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Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Board Information/ Editor’s Desk

Letter from the NNR President We have had an amazing year because we have had such a supportive community and wonderful NNR Board to organize many activities and events. There have been trips to Chatuchak and Ayutthava, we have learned some Bollywood dance steps, listened to Bossa Nova music, served lunch to 300 residents at the Reception Home for the Destitute, held a very successful Bazaar, and published 4 newsletters with distribution to over 1000 residents in the Nichada Thani area. I would like to share with you the Charitable Contributions from Jan. 1 - Nov. 12, 2012: Flood Relief Purchases 162,000.00 Baan Rachawadee for Boys 30,000.00 Baan Rachawadee for Girls 15,000.00 Baan Fuang Faa 15,000.00 Central Welfare&Voc CenterWomen 15,000.00 Mae Sot Refugee Children's Box 20,000.00

Klong Prem & Lad Yai Prison 30,000.00 Reception Home for Destitute 30,000.00 Sang Tawan Children's Home 30,000.00 Rainbow House Rehab Center 30,000.00 Sparrow Home Babies of Prisoners 30,000.00 Charitable Contributions - Other 30,600.00 China Charity 57,840.00 Total Baht 495,440.00

The NNR Board Wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas season, New Year, and safe travels. We hope to see you all in 2013. The next newsletter will be published in February. Patricia Kenrick, President, NNR Board

NNR BOARD 2012 Chairperson

Patricia Kenrick

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Birgitta Damgard Alexandra Ries

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NNR Socials

Sarah Glaze

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Newsletter Editor

Liz Lu (Co-editor) Laura Sadowski (Co-editor) Casey Corning (Proof Reader)

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Distribution Coordinator

Heather Powell

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Charity Volunteer Coordinator

Susan Curtis

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NNR is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the Nonthaburi community and supporting local 2charities since 1994. We achieve this by publishing a free monthly newsletter that has a distribution of 1000 copies. We host monthly coffee mornings, an annual charity bazaar and organize monthly tours. There are no membership dues.

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

NNR Tour and Socials

December Festive Soiree! Mulled Wine and Christmas Spirit! To get us in the holiday mood, Gill Adams has very kindly agreed to welcome the NNR Community to her home for a Christmas social evening. Partners welcome! We shall enjoy a glass of mulled wine and other festive treats whilst listening to carols and admiring Gill’s beautiful Christmas decorations. This could be an opportunity for you to put on your dancing shoes for some ‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’. We are also promised a few seasonal surprises…ho ho ho! Date: Thursday, December 13th Time: From 5pm Venue: Gill Adam’s House, 39/214, Soi 5, Nichada Park Gill and Vic have very generously offered to cater for us, and we think it is only appropriate to think of others less fortunate than ourselves at this time of year and therefore ask for donations to our NNR Charities. The suggested minimum donation is 500 baht per person. As Gill needs to have an idea of numbers for catering, please RSVP to: Sarah Glaze at by December 10th

Holiday Home Decoration Tour: December 7th (NoJanuary Tour) The Holiday Home Tour is back by popular demand. Join us as we travel around Nichada in groups led by Santa’s helpers to visit homes decked in holiday cheer! We will start at Patricia Kenrick’s house, 228 Nichada Park on Friday December 7th at 9:30 am. Be on time or Santa’s elves will leave you behind! The tour begins at 10am, and we will return to Patricia's around noon to enjoy some holiday cheer and nibbles. Please bring a dish to share. Santa’s sleigh is in for repairs, so we are asking for some golf carts or cars to help get the groups between houses. Post-Tour Shopping: Santa is always thinking! He knows that after seeing those beautiful homes, some of us might need to do some shopping. Christmas vendors will be set up at Patricia's house to assist with all of those shopping needs. Contact Birgitta at Premier 3, 39/1068. Pay 200 baht to reserve your spot. Include name and phone number and if you have a golf cart or car. Limited number of spaces! Sign-up early! 3

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Cover Story: Relieving Holiday Stress

Cheerful Endings and Mindful Beginnings A Guide to Reducing Stress, Setting Goals and Enjoying the Holidays Tips on Surviving the Hectic Holiday Season Even in the best of years, the holiday season has its challenges. Along with the thrill comes the social expectation to "be joyful." Undeniably, the phrase "coerced joy" may seem oxymoronic, but it often describes a significant aspect of the holiday experience. Catch phrases such as “the best treasures of the holidays come without batteries or assembly required” reflect social expectations and are ever present. Yet, with all of the excitement and anticipation of the school break, thoughts of visitors and family, new destinations in Asia or the anticipated return home, why do the holidays feel so burdensome? Each year around this time, conversations turn to the predictable topic of stress. Stress related to travel, children, family and visitors. Like ghosts in the night, old issues, long dormant, reappear at holiday time. How is it that an adult with a partner and child can walk into their parents' home and instantly feel 15 years old again? The anticipation of a holiday encounter can lead any adult to feel slightly unhinged in a way that few other situations do. Let's face it, no one can upset you like a family member. Even ‘good stress’ can wreak havoc on our central nervous system. Although good stress can be perceived as psychologically different than bad stress, our bodies interpret it the same way physiologically, causing changes in sleep patterns, eating habits, and coping responses. This is all compounded by travel plans, time change, loss of structure and support (thank you hired help!). It is no wonder a 3-week whirlwind feels like you have been to the moon and back. Moreover, don’t forget the parties, overindulgences, second helpings, lack of exercise, the uncomfortable guestroom bed, feeling stuck in conversation with a distant third cousin, and all the clean up that goes with the extraordinary celebrations. Have we even talked about gift exchange yet? Oh, the expectations. Is it fair to say, the holidays may be the best time to give ourselves a break. As I write, I think of all of our wonderful local resources who both directly and indirectly influence our community. A daily mantra (‘breathe’…thank you Sharka!), a quick run followed by some serious toning (thank you Marie, Jack and JT!), a dose of meditation (thank you Ellie!), a peaceful massage (thank you Bamboo!), and some mindfulness (thank you Siri!) around staying present centered and taking in the moment, enjoying the chaos, absorbing the laughter, and appreciating that those you care about most are healthy and psychologically stable (on most days). In all aspects of change and self-improvement, awareness is the first step. Anticipating the challenges of your stressors allows you to plan for some personal space and set realistic expectations for the upcoming encounters.


Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Cover Story: Continued

Much of our experience is based on perception, which is firmly rooted in tradition of cultural and family values. At times, although treasured and exciting, the expectations can feel overwhelming. Many people struggle mentally with balancing the needs of the immediate family with the expectations of the extended family. Emotions tend to run high, family baggage often aired out in age old stories that miraculously become over-inflated with time, and the “vacation” suddenly becomes what I often refer to as a “family business trip.” Despite these issues, the holidays will come and go as always and you will emerge on the other end. As a clinical psychologist, I would be remiss if I did not offer some suggestions from the American Psychological Association for coping with the challenges of the holiday season. 1. Take time for yourself – There may be pressure to be everything to everyone. Remember that you are only one person and can only accomplish certain things. Remind yourself that it is ok to be selfish. Sometimes self-care is the best thing you can do—others will benefit when you are stress- free. Go for a long walk, get a massage, take time out to listen to your favorite music or read a new book. All of us need some time to recharge our batteries—by creating space you will actually have more energy to accomplish your goals. 2. Have realistic expectations – No Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or other holiday celebration is perfect; view inevitable missteps as opportunities to demonstrate flexibility and resilience. A lopsided tree or a burned brisket won’t ruin your holiday but your reaction to it might Rather, allow it to create a family memory. If your children’s wish list is outside your budget, talk to them about the family’s finances this year and remind them that the holidays are not about expensive gifts. 3. Remember what’s important – The barrage of holiday expectations can make you forget what the holiday season is really about. When your holiday list is running longer than your energy, scale back and remind yourself that what makes a great celebration is people, not store-bought presents, elaborate decorations or gourmet food. 4. Seek support – Talk about your annoyances, anxiety or any other negative emotion with your friends and family. They may feel similar pressures. Getting things out in the open can help you navigate your feelings and work toward a solution for your stress. If you continue to feel overwhelmed, consider seeing a professional to help you manage your holiday stress. 5. Remind yourself that holidays are temporary. You will soon be back in Nichada with your structure and support system. Kids will return to school, you will have your bed and your personal space back, your beloved golf cart, someone will wash your clothes and you will not be living out of a suitcase. For those hosting, visitors will eventually leave and things will return to normal. In summary, the stress response is a complex one. Psychologically, stress is a response triggered by an event which takes us right back to the fundamental emotions and memories from the past. These 5

Cover Story: New Beginnings

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

memories can sometimes trigger anger, fear or other negative emotions. When the interactions feel overwhelming, engage in mindful positive self-talk. Be true to yourself, remember exactly who you are and most importantly who you are not. Advice on Enjoying a Mindful New Year…… January 1 is not only the start of another year but also an opportunity for self-discovery. With the dawn of a new year and new possibilities for self or life improvement comes both hope and anxiety. Lose a little weight, stop smoking, exercise more, eat whole foods, and be fiscally responsible seem to be among the favorites. Many individuals are conservative and only select a goal or two to tackle each year. After all, we are only human, and it takes a lot of thinking to change a pattern or ingrained routine. If you’re diligent and work hard, you might see a change but for most of us, it’s an exercise in futility by the time March 1st comes along. Why does that happen? How do we lose our motivation and why do we slip back into our old, familiar ways? Why can’t we learn to change our ways? These are all questions that we ought to be asking, but rarely do. Instead, we wait until the following year and begin the process all over again. Why? Because changing a behavior is REALLY hard, even when we’re highly motivated to do so. Before we can change behavior, help develop it, or expand it, we need to understand its origins. With the advances in technology and neuro-imaging, we now know so much more about brain function in the context of our own behaviors. As it turns our brains are resistant when it comes to changing something we’ve done for awhile or something we find pleasurable. Researchers from Stanford University recently published a book on willpower and describe the brain as something that operates on the concepts of “I will”, “I won’t”, and “I want.” If you think about behavior change in your own life, this makes a lot of sense. The “I want” part of our brains, or the midbrain, is actively seeking our desires while the front part of our brain tells us to “cool it” and stay on target. If you think about it this way you realize that your brain is struggling with itself whenever you are working on changing your ways. Moreover, upwards of 40% of our day is rooted in habit, not mindful and deliberate behaviors. Wow. This adds a whole new spin on how we should be thinking about or teaching behavior change. We need to spend more time on our conscious awareness of our behavior to kick our brains into the “I will” actions. And, like any new learning or behavior change it isn’t quick, cannot be fixed with a pill and is not based on the school calendar. Learning and behavioral change happens over the course of our lives. Age and context are also important variables.


