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December 2013 - January 2014 | 5

Florida Trail Riders Magazine




RACE TECH Cody Ellison #47 Quad AA








N, FL / GA / AL




s the New Year approaches so does the halfway point in the season, which means advancement points could be stacking up for some so, if you are in next in line for a promotion, congratulations! I recently spent the weekend covering the races at the Carlton Ranch Hare Scrambles so I was unable to race there but it looked like a blast with all the water crossings and the endurocross section; I met Mr. Carlton and made sure to thank him for letting us use his beautiful property. Included in this double issue are the election results, including the naming

Editor’s Beat New Year’s Resolutions



1-2 Day Turn Around!

OFFICIAL RACETECH CENTER FTR after retiring from racing professionally. We laughed about his Instagram account and I learned how his outlook on motocross has changed over the years and why he enjoys FTR even though some of his friends made fun of him for riding in the woods. Matt said, “It’s something I enjoy doing and most of those guys that made fun of me can’t ride anymore because their bodies are too beat up or they don’t allow themselves to enjoy their life, and I try to live my life without any judgment.”

of our new Vice President, Amanda Richardson! I look forward to catching up with Amanda soon to see what she thinks about being elected VP and her plans for the position. Also, make sure you note there are a handful of NEW area directors and I just wanted to thank everyone who stepped up this year to get involved and I’m looking forward to the next Board of Directors meeting to greet everyone. This I think I’ll make that my New month I sat down with Matt Year’s resolution! Thanks, - JS Boni, the AA rider who joined Matt!

Election results Page 6 Minutes Page 8 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes September 25 and October 30 teleconference calls


Minutes Page 9 Hare Scrambles Committee Meeting Minutes November 9, 2013 Parents First

Page 20

Cover Story The “Retired” Matt Boni Page 22 Matt Boni recently retired from professional supercross racing but he still loves riding his dirt bike.

“It feels good people think I have a future.” - Matt Boni Page 22

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December 2013 - January 2014 | 7

Election Results


Update: S

Executive Committee and Area Directors Election Chairman: Bill Drymon Motocross Series: Joe Steidl Hare Scrambles Series: Larry Roberts Enduro Series: George Tolson

The following are the results of the ballots received on or before Nov. 30, 2013, meeting all of the requirements: Vice President: Amanda Richardson — 77 Cary Hunt — 54

Treasurer: Kevin Vaughn Jim Agate

— 92 —2

Area #6: Jack Terrell Carol Preston

—7 —1

Area #7: Bill Jenkins

— 13

Area #8: Sam Boydstun

— 14

Area #9: Drew Cole Jesse Ansley

— 11 —1

Area #10: Luis Rodriguez — 4 Area #1: Dexter Leadbeater


Area #2: Gary Wyatt

— 10

Area #3: Brad Gustafson —9 Randy King — 2 Lacey Nordle — 2 Area #4: Joe Carrasquillo


Area #5: Jerry Curtis — 16 David Wildner — 10 Nic Frey — 3

Area #11: Kurt Lucas Pete Rose

—2 —1

Area #12: Frank Campbell — 4 Area #13: Jim Agate Respectfully submitted, William Drymon Election Committee Chairman




Motorcycle Trailhead now open

n December, the Springhill Motorcycle Trailhead opened in the Apalachicola National Forest near Tallahassee. A portion of the funding for this project came from the T. Mark Schmidt Off-Highway Vehicle Recreational Grant Program. “This project involved construction of a bridge to provide a critical connection to an OHV trail system from an OHV

trailhead that was improved with money from the state fund and the Recreational Trails Program,” Jack Terrell, FTR’s Land Use Chairman and the Senior Project Manager for the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, said. It’s just one example of how Florida’s OHV fund money is being used to improve and expand OHV riding opportunities in the state, Terrell said.

The Dirt Bike Racing Community’s Loss is Heaven’s Gain REST IN PEACE

Perkins Green “Buddy” Gaillard Jr. Charles William Wicker Donald E. Lilley William Robert “Bill” Hughson We just learned of the passing of these longtime Enduro riders who will be remembered by many FTR members, especially those who competed in FTR Enduros in the 1980s and early 1990s. For more information and links to obituraries, please visit the FTR blog at Godspeed to all of you.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes September 25, 2013 - Teleconference call

October 30, 2013 - Teleconference call

8:20 p.m. Meeting called to order by President

8:37 p.m. Meeting called to order by President

In Attendance: Ford Snodgrass (President), Kayla Vawter (Secretary), Mike Belle

In Attendance: Ford Snodgrass (President), Brooks Tomblin (Vice President), Kayla

(Hare Scrambles Chairman), Rick Dreggors (MX Chairman) Guests: Jonathan Lonsdale Quorum noted to conduct business. New Scoring System:

Florida Trail Riders will own this system with no outside contracts. System with new software will cost $5300 with no reoccurring fees and no upgrade fees. New system to come with 800 transponders, two readers, and two horns. New system will be used for the Hare Scrambles Series – Enduro Series will continue to use the MotoTally system at the discretion of the Enduro Chairman but has the capability to be used for that series as well.

Vawter (Secretary), Mike Belle (Hare Scrambles Chairman), Rick Dreggors (MX Chairman), Jeremy Powell (Enduro Chair) Not in Attendance: Daniel White (Treasurer) Guests: Kevin Vaughn (Area #9 Director) was invited by Ford. Quorum noted to conduct business. Purpose of this meeting is to ratify the meeting from September

25, 2013, that didn’t meet a quorum.

Jeremy made a motion to ratify the decision that was made by fellow

EC members from the September 25 meeting. Brooks seconded.

Current data on KeepTrack will be archived on the following



This vote has to be a majority vote from those that did not attend original meeting. Some of the committee members were not in complete agreement to this but decided it would be best to vote number and colors. If a rider has a change of classes the transponder this way to cover all the basis. can be reprogrammed. Riders with current transponders can trade in and get the new ones Vote: 2 yes - Jeremy and Brooks to ratify the decision that was made at no cost to them. during the last meeting. Funds to purchase new system will come from the Hare Scrambles Scoring Fund and the old system will be sold. Jeremy made a motion for all EC members that are in attendance to ratify for mistake that was made on the September 25 meeting. The new system has the capability of running two races at one time. Transponders will be barcodes encoded with class, rider, plate

Current System: $500 per year fee just for license – contract can be terminated at

Discussion: Mike makes a motion to purchase new scoring system. Kayla seconded. No Discussion.

Mistake was made with Robert’s Rules of Order versus what was written in our rule book. Was under the assumption with following the rule book that we only needed to have four members president Unanimous vote – Motion passes to purchase new scoring system. to meet quorum but when looking at Robert’s Rules of Orders we still need at least five members present to meet quorum. Kayla made a motion to adjourn meeting. Mike seconded. Unanimous vote – Motion passes to ratify the original meeting that was held on September 25. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. Jeremy made a motion to adjourn. Respectfully submitted by, Brooks seconded. Meeting Adjourned at 8:49 p.m. Respectfully submitted by, Kayla Vawter, FTR Secretary

f t r

November 9, 2013 The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by the Chairman. Role was taken, in attendance were: Mike Belle (Hare Scrambles Chairman), Don St. John (Scorekeeper), Randy Rash (Referee), Kerri Chambers (Specialty C & Women Rider Rep.), Kayla Vawter (Quad Rider Rep.), Danny Kittell (Specialty A & B Rider Rep.), Jonathan Belle (A & AA Rider Rep), Kurt Lucas (Saturday Rider Rep), David Wyatt (ACMC), Jimmy Pitts (Apollo), Allen Pearce (BSTR), Bill Jenkins (CFTR), Shaun Foutch/Steve Maher (DDR), Frank Campbell (SEFTR), Rob Swann (NCTB), Peter Rose (OSDR). Shaw Dunkel (PBTTR), Carol Preston (SADRA), Troy Stainbrook (Suncoast), Jack Terrell (Sunrunners), Scott Klucinec (TCTR)

Shannon Parks photos from Dade City MX

Quorum was verified. New Business:

Keith Finnerty from CFTR, spoke to the committee about the possibility of their club co sanctioning a race with the AMA National HS Series. He wanted to get a feel for whether the committee thought that might be acceptable. Many members of the committee felt that more information was needed. The chair warned that is was unlikely we would be able to make any adjustments to rules or schedules set by the FTR rule book. The committee was poled to see if anyone was dead set against the idea, and no one was. Keith and a couple of others volunteered to look into the matter farther and report back with more specific information. The chair presented information about the number of riders in each class since the beginning of last season. The idea was that we may want to eliminate some of the classes which average less than 2-3 riders. Seven proposals #1 through #7 were written and ready that would affect one class each, should the committee decide to take any action. The classes included in the proposals were the following: A-200, Women-Vet, Vintage, Jr-Girls, Mini-Girls, Quad +30, and Quad 0-400.

Mike seconded.

anytime with a 30 day notice.

Kayla Vawter, FTR Secretary

Hare Scrambles Committee Meeting Minutes

There was some discussion and it was apparent the majority of the committee was not in favor of eliminating any classes. JAck Terrell made a motion that we not eliminate any classes, and it was seconded by Carol Preston. The motion passed.

The following proposals were presented to the committee for consideration: (continued on next page)

Check out the recap from the first five rounds of the FTR Motocross series and don’t miss Round 6 at Sunshine MX on February 23, 2014.

Advertising index 2 3 3 4 15 26 33 42 42 45 45 GB Works 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 48 Ad s: Bu y o n e , g e t o n e f re e f o r n e w a d v e r ti s e r s ! Free w eb ad on FTR homep ag e for all p rint ads

E a c h a d purc ha s e d e qua l to $150 or m ore on a 6-m onth c ontra c t a ls o re c e ive s the printe d F T R m a ga z ine for fre e during tha t c ontra c t, pe r on tim e pa ym e nts a nd a va ila bility of m a ga z ine .

