, too. if we were not replacing brake pads, we were mounting tires and we used solid foams so that made the process slow and labor intensive, which I am now a good helper. Bob is close to giving me my diploma, but no solo yet. (I would rather wrestle a 500-pound gorilla that hates people.) We were only able to get 4 hours to go the distance on air filters so Jesse (Ansley) started the process of cleaning filters, oiling, bagging and staging. The heavy night dew really helped us and slowed the process down and the filters started to last longer. Gas stops were spot on the money, banging out fuel and riders was spot on. The only exception was Gary traded places with me so I could drop on the headlight. Garrett and I had been the RR pad changers; Garrett would spray down the caliper while I changed the pads - two man deal. We even trained Jesse to water down the caliper while the pads were being changed. Jesse disappeared (Rap performance for the crowd at scoring), Garrett was changing tires, again. So we were short a man. Gary does not have a partner to cool the RR pads and changes the pads at around 235 degrees. Yes, you guessed it; Gary looked at me and said “Gee, sorry Tom, just melted two perfect pad holes in your nylon floor mat.” He grinned like he was just handed a fist full of cash. My reply: “Not to worry, it’s Jack’s mat,” I said, smiling. He then looked as if I just took the cash back from his hand. Jack cried

only for 10 seconds and we all laughed. All in all, we could not keep tires under these guys. Brakes were a big problem and we were very worried. We ran out of tires and Team Green sent us two dozen rear brake pads, so now I know why so many brake pads. Our team won by a lap and a half, so, yes, we lapped the field in 24 hours. John Dowd (Yes, the famous John Dowd) would keep us honest, as he had the speed for his KTM team to claw back some precious minutes, but his team did not have the depth in riders like ours to keep up. John came and found us after the race to finish the day with some bench racing. He and Destry traded stories; John Dowd asked “Who was the guy that turned the 25 minute lap time last night? Wow, the guy blew by me,” and Destry smiled and pointed to Garrett who just smiled. If we had a Legend on the team we did not know it. Destry worked, changed tires, brake pads just like the rest of us; the only thing that he had to contend with was a constant flow of autographs. He is a great ambassador for our sport and is focused on winning, very focused, but would stop smile and sign autographs. Garrett always had a tool in his hand, always getting pre-ready. Jacob had turned some pretty darn fast laps. Tt was exciting to see him haul butt. The team used the Fox KYB factory forks and shock that belonged to Destry. The set up was too soft for Jacob, Garrett and Mose, which none of these guys said anything, not one negative word, they rode it as hard and as FAST as they would; Jacob turned his hands into hamburger, they were bad, real bad but super glue and hand tape would put him back out for his second ride, which was as fast as the first. This guy is the real deal; it was way cool to see a positive, confident rider that fit right into the very core of the team with nothing but positive commitments. Jon McCabe, Mose Howard and Gary Sutherlin rode together two years ago for Action Kawasaki, the fitness level and performance of these three is just not measurable, at the very core

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 3 1

of our team. However, Mose is not allowed to use tools anymore, Mose is better suited to be a rider and the anchor man. Mose is always ready, throws down consistent laps and he’s got the best fuel mileage of the entire team, actually Jon got the worst and we’re still trying to get that one sorted. The fuel tank capacity was only good enough for three laps. Mose, however, was ready for four lap ride if we needed the extra minute pickup, which, as it fell into place, we did not need. I need say this loud and clear:“We had no lighting issues whatsoever!!!!” As for the Lady in the long black dress, we are coming back to your house. This account is not a scratch of what went on; the time spent is priceless. Jack and his wife Diana have given and given to supply everything needed to put together a dream team. But, that just is not enough, there are people who help us to continue in “Living the Dream.” I would like to thank the following companies and hardworking dedicated people that made this WIN possible: Action Kawasaki; Kawasaki Motor Corp.; Dunlop Tires; Hinson Clutches; ZipTy Racing; Baja Designs; of course TF Racing. Key People: Jack & Diana O’Neill; Randy Faul; Kevin & Laura Bartels; Bob Edmisten; Dr. Alex Gutierrez; Jesse Ansley; Ellen Fleming; Jeff & Tammy Wilson; David, Jennifer and Ben Parsons; Brad Howe: Chris, Rhonda & Zara Blake; Mike Nanny. Let’s not forget Andy Dixon, and the good Lord himself for making this all possible. Apologies to anyone I may not have mentioned as this was a true team effort! §

Out Front Mose Howard 32 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 3 3

years ago. I don’t think her parents wanted her to, back then. She never got into the racing. She just kind of grew up on the threewheeler riding around the pits...but never competed until a few years ago and she just turned 40 so she started competing at, what, 37 or 38. JS: When did you marry? MH: February of ‘98. We knew each other for a long time and then just waited until we got out of college to get married. JS: Nice. So, congratulations on winning the overall this year. You also won 5 races? MH: That sounds about right.


