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Derek Hale

The fiercly private Alpha talks about family and what it’s like to be the man behind the body.

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Boston 911

After a surprising betrayal, Lucian stumbles into trouble with a local coven. Will the one who broke his heart help him take them down? Or will he have to put his faith, and his life, in Jacob’s claws?

Lt. Lincoln and Lt. Matthew and their teams clash as new details about Ben Flightly’s death come to light. Monica decides to pursue a potential relationship with Lt. Lincoln.


Alpha Ink

Thursday 8/7c

Alphas Diana and Grey have a heart to heart as Thayne recovers. Shaneel and Kent’s partnership further deteriorates in the face of a swarm of supernatural insects. Tuesday 8/7c

Wednesday 8/7c

Kaytie and Jonny have a mated human/Alpha pair who want small tattoos to signify their union. The rest of the crew has to handle an entire pack all of whom want matching chest pieces. Saturday 6/5c

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(Season 6 Premieres Aug 6th)

(Season 4 Premieres Aug 23rd)

Little Red

Baker Street Irregulars

(Season 2 Premieres Sep 3rd)

(Series Premieres Sep 26th)

16 & Mated

(All New Episodes Sep 14th)


The Alpha of Entertainment

10 - The Young and the Packless 11 - As the Moon Rises 1 - The Wild and the Wilderness 2 - The Fangs of Our Minds 3 - Feral Hospital

It’s that time of year when the days melt into each other, all of nature slows to a sluggish crawl, and even the nights barely bring relief. That’s right boys and girls, it’s August, and that means this month is the Heat Moon. Now if you don’t want to be stuck sighing at the moon ‘cause your lover thinks it’s too wretched hot for a few rounds of lovin’, then you take Big Mama’s advice and make them this special jambalaya. It’s delicious (of course, would Mama ever steer you wrong?) and chock full of ingredients designed to make moans both in and out of the bedroom.

Jambalaya L’Amour


Ingredients 2 pounds bone-in chicken thighs 2 cups Chardonnay wine, divided 1 pound andouille sausage, cut in quarter moons 1 can (2 cups) diced tomatoes with juice 4 cups water 4 tsp Cajun seasoning 1 can cream of celery soup 1 can French onion soup 3 large bay leaves 1 stalk celery, finely diced 1 large red onion, finely diced 1 large bell pepper, finely diced 1 pound shrimp

2 Tbsp paprika 1 tsp salt 3 cloves garlic, pressed 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp dried rosemary 1/2 tsp dried thyme 1 tsp black pepper, freshly ground 1 large jalapeno pepper [optional] 2 cups uncooked long grain white rice 2 Tbs unsalted butter parsley, for garnish

Directions Place a large stockpot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add butter, celery, bell pepper, and onion; sauté, stirring frequently, until the vegetables are tender and onions are translucent, but not browned. You want those veggies to sweat like your lover does when you give them a striptease.

Then cut or pull apart the cooled chicken into bite-sized pieces. Return the chicken to the pot and continue to simmer for 15 minutes, stirring a couple of times to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom.

Stir in remaining wine and simmer for another Add chicken, Cajun seasoning, water, and 1 5 minutes, until rice is tender. This is a good cup of wine and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to time to set the table, light the candles, and put low and cover, simmering for 15 minutes. on some sexy music. Meanwhile, rinse rice in a large sieve with cold Remove the bay leaves and serve, garnishing running water, stirring constantly, until the each bowl with parsley and a couple drops water runs clear and set aside. of your favorite hot sauce. I also recommend serving some cool, fresh watermelon on the Remove chicken from pot and set aside to cool. side (another aphrodisiac? You’re damn right. Increase heat back up to medium high and Big Mama only plays in the big leagues). add all remaining ingredients (except for the remaining wine) to the pot and stir well. Bring Between the food and the ambiance, you won’t to a boil, then reduce heat to low, cover, and be at the table long enough to make it to dessert. simmer for another 15 minutes. That’s Mama’s guarantee. Don’t fret about it none, just bring a can of whipped cream back While that simmers, have yourself a glass of to the bedroom and call it a night. wine. You been working hard, you deserve it.