Cover Story: Continued

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Commitment to change is a psychological and a behavioral process that requires attention, commitment, self-examination and mindfulness. It is a deliberate gift that only we can give to ourselves. Remember that many of the behaviors we exhibit today are deeply ingrained and can be traced back to childhood. With that said, change can and does occur if we are motivated and mindful in the process. Here are some tips to start the process: 1.Beginning with a positive approach and an analysis of previously disrupted good intentions is a good place to start. 2. A crucial mistake is declaring too many resolutions. Trying to eat better, exercise more, quit smoking, and reduce stress is too much to focus on at once. Pick a realistic, clearly defined, attainable goal and work toward it with conviction. 3. Make sure it is your goal and not someone else’s goal. 4. Make a plan and write it down. Plan what you’d like to accomplish in a specific time period. Achieving small goals over time gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going. Writing your goals down is a good way to keep track of your progress and hold yourself accountable for lack thereof. 5. Involve friends and family. They can support your efforts, and can motivate you to keep going. 6. Setting a personal goal is not a “promise” which can never be broken. Forgive yourself. If you get off track, it is not a failure. Review your plan and make adjustments. 7. Congratulate yourself when your intermediate goals or resolutions are met. The most important point to consider when deciding on your resolutions is to decide if you are truly willing to make the change in your life. External factors typically will not keep you motivated to attain your goal. Many people fail out of fear or do not fully realize how the goal can benefit their every day lives. When you decide on your resolution, make a plan of action and list the ways it will improve your life. When motivation comes from within, you are more likely to keep up the fight. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out for professional help. There are a wealth of resources here in the Nonthaburi community. Whether your goal is financial, physical, relational, emotional or personal, there are professionals in this community that can help. Debra Brosius, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Charity Contact Information You can make a difference right here in Nonthaburi. NNR has supported many local charities through the years, but the real support comes from the volunteers who donate their time, energy and love to those less fortunate. Here are some of the charities we support. For more information about how you can be part of this group of volunteers or to volunteer at any of the charities we sponsor, contact: Charity Volunteer Coordinator Susan Curtis at 080 043 2735.

Klong Prem Prison (Men) Lad Yai Prison (Women) Address: Mission:

Baan Feung Faa Address: Mission:



Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret A government orphanage for mentally and/ or physically handicapped children. It houses over 500 children from birth to 10. Volunteers to play with, and stimulate the children, as well as drive children to medical appointments. Also needed are toys, clothes, musical instruments Louise Weavers

Baan Rachawadee (for Boys) Project OGAT Telephone: 02 583 8426 Ext 116 Address: 78/6 Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret Mission: A rehabilitation home for mentally & physically handicapped boys ages 7 - 18. Needs: Money, art supplies, etc.; volunteers to provide compassion & to help with games, music, art & walks Contact: Dorothy Klynstra 085 3204523 Email:

Baan Rachawadee (for Girls) Website: Address: Mission:


Contact: 78/15 Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret Provide residential care and rehabilitation services for mentally handicapped girls whose ages are between 7 - 18 years old. Sports equipment, money, art supplies, etc.; volunteers to provide compassion & to help with games, music, art & walks. Khun Pimban 02 583 6731 Ext 888

Central Welfare & Vocational Training for Women Contact: Website: Telephone: Address: Mission:

Needs: 8

K.Piyada, Deputy Director 02 961 1882 / 02 583 8350 Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret Provide vocational training for disadvantaged women enabling them to earn income to support their families. Money, fabric, computers, clothes, toiletries, personal hygiene products.

Contact: Phone:

33/2 Ngamwongwan, Chatuchak Help with prison visits and to care for terminally ill prisoners. Johara Nour 086 061 6608

Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute Telephone: Address: Mission: Needs: Website: Contact:

02 583 0044 / 02 582 0771 78/12 Moo 1, Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret This organization offers food, shelter, medicine, & training to homeless adults. Adult diapers, Dettol disinfectant, clothes, toiletries & money Liz Lu 086-784-7171

Rainbow House Rehabilitation Center Contact: Website: Telephone: Mission:

K. Chariya Saenwian, Managing Director 02 503 1270 / 081 985-5517 A daycare facility run by Christian Care Foundation for children with disabilities. Caregivers & teachers prepare the children for normal home life & school.

Sang Tawan Children's Home Telephone: Address: Mission:

Needs: Contact:

Khun Tat, Director 02 521-1744, 081 402- 7795 3/710 Phahonyotin Soi 48, Bangkok 10220 A home for abandoned children, providing a permanent residence for 10 children under 9 years. Donations are needed to meet their monthly living expenses. Tiffany Hebard 02 960 3730

Sparrow Home for Babies of Prisoners Telephone: Address: Mission:

Needs: Contact:

K. Noi, Supervisor 02-503-5144/089 685 9974 20/1 Soi 63 Samakee, Pakkret The home is for children of female prisoners waiting to be reunited with their mothers. Volunteers are needed to play, feed & bathe the children. Claudia Stone 02 583 0550

YMCA of Pakkret Contact: Khun Saisom Komalasevin, Exec. Director Telephone: 02 583 0998 Address: 99/19 Chaengwattana, Pakkret

Thank You

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Bollywood Night Thank-you to Alina Eddy I would like to extend a HUGE Thank You to Alina Eddy for hosting our November Bollywood Bash at her amazing house. Alina, you are the hostess with the mostest, and you have certainly set a Gold Standard for NNR Happy Hours. My only worry is, how are we ever going to follow that? Does anyone know a Gangnam Style instructor!? Not only did we get the opportunity to browse and buy some unique pieces from Jurema Baker, we enjoyed a delicious variety of food and curries followed by the liveliest entertainment ever seen at an NNR Happy Hour-dancing Bollywood style! Everyone had so much FUN. Alina arranged for Shouvik, a Bollywood dance instructor, to take us all through a few moves. Let’s just say, I think it was an evening that none of us will forget in a hurry. Jurema is a Brazilian Designer living in Malaysia who creates beautiful home decor items using a specialized lacquering technique, every item is not only beautiful but unique. I bought a Coconut Boat and my only regret is that I didn’t buy another one for my home in London. I was beaten to the red one that caught my eye, a valuable lesson learnt, when shopping, do not dither! Jurema is a very interesting lady, passionate about her vocation and extremely generous. She kindly donated 15% of her takings plus two of her beautiful unique pieces of art which we raffled on the evening. I am delighted to announce that due to her generosity we raised 17,000 Baht for NNR Charities. What a wonderful way to round off an amazing evening. Thank again to Alina, Jurema and Shouvik and to everyone for coming along and entering into the spirit of things. Sarah Glaze, Chair, NNR Socials