Hare Scrambles Committee Proposals

Proposal #8 (Written by: Mike Belle)

Purpose: To create a +30 class for bikes to be run during the Sunday PM race. It will primarily be for older “AA” and “A” riders who can no longer compete, or don’t want to compete with the younger riders. Chapter III, General Rules D. Rider Classification 1. Riders shall be classified in the following divisions and classes: HARE SCRAMBLES Division/Class Displacement classes Age Currently Reads: AA Expert/Pro A Advanced Change to: AA Expert/Pro A Advanced +30

Proposal #9 (Written by: Mike Belle) Purpose: To reduce the age when kids can enter the 65cc classes. Chapter III, General Rules D. Rider Classification 1. Riders shall be classified in the following divisions and classes: HARE SCRAMBLES Division/Class Displacement classes Age Currently Reads: 65A 65B

0-Open cc 200, 250, Open

13/Above 13/Above

65C 65 Girls

0-Open cc 200, 250, Open 0-Open cc

13/Above 13/Above 30/Above

K. Riders And Eligibility 6. Equipment, Vehicle displacement classes are as follows: Hare Scrambles:

65C AA, Veteran

Change to: 0-Open cc

AA, +30, Veteran

65 Girls

51-65 cc 2 stroke*** 52-90 cc 4-stroke *** 51-65 cc 2 stroke*** 52-90 cc 4 stroke*** 51-65 cc 2 stroke*** 52-90 cc 4-stroke*** 51-65 cc 2-stroke*** 52-90 4 stroke***

8thru 12* 8 thru 12* 8 thru 12* 8 thru 12* 8 thru 12* 8 thru 12* 8 thru 12* 8 thru 12*

51-65 cc 2 stroke*** 52-90 cc 4-stroke *** 51-65 cc 2 stroke*** 52-90 cc 4 stroke*** 51-65 cc 2 stroke*** 52-90 cc 4-stroke*** 51-65 cc 2-stroke*** 52-90 4 stroke***

7 thru 12* 7 thru 12* 7 thru 12* 7 thru 12* 7 thru 12* 7 thru 12* 7 thru 12* 7 thru 12*

A motion was made by Allen Pearce to accept the proposal and it was seconded by Bill Jenkins.

Chapter VI, Hare Scrambles Rules C. Event Rules, 2. Sunday Race Schedule, Race 2 Currently Reads: Row 1 - AA Row 2 - A Open Row 3 - A-250, A-200 Row 4 - B Open Row 5 - B-250 Row 6 - B-200 Row 7 - C Open Row 8 - C-250 Row 9 - C-200

Change to: 65A 65B

Currently Reads: 0-Open cc

December 2013 | 11

Change to: Row 1 - AA Row 2 - A Open Row 3 - A-250, A-200 Row 4 - +30 Row 5 - B Open Row 6 - B-250 Row 7 - B-200 Row 8 - C Open Row 9 - C-250 Row 10 - C-200

Chapter VIII, Hare Scrambles Responsibilities B. Riders, 3. Classes Number plate Color (3)

Letters / letter and number color

Currently Reads: 200 A, B & C


A, B, C / white

Change to: 200 A, B & C +30

black white

A, B, C / white none / black

A motion was made by Allen Pearce to accept the proposal and it was seconded by Shaw Dunkel. The motion PASSED and will be published in the magazine and presented for a second vote at a subsequent committee meeting.

The motion PASSED and will be published in the magazine and presented for a second vote at a subsequent committee meeting.

December 2013 | 13

Proposal #10 (Written by: Mike Belle)

Proposal #11 (Written by: Mike Belle)

Purpose: To adjust the ages for the Master, Golden Master and Class-66 riders so that the Master classes are not so large.

Purpose: To create a Pre-Modern class, this will allow people to ride bikes 20 years old or more on Saturday.

Chapter III, General Rules D. Rider Classification 1. Riders shall be classified in the following divisions and classes: HARE SCRAMBLES Division/Class Displacement classes Age

Chapter III, General Rules D. Rider Classification 1. Riders shall be classified in the following divisions and classes: HARE SCRAMBLES Division/Class Displacement classes Age

Currently Reads: Golden Masters (A,B) Class 66

0-Open cc 0-Open cc

58*/Above 66*/above

Currently Reads: Vintage Evolution (A,B)

Change to: Golden Masters (A,B) Class 63

0-Open cc 0-Open cc

55*/Above 63*/above

K. Riders And Eligibility 6. Equipment, Vehicle displacement classes are as follows: Hare Scrambles:

0-Open cc 1974 or earlier 0-Open cc Min 20 years old 0-Open cc Drum brakes & Air Cooled

13/Above 13/Above 13/Above

Currently Reads: 0-Open cc, Women, Women Vet, Vintage, Evolution

Change to: 0-Open cc, Class 63

Change to: 0-Open cc, Women, Women Vet, Vintage, Pre-Modern, Evolution

Chapter VI, Hare Scrambles Rules C. Event Rules, 2. Sunday Race Schedule, Race 1

N. Pre-Modern motorcycle technical definition

Currently Reads: Row 13 - Master C, Class 66

Add: 3. (or next number) Pre-Modern Technical Requirements A motorcycle for which the model year is 20 years old or more, from the year in which the current season started.

Change to: Row 13 - Master C, Class 63 Chapter VIII, Hare Scrambles Responsibilities B. Riders, 3. Classes Number plate Color (3)

Change to: Class 63

13/Above 13/Above

K. Riders And Eligibility 6. Equipment, Vehicle displacement classes are as follows: Hare Scrambles:

Currently Reads: 0-Open cc, Class 66

Currently Reads: Class 66

Change to: Vintage Pre-Modern Evolution (A,B)

0-Open cc 1974 or earlier 0-Open cc Drum brakes & Air Cooled

black black

Letters / letter and number color X / white X / white

A motion was made by Allen Pearce to accept the proposal and it was seconded by Troy Stainbrook. The motion PASSED and will be published in the magazine and presented for a second vote at a subsequent committee meeting.

Chapter VI, Hare Scrambles Rules C. Event Rules, 2. Saturday Race Schedule, Race 7 Currently Reads: Row 1 - Evolution A Row 2 - Junior A, Sportsman-2 Row 3 - Junior B Row 4 - Evolution Senior A Row 5 - Evolution B Row 6 - Junior C, Junior Girls Row 7 - Vintage, Evolution Senior B Row 8 - Sportsman-1 Row 9 - Beginner

Chapter VII, Hare Scrambles Scoring A. General

Change to: Row 1 - Evolution A Row 2 - Junior A, Sportsman-2 Row 3 - Pre-Modern Row 4 - Junior B Row 5 - Evolution Senior A Row 6 - Evolution B Row 7 - Junior C, Junior Girls Row 8 - Vintage, Evolution Senior B Row 9 - Sportsman-1 Row 10 - Beginner

Chapter VIII, Hare Scrambles Responsibilities B. Riders, 3. Classes Number plate Color (3)

Letters / letter and number color

Currently Reads: Vintage Evolution A, B

white yellow

V / black A, B / black

Change to: Vintage Pre-Modern Evolution A, B

white red yellow

V / black none / white A, B / black

Currently Reads: 9. Saturday race, Youth and Peewee Quads, Vintage, Evolution, Beginners, Junior, Mini’s or Peewee finishes cannot be counted towards hare scrambles team trophy competition. Change to: 9. Saturday race, Youth and Peewee Quads, Vintage, Pre-Modern, Evolution, Beginners, Junior, Mini’s or Peewee finishes cannot be counted towards hare scrambles team trophy competition.

A motion was made by Bill Jenkins to accept the proposal and it was seconded by Kurt Lucas. The motion PASSED and will be published in the magazine and presented for a second vote at a subsequent committee meeting.

Proposal #12 (Written by: Gary Wyatt) Hare Scramble Rules Chapter VIII Hare Scrambles Responsibilities D. Committee Currently Reads: 3. All FTR clubs and previous promoters who have received FTR sanctions in the past will be eligible to request an FTR Hare Scrambles sanction. New promoters will be considered by the Hare Scrambles Committee and forwarded to the FTR officers for final approval before sanctions are granted. 4. All promoters desiring an FTR sanction for Hare Scrambles will submit a request to the event so desired at the Hare Scrambles committee meeting immediately preceding the FTR sanction meeting. Any further requests for sanctions will be evaluated by the Hare Scrambles Committee Chairman and the Executive Committee of FTR.



Change to: 3. All FTR clubs and previous promoters who have received FTR sanctions in the past two years will be eligible to request an FTR Hare Scrambles sanction. New promoters will be considered by the Hare Scrambles Committee and forwarded to the Executive Committee for final approval before sanctions are granted. New promoters will be put on an as needed waiting list until all previous clubs that have been granted sanctions in the previous current two years are given first choice of available sanction dates. If a new promoter is granted an open sanction date they will return to the waiting list next year until another date becomes available. Any club not requesting a sanction for two consecutive current years will be put on the waiting list at the bottom and the next club in line on the waiting list will be granted that spot as one of the 15 clubs having priority. Any club on the waiting list that has not submitted sanctions for the previous two consecutive years will drop off the waiting list. 4. All promoters desiring an FTR sanction for Hare Scrambles will submit a request at the Hare Scrambles committee meeting immediately preceding the General Sanction Meeting. Any further requests for sanctions will be evaluated by the Hare Scrambles Committee Chairman and the Executive Committee of FTR.

A motion was made by David Wyatt to accept the proposal and it was seconded by Jimmy Pitts. The motion PASSED and will be published in the magazine and presented for a second vote at a subsequent committee meeting.