We asked what songs make you howl and you told us! Thank you to those that sent in suggestions! From the beautifully haunting tones of Florence Welch to the driving beats of Muse, each song on this playlist will give you the urge to bring your inner wolf to the surface, to let it play, to run, to howl into the sky. Some songs will be almost ethereal, like Florence and the Machine or Sissel & Espen Lind. Others will have a hard driving beat, something that will get your blood pumping, such as Imagine Dragons or Muse. Or ones that make you think about your pack and make you want to howl into the night , to bring them to you so you can run together, like TV on the Radio. We created a playlist on 8tracks so if you feel like turning up the music and howling at the moon... click on through and howl away! We have many choices, for all emotions. If you have suggestions for a future playlist, or if you have an entire playlist that you created that makes you throw your head back and scream at the moon, submit them to possibly appear in a future issue. Let us howl with you.


Track List Human Sweet Nothing Off to the Races Young Volcanoes Get Lucky Six Degrees of Separation Wolf Like Me Howl Radioactive Where The Lost Ones Go Death Valley

Daughter Calvin Harris & Florence Welch Lana Del Rey Fall Out Boy Daft Punk The Script TV on the Radio Florence + the Machine Imagine Dragons Espen Lind & Sissel Fall Out Boy

You can find this mix at








ASK ALPHA I’m not sure how many other ‘wolves have this issue, but... Well you see, I like my mate’s scent. Who doesn’t really? But I really like it. It gets distracting and it’s actually gotten to the point where I’ll take one of his shirts for a while; sleeping with it, wearing it under my own clothes, sniffing it while I jerk off. Is this normal? Should I tell him about it, and if so, how? - Serious Scenting Is this a recent mating? I know in my pack the newest are the hardest. And especially if your mate is human or bitten and doesn’t have a lifetime of experience with scenting it might be something that is strange and overwhelming to them. Talk it out slowly. No two matings are alike and no two mates are alike. And wouldn’t it be more fun to have them with their actual scent on top of you rather than just a shirt? I have recently become the alpha of my pack, and I’m struggling to adjust. I’m not a naturally authoritative person and I feel like my betas don’t respect me. They keep questioning my orders and even talk over me sometimes, which they would never have done with our former alpha. I know I need to assert my authority, but how can I get my pack to respect me when I spend so much time second-guessing myself? - Struggling Self doubt is a hard thing to overcome. That is the root of your issue. ‘Wolves, like humans, respond to confidence. I would say fake it until you make it, but that won’t fix your issue right away. Go out into the wilderness. I think maybe your new alpha self and you need to get better acquainted. Spend some time trying to figure out exactly how the two parts of yourself trying to get along. Once you know what kind alpha you are going be the others will see your confidence.


I’m a female Omega who recently moved to a small town, where I’m the only were. It’s a beautiful town, and at first it was great not having to worry about the usual pack politics nonsense, but now the werephobia is really getting me down! No one says anything to my face, but they must know I can hear their comments about my ‘time of the month’ and needing to shave. I had hoped that once the full moon passed people would see I’m totally in control and get to know me as a person, but it’s been two months now and everyone still smells so nervous and angry. Any suggestions how I can fit better into the human community? I’m a freelance writer so I can live anywhere, but I really love my new house and hate the idea of moving (again). - New in Town Humanity by nature is xenophobic. It is a survival trait that allowed them to flourish over the centuries. Perhaps it is not so much that you are a Were’ but rather an unknown Were’. Small towns are often very much like a pack. You need to find a way to be invited in. There has to be someone in the town that seems friendlier than the rest. Put real effort into making a friend. Maybe you won’t become loved by all right away, but becoming part of the community and in group will make life easier. Violet grew up in a human military family. Having come from a very structured family she set up the pack in a similar fashion. They all live in one large house. They do morning runs together and Violet makes sure that everyone has chores and tasks. They go on extended hikes into the mountains during a full moon and have spent three months in the desert on a survival exploration. She’s big on respect – both in earning it and giving it where it’s due.

Recently one of my packmates got very attached to a human. And that’d be fine normally, except this one is obnoxious! But my packmate is very attached to her new girl, and nothing I say seems to change it. Should I stand my ground or should I learn to get along?