JS: And they were all before the first half of the season? MH: (laughs) Garrett was out with a heel injury for the first three or four of them. Literally, Saturday at the first race, I got word that Garrett’s going to be out the first three, he broke his heel, and I was honestly planning to do Vet A with Jon McCabe but then they told me that and I was like, ‘Ahh, what the heck, I’ll do AA again.’ I got a good jump start.

Editor’s Note: Before interviewing Mose Howard this month, I Googled him to find out more

about this year’s Hare Scrambles Series Overall High Point champion. I found a Mose Howard in Bellevue, Nebraska working at the post office and another playing basketball for the University of Missouri - Kansas City Kangaroos so I narrowed it down, typing in “FTR” after his name. Voila! The first result showed a forum thread and photo of the 1984/1985 Banquet Program featuring Richard “Mose” Howard on a Yamaha in the MIni B class when he tied for second with Daniel Graham. I figured that was a good lead into our conversation...

JS: When did you start riding? MH: I started riding when I was 4 on a Honda MR 50, a little three speed with no clutch. It was kind of like today’s TTR, I guess, but old school.

JS: Where were you living back then? MH: Tampa. I went from my mom and dad’s house, they still live in that same house, and moved up north of Tampa between Tampa and Croom now in Wesley Chapel.

JS: What club do you belong to? MH: Suncoast. You know, my wife Jennifer (Howard) used to be Allgire. We met through FTR. Her and her brother Dwayne are part of the Apollo club so we kind of do both clubs. We’re members of both. A lot of people can’t figure it out. They see me helping out Apollo and Suncoast because

we’re involved with both of them. That’s kind of our roots. I was Suncoast and she was Apollo. JS: When did you guys meet? MH: Actually, it’s crazy. I don’t remember the first time we met but she does. She said it was where we’re living now. We actually live in Quail Hollow and we had a race kind of where we’re living now, around the mid 80s. It’s kind of crazy we ended up marrying and living where we apparently met at that race. JS: That is crazy! She races, too, right? MH: She won Women B this year and got bumped to the A class. JS: Oh, awesome! MH: Yeah, she’s always been involved with the races but never raced until three or four

My advice: Win off of hard work by putting in hard work.

JS: You also competed in the 24-hour race earlier this summer. How many times have you competed in that event? MH: That was my third time with Action (Kawasaki.) The mainstay has been Jon McCabe and I for the last three years. Other than that, the rest of the four members have been different. This year, we had a great team. Garrett was healthy. Last year, I think he was coming off an injury and he was worried about his fitness so he opted out. But this year we had Garrett and those two California kids (Jake Argubright and Gary Sutherlin) and the other guy is my age, Destry Abbott, but he’s a well-known offroad guy. He’s solid. JS: This month’s race report by Tom Fleming talked about you not being able to touch the tools anymore. What’s the story on that? MH: Well, we had about a dozen hands (continued on page 34)

34 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 3 5

both racing and this coming season they’ll both be on the 65 in the 65 Girls class. I’m trying to work with them more and develop them along with Jennifer, too, you know, trying to teach her good habits and stay away from the bad habits. JS: Did your dad race, too? MH: My dad got into FTR I think it was around 1980 and that was when I first raced 1980 and it was at River Ranch when we used to go there. JS: Wow, so you’ve been around for a while? MH: Well, we got away from it. My dad actually got hurt pretty good at Croom in the 90s and it kind of scared me and I got out of it for the longest time and went ahead, finished college, got married, started the family and I was away from it, totally away from the motorcycle, for about 10 years there. I got back into it in ‘06 or somewhere around there. So I’d say from ‘96 to ‘06, I was out of it, and what I did in that time period, is I picked up the mountain bike racing, which is pretty much the same as what we do: same time frame, about 2 hours, same type of 8-10 mile track but on a mountain bike. It’s very similar. JS: That was in Florida? MH: Primarily in Florida but I did a lot of southeastern stuff. I actually was the national champion in ‘03 with the 30 + Expert class, which could be equivalent to the A class.