Charity Spotlight

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Spotlight on TeenageVolunteer Molly Nelson There are wise women in Nichada who inspire me with their giving spirits, their selflessness, their gentleness and their willingness to help others. None of them, however, is 18-years old. Teenagers have the reputation, and rightly so, if I look back on my own experience as one, of being self-centered, self-serving, and self-absorbed. In the case of short-time Nichada visitor and volunteer Molly Nelson, all teenage stereotypes fly out the window. I met Molly two months ago when she visited Thailand before starting school at the University of Georgia. She came to Thailand to make herself useful and to serve others. (How's that for a refreshing attitude?) She was staying with the Kearns family who were friends of Molly's parents, and Becky Kearns had asked me if Molly could join me on a few different volunteering outings. Always eager for new recruits, I happily agreed to take Molly to the prison and to the orphanages I visit. Because of her age and because I hadn't met her yet, I expected her to make a visit, probably at the prompting of her mother or Becky, and then I would never see her again. I was all wrong about Molly. She kept coming back week after week, to Lard Yao prison, to Ban Feung Fah and Ban Ratchawadee orphanages, to the refugee camp, and to our church's youth group. And she didn't just take the fun jobs. Whatever situation she found herself in (mostly ones I assigned her!), whether it was feeding a severely disabled teen who had trouble swallowing or visiting a woman in the prison who was HIV positive and convicted of drug charges, Molly handled every situation with grace, kindness and a quiet enthusiasm. No complaints. Just a willing heart to help, all the way up until the day before she left Thailand on November 20. I also got to spend time with Molly in my bible study class where we studied the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs and where she proved to be just as wise as (if not wiser than) the older women in the class. I would love to see more Mollys in the neighborhood. Actually, I would like to be more like Molly. It's good to have wise, loving women around. Even when they are disguised as teenaged girls! Susan Curtis, Chair, NNR Charities


Charity Spotlight

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

NNR Donates & Serves Thanksgiving Lunch at Reception Home On Nov. 20, NNR volunteers donated their time to serve a Thanksgiving lunch to more than 300 residents at the Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute. In addition to donating money to sponsor a Thai meal of noodles and meatballs, NNR volunteers also brought homemade banana bread and fresh fruit as special treats. NNR President Patricia Kenrick said that all the residents loved the treats and the interaction with the volunteers, who were “quite the distraction from the long days” in the Home. She said the group had the chance to meet two elderly, frail women who were best friends. One was blind, and her sighted friend fed her and sat with her through the day. True A resident writes her name for NNR volunteers friendship even in the most dire situation! Since the menu at the home varies very little, the Thanksgiving lunch was a feast and a rare treat for the residents. “It is heart-warming to know that serving a piece of fruit and bread can brighten some one's day just a little,” Patricia said. Hope some of you can join us the next time we go! Thank you to Liz Lu for organizing and to volunteers Alexandra Ries, Patricia Kenrick, Laura Sadowski, Juliana Magalhaes, Birgitta Damgard, Ellie Edelhoff, Diane Reagan and Sharon Nagy. Susan Curtis, Chair, NNR Charities (Ed. Note: Thank you also to Sarah Glaze, Susan Curtis, and Noelle Angel for their help. Much appreciation to Linda Feltham, Natalie Lollback, and Maria Burr for their time and donations to the Home.)

If anyone is interested in helping to serve Christmas lunch at the Reception Home, please email Liz Lu:


Tour Tales

NNR’s Christmas Factory Tour and Riverside Dining a Hit with Nichada Ladies On November 16, a group of lovely ladies set off on a tour to the Christmas shop nearby in Nonthaburi. The Christmas shop stocks decorations, trees, angels, santas, nativity items, and just about every type of decoration you could imagine. As it’s an export shop, the quality and range was impressive. Decorations of every shape and size were the popular items purchased on the day, along with a few Christmas trees and Mr. and Mrs. Claus and Nativity characters. The only problem some of us had was not having enough cash on us to buy all these lovely things! The shop staff offered to deliver all of our goods, which was great as there was no way that we and our purchases were going to fit back on the bus! After a morning of shopping, we headed off to the River Tree House for a lovely group lunch, where we all ate a table full of shared dishes and got to sample foods we’ve never tried before. The seafood curries and the salads were a real hit with everyone. The bus got us back to ISB in plenty of time for school pick up, and we were definitely ready for a little nap when we got home. Thanks for a lovely outing ladies. Looking forward to next time! Bernadette Cummins-Bowler


Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013


Restaurant Review: Sukhumvit Area

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

QUINCE Eatery & Bar Quince is a fun, funky kind of place. The unique flavors of Thailand need little introduction and Quince fits in well with that description. Their dishes are fresh, eclectic, and tasty. By using locally sourced ingredients, Australian chef Jess Barnes has created a great selection of dishes in the European/Thai/Morrocan fusion style. Both vegetarians and carnivores alike can expect to be pleased. They have a varied liquid libation list to choose from including microbrewed ales. All of the dishes that we tried were visually appealing, fresh, healthy and delicious! Much of the interior design appears to be from their cool furniture store situated right next door, Casa Pagoda. What could be better than doing a little shopping followed by a short walk next door for an attractive meal complete with an interesting cocktail such as a Rattlesnake Mojito (it was delightful), a Quince Vesper for the gin lover, or a nice glass of wine? By the way, a quince is a small fruit-bearing tree in the rose family, native to western Asia. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner everyday. Soi Suk Samoe Vadhana, Sukhumvit Soi 45, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110 02-662 4478 Dianne Letsch

Aroi Dee ISB A Culinary Journey Across 60 Countries The ISB PTA and Booster Club are collaborating to produce a cookbook, envisioned to comprise recipes from the entire ISB community, as well as tips on healthy eating, where to find those hard-to-get ingredients in Bangkok, and much more. The sponsored cookbook -- aptly called Aroi Dee ISB-- will feature around 250-300 favorite family recipes from all over the world, reflecting the multi-cultural community of ISB. The cookbook is expected to be available for sale this Spring. The proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will be channeled towards ISB’s Tsunami relief ‘After The Wave’ efforts as well as supporting the ISB PTA and Booster Club. We will be accepting recipes until January 30 from ISB families. You can visit our web site at for more information about the cook book. This cookbook promises to be one that everyone will be happy to own and proud to give as a gift! Thanks to the community for your support! ISB PTA and Booster Club 14