Proposal #13

(Written by: Shaun Foutch)

Current 2013-2014 Hare Scrambles Rule Chapter VII Hare Scrambles Scoring A. General 2. A rider can register only one number per class per competition year. The rider will be scored only under that registered number during the competition year. To keep a rider number (bike #), members must renew st their FTR membership before July 1 . Proposed 2014-2015 Hare Scrambles Rule Moving Forward Chapter VII Hare Scrambles Scoring A. General 2. A rider can register only one number per class per competition year. The rider will be scored only under that registered number during the competition year. To keep a rider number (bike #), members must renew st their FTR membership before July 1 and the rider must have competed in the class the rider number is registered for during the previous competition year. Riding Sportsman, a DNF or a DNS in the registered class does not count toward retaining the registered number for the class. Justification for Change Race numbers should be made available to members that are actively racing. Actively racing means having competed in the previous competition year (similar to how advancement points are carried over from the previous competition year – Chapter VII, Hare Scrambles Scoring, C. Rider Advancement, 3.). At the Pro level this year, John Dowd (16) and Mike Brown (3) lost their numbers because they didn't score 25 points. FTR members should be required to compete in one race of the respective class to keep their number. Failure to compete in the registered class will free up the racing number on a first come first served basis with annual renewals. The whole point in having a number is for racing.

A motion was made by Steve Maher to accept the proposal and it was seconded by Kurt Lucas. The motion FAILED.


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2. A zalea C ity M otorcycle C lub : Gary Wyatt - Interlachen, FL (386) 684-2698,

7 8

Area #2: Gary Wyatt, 841 Cousintown Road 9 Interlachen, FL 32148, 10 (386) 684-2698 Counties: Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Area #10: 12 Union, Bradford, Nassau, Duval, Clay, Putnam, St. Luis Rodriguez 11 Johns 1902 SW Agnes St. Port St Lucie, FL 34953 Area #3: Brad Gustafson, 1464 NW 106th St. (772) 871-6385, 13 Gainesville, FL 32606, Counties: Okeechobee, (352) 359-1543 St. Lucie, Martin Counties: Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake Area #11: Kurt Lucas, 8301 Bahamas Road, Ft. Myers, FL Area #4: Joe Carrasquillo, 4570 Barnacle Drive 33157,, (786) 385-7771 Port Orange, FL 32127, Counties: Charlotte, Glades, Lee, (386) 295-8428 Hendry, Collier Counties: Flagler, Volusia Area #12: Area #5: Jerry Curtis , 905 Pine Hollow Place Frank Campbell, 701 Florida Mango Road Brandon, FL 33510, West Palm Beach, FL 33406 (813) 661-8818, (561) 689-8578 Counties: Hernando, Pasco. Pinellas, West Counties: Palm Beach Hillsborough Area #13: Area #6: Jack Terrell Jim Agate, 4523 Madison St. 180 Sunrise Hill Lane, Auburndale, FL 33023 Hollywood, FL 33021, (954) 562-2500 (863) 984-9294 Counties: Broward, Dade, Monroe Counties: East Hillsborough, Polk Area #7: Bill Jenkins, Jr. 13519 Lacebark Pine Road. Orlando, FL 32832, (407) 282-6056 Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola Area #8: Sam Boydstun, 1410 Gleneagles Way. Rockledge, FL 32955, (321) 433-0619 Counties: Brevard, Indian River

Who to

to contact in


3. Big Scrub Trail Riders: John Hawkins - Tavares, FL (352) 516-6903, 4. C entral F lorida T rail R iders : Keith Finnerty - Altamonte Springs, FL (407) 774-9090, 5. C olumbia E nduro R iders : Ricky Dennis - Columbia, SC (803) 786-0051, 6. D aytona D irt R iders : Randy Griffin - New Smyrna Beach, FL (386) 423-4302, 7. F amily R iders , I nc .: Johnny Thomas - Hanahan, SC (843) 553-1463, 8. G reenville E nduro R iders A ssociation : Duane Wellington - Laurens, SC (864) 908-6109,

December 2013 | 17

Kevin Moyer photo


13 3

14. S arasota A rea D irt R iders : Randy Faul - Arcadia, FL (863) 494-6476, www.sarasotadirtriders. com






15. S arasota A rea Q uad R iders : Amanda Fronckowiak Venice, FL (941) 223-6974,


19 14

9 15

16 10

16. S outheast F lorida T rail R iders : Glen Demick - Jupiter, FL (561) 743-3683, 17. S umter E nduro R iders : Johnny McCoy Sumter, SC (803) 481-5169, jmccoy@sc.rr. com

Out of State:

5, 7, 8, 11, 17

Where to ride

10. P alm B each T rack & T rail : Randy Rash - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (954) 931-5709,

18. S uncoast T rail B lazers : Brian Coughlin Tampa, FL (813) 908-9008, bcoughl2@ tampabay.

11. P erry M ountain M/C: Glenn Hollingshead - Selma, AL (334) 872-0619,

19. S unrunners M/C: Jack Terrell - Auburndale, FL (863) 984-9294,

12. N ature C oast T rail B lazers : Paul Ladouceur (352) 279-4911,

20. T allahassee T rail R iders : Larry Nielsen - Tallahassee, FL (850) 544-4840,

13. R iver C ity D irt R iders : Brad Stanton - Switzerland, FL (904) 219-6980,

21. T reasure C oast T rail R iders : Scott Klucinec - Vero Beach, FL

9. O ld S chool D irt R iders : Brett Williams - Sarasota, FL (941) 232-9036,


(772) 473-3801,

florida trail riders

Elected officers

Referees E : George Tolson nduro

enduroref@ (863) 698-3837

President: F ord S nodgrass president@ (941) 915-9894

H are S crambles : Randy Rash (954) 931-5709 A ssociate H/S R eferee : Bill Drymon (941) 351-4887

Vice President: A manda R ichardson vicepresident@ (727) 319-9596 Secretary: K ayla V awter secretary@ (863) 381-2649

M otocross : Chris Post A ssociate M otocross R eferee : Sean Fitzgerald (352) 455-4029

Treasurer: K evin V aughan (941) 426-5122


Enduro: J eremy P owell (904) 225-3176

Scorekeepers E : Ken Stephenson nduro (321) 453-0638

H are S crambles : Donald St. John (912) 729-1089

Hare Scrambles: M ike B elle (813) 963-0657 Motocross: R ick D reggors (407) 862-6878

“I would like to take this opportunity to say

congratulations to Amanda Richardson on her election to the FTR Vice President. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who supported me in this election. I will continue to work hard for the FTR and will support her in all that she does in the best interest of the FTR. Thank you, everyone.” Cary Hunt

M otocross : Sean Fitzgerald (352) 455-4029 Electronic Scoring Database Maintenance: T im N ordle (352) 303-0088

florida trail riders



Hare Scrambles: AA/A

Jonathan Belle, (813) 240-6022

B/C Vacant Specialty A & B

Danny Kittell (727) 244-7299

Specialty C, Women

Kerri Chambers, (863) 956-9140

December 2013 | 19


AA/A Dave Johnson, (863) 660-4459 B/C Vacant Specialty A/B Steve Loomis, (407) 467-8290 Specialty C, Women Joe Steidl, (352) 494-6944 Quads Vacant

Got Ideas?

Saturday Riders

Kurt Lucas, (786) 385-7771

#FT Rlif e

Follow the arrow s!


Kayla Vawter, (863) 381-2649 You’ve toughed it out at the races, spent hours


AA/A Matt Ludwig, (727) 424-3532 B/C Mike Ludwig, (727) 510-9295 Specialty A & B Doug Ludwig, (727) 510-9295 Specialty C, Women Allen Pearce, (352) 339-5644

washing your bike after a mud run and perhaps even earned a few trophies, too, but now you have a new challenge before you: Design a t-shirt worthy of the members!

FTR Magazine is hosting a t-shirt contest and your idea could be featured. (You could also win a free shirt!) Your challenge: Design a t-shirt using the FTR logo. Submit to by March 1.

(407) 719-5513 for details. Best of luck!


Florida Trail Riders Magazine Karson Hedin

Mika Lonsdale Austin Bartlett

GPA 4.00 Grade 1

Peewee B and Quad Peewee A Academic Achievement: Mika has been recognized for outstanding leadership ability by his school. Other achievements: Mika qualified and competed in the HyVee IronKids Triathlon National Championship in Des Moines, Iowa and finished 3rd in Male 6-year-old class on the podium.

GPA 4.00 Grade 1

Academic Achievement: Austin has been doing very well in school. Other achievements: Mom says he can perfectly imitate the sounds of a dirt bike and quad. He and his brother also enjoy riding their bicycles over the jumps and courses they have made in their yard.

Quad Super Peewee, Peewee B in HS and Quad 7-11, 50cc 7-8 in MX

Academic Achievement:

Jackson is in the gifted class and recently earned 1st in state and 4th nationally in a math contest, missing 4/1000 questions. Other achievements: Jackson frequents basketball practice, run club, sports camp, cub scouts and Lego Robotics.

Grade 1


Quad Peewee A in

Academic Achievement: Karson received straight E’s (exceeds expectations.) Other achievements: Karson enjoys riding his scooter and playing soccer.


t is inevitable that learning in school is easier for some kids than others. Many times, this has nothing to do with how smart or intelligent a child is. Often, the most intelligent kids have the hardest time in a typical school environment. As parents we have to watch our kids closely and figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Does your child do well in difficult classes and bomb in easier classes? This is often a result of not being challenged enough. Don’t blame your child for this. Make sure you are

communicating with their guidance counselors. Guidance counselors can Bryanne be overwhelmed with their day-toParksand may not recognize a day activities pattern that you see. So talk to them and let them know what you expect. It is their job to make sure your child’s learning experience matches their ability and maximizes their potential. WARNING this can take patience and perseverance. Also, the key to a child’s success in school is no different than any other facet of our lives. That is goal setting. By goal setting, I am not talking about waking up one day and saying to little “Billy:” “You need to make straight A’s or you can’t go outside.” Develop a plan that gets your child to the goal in steps. Work with

Jonathan Fitzgerald

Jackson Parks

GPA 4.00 Grade 2


Peewee B

Parents First by Sean Fitzgerald

December 2013 | 21

Karlee Hedin

Grade 2

Super Peewee Quad B in HS

Academic Achievement: Karlee received straight E’s (exceeds expectations)

Other achievements: Karlee enjoys all sorts of arts and crafts.

