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Thani Talk ~March 2014

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NNR is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the Nonthaburi community and supporting local charities since 1994. We achieve this by publishing a free monthly magazine that has a distribution of 1,400 copies. We host monthly coffee mornings, an annual charity bazaar and organize monthly tours. There are no membership dues. 2

Thani Talk ~March 2014

NNR Social and Tour

NNR March 22 Social:

St. Patrick’s Pub Evening with Magic Cabaret Show by Fifth Dimension! Irish Music, Irish Beers! Bring your partners, come along for a beer and a chat. There will be kegs of Guinness and Kilkenny on tap. We are honored to have Fifth Dimension entertain us with their fun magical cabaret. Date: Saturday, March 22nd 2014 Time: from 7pm Venue: At the home of Mare and Bill Harvey 625 Baan Rim Lake Bill and Mare have kindly offered to provide drinks and finger food. Dress code is casual but add a splash of green if you wish. We shall be asking for a suggested minimum donation of 500 baht per person as we are raising money to buy 350 much-needed sleeping mats for the Home for the Destitute. Central Food Hall and TOPS are very kindly donating three gift baskets full of ex-pat food delights and delicacies which we will raffle on the night, so please feel free to bring some extra money. It’s all in a good cause. This is a great way to catch up with old friends and make new ones especially if you are new to our community. Everyone welcome for a fun evening and no taxis required! For more information please call Sarah Glaze on 081 793 0806

NNR March 19 Tour: Bike on Kokret Island Charming Kokret Island with its ethnic Mon residents is only 20 minutes from Nichada. After a short drive to the river, we’ll catch a ferry ride across the Chao Phraya and just like that, you’ll feel as if you’ve left Bangkok totally behind. Simple bikes can be rented on the island. Please bring ID for the rental. We’ll pedal around the island past banana and papaya trees, traditional wooden houses, pottery kilns, and through narrow alleys lined with island shops selling souvenirs, Thai sweets, and famous Kokret pottery. We’ll celebrate the bike trip by lunching at a riverside restaurant. Date: Wednesday, March 19 Time: 8 a.m. (return time after lunch uncertain) Meet in front of ISB Chevron Theatre Transportation provided. Costs shared. RSVP: Alexandra Ries at When you RSVP, please provide cell number 3

Main Story: Sandwich Generation

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Sandwich Generation: Care-Givers Caught in the Middle Traditional: Those sandwiched between aging parents who need care and/or help, and their own children. Club Sandwich: Those in their 50s or 60s, sandwiched between aging parents, adult children and grandchildren. OR those in their 30s and 40s, with young children, aging parents and grandparents. Open Faced: Anyone else involved in elder care. Carol Abaya The “Sandwich Generation” is a term coined by writer Carol Abaya to describe people who find themselves juggling care-giving duties for multiple generations, including one or more of the following: babies and toddlers, college-age adult children, or aging parents. Care-giving is a tough and draining task, and it’s even more so for expatriates here who struggle to support grown children or ailing parents from half way around the world. I learned first-hand the difficulties of being an expat member of the Sandwich Generation, when my father became ill in the United States five years ago, and I had to scramble to get on a flight to Maryland in the midst of the Suvarnabhumi Airport shutdown by Yellow Shirt protesters. As it turned out, the protesters relented just in time for me to catch my flight and rush to my father’s side, but the ordeal underscored just how vulnerable we all are to the volatility of political turmoil in our host country. At times, it feels like a tug-of-war when we are torn between wanting to hop on the next plane to help a hospitalized parent or college-age child in our home country, and the needs of children, work, and community obligations here in Thailand, all of which also demand our full attention. Here’s a quick look at the “Sandwich Generation” dilemma facing expatriates and some of the available resources that may be helpful. Five years ago, the majority of those caught in the “Sandwich Generation” bind were Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) Nowadays, those squeezed in the middle of the “Sandwich” are increasingly members of Generation X (born in the early 1960s to the early 1980s). In other words, some Baby Boomers themselves are becoming the elderly parents needing care. Meanwhile, expatriate families stationed in Thailand may also be dealing with the needs of their grown children who are members of the Millennial Generation or Generation Y (born early 1980s to early 2000s). Generation Y young adults can create another financial obligation if they are in