-Hopefully Not A Lone Wolf

Dear Hopefully Not A Lone Wolf, Yours is the age-old question. It’s impossible to get along with everyone all of the time, but sometimes you can’t get along with them any of the time. For now, I say just grin and deal with it. Give things a chance and settle. If you’re lucky (or proactive), you might find the couple drifting apart anyway. And that human probably likes you as much as you like her, so if you’re around she might think twice about sticking around. If not, then it’s good practice for the rest of the time, because you’re going to just have to wait it out. I know, I know, that’s tough, but this is long run thinking here. For the sake of the pack, and for your own sanity, you’re just going to have to deal for the time being. Just remember the most important thing: Humans are very, very fragile. Make of that what you will. -Peter H

I feel like the others don’t always take me seriously. Not only am I the youngest, but I’m the last one who got turned, so everyone treats me as the wimpy little girl who needs to be protected. I tried dressing down and trying to be more serious, but it just feels like I’m lying and it’s not helping anyway. Have any advice? -Fierce and Fabulous Dear Fierce and Fabulous. Honey, I have so much advice. First of all, no. No no no. Do not change at all. You don’t need to wear sweatpants and ponytails to show them you’re strong. If you want to kick ass in high heels and sundresses that is 100 percent up to you. Just don’t wear red, I beg of you. There is nothing in the world more tacky than Little Red Riding hood jokes when you’re a werewolf. If you haven’t been around for long, you will see. Trust me. It doesn’t take long. As for the real situation, all I can tell you is to practice and train, and then hold nothing back. Be the strongest and the fastest, even if you are the youngest. Figure out how your enemies work and then go for the blind spot. I promise no one will treat you like a little girl once you’ve gouged someone’s eyes out. Also, I hear manicures make shifted claws even stronger, so feel free to indulge a little. It’ll make you feel lovely and help rend flesh from bone. Good luck. -Peter H

“Need advice? Email our columnists at”


Mysterious and enigmatic, alpha Hale reveals the man behind the sex-symbol.



s a reporter with Neckz n’ Throats Magazine, I’ve spoken with a number of people over the years, from models to alphas and everyone in between. Still, one learns quickly in this business that people love to subvert your expectations, so I had no idea what to expect when I sat down with Derek Hale.

Even as a born werewolf, an alpha, and focus of one of NnTM’s most rabid fanbases, Derek Hale remains a bit of an enigma. Even as a born werewolf, an alpha, and focus of one of NnTM’s most rabid fanbases, Derek Hale remains a bit of an enigma. His credentials as a model speak for themselves, as he has appeared in numerous advertisements, feature stories, and won the cover of Werewolves Illustrated: Marked Edition four years running. Recent months have found the young alpha stepping into the television world with cameos on some of our favorite WBN dramas. And yet, Hale rarely agrees to interviews, keeping his mysterious nature intact. When I spoke to him, he didn’t give away too much scandal - turns out that the rumors that he’s fiercely private are true - but Derek Hale did reveal himself to be an eloquent, engaging, and possibly off the market young gentleman.


The quality he most likes in a man/woman: Transparency.

The most important lesson he's learned about love: Love is terrifying and fear turns the best of us into assholes, which is why ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’ are words that so often go hand in hand.

My least favorite body part: My bunny teeth. My sisters tormented me about them throughout our childhood.

If I weren't a model/actor, I'd be a: Farmer. There’s something vastly appealing about living off the land.

My hidden talent is:

Playing the piano. And never losing a game of Candyland.

The best pickup line that worked on me was: “You’re an asshole, wanna make out?”

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is: Spend time with my pack. We all live very public lives and the weekends give us a chance just to be pack and rejuvenate together.


Hale’s reasons for branching out into film are not about more fame, but rather, a desire to show more versatility. He sometimes goes behind the camera in hopes of photographing and directing future NnTM shoots, and has found that a guest role allows him to spend time on set with the crew, learning as much as possible. We may have seen some of his work already, but Derek wants his work to speak for itself and declines to share any details. It’s no surprise to anyone, least of all Hale himself, that he’s seen as a werewolf sex symbol. More modest about it than one would expect, Derek believes that the credit for his body really goes to very good genes and a healthy lifestyle. His advice to others is to take care of their bodies - the pout he makes when saying pizza is off limits is too adorable - and then learn how to flaunt their best features. After a bit of pressure, he admits that a tight pair of gray slacks and a well-tailored shirt have gotten him through many a closed door. However, while Hale is appreciative of his fans and their value of his looks, the opinions that he esteems are those of friends and family, and they value him for very different things. However, his younger sister is not above bartering his headshots to get into parties.

Derek actually prefers his nude photo shoots, particularly those with a partner, to anything else. As for his favorite shoots, Derek actually prefers his nude photo shoots, particularly those with a partner, to anything else. Selling a brand or a product is easier, as the focus is to make an inanimate object look appealing. Working with someone else, without the crutch of clothing or things, requires a sense of connection with both his partner and the unseen audience and allows him to convey emotion in the photos. Derek is very much looking forward to an upcoming shoot with an unnamed individual he has “spent a lot of time with and grown very close to recently”. He’s certainly not the only one who can’t wait to see that issue.