working on the bike at the time and tools were everywhere and nobody knew where stuff was so I just kind of, rather than sit there and do nothing, I grabbed a set of Allen’s, and they were standard size, and of course, you know, a Kawasaki is going to be metric, so I grabbed the Allen just to kind of go around and check bolts and I noticed the brush guard was loose so I was like, ‘Oh, Hey Tom, this is loose, you know?’ and he said, Oh, this is not metric. What are you doing using this on that? He got all flustered: ‘Put it down don’t touch anymore tools.’ ” JS: That’s funny. I also heard you had the best gas

mileage? MH: You know, with that team stuff, I get pretty conservative, I don’t want to be the one to bring the bike back hurt or me hurt and let the whole team down, so I back it down and be real conservative and safe, so maybe that had something to do with it. JS: How did you like being the anchor? Do you prefer that? MH: No. It’s however we decide to go. I had no problems going last at all. There’s not pressure. JS: Cool. Do you have children? MH: Yes, we have two girls, ages 8 and 9. They’re

JS: So, that’s where you get your endurance and balance and everything from? MH: Yeah, I still bike a lot. I do the mountain bike and the road bike. I mean, it’s fun. It’s almost as fun as the dirt bike. It’s so easy. It’s convenient. It’s very simple to go riding with way less effort than to load up and do all that stuff with the motorcycle. And there’s more places to ride, too. JS: What are your plans for next season? MH: Man, I don’t know. (laughs) I think probably AA again. If I go to Vet A, I think I’ll get a lot of crap from everybody. JS: Plus Jennifer will be racing in the morning, right? MH: Yeah, exactly, and that’s how I started out when we came back. I got into it and got my wife into it. We did Enduros the first season in ‘07 or

‘08 and then we got in the Hare Scrambles and when she got racing and we had the kids, I was like, ‘Well, you know what, let me racing Open A so I can race in the afternoon while you race the morning, so we can support each other and the kids, you know?’ So that’s how ever since then, I high pointed Open A at a race a couple of years ago and got bumped in AA, which was cool. I was trying, you know. I wanted to earn my way into AA and not self promote. So that happened and I kind of just been in AA the last three seasons, I think. I ended up second overall, third and now first. JS: You’ve finally reached the top! MH: I was very inconsistent last season. I wasn’t happy with the way I rode at all. I was so hot and cold. So I kind of said to myself this season, I was like, ‘All right don’t get frustrated and quit. Just ride hard every race.’ ” JS: What about that DQ about halfway through the season? MH: The DQ - at the starting line, I got a great start. It started right up I put it in first and it took off, but I went for second and the shifter was just kind of dangling there. It had broke inside of the shaft internally just from being old. It’s a 2010 bike with a couple hundred hours. So, it was stuck in first gear so obviously that’s the end of your race right there, so I just went back to the truck. I was dressed and all ready and Jason Chambers, who raced the morning race, he comes over and he says, “Hey, take my bike and go get seat time.’ I was like, oh cool, he’s offering me up a bike. I’m all dressed up. I paid my entry fee. Let me just go out there and ride. So that’s what I did. I hopped in there behind the AAs, actually behind the first two in Open A, and didn’t interfere with anybody. JS: And you got DQ’ed for that? MH: Somebody stressed the fact that I had to get a DQ and not a DNF. At first I was worried about it carrying it to the year end I was like, do I need to petition this, but then I talked to Mike Belle and he’s like, ‘No, that won’t carry so don’t worry about whether it’s a DQ zero or DNF.’ It didn’t make any sense but there were some people adamant out there about recording it as a DQ because I was out there on a different bike with the wrong plates, obviously, and I told scoring, ‘Hey, look I’m out here just riding.’ (continued on page 37)