Thani Talk ~March 2014

Main Story: Continued

college, which means tuition payments, or if they are struggling to land a job after graduation, which means parents stepping in with a helping hand, a roof, or a loan to get them on their feet. In fact, financial burdens faced by the Sandwich Generation are increasingly due to the cost of supporting adult children, rather than elderly parents. According to a 2012 Pew Research Center survey, about 48% of adults ages 40 to 59 have provided some financial support to at least one grown child in the past year, with 27% providing the primary support. In comparison, 21% of middle-aged adults have provided financial support to a parent age 65 or older in the past year. Forbes magazine reports that the Sandwich Generation is dipping into their own retirement savings to fund their children’s college educations. On top of financial support, grown children and elderly parents also require emotional support, according to the Pew Research Report. Then there are the needs of Generation Z children, born 2000s to present day, who need aroundthe-clock supervision and care. If Dad must travel on business and Mom needs to fly home to help care for grandma, that creates a stress-inducing dilemma of finding a trusted person to care for the younger children while both parents are away. FINDING CARE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN Luckily, as expats here in Thailand, we have the luxury of affordable domestic help. Check out the Bangkok Guide’s section on hiring domestic help for advice on hiring the best person for the job. Be sure to give the maid, nanny, and driver full instructions plus contact information for what to do in the case of an emergency. Don’t forget to give them emergency cash for handling the unexpected. If the maid is not Thai and does not speak Thai, make arrangements to have a Thai speaker (parent’s office staff, or a neighbor’s Thai staff) be available to translate in an emergency. The next best option is to reach out to friends and neighbors, especially parents of your child’s play mates or good friends, and ask if they could host your child in their home while you’re away. The key is to approach friends that your children already know well, so that they feel comfortable being cared for in a different home. In the case of teen-agers, it’s possible to have your child live at home, with occasional drop-in visits by a neighbor to check that everything is fine. When we are all living far from the traditional network of family support, it makes sense to reach out to other expatriate friends in the community and build a local network of support here. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. 5

Main Story: Continued

Thani Talk ~March 2014

KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH COLLEGE-AGE AND OTHER GROWN CHILDREN If you have kids attending overseas universities or grown children working on other continents, Communication across international time zones can be challenging. Thank goodness for social media. The obvious ones are Facebook and Skype. Family members can gather around smartphones and laptops for a weekly family video chat via Skype. For those who prefer something faster than Facebook but less ephemeral than Snapchat, there are excellent free texting apps such as Whatsapp (popular in U.S. and Europe), WeChat (popular in China), and Line (the favorite texting app here in Thailand). With Whatsapp, you can send videos and photos to the whole family. And in case of emergencies, you can get the news fast.

CARING FOR ELDERLY PARENTS If you have elderly parents back in your home country, you may have wondered, how can I break away from obligations here to go help them? You may also have worried about their safety as they became more frail. Some common issues and possible solutions: Alternatives to Driving: Few seniors want to give up their driver’s license, because it means giving up their independence and freedom, But there comes a time when, for their safety as well as that of others, that changes must be made. One compromise is to urge them to give up night driving. Another is to contract with a taxi company for ride services for your parents. Do explore government programs that offer rides for seniors. If your parent refuses these options, technology may be the answer. Explore the feasibility of buying cars equipped with a “Technology Package” that offers safety features such as radar-assisted braking, lane-keeping sensors, and blind-spot sensors. It is costly, but it just may save lives. Housing Solutions: Many seniors prefer to “age in place”, because staying in their own homes offer a sense of continuity, stability and security. If they insist on staying in their home, make sure to senior-proof the place by adding non-slip bath mats and removing throw rugs that may be slipping hazards. If possible, repurpose a downstairs room as a bedroom, so your parents do not have to tackle stairs. Hire a maid service and handyman to clean and care for the home. Explore home health care options by checking out, a site that explains different types of care available and provides an agency locator to help you find services near your parents. If their pensions and savings are sufficient, your elderly parents may consider downsizing and moving to an assisted living facility where they can enjoy social interaction with other seniors, with none of 6

