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Letter from the Director Dear Friends, This past year has been both rewarding and challenging. One of the biggest challenges was developing a new holiday program that replaced the highly popular “Hollydazzle”. While Hollydazzle’s close-proximity fireworks around the fountain at City Center had attracted ever-growing crowds (our last crowd estimate, in December 2017, was close to 30,000 people), the simple fact was that the event had reached the point where traffic, space and public safety had become major concerns. Our challenge was to develop a new event that would not only spread out the crowds, but allow folks to walk around the fountain walkways (which had to be closed off for Hollydazzle’s fireworks). Enter “25 Nights of Northern Lights”—a new event that centered around a programmable 42’ digitally lighted animated tree that was synchronized with music and lighted trees around the fountain. Three Saturday “festivals” were planned to help introduce the new show (although one had to be cancelled because of rain). Lighted bracelets to match the tree colors were also part of the event. Suffice it to say that, while the new event received many accolades, we intend to continue to grow it in the years to come (as a “fun fact”: Hollydazzle started with a crowd of around 3,000 when it first debuted, along with fireworks that were shot from only one side of the fountain). Look for the new light show to expand even further in the years ahead. On the “rewarding” side of things, your Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism continued to provide thousands of quality services, programs, facilities, classes and events for the enjoyment of the City’s residents and guests. A [much-needed] new restroom facility was constructed at Newport News Park and new picnic shelters are in store for the upcoming year. Thanks to a grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation, new walkways were installed in King-Lincoln Park. The Phase 3 archeological dig at the circa 1680’s county seat known as Warwicktowne was undertaken at the site of the closed City Farm. Peterson’s Yacht Basin, one of three public boat ramps in the City, received a long overdue dredging to improve access. And the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter, one of the busiest shelters in Virginia, is fast approaching it’s 10,000th adoption, despite only being open for five years. As always, we look forward to having you share your thoughts and suggestions with us. Go to nnparks.com or call us at 757-926-1400. Stay tuned—much more is planned for the upcoming year! Administrative Office: Fountain Plaza Two 700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320 Newport News, Virginia 23606 www.nnparks.com

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Parks, Recreation & Tourism PROFESSIONALS PROVIDING A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES Michael D. Poplawski Director Cindy Brouillard

Karen Owens

Shelly Ezanno


Administrative Services

Special Events

Roger Iles

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Will Roche Assistant Director

Tammy Jordan Assistant Director



Animal Welfare

Historic Services

Active Lifestyles

Recreation Centers

Landscape Services

Leeward Marina


Instructional Programs

Golf Course

Park Maintenance


Youth Programs

For contact information, go to www.nnparks.com

We couldn't do it without our Volunteers, Staff and all of our supporting City Departments!

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Where to find us

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General Fund Parks, Recreation & Tourism = 24 cents per day Animal Services & NN Contribution to Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter = 3 cents per day Page 6, FY 2019 Annual Report

By the Numbers

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By the Numbers Park Visitation

Park Services

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By the Numbers

Youth Programs

Community Events for Families

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FY 2019 Highlights Notables

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FY 2019 Highlights


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Recreation for All Ages Athletics

Active Lifestyles

Instructional Classes

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Recreation for All Ages Instructional Programs



City Arts Dance Company


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Recreation for All Ages Denbigh Community Center

Brittingham-Midtown ham m-Mid dtown Community Center

Doris Miller Community Center

Courthouse Way Community Center

Riverview Gymnastics Center Downtown Maritime Community Center Page 14, FY 2019 Annual Report

Cultural Arts & History Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center

Historic Services

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Special Events

Major Maj a or Event aj Events

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Major Services

Come Stay with Us!

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Animal Services

Highlights New Signage Installed at Shelter

Animal Welfare Statistics

Foster Fos ster Care Ca are

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Consider Adoption!

Did You Know? The Department offers over 1,200 recreation classes every year, ranging from Art to Zumba. Bobcats, coyotes, and an occasional black bear are among the 30+ different animals that can be found in Newport News Park. Less than 1/3 of Newport News Park is actually in Newport News; the remaining 2/3 is inside York County. Newport News' Parks have hosted numerous dignitaries, including presidential candidate Barack Obama (@Victory Landing Park) and Dr. Bernice A. King, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s daughter (@ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza).

Bobcat can be found in Newport News Park

"Steady Ed" Hedricks, the "Father of Disc Golf" and the designer of the modern Frisbee, dedicated the Disc Golf Course at Newport News Park in 1998.

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Our parks are home to over 365 identified varieties of plants, including bald cypress, mistletoe and lady slipper as well as over 394 animal species, including coyotes, beavers, bald eagles and white tailed deer. There are an estimated 800 deer in our parks. Our resource management covers 8,697 acres of parkland and 65 historic sites and markers.

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Things to Look Forward to in 2020!

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A Look Back

We had another great year at Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Thank you for being a part of our organization!

New Restroom at Newport News Park Oyster Roast at City Center

Train Day at Denbigh Community Center

Summer Job Fair Series

Painting at Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center

Master Gardener's Tree Planting at Riverview Farm Park

One City, One Celebration! Marathon Event

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Newport News Parks, Recreation & Tourism FY19 Annual Report