NNR News: Successful Bazaar

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

NNR Bazaar A Big Success! Thank You to All Supporters It appeared that the shoppers and venders had a fun day at the 18th Annual NNR Charity Bazaar on Nov. 8th. We want to thank the venders, raffle prize donors, volunteers and sponsors of this event. Please thank them by shopping at their businesses. This is Carla Zeitune’s third year to organize the bazaar and she did another fantastic job with the help of Khun Tipwan Smagpong. The Bazaar brought in 327,000 baht and will help us to continue our support of the charities in our neighborhood. I wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season. Please know that you helped a disabled child, a homeless elderly person, a refugee or expatriate prisoner in Thailand by contributing your money or your time to the NNR Charities. We are so blessed to be able to live in this beautiful country and give back to those in need. Patricia Kenrick President, NNR Board


January 24 Coffee Social: White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange To welcome us all back after the Christmas holidays we are having a coffee social morning with a bit of fun thrown in! For those of you who haven’t played the White Elephant Gift Exchange Game before, it is more about entertainment than the quality of the gift. We take turns unwrapping and ‘stealing” gifts. It can be very amusing as well as rather telling of human nature! Gifts are typically humorous items and usually unwanted gifts, hence White Elephant. Date: Thursday, January 24th Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm Venue: Jennifer Bradley’s House 39/201, Soi 1, Nichada Park (on the corner) Feel free to bring a wrapped gift with you if you wish to join in the fun of the Gift Exchange game. Please don’t feel you need to spend large amounts of money, just bring an unwanted item from your home. If you can, please bring a plate of baked goods or fruit to share. For more information call Sarah Glaze on 081 793 0806 17

Community Bulletin Board

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

The purpose of the Community Bulletin Board is to provide information about local organizations and activities which are available for a fee. If you would like to advertise your business here, please submit your announcement by the 15th of each month to Cost per announcement is 400 baht. Vinyasa Yoga Develop strength, flexibility, balance, focus and awareness coordinating movement and breath. Thursdays 8.15-9.45 am: Clark Hatch Gym above Starbucks. All levels welcome. Contact: Ellie Edelhoff 087-000-2464 or 02-9879677 Email: Sunset Yoga All levels welcome for a session of breath work, stretching, movement, and restorative poses. Tuesdays 5.30– 6:45pm Located at Clark Hatch Gym above Starbucks. Meditation Courses (Individual or group) Learn to meditate-TM style. Relieves stress and anxiety. Improves health, academic, athletic, and professional performance. Easy natural, anyone can learn. Expert instruction by a 30-year teacher of meditation. Contact Ellie Edelhoff for more information., www., Ranger Boot Camp Come join in the "FUN" & "GET FIT" Classes for all fitness levels Days: Monday - Saturday Times: Mornings, Afternoons, and Evenings Contact: Jack at 087-552-6007 Email: Yoga Welcomes Everyone Monday 10:00 am Easy and restorative. Wednesday 7:45 am Level II 9:40 am Prenatal Class Friday 8:45 am Level I @Studio 3rd Fl, equipped with all yoga props By Napisa C. Pant, 12+ years teaching, 400+ hrs of training. 086-975-7187 Email:

This space is available! Contact us if you would like to advertise your business here! 18

Pilates Group Classes The Pilates method strengthens the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles. It also improves alignment and posture, and increases balance and flexibility. The Swiss Ball is fun and challenges your core and balance. Group classes are held at the Nichada aerobics room above Starbucks. Mon: 8:45am Pilates Mix Matwork 4pm Matwork Thurs: 4pm Matwork Fri: 7:30am Pilates on the Swiss ball If you prefer a more personal approach, Private Machine Sessions (Reformer, Cadillac, MVe Chair) are available for core strength training & rehabilitation. Contact: Tiffany 081-860-9593 Email: Ashtanga Yoga (evening class) For those who work during the day. Dynamic and fast-paced. Beginners and intermediate. Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00 PM, Regent Gym. Classes begin in October. Contact: Raisa 082-683-5148 (SMS) or email

Bollywood Dance Class Bollywood dance is a fusion of Western dance with traditional classical Indian dance styles. It’s funky, sexy, fun... and it’s a great workout! Classes every Tuesday and Thursday:10am Regent Dance studio, Nichada Thani. Contact: Irit: 086 004 4840

Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga with Alignment and Techniques of Iyengar Yoga Beginners to Advanced: Everyday Mon-Fri, 8am-9:30am ProClub 2nd Floor. Contact: Juan Bodan 081-285-3050 or visit website





Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013


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Cooking Corner: Holiday Favorites

Holiday Cooking

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Bionic Jean's Famous Egg Nog

An accompaniment that’s perfect with turkey, a beverage that’s as decadent as it is delicious, and breakfast that will please the whole family-here are some holiday favorites from our neighbors that we 1 dozen eggs can all enjoy! 1-1/2 cups sugar 1/3 cup powdered sugar 1 quart milk 1 quart vanilla ice cream 1 pint whipping cream 1 pint bourbon 2 cups cranberries 1 pint dark rum 2 mangoes, peeled and 1 pint vodka cubed nutmeg ¼ cup water

Karla’s Cranberry Chutney

¼ cup triple sec or orange liqueur 1 Tbsp garam masala ½ tsp cinnamon ¼ cup chopped red onion ¼ cup chopped cilantro Place fruit in a medium saucepan over medium/high heat and add water and triple sec. Allow to simmer while stirring. Add spices, onions , and cilantro and continue cooking until liquid is absorbed and fruit is tender, about 15 minutes. Stir frequently. Remove from heat and serve at room temperature. Karla Fernandez