Kalob Hedin

GPA 4.00 Grade 3

Super Peewee Quad A, 65B in HS

Academic Achievement: Kalob is in his first year of receiving official grades and started off by making the straight-A honor roll.

Other achievements: Kalob

enjoys playing any outside sport and skating with his friends.


GPA Grade 6 Mini B in HS and 85cc 7-11, Junior Mini in MX Academic Achievement:

Jonathan has been working extremely hard on grades this year and has done a great job.

Other achievements:

Jonathan loves hunting, fishing and anything outdoors. He also enjoys running with his big brother.

GPA 4.00 Grade 7

Quad Junior in HS and Quad 13-15 in MX

Academic Achievement:

Bryanne is in the Cambridge program at her school and has never had less than a 4.0 GPA.

Other achievements:

Bryanne also enjoys volleyball and running.

them to develop a timeline to achieve these goals and regularly praise their progress. In my opinion, we should be more concerned with the effort and teaching them how to learn. My goal for Parents First is to encourage our riders to do well in school. We would like to support parents in praising kids for their outstanding efforts and in meeting their goals. It does not matter if the goals start with getting no F grades on their report card or maybe it is having all good comments on their behavior. So I encourage you that at progress report and report card time to utilize Parents First as an opportunity to acknowledge your child’s hard work and continue to encourage them to do well both on and off the track. here was a great response to our first “Academic Achievement Shout Out.”A lot of FTR riders from elementary to college have found success on and off the track. When a rider is able to excel at both school and extracurricular activities, he or she deserves our recognition and praise because for the success that came from hard work. We are excited to take a moment to give a “Shout Out” to those riders. I intend to do this at least a few times a year and I am hopeful we can create something that can be incorporated into the year end awards.


So without further ado…

Bobby Munro Jessica Catterton

Danielle Hennessy Justin Bartlett

GPA 4.00 Grade 4

Super Peewee B


Academic Achievement:

GPA 4.00 Grade 5

Mini B

Academic Achievement:

Jessica made the Principal’s list.

Bobby has always been a straight-A student and avid reader.

Other achievements: Jessica

Other achievements: Bobby

enjoys camping, bicycling, arts and crafts, Legos, building blanket forts and playing with her Old English Sheepdog “Nana.”

enjoys hunting and shot his first buck at age 7.

GPA 3.00 Grade 5

Super Peewee B


Academic Achievement: Justin

Brian Parks

College Freshman Quad

College Senior Quad

Academic Achievement:

Academic Achievement:

0-400cc in HS

is in the gifted program at school. He is extremely intelligent.

Danielle graduated high school with highest honors and had a final GPA of 4.3.

Other achievements: Justin

Other achievements: Danielle

has an engineer mind and spends hours building projects from Legos. He even won first place on a Lego four wheeler he entered in the fair.

is loving her first year at FAU’s Honors College. We are sure she is putting her FTR scholarship to good use.

0-400cc in HS

Brian graduated from Florida Air Academy with a 3.0 GPA.

Other achievements: Brian

is currently a senior at FGCU and also works at the college. His parents say he is a great role model to his siblings.

Patrick Fitzgerald

GPA 4.30 Grade 11

Youth 16-24, Four Stroke Open in MX and Junior B in HS

Academic Achievement:

Patrick was nominated student of the month and athlete of the week for his high school.

Other achievements: Patrick

enjoys riding his bike and has been awarded the MVP of his high school’s cross country team for the past 3 years.


ven though 26-year-old Matt Boni has officially retired from professional supercross and motocross racing, he still loves riding his dirt bike. That’s why, when he decided to “call it quits” a few years ago, he turned to FTR and woods racing. Boni entered all four enduros so far this season (his best finish was a third in AA at the Croom round) and he finished second overall at the four Hare Scrambles he entered. FTR Magazine recently sat down with Boni at Bithlo Motorsports, a familiar track for the Geneva native, to talk about his forray into the offorad industry. Boni has been riding “dirt

The Matt Boni



bikes and four wheelers for fun” but he “never took it serious,” he said, until age 9 when he received his “first real dirt bike, did a couple of races and it grew from there.” Now, almost 18 years later, Boni (pronouned bon-ee) looked back on his adolescence and putting in “a lot of hours” at Bithlo, Dade City, Gainesville and Waldo Motorsports. By age 12, he qualified for Tenneesse’s prestious Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championships in the 80cc (12-13) class. That was the turning point, he said. “I was 12 and we were leaving Loretta’s and I’d just gotten sixth for the second year in a row there,” Boni said, “and my dad sat down with me, had a serious talk and said, ‘If you want to pursue this and take it to the next level, these are steps we’re going to have to take. If you’re willing to do it, let’s do it and get it on.’ ” The next year, Boni said he finished fourth overall and, the following year, won his first chamionship in the 125 Youth class. “It took two years of riding five days a week burning five gallons of gas a day and getting it done,” he said of his amateur success. “Once me and him sat down and decided this is what we’re going to go for, he set his expectations for the amount of work that I put in and we both knew what we wanted, and we both worked very hard to get it.” Before long, the dream of riding dirt bikes professionally became a reality for Boni. “When we set out, my goal was to turn pro when I was 16 and have a couple learning years, get on a factory team and build my name and brand up enough that I could have a successful motocross school after my retirement.” Boni would pro at 17 after “a lot of injuries” postponed him. - continued on next page Top: Gearing up for a practice session at Bithlo Motorsports in December Bottom: Airing it out at the Bartow Hare Scrambles earlier this season

At 17, Boni moved to California and lived with his mechanic, “stayed on small satellite teams for a couple years, ended up inking a deal with Hart & Huntington, pun intended, for two years,” he said. Then, in 2009 at the age of 22, Boni was awarded Top privateer, a goal that he set out for at the beginning of the year. “At one point, I was 18th in points and it was a pipe dream,” he said. “Hart & Huntington stepped up and we really worked hard and I put a lot of my heart into that year.” The next year, he ended up getting hurt and “decided to hang it up (in 2011.)” “I’d originally planned on racing in 2012,” Boni said, “and was getting ready to sign my deal and went to go get a final checkup on my leg that I had broken and doctor told me that my leg was too crooked and the bone wasn’t healed and this was after 9 months, and that I needed to have another surgery to completely re-break my leg and straighten it. At that point is the time I got my leg fixed and called it quits.” Making that decison, he agreed, was “absolutely devastating.” “My entire life had been dirt bikes,” he said, “and you go fast and you hopefully make enough money to retire and do motocross schools, so it was a big eye opener for me and I definitely had to reassess my life and what I wanted to do.” After retiring, Boni described trying to race motocross “kind of halfway with having a fulltime job.” “I started working for my dad’s AC company, Matt Boni Facebook photos

and I didn’t enjoy it, anymore,” he said of racing motocross. “The fight, and it’s really like an ego deal. The biggest ego and the guy who refuses to lose generally wins, and I had lost that fight, and I did a lot of work on myself whenever I retired and I lost that kind of edge to me and FTR seemed like a perfect balance because I love riding my dirt bike and I can ride my dirt bike and shoot some cool photos and shoot some peace signs when I see a camera in the middle of the woods and just keep on trucking.” Once Boni said he realized he was going to “try to take FTR a little more serious but still only put a couple of hours a week into it,” he called in some favors and showed up this season on a KTM 300. “I’ve known Bobby Brewster for a lot of years and I’ve worked with Willie Manning and a lot of people in the industry,” he said, “he was the first call I made. I know they’re top-of-theline products and I got my bike through Cycle Sports Center and Dave Wagner and Nihilo hooked up everything else on that bike for me. At the FTR races, Boni is known for his style as much as his speed and is one of the only AA riders on a two stroke KTM 300 - the first two stroke he’s had since 2004. “Being 6’3 and about 215 pounds, I would love to have a four stroke 90 percent of the time; the 10 percent I wouldn’t want it is when it’s maintenance time,” he said. “For as much energy and time as I can put into the sport, a two stroke fits my lifestyle better - not my riding style, but my lifestyle.” Since retiring, Boni said he’s had offers to race

“I’m more comfortable in the air. I’m 90 percent out of control 100 percent of the time (in the woods). And that’s fairly accurate. The last Apollo Hare Scrambles, I crashed six times and missed two double greens, so my advice would be to not take mine.” - Matt Boni

Endurocross, along with offers to race in Brazil, and he “put a lot of thought into it.” “If I got an offer to do GNCCs, I wouldn’t take it. I like to be home. I’ve lived that life. And I’m happy giving it one, two days of effort and racing on the weekends and hanging out with some really good people.” So, for now, Boni said he thinks FTR “is perfect for me,” he said. “Everybody is there for the same reason of having fun and laughing and just railing a couple of good turns and that laughter and the unbiased joy that riding a dirt bike brings people. They haven’t lost that like the motocross community has in trying to be cool and fit in and who has the flattest bill or the tallest black socks FTR is a come as you are, bring what you brung, and have some fun along the way atmosphere. And that’s exactly what I was looking for.” Of the four Hare Scrambles he’s entered so far this season, Boni finished second every time and that, he said, is probably the worst thing about FTR. “The worst thing is not winning,” he said. “Or the driving. There’s a lot of drive time and if they were closer, it’d be a lot less of a commitment but the driving and cleanup is the worst part.” At the FTR Enduros, Boni said he’s more comfortable. - continued on next page

December 2013 | 25

“I’m never going to move from Florida and if I do I won’t move far.”

“I like the Enduros because they’re slower,” he said. “It’s a lot slower of a pace and more technical and I’ve crashed enough going fast to know how bad it hurts and what the repercussions are. And the slower and tighter it is the happier I am and the more confident I am.” As a newbie to FTR, Boni said he’s thankful for Jeff Smith and his wife, Rachel. “They took me in and kind of gave me a home at FTR,” Boni said. He also thanked: “The Kasavage family: Chris, Bill, Kristina, Janet. They feed me once a week and they’re my escape from my work life and without them I don’t know what I would be. Cycle Sports Center, Nick Jackson, Nihilo. Fox. EKS Brand. and American Air & Heat.” When asked if there was anything else he wanted to say, Boni replied, “Thank you to everybody for kind of accepting me in. I appreciate everybody getting to know me and giving me a fair chance. It’s very nice and refreshing.”