Main Story: Continued

Thani Talk ~March 2014

the headaches of home maintenance. Check out Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living (, and Assisted Living Federation of America ( for tips. A growing trend in elder care is the use of intergenerational day care facilities that serve both children and seniors. Such centers often provide joint activities for both sets of clients, allowing the children to have role models, and offering the elders a sense of purpose when they get to teach and mentor the children. Check out Generations United (, a Washington D. C.-based advocacy group for intergenerational care. Last but not least, as you juggle it all and try to take care of multiple generations of family members who may be on opposite sides of the world, remember to take care of yourself. After all, you don’t want to be a “burnt-out” sandwich. Liz Lu

3 ways to balance the responsibilities of caring for both children and parents 1. Have a Preemptive Talk Trying to make decisions in the midst of a crisis is far from optimal. The best time to discuss long term care needs is when things are calm, before your loved ones actually need help. Discuss living arrangements, homecare, financial resources, fears, and concerns, can help ease everyone's minds. 2. Don't Try to Do It Alone Don’t try to be Superwoman. Think: Who in your life can support you and your responsibilities? Your husband, siblings, children, and even professional caregivers can help. 3. Determine Your Benefits If you are in the workplace, find out if your organization has benefits to support care giving employees. Many companies have eldercare programs. What's more, your boss may be open to arranging a more flexible work schedule for you that allows you to deliver on all fronts. Jody Gastfriend,


Charity Report: Baan Poomwaet

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Sports Equipment Donated to Baan Poomwaet Boys Home NNR volunteers and ISB Middle School students teamed up to make a special delivery of sports equipment to the boys home. Baan Poomwaet is a home for boys aged 5-18 years old who are rescued from the street and the sex trade. The boys were very excited to receive two basketball hoops from the American Women's Group (AWG), a foosball table from Connor McGregor and his parents Jo and Grant, a ping pong table and tons of Lego from Trish and Mitch McCue, and basketballs and soccer balls from Nike. The NNR also purchased 20,000 baht worth of extra sports equipment to complement the other donations. The NNR would like to thank those who donated to help make our project such a success. We would also like to thank Jack at Ranger Boot Camp for letting us use his big rope for tug-of-war. The ISB Middle School students came along to play with the boys and help "initiate" the equipment. The boys at the home were very appreciative that the ISB students came to visit, and the ISB students valued the amazing community service opportunity. About 90 boys from the home, and 22 students, parents, and one teacher had a great time. The NNR would also like to thank I-Care Thailand who sent two of their staff along to help interpret and play with the kids. It was really fun to watch the boys at the home play dodgeball, a game they had never seen before. The biggest hit was the Lego!

Mare Harvery


Charity Report: Rainbow House

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Rainbow House Thanks NNR for Funds that Serve Disabled Children Rainbow House, a purposebuilt home for disabled children in Pakkred and one of many charities that receive regular and continuing support from NNR, sent its thanks for donations which were used to buy sheets, pillow cases, plus a stainless steel safety fence for a swimming pool.


Charity Report: Home for the Destitute

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Medical Supplies Donated to Nonthaburi Homeless Shelter, NNR Volunteer Offers Nursing Care, 5 Extra Helpers Hired In its continuing support of the 350 homeless men and women at the Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute, NNR recently donated medical supplies, as well as money to hire five of the homeless residents to serve as extra helpers in the dormitories in a win-win arrangement. NNR volunteer and nurse Marie Lewis also started providing first-aid care in the Shelter’s simple clinic.

Marie Lewis, a U.S.-registered nurse and a dedicated NNR volunteer, cares for a homeless resident’s wounded toe.