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JS: Well, did you end up finishing on the minute or anything? MH: I ended up just staying behind those A Open guys I didn’t want to wreck the guy’s bike. I was just out there riding. JS: Well, I’m glad we can say you will be out there defending your championship next year! MH: I really need a new bike but I want a new mountain bike so I’m kind of torn with what I want to do. JS: Is there anyone you would like to thank? MH: Definitely Jack O’Neill at Action. He treats his guys right. In fact, the Kawasaki recently I guess this coming year, as of 2013, they totally dropped the contingency with FTR which they’ve had for years so when that happened I was like, well… nothing’s holding me to ride a Kawasaki now I can ride whatever I want. I grew up on Yamaha so naturally my heart is with Yamaha so I might consider getting a Yamaha but Jack doesn’t sell Yamaha’s. He’s Action Kawasaki Yamaha but the Yamaha portion is the water vehicles, so he can get parts for me but he couldn’t sell a bike to me, but then he said, ‘You know what, even though Kawasaki is doing away with their contingency, I’ll keep it going for my shop, on my dime,’ so that was really cool of him, for his riders he’s doing that. From what I understand all of his riders that being whoever’s rocking the action Kawasaki logo. JS: That’s incredible. MH: That says a lot for the kind of person he is because that’s out of his pocket. That’s how much he supports FTR and his riders. You can’t help but be loyal to somebody like that. JS: Is there anyone else? MH: Just Tom and Ellen Fleming and the family. My wife, Jennifer. She’s - I have the opposite problem of most guys. She tells me I need to be out practicing on a given day or weekend. ‘Oh, you need to be riding,’ and I’m like, ‘I got a lot of stuff to do here at the house,’ and she’s like, ‘You need to go riding. We have a race next weekend.’ I get a lot of support from the family. I know it’s the opposite with most guys. ‘You’re riding too much.’ It’s very easy when you’ve got a family that grew up around it. Everybody - we all speak the same

language. It’s not like she’s doing her thing or I’m doing my thing and, ‘Oh you owe me because you were riding today so therefore tomorrow I get to go shopping,’ or something. There’s none of that. It’s kind of cool. It’s a very easy relationship. JS: Good for you. Any words of advice for the younger ones reading this? MH: Win off of hard work by putting in hard work. I see a lot of people now who are kind of looking for, like the whole DQ thing and, ‘Oh, why are you riding around on the course?’ Well, you’re allowed to practice with the 65 Girls because they can’t hardly start their bike when they fall over or if they get stuck. There’s just a lot of complaining and whining and looking for excuses of why I’m not winning, let’s try to get this guy DQed instead of just working harder. Put your head down and work harder. That’s the advice I would give. Put in the work and you’ll get the results from it. JS: That’s great advice. Thank you and see you guys at the banquet. MH: Thank you. §

Riders: Garrett Edmisten, Jon McCabe, Mose Howard, Destry Abbott, Gary Sutherlin and Jake Argubright Courtesy of

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J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 3 9

40 | Florida Trail Riders Magazine

Executive Committee : Elected Officers Ford Snodgrass, President

1524 Fleetwood Drive, Sarasota, FL 34232

(941) 915-9894

Brooks Tomblin, Vice President 406 N. Halifax Drive, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

(386) 615-0493 Kayla Vawter, Secretary

4012 Raccoon Road Zolfo Springs, FL 33890

(863) 381-2649 Daniel White,Treasurer

10745 Foxhole Drive, Clermont, FL 34711

(407) 480-1059

Chairpersons Brooks


Cary Hunt,

14967 Newport Road, Clearwater, FL 33764

(727) 638-6228


Mike Belle,

Hare Scrambles

912 Justice Drive, Tampa, FL 33613

(813) 963-0657


Enduro: David Wildner (727) 510-9039 Hare Scrambles: Donny Richardson (727) 235-2051 Motocross: Bryan Hayes (321) 537-4267


Enduro: Jeremy Powell (904) 521-3539

Hare Scrambles: Donald St. John (912) 729-1089


Rick Dreggors,


439 River Isle Court, Longwood, FL 32779

(407) 862-6878

Who to Contact in FTR J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 4 1

Motocross: Sandy Moss (321) 537-0716

Hare Scrambles Scoring Database Maintenance: Tim Nordle (352) 303-0088

Board of Directors by County: Area #1: Rocky Gavins, 290 East Palmer Mill Road Monticello, FL 32344 (850) 545-9945 Counties: Out-of-State, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette, Dixie Area #2: David Davis, 426 NW Indian Ridge Lane, Lake City, FL 32055 (386) 365-0890 Counties: Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Union, Bradford, Nassau, Duval, Clay, Putnam, St. Johns Area #3: Dylan Galbreath, 810 Crest View North Wildwood, FL 34785 (352) 330-1911 Counties: Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake


2 4

3 New in



Area #8: Sam Boydstun, 1410 Gleneagles Way, Rockledge, FL 32955 Counties: Brevard, Indian River