Separate eggs. Combine 1 cup sugar with yolks. Slowly combine the liquors, and add the milk. Blend liquid mixture with the ice cream and beat into the yolks. Whip the cream, add the powdered sugar. Beat 6 whites and add 1/2 cup sugar. Fold this into the powdered sugar mixture. Fold this into the liquor mixture. Beat the other 6 egg whites and fold into nog. Sprinkle top with nutmeg. Enjoy! (How the heck can you, I mean...not ???) Bonnie Jean Smith

Mike and Rufie’s Pumpkin Pancakes Pudding 1-1/4 C 2 Tbsp 2 tsp 1/2 tsp 1/2 tsp 1/8 tsp Pinch 1/2 tsp 1 6 Tbsp 2 Tbsp 1C

All purpose flour brown sugar baking powder cinnamon ground ginger nutmeg ground cloves salt egg pumpkin puree melted butter or oil milk

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. In a separate bowl, mix egg, pumpkin puree, butter or oil and milk. Fold wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Pour 1/4 cup batter (or whatever size you want) in skillet on medium heat. Cook pancakes for about 3 minutes per side. Serve with butter and maple syrup. Note: 1 tsp pumpkin spice can be substituted for cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg. Mike and Rufie Harr


Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013


Heard It Through The Grapevine

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Heard It Through the GRAPEVINE This is a column that we hope everyone will appreciate. It’s a chance to share all those good finds and tips so that others can benefit. If you have tips to share, please send them to the editor at

New Apple Help Desk at Central Changwattana As most local Mac users know, there is an Apple store at nearby Central Changwattana. Ask for the man who speaks English and identify yourself as an ISB parent. Additionally, there is a new Apple help desk store at Central Changwattana, called iZen. It's on the 7th floor, immediately to the left of the movie theater. It's in partnership with the Apple store, charges 500B/hour for computer questions and/or tech problems, and opened 2 months ago. Contact number is: 02-835-3898. I have not yet used them, but I thought I'd share the Macnews. Heather Hermann

“Rabbit” Smartcard: All-in-1Mass Transit Card, Electronic Wallet Switch Old BTS card to “Rabbit Card” by Dec. 31 to Save on Issuing Fee For those with BTS Skytrain cards, you can now switch to a new smartcard called the “Rabbit Card” the next time you ride the BTS. Modeled after similar smartcards such as the YoYo card in Taipei and the Octopus card in Hong Kong, the Rabbit card that was introduced in May in Bangkok is designed as a smartcard payment system. Instead of having to buy different tickets and chits for Bangkok’s BTS, BRT, and MRT transportation systems, the goal is to have one single smartcard that can be used on all systems. Also, you’ll be able to use your Rabbit Card as an electronic wallet to pay for purchases at participating restaurants and retailers, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Oishi, Au Bon Pain, etc. According to a Rabbit Card Hotline staff member (contact phone: 02-617-8383), right now the Rabbit card can only be topped off at BTS stations, but top-offs at other systems and retailers may be available in the future. Minimum top-off is 100 baht. Maximum top-off is 4,000 baht. During a promotional period that ends December 31, switching from your current store-value BTS card to a Rabbit card will incur an issuing fee of 50 baht. If you wait until after January 1, 2013 to change your BTS store-value card to a Rabbit card, the issuing fee will be 150 baht, according to the Hotline staffer. Purchases made using your Rabbit card also earns Carrot points that can be redeemed for gift certificates at participating retailers. Liz Lu 27

When Life gets Overwhelming Reach Out for Help‌ For 30 years, Carl Janowitz has provided counseling for adults, adolescents and families. Educated and trained in the United States, he also had a private clinic at Bumrungrad Hospital for five years. Now with two locations downtown and also in Pattaya, Carl specializes in clients dealing with life changes, relationship conflict, stress management, school problems, substance abuse and self esteem issues. For a confidential appointment please call 089 680 3503 or


Carl Janowitz Marriage and Family Therapist First Tower Sukhumvit 1/1 (Behind Bumrungrad)

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Travel Review:

AUSTRALIA In October my family and I visited Australia. We traveled to Sydney, a must-see destination Down Under, and Far North Queensland, a great jumping-off point to the Great Barrier Reef and the world’s oldest living rainforest. The country’s so big that the flight from Thailand was more than nine hours, much of it over Australian territory! We began our trip with a visit to Sydney Harbour, the best starting point to explore the city. The walking tour through the city’s old town known as The Rocks, Circular Quay port and shopping district, Royal Botanic Gardens, and the iconic Opera House is an excellent daytrip. Taking in the brilliant sunset from the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a breath-taking, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will awe even the most seasoned traveler. After sundown, return to The Rocks for dinner at one of the many restaurants that cater to the cruise liners moored in the Quay. A visit to Darling Harbour for shopping and entertainment, Taronga Zoo, and one of city’s ocean beaches are fun trips in Greater Sydney. Plan these excursions on Sunday when all public transportation, including ferries, costs just A$2.50 per person for the whole day. The Blue Mountains west of Sydney are a great out-of-town getaway. We were awed by the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters rock formation near the town of Katoomba. A trail descends more than 1,000 steps to the valley floor. It’s a three-hour nature hike to a gondola that carries visitors back up to town. A three-hour flight from Sydney, the city of Cairns in Far North Queensland is a launching point for trips to the Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s northern wilderness. The city has a laid-back atmosphere with a whiff of adventure. Tourists can enjoy cruises to the reef islands and shoals. We spent the day swimming with the fishes, snorkeling, and helmet diving courtesy of renowned tour operator Reef Magic, and making friends with Wally, a giant fish a la Dory from “Finding Nemo” that loves to play with humans. No trip to Cairns would be complete without a drive up the coast to Daintree National Park. We spent the day on the beach at Cape Tribulation and exploring the Jurassic Park-like atmosphere of the world’s oldest rainforest at the Daintree Discovery Center. Whether it’s the fascinating mix of Aboriginal and international culture or sweeping vistas, unique animals, or natural and manmade wonders, Australia is well worth a visit. Beware, though. Two weeks is barely enough time to catch a glimpse of this awesome place. M.G. Edwards