1 - She caused destruction and devastation that has lasted through the seasons. 3 - Ep: Lydia goes missing from the hospital. 4 - Ep: An uncomfortable double date to the bowling alley. 5 - Tall, dark and stoic yet enjoys zambonis. 6 - Ep: An unexpected swim practice. 8 - Ep: Kate and Peter (human) are seen for the first time. 9 - Researcher, werewolf chew toy, comic relief and suffers from ADHD.


10 - Ep: Scott transforms for the first time. 11 - Ep: “I am the demon wolf.” 12 - Ep: The three-fold death is revealed. 13 - Ep: Scott’s eyes flash red for the first time. 14 - Ep: Stiles is introduced to his jeep by Erica. 15 - Ep: Allison is lured by a fake text message. 17 - Alpha that enjoys Danny’s company. 18 - Ep: Blue and orange stripes never looked so good. 23 - Ep: Scott dances with Danny.


1 - Alpha that doesn’t wear shoes. 2 - Ep: Derek says that Scott is the ‘alpha’ of his own pack. 7 - Ep: The most pathetic roar is broadcasted. 16 - Ep: Scott & Lydia make out. 19 - Alpha whose glare and eyebrows are legendary. 20 - Ep: Jackson is held hostage by Scott & Stiles. 21 - Ep: Scott & Stiles dig up Laura’s body. 22 - Ep: XXL large size condoms. 24 - Abused by his dad, ‘the bite’ gave him freedom. 26 - Ep: Peter makes a disturbing house visit. 28 - Alpha known for his brawn. 29 - Vengeful alpha to sassy undead uncle. 30 - Ep: Beatings, bruises, true love’s transformation & no ‘wolfy’ powers. 33 - He claims to be a gun distributor, but we know what he does.

36 - Ep: “It’s Armani.” 37 - Ep: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” 40 - She’s known for her beauty, but she has the brains to match. 41 - Ep: The zombie wolf arises. =) 43 - Ep: Stiles believes and it works. 45 - He is a vet, but what else is he? 46 - Ep: Boyd, Isaac, Ethan and Scott all face their insecurities. 49 - Wanting to be the best, he asks for ‘the bite’ and gets more than expected. 51 - Teacher that is the bane of Stiles’ existence. 52 - Guidance counsellor extraordinare, but what else is she? 53 - We don’t know his first name, but it’s his job to keep Beacon Hills safe. 54 - Teacher that seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time quite often.


Title of Teen Wolf episode in which the specified plot points occur 25 - Archer, werewolf hunter and Scott’s intermittent girlfriend. 27 - Alpha that is the alpha of the alphas. 30 - Obsessed with Allison & controlled the kanima, he met with a sad fate. 31 - Ep: Jackson shows us a disturbing oral fixation. 34 - Ep: The alpha pack is seen for the first time. 35 - Nurse & single mother, she discovered a big secret about her son in season 2. 36 - While he didn’t ask for ‘the bite’ and hated it at first, he’s slowly realizing his potential.

38 - Ep: The kanima gets a new master. 39 - Lacrosse goalie and Jackson’s best friend. Everyone likes him. 42 - Alpha that enjoys Lydia’s company. 44 - Former matriarch of the Argents. She tried to kill Scott and bit it in the end. 47 - She was the former alpha before Peter killed her to exact revenge. 48 - Economics teacher & lacrosse coach. 50 - Derek’s younger sister that he thought was dead for six years.




September 1st through 5th 2013

Neck of the Month

Allison Argent

She was called in for a last minute advertisement shoot a few months ago, but Allison Argent has become a fast favorite amongst Neckz ‘n Throats readers. As a member of one of the most influential Hunting families, Allison is no stranger to the world of werewolves. We sat down to talk with Allison for her first solo feature and were pleasantly surprised by how cheerful and genuine the Huntress is. Don’t let that smile fool you though: this warrior princess is a serious badass! NnTM is no stranger to humans doing shoots for the magazine, but a Hunter is rare. What interested you in this particular modeling field? Modeling was always an interest for me, though in high school it was mostly for bragging rights. And then it was to pay for my, shall we say, extracurriculars in college. Extracurriculars? I’m a bit of an archery fanatic. Even without the Hunting heritage, I just have this love for the legends of archers, like Artemis. My collection is extensive. I’ve also been nationally ranked since I was twelve. Anyway, I’ve kept up the modeling since I like doing it. That’s actually how I met my current boyfriends. Scott knew of a need for a few female models a couple issues ago; I sent in my portfolio and the rest, as they say, is history. I have to say that the reception I’ve gotten from the readers is just lovely. Everyone’s been so supportive, and I was a little worried about that initially.