December 2013 | 27

M att B oni

“For so many years my only focus was Supercross and shaving milliseconds off of my riding style and doing the same repetitive thing; with FTR, you never know what the next corner brings, even at the last lap of a Hare Scrambles. They can change the section; something’s going to be different; there’s going to be a bike in the way. So it definitely keeps me on my toes a lot more and I can’t zone out.” Full Service

Race Shop

866-WMR-RACE (772) 426-3000



from professional MX to FTR

N i h i l o C o nc e p t s KTM

Ranch Hare Top: After the start at the Carlton G2 Photos r dne Gar n Glen | er emb Dec Scrambles in h at the finis rall Left: Heading toward a second ove Photos G2 r dne Gar n Glen Carlton Ranch | lution Evo the at tires the ugh thro Right: Wheelieing to pho y Lac iah GP recently | Mar

2 3 4 5 Peewee 4-6 6 Pos. 7 1 8 2 Peewee Shaft 4-6 3 Pos. 4 1 5 50cc 7-8 6 Pos. 7 1 8 2 Peewee Shaft 4-6 3 Pos. 4 1 5 50cc 7-8 6 Pos. 7 1 8 2 9 3 10 4 50cc Open 4-8 5 Pos. 6 1 7 2 8 3 9 4 10 5 50cc Open 4-8 6 Pos. 7 1 8 2 9 3 10 4 11 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 65cc Beginner 7-11 Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 65cc Beginner 7-11 6 65cc 7-9 Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 65cc 10-11 Pos. 1 2

54 18 11 5 30 # Bike 71 20 18 54 18 # 11 54 5 30 # 71 42 18 125 46 # 11 54 899 117 # 199 42 181c 125 11 46 50 11 899 # 117 20 199 42 181c 54 11 46 50 117 11 # 11 20 199 42 18 54 74 46 71 117 11 11 199 18 74 71

Brayden Ford (5) Zack Chisholm (2) Bradyn Johnson (1) Wyatt Andrade (1) Jack (1) NameSessions (attended) Julian Dejesus Tyler Mollet (5) (1) Kevin Luck (1)(5) Brayden Ford Zack Chisholm (2) Name Bradyn(attended) Johnson (1) Braxton Ford (2)(1) Wyatt Andrade Jack Sessions (1) Name (attended) Julian Dejesus (1) Dawson Baker Kevin Luck (1) (5) Jackson Parks (5) Caleb Name Wilkinson (attended)(4) Eli Birthsel (2)(2) Braxton Ford Rosue Hernandez (1) Bailey Loudermilk (1) Name (attended) Ray Coburn (1)(5) Dawson Baker Camren Paul Jackson Parks(1) (5) John Englehart CalebTyler Wilkinson (4) (1) Bryce Mauldin Eli Birthsel (2) (1) Rosue Hernandez (1) Name Bailey (attended) Loudermilk (1) TylerCoburn Mollet (5) Ray (1) Dawson Baker(1) (3) Camren Paul Brayden Ford (2) John Tyler Englehart (1) Caleb Wilkinson Bryce Mauldin (1)(2) Bailey Loudermilk (1) Bradyn Johnson (1) Name (attended) Eli Birthsel Tyler Mollet(1) (5) Ray Coburn (1)(3) Dawson Baker Zack Chisholm (1) Brayden Ford (2) Maximus Amick (1) Caleb Wilkinson (2) Julian (1) (1) Bailey Dejesus Loudermilk Bradyn Johnson (1) Eli Birthsel (1) Ray Coburn (1) Zack Chisholm (1) Maximus Amick (1) Julian Dejesus (1)

233 88 50 45 45 Points 43 247 41 233 88 Points 50 100 45 45 Points 43 247 41 223 174 Points 94 100 50 47 Points 45 247 43 223 41 174 40 94 50 Points 47 247 45 144 43 88 41 84 40 47 45 Points 45 247 41 144 40 88 39 84 38 47 45 45 41 40 39 38

# 379 548 71 22 125 99

Name (attended) Austin Mcafee (5) Joe Infante (5) Eddie Dejesus (2) Bobby Holder (1) Jackson Parks (1) Alyssa Quenzer (1)

Points 247 225 97 47 45 45

# 379 71 74 899 13

Name (attended) Austin Mcafee (5) Eddie Dejesus (2) Gage Pepin (1) Rosue Hernandez (1) Aiden Klucinec (1)

Points 236 100 50 50 47

5 3 65cc 10-11 4 Pos. 5 1 65cc 10-11 2 Pos. 65cc Open 7-11 1 Pos. 2 1 65cc Open 7-11 2 Pos. 85cc Beginner 7-15 1 Pos. 2 1 85cc Beginner 7-15 2 Pos. 3 1 4 2 85cc 7-11 3 Pos. 4 1 85cc 7-11 2 Pos. 3 1 4 2 5 3 6 4 7 5 8 6 9 7 10 8 11 9 12 10

Motocross Overalls through race # 5

# 4 522

Name (attended) Isaiah Stockford (1) Logan Lanier (1)

Points 50 50

11 12 85cc 12-15 Pos. 1 85cc 12-15 2 3 4 5 Junior Mini 7-15 Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Super Mini Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 Youth 13-15

13 74 899 # 13 4 522 # 4 # 522 522 4 # 522 # 4 848 22 # 117 848 27c 22 117 # 27c 30 54 # 279 30 90 54 51 279 102 90 192 51 320 102 32 192 14 320 46 32 715 14 46 715

Aiden Klucinec Gage Pepin (1) (1) Rosue Hernandez (1) Name (attended) Aiden Klucinec (1) Isaiah Stockford (1) Logan Lanier (1) Name (attended)

47 50 50 Points 47 50 50 Points

Isaiah Stockford (1) Name Logan (attended) Lanier (1) Logan Lanier (2) Isaiah Stockford (1) Name (attended)

50 Points 50 100 50 Points

Logan Lanier (2) Name Isaiah (attended) Stockford (1) Trevor Loomis (4) Gabriel(attended) Mcdougall (2) Name Kevin Urbany Trevor Loomis(1) (4) Joshua (1) (2) Gabriel Tyrrell Mcdougall

100 Points 50 197 97 Points 50 197 45 97

Kevin Urbany (1) Name Joshua(attended) Tyrrell (1) Alex Lugar (5) Jonathan Fitzgerald (5) Name (attended) Ethan Mcafee Alex Lugar (5) (5) Jordan Greene (3) (5) Jonathan Fitzgerald Leighton Dreggors Ethan Mcafee (5) (3) Jack Chambers (2) Jordan Greene (3) Trevor Mason (2) Leighton Dreggors (3) Jhamir Scott (1) (2) Jack Chambers D'naris Yarde (1) Trevor Mason (2) Pyke Dawson (1) Jhamir Scott (1) Jazzmyn Canfield D'naris Yarde (1) (1) Christian Dresser Pyke Dawson (1) (1)

50 Points 45 235 228 Points 205 235 131 228 128 205 97 131 94 128 50 97 41 94 38 50 37 41 36 38

Jazzmyn Canfield (1) Christian Dresser (1)

37 36

# 33 50 3 17 1

Name (attended) Bryce Platt (4) Oscar Martin (1) Jeffrey M Chambers (1) Cole Williams (1) Chadwick Johnson (1)

Points 192 50 50 50 47

# 54 30 279 51 192 102 50 3 32 320 715 46

Name (attended) Jonathan Fitzgerald (5) Alex Lugar (5) Ethan Mcafee (5) Leighton Dreggors (3) Trevor Mason (2) Jack Chambers (2) Oscar Martin (1) Jeffrey M Chambers (1) D'naris Yarde (1) Jhamir Scott (1) Christian Dresser (1) Jazzmyn Canfield (1)

Points 235 232 205 128 97 97 47 43 41 39 38 36

# 54 33 3 815 17

Name (attended) Billy Baker (3) Nicholas Mason (3) Perry Warren (1) Colton Eigenmann (1) Cole Williams (1)

Points 143 139 50 50 47

5 3 Youth 13-15 4 Pos. 5 1 Youth 13-15 2 Pos. 3 1 4 2 5 3 6 4 7 5 8 6 9 7 10 8 11 9 12 10 13 11 12 13 Youth 16-24 Pos. 1 Youth 16-24 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Two Stroke Only Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Four Stroke Only Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Girls 12-16 Pos. 1 Woman 14+ Pos.