10 11

12 13

Area #9: Kevin Vaughan, 7397 Manthey Ave. North Port, FL 34291 (941) 426-5122 Counties: Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee, DeSoto, Highlands

Area #4: Chad Hunter, 408 Grove St. Ormond Area #10: Jonathan Campbell, 6008 Tangelo Drive Beach, FL 32174-7022 Fort Pierce, FL 34982 (918) 261-9770 Counties: Flagler, Volusia Counties: Okeechobee, St. Lucie, Martin Area #5: David Wildner, 731 Locust St. Tarpon Area #11: Ed Lukosavich, 6655 Bottlebrush Lane Springs, FL 34689 Naples, Fl 34109-3813 (727) 510-9039 (239) 253-2333 Counties: Hernando, Pasco. Pinellas, West Counties: Charlotte, Glades, Lee, Hendry, Collier Hillsborough Area #6: Kerri Chambers, PO Box 231, Auburndale FL 33823 (863) 956-9140 Counties: East Hillsborough, Polk

Area #12: Kyle McAfee, 572 Santa Fe Road West Palm Beach, FL 33406 (561) 722-1318 Counties: Palm Beach

Area #7: Bill Jenkins, Jr. 13519 Lacebark Pine Road, Orlando, FL 32832 Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola

Area #13: Paul Lucas, 7500 SW 171st St. Miami, FL 33157 (305) 244-7531 Counties: Broward, Dade, Monroe

J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 4 3

Where to Ride? 20


3 2 12

2. Azalea City Motorcycle Club - Gary Wyatt, Interlachen, FL (386) 684-2698, 3. Big Scrub Trail Riders - John Hawkins, (352) 516-6903, 4. Central Florida Trail Riders - Kevin Simmons, Orlando, FL (407) 859-3006 or (407) 625-3006,


5. Columbia Enduro Riders - Ricky Dennis, Columbia, SC (803) 786-0051,

8. Greenville Enduro Riders Association - Duane Wellington, Laurens, SC (864) 908-6109,

10. Palm Beach Trail & Trail - Randy Rash, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (954) 931-5709,

Out of State:

11. Perry Mountain M/C - Glenn Hollingshead, Selma, AL (334) 872-0619,




7. Family Riders, Inc. - Johnny Thomas, 1 Venice Ave, Hanahan, SC 29406 (843) 553-1463

9. Old School Dirt Riders - Ron Collis, Myakka City, FL (941) 962-5036,



6. Daytona Dirt Riders - Randy Griffin, New Smyrna Beach, FL (386) 423-4302,

Photos courtesy of Lacey Nordle (Big Scrub) and Wanda Kittell (Suncoast).



21 16 10

5, 7, 8, 11, 17

12. Nature Coast Trail Blazers - Paul Ladouceur New Club! (352) 279-4911, 13. River City Dirt Riders - - Mundy Murzic, Jacksonville, FL (904) 465-2013, 14. Sarasota Area Dirt Riders - - Randy Faul, Arcadia, FL (863) 494-6476, 15. Sarasota Area Quad Riders - Amanda Fronckowiak, Venice, FL (941) 223-6974, 16. Southeast Florida Trail Riders - - Frank Campbell, West Palm Beach, FL (561) 722-1321,

17. Sumter Enduro Riders - Johnny McCoy, Sumter, SC (803) 481-5169, 18. Suncoast Trail Blazers - Brian Coughlin, Tampa, FL (813) 908-9008, 19. Sunrunners M/C - Jack Terrell, Auburndale, FL (863) 9849294, 20. Tallahassee Trail Riders - - Rocky Gavins, Tallahassee, FL (850) 545-9945, 21. Treasure Coast Trail Riders - Scott Klucinec, Vero Beach, FL (772) 473-3801,

Kevin Moyer photo

1. Apollo Motorcycle Club - - Dan Graziano, Cocoa, FL (321) 635-8436,

CYCLE SPORTS s Team r ✰ t S e h T


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J u ly 2 0 1 2 | 4 5

Best Race Support Team in the South! Kyle Parsons AA 8TH Luke Parsons 250A 1ST Benjamin Parsons 250B

Clay Lyons AA 5TH

Matt Lyons


Scott Gawler SSA 4TH Scott Gawler Jr OPEN A 3RD

Special thanks to all of our racers! Jason Chambers SENIOR A 1ST Jack Chambers 65 A 3RD Emma Chambers MINI GIRLS 5TH Kerri Chambers WOMEN A 4TH

Jorge Colon SENIOR B 3RD Ryan Colon

Jorge Colon SENIOR B 3RD Ryan Colon

Clayton Carter OPEN A 5TH

Steve Carter MASTER B 11TH

Gus Carter



Brandon St. John

Dylan Easton

250 A 4TH

Open B 2ND

Gary West SSB 2ND

Hunter Rich 65 B 1ST Austin Rich MINI A 2ND

Kyle Fischer A 250 6TH Scott Fischer


David Thompson MASTER B 5TH

Come S ee us at the FTR Banquet on August 4.