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Health and Fitness: Meditation

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Peace Begins Within: The Practice of Transcendental Meditation It’s nearly January, a time of new beginnings. If you are searching for a deeply profound way to relieve stress, anxiety, and to actualize your full potential for optimal health and happiness, Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a key! We’ve heard it so many times: “true happiness lies within”. But how do we access that seemingly hidden reservoir of bliss? How can we be guided to that source of peace to nourish our life? How can we return repeatedly to internal stillness and silence? Transcendental Meditation gives one the experience of “diving within” to experience inner “I feel peaceful when I meditate. Everyone should experience this>“— Maria peace and well-being. It is a simple, natural, and powerful technique for anyone of any religious belief or cultural background that does not require concentration, contemplation, control of the mind, disciplined focus, or change in lifestyle. The technique allows the mind to experience progressively more subtle fields of awareness, to settle down in the space between thoughts. This space is pure awareness, pure consciousness, the field of all possibilities and creativity where intention actualizes fulfillment. In this restful alertness, the body becomes deeply relaxed, revitalizing the nervous system and releasing deep-seated stress. 600 studies from over 250 medical schools and universities validate TM’s benefits: • Increases energy, vitality, and overall sense of well-being. • Improves grades, social skills, mental clarity, and creativity. • Strengthens immunity, increasing resistance to illness and disease. • Creates integration and coherence of brain functioning. • Helps reduce high blood pressure. • Improves athletic and job performance. • Reduces ADHD symptoms. • Decreases depression and anxiety. • Alleviates menopausal symptoms. “I am 1000% better when I meditate”.---Oprah Winfrey • Reduces insomnia. A mainstream practice, TM attracts practitioners worldwide. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought this timeless tradition to the West from the Himalaya in 1959, training thousands of teachers. Every facet of society, from Nobel Laureates to doctors, lawyers, scientists, educators, artists, musicians, and students embraces this meditation style. TM advocates include Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood, Al Gore, David Lynch, Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, Russel Simmons, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Seinfeld, and most recently Oprah Winfrey, who adopted this meditation method for herself and her entire staff exclaiming, “the results are awesome!” Many private and public schools adopt TM with excellent academic and behavioral consequences. War veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder find relief. From programs for corporations, refugees, prisoners, and autistic children, the technique’s far-reaching applications generate only positive results. 30

Health and Fitness: continued

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

It was my good fortune to become initiated into this beautiful practice by Larry Small, who has been expertly teaching and guiding others into this form of meditation for 35 years. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi personally trained him for over nine years in meditation theory and Vedic philosophy, qualifying him to teach TM in 1976. To date, over 150 people have received this meditation technique in my Nichada home. The practice involves sitting twice daily, morning and night, for 20 minutes (10 minutes for children). Recounting the meditation experience is like trying to relate the taste of a freshly-picked Thai pineapple. One can describe its gross characteristics-color, texture, and flavor, but its subtle qualities, the exquisite juiciness and lingering aftertaste, must be individually experienced. Practiced regularly, meditation firmly establishes awareness, well-being, and happiness. Comments and Concerns:

“I look forward to my meditation. It’s a good preparation for the day” Parsha, age 13

“I don’t want to change who I am”. Meditation unfolds and enhances your unique potential. There are no detrimental side effects. “Meditation isn’t for me because I can’t sit still”. Meditation provides a powerfully calming but energizing response. Using this technique, one sits effortlessly enjoying deep rest. Increased focus and awareness alleviates nervous energy. “Meditation is a waste of time”. The benefits of practice are far-reaching, including greater efficiency in action, and greater harmony with family, friends, society, and ultimately, the world. “Meditation is for a certain type of person.” Meditation is for everyone. We can all receive relief from accumulated stress and anxiety. One can sit comfortably any way one likes. There’s no dogma involved, and people from every religious and non-religious group practice this. In fact, anyone from age 10 to 100 will benefit from the effects produced.

In a world increasingly stress-inducing, TM is a life-long gift for health and wellness. One new practitioner said she wished to wave a magic wand and have everyone meditating. My sentiments exactly. So out with old negativity and in with renewed vitality. Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with YOU! Ellie Edelhoff If you are interested in TM please contact Ellie Edelhoff or 087-000-2464. Check out Transcendental Meditation on these websites: “If every world leader meditated, they would be more peaceful and relaxed--what a wonderful world we could have.”--- TM student 31