17 3 815 # 17 33 713 # 62 33 300 713 8 62 54 300 3 8 815 54 26 3 11 815 7 26 49 11 185 7 49 185

Cole (1) PerryWilliams Warren (1) Colton Eigenmann (1) Name (attended) Cole Williams (1) Nicholas Mason (5) Garrett Willis (2) Name (attended) Wyatt Dreggors Nicholas Mason (2) (5) Dylan GarrettDrake Willis (1) (2) Timmy Harrington Wyatt Dreggors (2)(1) Billy DylanBaker Drake(1)(1) Perry (1) (1) TimmyWarren Harrington Colton Eigenmann (1) Billy Baker (1) Aaron Hill (1) (1) Perry Warren Mark (1) (1) ColtonZerrusen Eigenmann Gino AaronDoniews Hill (1) (1) Jordan Fuguet (1) Mark Zerrusen Connor Fortune Gino Doniews (1)(1) Jordan Fuguet (1) Connor Fortune (1)

47 50 50 Points 47 223 88 Points 87 223 50 88 50 87 50 50 50 47 50 47 50 45 47 43 47 41 45 43 41

# 97 11 148 73 15 195 427 848 27 28 16

Name (attended) Patrick Fitzgerald (5) Daniel Ingraham (2) Nicholas Smyth (2) David Dreggors (2) Renzo Medvescig (1) Michael Hardin (1) Kevin Sukovich (1) Steve Loomis Jr (1) Victor Gonzalez (1) Alejandro Rodriguez (1) Nick Jackson (1)

Points 230 100 97 85 50 47 47 47 45 43 41

# 54 62 73 26 300 10 724 673 21

Name (attended) Billy Baker (2) Wyatt Dreggors (2) David Dreggors (2) Aaron Hill (1) Dylan Drake (1) Matthew Meadows (1) Ryan Mason (1) Ben Dickson (1) Spencer St John (1)

Points 100 88 88 50 47 47 45 45 43

# 97 848 11 635 15 27 411 729 11 819 30

Name (attended) Patrick Fitzgerald (5) Steve Loomis Jr (3) Daniel Ingraham (2) Josh Schechter (2) Renzo Medvescig (1) Victor Gonzalez (1) Branson Blake (1) Brady Bergeron (1) Mark Zerrusen (1) Claudio Vaccarin (1) Tim Dickson (1)

Points 236 135 95 83 50 50 50 47 43 41 41

# 10

Name (attended) Emma Chambers (2)

Points 100


Name (attended)


Girls 12-16 Pos. 1 Woman 14+ Pos. 1 2 Plus 25 3 Pos. 4 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 5 9 6 10 7 Vet Advanced 8 Pos. 9 1 10 2 Vet Advanced 3 Pos. Vet Amature 1 Pos. 2 1 3 2 Amature Vet 3 Pos. 4 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 5 9 6 10 7 11 8 12 9 13 10 14 11 15 12 16 13 17 14 18 15 19 16 20 17 21 18 22 19 20 21 22 Plus 40 Pos. 1 Plus 40 2 Pos. 3 1 4 2 5 6 7 8 9 Plus 50

Motocross Overalls through race # 5

# 10 # 875 99 711 # 264 72 111 99 984 711 532 264 23 111 316 984 884 532 23 # 316 79 884 27 120 # 79 # 27 27 120 225 712 # 5 27 51 225 114c 712 466 5 1 51 5 114c 214 466 504 1 411 5 123 214 82 504 73 411 97 123 157 82 83 73 41 97 75 157 305 83 635 41 75 305 635

D e c e m b e r 2 0 1Points 3 | 29 Name (attended) Emma Chambers (2) 100 Name (attended) Lacey Nordle (1) Christian Birarda (2) Juan Balleza (2) Name (attended) Corey Blanton (1) Jose Santos (4) Dustin Whitehead (1) Christian Birarda (2) Chris Gentsch (1) Juan Balleza (2) Seth Robbins (1) Corey Blanton (1) Jhoser Dos Reis (1) Dustin Whitehead (1) Dereck Castro (1) Chris Gentsch (1) Savio Silva (1) Seth Robbins (1) Jhoser Dos Reis (1) Name (attended) Dereck Castro (1) Kyle Mcafee (5) Savio Silva (1) Barry Mccarty (1) Robert Butts (1) Name (attended) Kyle Mcafee (5) NameMccarty (attended) Barry (1) Raymond Spudeck (5) Robert Butts (1) Matt French (3) Jeff Infante (3) Name (attended) Marino Vaccari (2) (5) Raymond Spudeck Bill Petitt (2)(3) Matt French Matt French Sr. (2) Jeff Infante (3) Joe Steidl (2) Marino Vaccari (2) Randee (1) Bill Petitt Lipscomb (2) M Kretschmer (1) Matt French Sr. (2) Andy Newborn Joe Steidl (2) (1) Mike Mcwilliams Randee Lipscomb(1) (1) Chris Bunnell (1) (1) M Kretschmer SteveNewborn Thornson Andy (1)(1) Paul Mcwilliams Reynolds (1) Mike (1) Rick Dreggors (1) Chris Bunnell (1) Sean Thornson Fitzgerald(1) (1) Steve ToddReynolds Klisiewicz(1) (1) Paul Matthew Covey Rick Dreggors (1)(1) FrankFitzgerald Swindell (1) Sean (1) Micaiah Amick (1) Todd Klisiewicz Jason Sessions (1) Matthew Covey (1) Josh Schechter (1) Frank Swindell (1) Micaiah Amick (1) Jason Sessions (1) Josh Schechter (1)

# Name (attended) 11 Jim Nagy (2) 5 Marino Vaccari (2) # Name (attended)(1) 157 Todd Klisiewicz 11 Nagy (2) 83 Jim Matthew Covey (1) 5 Marino Vaccari (2) 27 Barry Mccarty (1) 120 Robert Butts (1) 771 Jon Osborn (1) 22b Mitch Silverstein (1) 214 Andy Newborn (1)

Points 50 100 97 Points 50 184 50 100 47 97 45 50 45 50 45 47 43 45 45 Points 45 247 43 50 45 Points 247 Points 50 210 45 145 120 Points 97 210 88 145 87 120 80 97 50 88 50 87 47 80 47 50 45 50 43 47 43 47 43 45 41 43 41 43 41 43 41 41 40 41 40 41 39 41 40 40 39

Points 97 94 Points 50 97 50 94 50 47 45 45 43



Florida Trail Riders Magazine

the Motocross files...

Florida Trail Riders (FTR) MX series, we have completed five rounds. We started at Bithlo, which is one of the traditional FTR tracks we visit each year. As usual, Wally and Stacy did a great job of running the event and we had a good day.

t the halfway point of the

Round 2 was at Bostwick MX Park. This was our first joint event with the Florida Georgia Series and combined we had almost 300 entries making this one of the largest MX events this year in the state of Florida. With the additional entries, the day went long and I was one of the last motos lining up for my last gate drop at about 6 p.m. I appreciate everyone’s patience for helping us get this done. Since it was our first joint event with the Florida Georgia series, it took a little longer with sign-ups and getting all the entries entered in the computers. Bernie who operates Bostwick did a great job and it was a lot of fun. I hope everyone had a good time and we will be back at Bostwick for Round 8. Round 3 was held at Mesa Park MX track in Fellsmere. For those of you who are not aware, Mesa Park MX opened last year and we ran two FTR MX races there. This year, Mesa Park MX has a new operator whose name is Gary Cousins. Gary is a longtime MX rider and took over operating the track. Gary wants to make Mesa Park one of the premiere tracks in Florida. When we raced there in November, he had already started making changes to the track and has plans on doing additional changes. Please plan on attending our next race at Mesa Park on March 16 and say hello to Gary and his wife. Trust me, you will enjoy meeting them and they really have the riders in their best interest. Round 4 was held on November 17 at Dade City. This was another joint race for the Florida Georgia series. For those who have not been to Dade City recently, Randy Yoho has brought in hundreds of yards of clay to cover the entire track. For those familiar with his Saturday night series, the front half of his track has always had a good clay base and provides for great racing action. However, for our event, FTR used the entire track, which is where Randy added the additional clay. From what I can see and after talking to several riders, everyone loved the track. I encourage you to check out Dade City and the changes Randy has made to the track. Our fifth race brought us to the midpoint of the season was December 8 at Bartow. As many long time FTR members know, FTR MX has always enjoyed racing at Bartow. Due to scheduling conflicts last season, we were unable to Round 4 at Dade City schedule an event at Bartow however we were able to work it out with Tim this year to hold an event. Shannon Parks photos

Tim did a great job of helping us pull off a wonderful event and we had a good turnout. For those of you who are not familiar with Bartow, it offers some long lap times and in an effort by your FTR Committee and we asked Tim to give everyone plenty of seat time. He agreed and extended practice until 4 p.m. on Saturday. I heard several riders say they got their money’s worth when it came to seat time after Saturday’s extended practice and the longer motos that were ran on Sunday. Again I want to thank Tim for making it a great event. Also want to thank Cycle Sports Center for helping us out with gifts for the 50cc and 65cc riders who attended the Bartow event. Hopefully all the kids enjoyed the extra little something in addition to the trophies they received. Your FTR MX series will be taking a break for the month of January since Winter AMs will be occurring around the state and there are Hare Scrambles scheduled just about every weekend in January and in to March. Our next FTR MX event will be February 23 at Sunshine MX Park in Clearwater. This will be a double point event and if you have not checked out the FTR MX series, you are still able to qualify for year-end awards if you race the remaining five rounds of the series. Round 7 we will be at Mesa MX on March 16 and then we will be travelling to Bostwick for Round 8 on April 6. This will be another joint event with the Florida Georgia series. We should have a good turnout. Round 9 will be April 27 at MX of Marion County (Reddick). This will also be a joint race with the Florida Georgia series and we could see one of the largest turnouts for any recent MX event in the state at that race. Last year, when the FTR MX series visited Reddick we had the largest turnout of our entire season at that event and I expect a similar strong turnout particularly since we will be partnered with the Florida Georgia series. Our final round will be back at Dade City running on the extended track on May 18. This will also be a joint event with the Florida Georgia series and will complete our motocross series for this season. I want to thank all who have attended the series so far. As always, your FTR MX Committee would like to hear any comments or suggestions on how to make the series better. We will continue to give out raffle prizes, holeshot awards, etc. at the remaining

December 2013 - January 2014 | 31

rounds. Also it seems that more Hare Scrambles riders are starting to attend our motocross series and I appreciate those riders who traditionally only race Hare Scrambles for participating in your FTR MX series. Hopefully even more Hare Scrambles riders will consider attending a future FTR MX event. I know that my boys and I plan on attending more of the Hare Scrambles this season along with the Fitzgerald boys as well, so look for us at some of the January Hare Scrambles. If you have any comments or would like to contact me, you can always e-mail me or call me (407) 835-3395. Thank you, Rick Dreggors FTR MX Chair

FTR MX “Moto of the day”