Dylan Long 250 B 5TH

Brett Long SSA 6TH

Rob Michael SENIOR C 5TH

Jon Horner SSB 1ST

Michael Delligatti MASTER B 2ND


Will Harden MASTER B 1ST


Jack Steele MASTER B 4TH

Logan Lanier PEEWEE A 1ST

Clayton Edmondson 250 B 4TH

Don St. John

George Edwards SENIOR A 4TH


Sergio Santana Sr SENIOR B 1ST Sergio Santana Jr B 200 5TH

Jerry Curtis SSA 3RD Ryan Curtis PEEWEE B 5th

Trevor Loomis 65 C 2ND James Loomis SENIOR B Steve Loomis Jr. JUNIOR B 2ND

Angel Mendez SENIOR C 4TH

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Robin Arnold GM A 2ND

Kenny Brown GM A 4TH Lacey Nordle WOMEN A 3RD

4001 John Young Parkway Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 299-9191

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2012-2013 FTR Schedule Visit for up-to-date race info or call (352) 538-6291

Red indicates multiple race weekend

2012 August 4&5 FTR Banquet/Orlando August 12 MX #1/Bostwick Creek MX August 19 BSTR Enduro #1/Lochloosa August 25 & 26 RCDR – Hare Scrambles #1/Maxville September 2 Greenville Enduro #2/Whitmire, SC September 22 & 23 CFTR – Hare Scrambles #2/Bartow October 7 Suncoast Enduro #3/Brooksville October 13 & 14 DDR – Hare Scrambles #3/Ormond Beach October 21 MX #2/Mesa Park MX October 27 & 28 ACMC – Hare Scrambles #4/Bostwick November 4 Perry Mountain Enduro #4/Maplesville, AL November 4 MX #3/Dade City MX November 10 & 11 Sunrunners – Hare Scrambles #5/Bartow November 17 & 18 Apollo – Hare Scrambles #6/Samsula December 1 & 2 OSDR – Hare Scrambles #7/Myakka City December 9 MX #4/Bithlo Motorsports December 15 & 16 PBTTR – Hare Scrambles #8/Okeechobee 2013 January 5&6 Suncoast – Hare Scrambles #9/Mondon Hill January 13 Family Riders Enduro #5/Broxton Bridge January 26 & 27 Rain Date February 2 & 03 TCTR – Hare Scrambles #10/Brighton February 10 MX #5/Reddick February 16 & 17 SADRA – Hare Scrambles #11/Sarasota February 24 CFTR Enduro #6/Richloam March 2 & 3 BSTR Hare Scrambles #12/Gatorback March 3 Sandlapper Enduro #7/Salley, SC March 10 DDR Enduro #8/Daytona Beach March 17 MX #6/Sunshine MX March 23 & 24 NCTB Hare Scrambles #13/Dade City March 31 MX #7/Dade City MX April 13 & 14 TTR – Hare Scrambles #14/Chipley April 27 & 28 Primary (HS Benefit) Rain Date May 5 Apollo Enduro #9/Samsula May 5 MX #8/Sunshine MX May 11 & 12 Rain Date May 19 Benefit Enduro #10/Heart Island May 19 MX #9/Waldo Motorsports June 2 MX #10/Mesa Park MX


ext year’s schedule for next season as discussed at the Hare Scrambles Committee meeting is set. The dates are for Sunday, but any Hare Scrambles will be both Saturday and Sunday. All Enduro dates were set first, including out-of-state enduros. In addition to approving 10 MX dates that do not conflict with any Hare Scrambles, the Board of Directors approved a 15th Hare Scrambles as a benefit if a club is interested in promoting it. (Date to be determined later by Executive Committee, but probably one of the rain dates.) he Hare Scrambles dates are all on dates that clubs put as one of their choices. There is only one instance of two Hare Scrambles being back-to-back, which was acceptable to the Hare Scrambles Committe.


- Mike Belle

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