Your family’s history with werewolves is obviously now and I don’t really have a checkered. say in where those ads appear. *Allison laughs* To put it mildly. My mother’s always had my back, though, and my dad’s Has that been problematic for very invested in improving the you in your line of work? reputation of Hunters, especially Not too much. Of course, this these days since werewolves are particular shoot will probably out in the open. So while they make for a few awkward family may not agree, I know I’ll always dinners. Most of my work has have their support. been in advertisements up until


Rumor has it you’re dating not one, but two NnT models. Most of our readers know about Scott McCall, but the other has remained a secret. Care to comment? I do prefer to keep some things private, as I’m sure you understand. But I will say that my personal life is very, very satisfying. *winks* And thank god for good concealer, right?!

Leo August is a wonderful time for the Leo, blessing your productivity with financial gain, such as a nice bonus from work. Take advantage of the windfall and the leniency towards vacation days and take your mate somewhere special to enjoy the starry skies of summer. An isolated cabin with plenty of outdoor ‘recreational’ space would be an excellent choice. Opportunities for communication and passion are strong under the Full Red Moon, so consider using this month to inspire your pack, both with words and visions for the future.

Virgo August finds Virgos benefiting greatly from their planetary configurations, with passion, romance, and eroticism in full swing. A Virgo with an eye on a special someone will want to take advantage of this time and make a move on that potential mate. Werewolves who are already mated can certainly increase the passion and romance this month. Try a trip to a summer fair for a bit of nostalgic romance, or a sneaky getaway to a mountain lake for a naked swim with your mate.


Passion exhibits itself in long term steadiness for the Sagittarius, settling strained relationships and allowing you to build on foundations for future bonds. Use this time to help newer pack members feel more settled amongst the others. Consider also that a vacation for you and your mate could reap great rewards.



A very romantic month for the Aries, the Red Moon brings about both the new and renewed in your life. A mated werewolf will enjoy the reinvigorated sex life that often falls under this moon, while the unmated are likely to find a new love on the horizon. Make your move early and you’ll be reaping the benefits of stronger passion towards the end of August.


Capricorns experience some of the strongest levels of passion this month, to the point that said passions can be overwhelming and bring you to violent reactions. Look to enjoy the best part of passion and explore a wild summer fling or tempt your mate with a hot and steamy summer night.

Taurus Sentiment and open communication rule the Taurus during the Full Red Moon, providing ample opportunity to bond with your mate and express your love. Use this time to share with your pack as well, encouraging packmates in their endeavors and creating new summer memories to cherish together.

StarSigns August is the month of The Sturgeon Moon, so named for the excellent fishing this time of year, but we here at Neckz n Throats prefer the lesser used name, The Full Red Moon. Red is, after all, the color of passion, and few people know passion quite like a werewolf. Check out your star sign for the best way to turn a hot August day into a steamy summer night.


Libras must be ready to roll with the punches under the Full Red Moon. Just as the color red incites romantic passions, so can it bring out less appealing sides, causing strain between pack members or mates. Anticipate the strife so that you can react in an uplifting manner, insuring your summer still ends on a pleasant note.


The Full Red Moon finds the Aquarius moving into more secure and serious relationships. For those who have found their mate and are in a serious relationship, this month may be the perfect time to pop the question. Unmated are likely to find a romantic interest, and if you’ve been seeing someone, take the next step and introduce the special someone to your pack.


The Gemini werewolf will find sensuality, lust, and pleasure take center stage during August, begging you to enjoy the carnal benefits of a relationship. If you find yourself feeling a bit adventurous in the bedroom this month, embrace those desires, as this is a wonderful time to try out new and exciting pleasures.


Sentiment is strong this month for Scorpios, and emotional bonds will benefit greatly from encouragement and care from you. Those mated may find their mate pulling away towards the end of the month due to increased stress. Practice emotional encouragement and support through this difficult time.