If you missed the 85 and Junior Mini motos this weekend, you really missed out. These guys and gals put on an incredible show...I have not seen a field this strong at a local series race in a long time. It was great spectating and a great experience for the riders. In 85cc 7-11, we had 3-peat national champion Jazzmyn Canfield, local hot shot Jhamir Scott, Christian Dresser fresh off two Scan this QR code with your smart phone overall titles from for GoPro footage from Round #5 at DCMX, last year’s FTR Bartow Motocross - Robert Scott MX champion Jonathan Fitzgerald, FTR H/S A riders Jack Chambers and Alex Luger, plus some new 85 riders Leighton Dreggors, D’naris Yarde, Ethan Mcafee and Pyke Dawson. If all that is not enough throw in some fast 85cc 12-15 riders like Chadwick Johnson and Jeffrey Champ and rounding out the field, the ever speedy Ms. Emma Chambers. - Sean Fitzgerald Round 3 at Mesa Park Shannon Parks photo

I encourage people to come out because it really is a good time. I have not experienced any problems with FTR MX racing. Some say the seat time isn’t enough. Garrett runs two classes costing me $50 - same as a H/S. For that, we get practice and four motos - well over an hour of seat time. I hope more people come out and we can increase the number of bikes at each gate drop. We look forward to seeing more and more FTR members at the races. - Rex Willis

7 8 9 Plus 50 Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 250 B Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 250 C Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 250 D Pos. 1 2 3 4 450 A Pos. 1 2 450 B Pos. 1 2 3 4

771 22b 214

Jon Osborn (1) Mitch Silverstein (1) Andy Newborn (1)

# 27 101 466 771 22b 755 123 7 20b 5 41 316 411 114

Name (attended) Raymond Spudeck (5) Dan Dyer (2) Joe Steidl (2) Jon Osborn (1) Mitch Silverstein (1) Randy Griffin (1) Steve Thomson (1) James Swinford (1) Robert Tyrrell (1) M Kretschmer (1) Frank Swindell (1) Ty Richburg (1) Chris Burrey (1) Danny Baxley (1)

Points 225 97 89 50 50 50 47 45 45 45 43 41 40 38

# 931 195 264 427 946 701

Name (attended) Evan Walker (1) Michael Hardin (1) Corey Blanton (1) Kevin Sukovich (1) Stephen Culleny (1) Cody Neff (1)

Points 50 50 47 45 43 41

# 62 185 73 176 15 15 412 7 49 8 40 644 16 646

Name (attended) Wyatt Dreggors (2) Connor Fortune (2) David Dreggors (2) Jordan Lipscomb (1) Renzo Meduescig (1) Renzo Medvescig (1) Conner Morris (1) Gino Doniews (1) Jordan Fuguet (1) Timmy Harrington (1) Shane Allen (1) Alex Luremo (1) Nick Jackson (1) Jimmy Loomis (1)

Points 91 86 83 50 50 50 47 47 45 45 43 43 43 40

# 713 33 114c 712

Name (attended) Garrett Willis (4) Nicholas Mason (2) Matt French Sr. (2) Jeff Infante (2)

Points 194 100 93 92

# 99 11

Name (attended) Christian Birarda (2) Jim Nagy (2)

Points 100 97

# 711 148 931 411

Name (attended) Juan Balleza (2) Nicholas Smyth (2) Evan Walker (1) Branson Blake (1)

Points 100 94 50 50

45 45 43

Pos. 1 2 450 B Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 450 C Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Woods Pos. 1 2 3 4 5 Vintage Pos. 1 2 Evolution Pos. 1 2 3 4 90 Bombers Pos. 1 2 3 Quad 7-12 Pos. 1 2 3 Quad 13-15 Pos.

Motocross Overalls through race # 5

# 99 11

Name (attended) Christian Birarda (2) Jim Nagy (2)

Points 100 97

# 711 148 931 411 635 264 946

Name (attended) Juan Balleza (2) Nicholas Smyth (2) Evan Walker (1) Branson Blake (1) Victor Stanger (1) Josh Schechter (1) Corey Blanton (1) Stephen Culleny (1)

Points 100 94 50 50 47 45 45 43

# 72 848 176 15 1 729 984 532 23 644 819 316 33 412 993

Name (attended) Jose Santos (4) Steve Loomis Jr (4) Jordan Lipscomb (1) Renzo Meduescig (1) Randee Lipscomb (1) Brady Bergeron (1) Chris Gentsch (1) Seth Robbins (1) Jhoser Dos Reis (1) Alex Luremo (1) Claudio Vaccarin (1) Dereck Castro (1) John Haller (1) Conner Morris (1) Ed Sherry Jr (1)

Points 188 187 50 50 47 47 45 45 45 43 43 41 41 40 40

# 646 35 20b 21 305

Name (attended) Jimmy Loomis (4) Timothy Campbell (1) Robert Tyrrell (1) Spencer St John (1) Jason Sessions (1)

Points 197 50 47 47 45

# 7 227

Name (attended) James Swinford (2) Donald Baham (1)

Points 100 50

# 466 79 77 13

Name (attended) Joe Steidl (5) Kyle Mcafee (4) Kai Strauch (2) Scott Klucinec (1)

Points 233 200 92 50

# 848 7 101

Name (attended) Steve Loomis Sr (4) James Swinford (3) Aaron Herlong (1)

Points 200 144 47

# 125 12 111a

Name (attended) Jackson Parks (5) Ian Platt (4) Dalton Sargent (1)

Points 238 200 45

Name (attended)



1 2 3 Quad 13-15 Pos. 1 2 Quad Amatuer Open Pos. 1 2 3 Plus 35 Quad Men Pos. 1 2 Vet Women Pos. 1

125 Jackson Parks (5) 12 Ian Platt (4) 111a Dalton Sargent (1)

238 200 45

# 701 123

Name (attended) Joshua Jeffreys (5) Bryanne Parks (4)

Points 250 188

# 9 82 11a

Name (attended) Matthew Sarmiento (1) Evan Fraker (1) Sean Decosta (1)

Points 50 50 47

# 1 41

Name (attended) Mike Ferguson (5) Rep Platt (1)

Points 247 50

# 99

Name (attended) Carol Preston (3)

Points 150

December 2013 | 33

Round 4 at Dade City Shannon Parks photos

35 | Januar y 2014

F l o r i d a T r a i l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e | 34

FTR Life Visit for more photos from the races

Visit to donate to Jason Garrett, the FTR member who was injured at Mini O’s and doctors were forced to amputate his leg. Donations are being accepted so Jason can Carlton Ranch photos

have a prosthetic leg. If you donate over $100 you will receive a free Florida Dirt Bike T-shirt.

W hat ’ s your

New Year’s Resolution? via facebook . com / ftrmag

36 | Januar y 2014

F l o r i d a T r a i l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e | 37

Carlton Ranch photos

37 | Januar y 2014

F l o r i d a T r a i l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e | 39

39 | Januar y 2014

Samsula photos

38 | Januar y 2014

41 | Januar y 2014

F l o r i d a T r a i l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e | 40

Bartow#2 photo

43 | Januar y 2014

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F l o r i d a T r a i l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e | 42


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Shannon Parks photo


Alligator Enduro date changed to SUNDAY March 9, 2014: “The Thursday date was too close to the opening of spring turkey season and since we share our property with a hunt club, the landowner asked us to go on Sunday. This has come about because of the date change with the SuperBowl a few years ago which caused the Daytona500 to move back which caused BikeWeek to move back. Not much we can do but adapt or die.” - Steve Smith


Formerly Suzuki of Sarasota, Sarasota Fun Machines is authorized powersports dealer for Suzuki, Bad Boy, Mowers, & UTV/MTV and Kymco products. The shop also rents Suzuki motorcycles by the day or week. Visit

Round 4 at Dade City Shannon Parks photos

All 2013 KTMs must go! Please call for details.

F l o r i d a T r a i l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e | 44

Sarasota Area Dirt Riders Association Proudly Presents:

2009 KTM 85 XC $3499 2012 KTM 85 SX $3999 2014 KTM 65 SX $3999 480 N. WASHINGTON AVE., 2013 KTM 250 XCF-W $6999 1 left 2013 KTM 50 SX $3499 TITUSVILLE, FL 32796 2013 KTM 450 SX $7199 call for price 2014 KTM 250 SX 2-stroke 2014 KTM 300 Six days in stock 2014 KTM 350 Six days in stock 2014 KTM 85 SXS in stock 2014 KTM 300 XC and XC-W in stock

2011 YZ 125 2012 YZ 125 2014 YZ 450

(321) 269-5941

Saturday Schedule Signup & Tech Inspection .............7:30 AM – 10:30 AM Peewee A & B Practice ................. 9:00 AM – Peewee C Practice........................ 9:10 AM – Peewee Quad Practice ................. 9:20 AM – Super Peewee Quad Practice……9:30 AM –

9:10 AM 9:20 AM 9:30 AM 9:40 AM

Junior & Adult Quad Practice ........ 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Mini, Jr., & Adult Bike Practice .... 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Row Row Race 5 Row Row

Peewee A ...................... 9:45 AM – 10:10 AM Peewee B .................... 10:15 AM – 10:35 AM Peewee C .................... 10:40 AM – 11:00 AM ..................................... 11:05 AM – 11:35 AM 1..... Quad Super Peewee A 2..... Quad Super Peewee B ..................................... 11:40 AM – 12:00 PM 1..... Quad Peewee A 2..... Quad Peewee B

Riders Meeting (starting line) ------------------ 12:00 PM

$4999 $5499 $7999

2013Moyer RMZ 250from $6799 Kevin photos the Apollo Hare Scrambles

Race 6 -------------------------------------12:15 PM – 1:45 PM Row 1..... Mini A Row 2..... Mini B Row 3..... 65A Row 4 .... Mini C, Mini Girls Row 5 .... 65B Row 6..... 65C, 65 Girls

P lease

call for availability

The dealership you’ve been looking for!