Local Business: Organic Vegetables

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013

Bridging the Gap Between Thai Farms and Bangkokian Forks Meet the couple that is set on changing the world for the better – one box at a time. Although there’s an abundance of food in Bangkok, finding healthy, fresh organic produce can be difficult - until now. Raitong Organics Farm’s CSA Munching Box program not only supplies Bangkok with an abundance of seasonal organic produce, they also make sure it’s delivered straight from the farm to your door, every week. Lalana Srikram and Bryan Hugill, the husband and wife duo behind Raitong Organics Farm, are the first to launch a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in Thailand that caters to both Thai and expat preferences. In their ‘Munching Box’ you’ll find fresh organic produce from farmers in Sisaket, Mae Hong Son and Wang Nam Kiew, among others. But, as Lalana and Bryan make sure to highlight, the Munching Box is about so much more than just the food. “CSA programs are about supporting and empowering small-scale farmers, providing a stable income to their families, and caring for our environment” says Lalana, whose family owns an organic rice farm in Sisaket. With their Munching Boxes, Lalana and Bryan want to increase access to organic food in Bangkok, and at the same time show farmers that there is demand for chemical-free food and that organic farming is a profitable and sustainable way to make a living. Farmers that participate in their program receive ongoing training on soil, water, crop and pest management as well as business and marketplace advice. As the program circumvents all the middlemen, it also ensures farmers are given a fair price for their produce. So far in Bangkok, the program has been a big success with consumer subscriptions increasing weekly. “I think people are becoming more and more aware of the plight of our farmers and the huge environmental footprint much of our food comes with and are willing to make a change”, says Bryan, who’s an ecologist with several years of experience in organic agriculture. Unlike supermarkets that truck in food from all over the world, the boxes contain only what the farmers here in Thailand can grow, so the boxes usually hold different herbs, fruit and vegetables each week. This means that subscribers get a chance to be a little creative with their surprise ingredients. For the not-so-kitchen savvy there’s no need to panic, each box also comes with recipe cards and other handy hints and tips. In the end, the more Munching Boxes Lalana and Bryan sell, the more farmers they’ll be able to help convert to organic practices. Now that’s a way to make a difference, one box at a time. Did you know? In total, conventional agriculture is responsible for 30% of the world’s total Greenhouse Gas emissions; most of this comes from the production of chemical fertilizers. Instead of artificial fertilizer and chemical pesticides, organic farming uses crop rotation, cover crops and natural soil amendments to add nutrients to the soil. Pests are controlled naturally with, for example, hand-weeding and companion planting. To subscribe and get your hands on some delicious produce contact us via email at or call 085-915-0961. Also check out and visit their facebook page for photos, recipes and other bits of information. Sofia Strandberg 32





Around Nonthaburi and Beyond

Thani Talk ~ Dec/Jan 20122012-2013 ACTIVITIES and SERVICES

Impact Arena— New Year Gift 2556 November 30-December 9 Hall 1-5 10:00-21:00 Products and services related to food & beverages, home & living, fashions, electronics, health & beauty, OTOP products.

Nichada Tennis Leagues Tuesday-Intermediate League Mary McCarty— Tuesday Evening 5pm-7pm— Intermediate League Sue Lin — Friday - Intermediate/Advanced League Julie Collins -

Thailand Mega Show 2013 January 19-27, 2013 Hall 1-8 11:00-21:00 Gifts, furniture, books, jewelry, travel, gardening, etc.

Bangkok Quilt Group Meets Tuesday mornings in the Nichada area. Open to quilters, stitchers, needlers, knitters and those who are curious. Contact Linda Kubota at or 081.451.6336

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC)— Bangkok Furniture and Houseware 2012 December 7- December 16 Sales of furniture and houseware products, health & beauty, jewelry, travel, electronics Jim Thompson Sale 2012 December 7– December 9 Sales of Thai silk products, cotton fabrics and accessories as well as natural & fresh products from Jim Thompson Farm.

Thaiticketmajor—-www.thaiticketmajor,com Sting Back to Bass Concert Live in Bangkok 2012 December 12, 2012 8:30 pm Impact Arena Elton John and His Band Live in Bangkok 2012 December 13, 2012 8:30pm Impact Arena

LEAP: L(earning) E(ducation) A(dvocacy) P(rogram) Parent-run group that serves as a point of contact for parents in need of support, referrals and information concerning their children’s special needs including learning disabilities, developmental delays, sensory integration and autism. LEAP is a support and resource group open to all. For more information contact NEEDeed: Expatriates for Local Communities NEEDeed was established with the goal of offering professionals in the expatriate community an opportunity to utilize their areas of expertise in local nonprofit organizations. NEEDeed offers employed and non employed professionals the opportunity to volunteer their skills and gain experience locally, while providing non-profits with expertise they cannot otherwise afford but need. For further information please visit LIKE NEEDeed on Facebook NeeDeed
 Find it on G+ and LinkedIn

Chaengwattana Community Church Sunday Service- Sundays 9:30am Life Groups- Tuesday and Wednesday evenings Encouraging Women– Wednesdays 9:30 HS House Groups- Sunday 11:30am MS House Groups- Thursdays 6:30pm Contact CCC for more information Catholic Mass in Nonthaburi Our Lady of Mercy Church 69/13 Moo 1, Tiwanon Rd. Ban Mai, Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120 English Mass: Sundays at 5:15pm Fait Formation (Religious Ed/CCD) Classes in English Just 15 minutes from Nichada Thani Holiday Festivities: Vivaldi’s Magnificat and Christmas Carols by the Bangkok Music Society Choir December 7 at 8pm Christ Church on Convent Rd. Contact: Bangkok City Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” December 22 at 6pm and December 23 at 3pm M Theatre 2884/2 New Pechburi Rd.,Bangkapi, Huakwang, Bangkok 10320

CCT - Club Canada Thailand Monthly Coffee Morning and Activities BWG - British Women's Group Monthly Luncheon, Activities, Coffee Mornings. Open to all nationalities. Contact: Sarah Glaze 081-793 0806; ANZWG -Australia and New Zealand Women’s Group Monthly Coffee Mornings, Tours, Newsletter & Activities Contact Sonia Williams at 085-910 5155 American Women’s Club of Thailand Monthly Luncheon, Activities and Coffee Morning Contact: 02-712-3380/1; 37







Providing high high quality custom tailoring for more for than more 45 Providing quality custom tailoring years, Raja’s Fashions has been featured in Men's Vogue thanLiving, 45 years, Magazine, International Worth Magazine, Esquire, Raja’s Fashions been featured in Men'sGuide, Vogue Fortune, Bangkok has Guide, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s Fodor’s Guide, The Washington Post, Vivre A Bangkok, Magazine, Conde Nast Magazine and many other travel magazines. International Living, Worth Magazine, Esquire, Fortune, Bangkok Guide, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s Guide,






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Clark Hatch Fitness Center Crystal Holiday Travel Gain Florist Gifted Hands

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Amporn’s Food (Thai -Formerly Pum’s) 02– 584-4003 Baan Kimchi Korean BBQ/Thai Cuisine 02-952-0031 BBQ Sandwich King


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Hair By Jib Happy Teeth Dental Clinic Great Massage ISB

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