August is a month full of sensuality and erotic desire for the Pisces, leading many to approach you. Take time for a torrid summer affair if you must, but don’t let the object of your desire become too clingy. August also brings out the creativity in a Pisces, offering you the chance to inspire through your work.


Cancers take on challenges and enjoy fierce passion during August’s Red Moon, and shouldn’t be afraid to do either. Take on adventure and make bold strides in love, as the moon is on your side. Both mate and pack members will benefit from your fiery zeal.


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Upcoming Issue Look for our next issue coming out October 2013. Issue #3’s theme will be centered around werewolf and other supernatural lore in honor of the Halloween / Saturnalia season. We’ll be looking for articles and art featuring the fall season, so get ready to work on your autumnal submissions. Vote for issue #3’s Cover Model Contests: Are you an author? Do you have a story you’d like to see featured in our magazine? If so, submit your story to us for a chance to win an artist’s rendering of a cover for your ‘book’ and a review in the next issue of Neckz ‘n Throats Magazine. Submit your vote here. Not a writer but an avid reader? Do you have a favorite fic that you would like to see featured in our magazine? If so, submit your favorite story to us for a chance to win an artist’s rendering of a cover for your favorite ‘book’ and a review in the next issue of Neckz ‘n Throats Magazine. Submit your vote here. (Note: The story does not have to be within the Neckz ‘n Throats universe, it can be any fic you’d like) As always, keep an eye on the blog for information on submissions, contests, and opportunities!



GAMING CARDS: Mint condition Were-Wars Cards collection for sale. Includes limited edition Spark expansion pack. $500. - Luke Moonwalker For further details, e-mail me at:

MAKE A MISTAKE WITH ME: Unrequited love is a bitch, looking for a rebound. Gender doesn’t matter but only Alphas please because sometimes you just want to piss off your own Alpha, am I right? Call 555-532-5687

CHAINS: Lightly used werewolf-grade chains for sale. Perfect for newly-bitten werewolves or kinky fun times. Or both. $100 OBO. Call 555-133-8474

MISSED CONNECTION: You came into Beta Brews and ordered a chai latte. I told you I liked your scarf. I can’t stop thinking about the way you smiled at me. Can we meet again? - Bewitched Barista

BOOK SERIES: Looking for a good home for wellloved Nancy Druid series. $100; willing to lower the price for the right person. BONDAGE: Bondage For Dummies complete with starter bondage kit for sale, includes special werewolf chapter and instructions for lacing bonds with wolfsbane correctly. Never been used. $60 OBO. Call 555-266-3243

MAKE MY BROTHER HAPPY: Alpha sister looking for a suitable mate for Beta brother. All sorts welcome, except strict screening process. Must be able to put up with surliness and sass. Email: LADIES NIGHT: SF Beta looking for a good time with ladies. Humans welcome, please no overprotective Alphas. - Bombshell Beta Tweet @bombshellbeta1 57



RESEARCH PAPER: HOUSEKEEPER: College student looking to interview Local pack needs housekeeper. werewolves for class project. Alphas, Cooking skills required, experience Betas, Omegas, born wolves, bitten with werewolves not. wolves; no matter where you fall, if Respond to ad with resume. you’re comfortable talking about your instincts, life, and pack dynamics, please contact. Online or phone MEDIATION: interviews are possible. Territory dispute needs outside Call 555-4423; ask for S. mediator. WERETASIA: MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE. Compensation will be given, please WERE-FRIENDLY NIGHT CLUB JUST OPENING IN BEACON HILLS contact ASAP. Call 555-633-4283 and ask for the AREA. COME JOIN US; ALPHAS GET IN FREE. Alpha. 117 Industry Rd, Beacon Hills. RECEPTIONIST: BOOKCLUB: Alpha International looking for new Fledgling bookclub specifically receptionist. geared towards those trashy werePrevious experience required. mance novels you swear you don’t - Alpha International read. Come join our discussion Send resumes to: admin@ group! We promise not to judge. We meet at Beta Brews every Saturday at 10am. WRITER NEEDED: Ghostwriter needed for Dear SheWolf advice column. Send writing samples along with resume. - She Wolf 58

NEWLY BITTEN: New werewolf looking for a welcoming, stable pack to show him the ropes. -Hopeful Beta Call 555-3211.

Movies you feel in your bones.

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Neckz 'n Throats Magazine Issue #2  
Neckz 'n Throats Magazine Issue #2  

Neckz 'n Throats is a werewolf culture magazine for those interested in appreciating the neck and throat of someone’s body. This fan-created...