Race 7 -------------------------------------- 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Row 1..... Evolution A Row 2..... Junior A, Sportsman 2 Row 3..... Junior B Row 4..... Evolution Senior A Row 5..... Evolution B Row 6..... Junior C, Junior Girls Row 7..... Vintage, Evolution Senior B Row 8..... Sportsman 1 Row 9..... Beginner Race 8 -------------------------------------- 3:45 PM – 5:15 PM Row 1..... Quad AA Row 2..... Quad A Row 3..... Quad B Open Row 4..... Quad +30, Vet Quad Row 5..... Senior Quad Row 6..... Super Senior Quad Row 7..... Quad C Open Row 8..... Wom Quad, Quad 0-400 Row 9..... Wom Vet Quad, Mast Quad, Quad Utility Open Row 10...Quad Junior

February 8-9, 2014 (954) 2980952

NO Ground Campfires!!! GPS Coordinates N27.273961, W82.12526 40715 Clay Gully Road, Myakka City, FL For more information, contact Randy Faul (863) 244-3709 Sunday Schedule Signup & Tech (Saturday) .... 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM Signup & Tech (Sunday)....... 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Practice................................. 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Entry Fees: Peewees $20, All Others $50 Gate Fees $10- Good all weekend, Gate Opens at 3pm Friday

Fun Run- Saturday $10 per person Close Toed Shoes (NO Tennis Shoes), NO Shorts. Helmet Mandatory! Ticket Sold From 3:30-5:00pm Sat at Sign Up Starts right after Quad Race

SOUTHBOUND I-75 take St Rd 70 east to Sugar Bowl Rd. NORTHBOUND I-75 take St Rd 72 east to Sidell Rd. WESTBOUND take St Rd 70 to Sugar Bowl Rd.

Riders Meeting (at starting line) ........... 10:15 AM Race 1 -------------------------- 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Row 1 .... Vet A, Senior A Row 2 .... Super Senior A Row 3 .... Master A Row 4 .... Vet B Row 5 .... Senior B Row 6 .... Super Senior B, Women A Row 7 .... Golden Master A Row 8 .... Master B Row 9 .... Vet C Row 10 .. Senior C Row 11 .. Super Senior C Row 12 .. G Mast B, Women B, Women Vet Row 13 .. Master C, Class 66 Race 2 ------------------------------1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Row 1 .... AA Row 2 .... A Open Row 3 .... A 250, A 200 Row 4 .... B Open Row 5 .... B 250 Row 6 .... B 200 Row 7 .... C Open Row 8 .... C 250 Row 9 .... C 200



Riders are responsible for correct colors, numbers, and letters – see chart at right. Riders and guests are responsible for following all FTR rules.


THIS IS A RELEASE_________________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF PARENT (REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE)

CLUB USE ONLY CLUB $_________ MEM $ _________ AMA$ _________TRAN $________ T-SHIRTS________TOTAL $ _____________

Spark arrestors are required for all competition machines – except Peewees 96 db MAX sound limit-You may be tested Tether switches are required for all Quads

YOU WILL BE INSPECTED NO PASS, NO REFUND FTR transponders are required for scoring They are available at signup for $5. Saturday Class Age Junior A ........................... (13 to 16) Junior B ........................... (13 to 16) Junior C........................... (13 to 16) Junior Girls ...................... (13 to 16) Mini A ................................ (9 to 14) Mini B ............................... (9 to 14) Mini C ................................ (9 to 14) Mini Girls ........................... (9 to 14) 65A.................................... (8 to 12) 65B.................................... (8 to 12) 65C ................................... (8 to 12) 65Girls............................... (8 to 12) Peewee A............................ (thru 8) Peewee B............................ (thru 8) Peewee C............................ (thru 8) Sportsman 1 (0-Open cc) ....... (13+) Sportsman 2 (0-Open cc) (13+) Beginner................................. (13+) Quad Junior..................... (13 to 15) Quad Super Peewee A ..... (6 to 12) Quad Super Peewee B ..... (6 to 12) Quad Peewee A .................. (4 to 8) Quad Peewee B .................. (4 to 8)

Plate Color Black Black Black Black White White White White Green Green Green Green White White White Blue Blue White White Green Green White White

Ltr A B C G A B C G A B C G A B C X A B A B

Ltr/Nr Color White White White White Black Black Black Black White White White White Black Black Black Blk/Wh Blk/Wh Black Black White White Black Black

If you ride in a class above, you are NOT PERMITTED to ride on Sunday. Vintage ................................... (13+) White V Black Evolution A ............................. (13+) Yellow A Black Evolution B ............................. (13+) Yellow B Black Evolution Senior A.................. (40+) Green A White Evolution Senior B.................. (40+) Green B White Quad AA ................................ (16+) Red AA White Quad A ................................... (16+) White A Black Quad Open B ......................... (16+) White B Black Quad Open C ......................... (16+) White C Black Quad 0-400 ............................ (16+) Yellow Black Quad +30 ............................... (30+) Red White Veteran Quad ......................... (35+) Red V White Senior Quad ........................... (40+) Black White Super Senior Quad ................ (45+) Black X White Master Quad .......................... (50+) Green White Quad Utility............................. (16+) White X Black Women Quad ......................... (16+) Blue White Women Veteran Quad ........... (35+) Blue V White Sunday AA .......................................... (13+) A Open ................................... (13+) A 250...................................... (13+) A 200...................................... (13+) B Open ................................... (13+) B 250...................................... (13+) B 200...................................... (13+) C Open ................................... (13+) C 250 ..................................... (13+) C 200 ..................................... (13+) Veteran A ............................... (35+) Veteran B ............................... (35+) Veteran C ............................... (35+) Senior A ................................. (40+) Senior B ................................. (40+) Senior C ................................. (40+) Super Senior A....................... (45+) Super Senior B....................... (45+) Super Senior C....................... (45+) Master A................................. (50+) Master B................................. (50+) Master C................................. (50+) Golden Master A .................... (58+) Golden Master B .................... (58+) Class 66 ................................. (66+) Women A ................................ 13+) Women B ............................... (13+) Women Veteran ..................... (40+)

Red AA Yellow A Green A Black A Yellow B Green B Black B Yellow C Green C Black C Red A Red B Red C Green A Green B Green C White A White B White C Blue A Blue B Blue C Black A Black B Black X Yellow A Yellow B Yellow V

White Black White White Black White White Black White White White White White White White White Black Black Black White White White White White White Black Black Black

Bike/Quad Requirements Junior – 86-200cc 2-stroke, 126-250cc 4-stroke Mini A – 0-85cc 2-stroke, 86-150cc 4-stroke 17” – 19” Mini B, C, & G – 0-85cc 2-stroke, 86-150cc 4-stroke 17” 65 Classes – 51-65cc Peewee – 50cc auto Beginner, Sportsman, Specialty Class – 0-Open cc Quad Junior – 91-200cc 2-stroke, 91-300cc 4-stroke Quad Super Peewee – 51-90cc Quad Peewee – 50cc Vintage – pre 1975 Evolution – pre 1988, air cooled, drum brakes

Classes, numbers/backgrounds, bike sizes and requirements here are for reference only. The rulebook takes precedence and should be referenced to ensure all rules are being followed.

47 | Januar y 2014

2013-2014 FTR Schedule

Visit for official race info or call (352) 538-6291

2013 Champion August 18 BSTR Enduro #1/Lochloosa* Lyons August 18 MX #1/Bithlo Motorsports September 1 Greenville Enduro #2/Whitmire, SC Brakken Sept. 15 MX #2/Bostwick with FL/GA Series Sept. 21 & 22 CFTR Hare Scrambles #1/Bartow Edmisten October 6 Suncoast Enduro #3/Brooksville Commo October 26 & 27 DDR Hare Scrambles #2/Ormond Beach Edmisten November 3 Perry Mountain Enduro #4/Maplesville, AL Edmisten November 3 MX #3/Mesa Park November 9 & 10 Sunrunners Hare Scrambles #3/Bartow* Edmisten November 17 MX #4/Dade City MX with FL/GA Series Nov. 23 & 24 River City Dirt Riders #4/Maxville Edmisten Nov. 30 & Dec. 1 Apollo Hare Scrambles #5/Samsula* Edmisten December 8 MX #5/Bartow Motocross Dec.14 & 15 OSDR Hare Scrambles #6/Carlton Ranch Edmisten 2014

January 4 & 5 January 18 & 19 January 25 & 26 February 8 & 9 February 15 & 16 Feb. 23 Feb. 23 March 1 & 2 March 2 March 9 March 16 March 22 & 23 March 29 & 30 March 30 April 5 & 6 April 6 April 12 & 13 April 26 & 27 April 27 May 4 May 10 & 11 May 18 August 2

Suncoast Hare Scrambles #7/Brooksville* Palm Beach T&TR Hare Scrambles #8/Okeechobee Treasure Coast Hare Scrambles #9/Okeechobee SADRA Hare Scrambles #10/Myakka City SEFTR Hare Scrambles #11/Okeechobee CFTR Enduro #5/Richloam* MX #6/Sunshine Motocross - double points Big Scrub Trail Riders Hare Scrambles #12/Sumterville Sandlapper Enduro #6/Salley, SC DDR Enduro #7/Ormond Beach* MX #7/Mesa Park NCTB Hare Scrambles #13/Dade City Rain Date Apollo Enduro #8/Samsula Azalea City M/C Hare Scrambles #14/Bostwick MX #8/Bostwick Creek with FL/GA Series TTR Hare Scrambles #15/Chipley Rain Date MX #9/Motocross of Marion County with FL/GA Series River City Dirt Riders Enduro #9 - FTR Benefit/Seville Azalea City MC Hare Scrambles #15/Bostwick MX #10 Dade city with FL/GA Series FTR 2013-2014 Banquet/Daytona Beach

F l o r i d a T r a i l R i d e r s M a g a z i n e | 46

promotion - Email

to advertise for as low as $25 a month in print and online at World Class Energy, Weight-Loss, Nutrition and Sports Performance Products

Red indicates multiple race weekend

(561) 963-7314

(904) 641-5320

* Indicates King of the Woods event (6)

(941) 322-8248

Send photos to

(352) 591-2377

Call A ndy

K ent for special FTR pricing (904) 641-0066

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Florida Trail Riders Magazine  

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