NNR funds help pay for salaries of 5 extra dormitory helpers, who are themselves residents at the homeless shelter. 10




Travel: Luang Prabang, Laos

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Luang Prabang: Essence of Small Town Life in Laos I have now been to Luang Prabang four times, the first as a cheapskate backpacker many years ago and then three times in the last few years, and I love it. Despite having many more travelers now, Luang Prabang is essentially still a small, chilled out town. Situated in the north centre of Laos nestled between the Mekong and the Nam Khan rivers, it is only a one hour 40 minute flight from Bangkok on Bangkok Air or Laos Air. I have been told that a bigger plane will soon start to fly that route, and it will only take an hour (less than getting into town from Nichada) followed by a 15 minute drive to the town. So a trip to Luang Prabang is perfectly do-able for a long weekend. Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site and has therefore kept its charm with beautiful low rise French colonial buildings and many Buddhist temples and monasteries, making it a very photogenic city and pleasant to walk and cycle around. Another way to get there if you have more time is to take a boat from Chiang Rai. I have stayed in a few different places but most recently the Mekong Riverview Hotel, which as the name implies is directly on the Mekong River. It is run by a Swedish man called Urban and is just beautiful. He has slowly been developing it over the last five years, renovating old houses and adding rooms as he goes, and the place oozes charm. The rooms were lovely, the staff helpful and friendly, and it has a restaurant over-looking the Mekong, just perfect for having a glass of wine or an icy cold BeerLao watching the sun go down, while munching on deep fried crunchy buffalo strips and dried river weed (both tasting way better than they sound!). Things to do in and around Luang Prabang including: Climb the 389 steps to top of the hill to the Wat Chom Si. Although it is beautiful to do this at sun set it is also a MAJOR tourist attraction and was a bit crazy for our taste – we ended up leaving before the sun actually set as the place got swamped by camera wielding tourists. Get up early to watch the monks receive their alms – in January when we just went it was a chilly 8 degrees at 6am – so be prepared! Go to the Night Market right in town that is full of beautiful hand-crafted goods. Cycle around the town. The hotel we stayed at had some that we could borrow but there are a number of places to rent them around the town. Take a boat and do a trip along the river stopping at a small village where you can watch beautiful handmade paper being made and then stop at a temple or two. There are also some caves worth visiting too. Get out into the Laos countryside. You can do tours to some impressive waterfall and Elephant parks. There are also mountain bike tours. And last but not least save a few hours to chill out at one or more of the many cafes and fantastic restaurants along the river or in the small streets of this charming town. There are a number of excellent restaurants around town, we enjoyed a lovely traditional Lao meal at Tamarind, and the Elephant has a good reputation for traditional French cuisine. The Coconut Garden and the Blue Lagoon as also recommended. Definitely one for the Bucket List while in Southeast Asia. Enjoy! Cathy Sackett 14

Travel: Continued

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Cathy Sackett and family enjoying the charms of Luang Prabang


Charity Report: Kids Action for Kids

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Scandinavian Community Joined Hands with Kids Action for Kids and DTAC to Raise Whopping 868,390.50 baht for Clef-lip surgeries

A fundraising bazaar jointly organized by the Scandinavian Ladies Group & International Friends, and Kids Action for Kids raised 434,195.25 baht, enough to fund 29 surgeries for disadvantaged children with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. With a matching donation from the DTAC company which increased the final amount raised to 868,390.50 baht, the fundraiser will make it possible for 58 children to get very much-needed surgeries Bazaar team members send their warmest thanks to all generous people and local companies for their incredible contributions. This result could never have been reached without you! THANK YOU! The December 14 charity bazaar in Nichada was truly a labor of love. For weeks many volunteering families were active in preparations, which among other things included crafts workshops, selling raffle tickets and a lot of baking! Children were taught the classic techniques of making felt ornaments, bracelets and Christmas cards, and even the youngest children contributed by stamping Christmas motives to paper bags to be used at the bazaar. On the bazaar day, all the hard work unified in a big stand on the side-balcony at New Nichada Plaza, where an authentic Christmas Café spread aromas of coffee, lemonade, cup cakes and Norwegian waffles; crafts, baked goods and European Christmas flowers were gift wrapped ready to delight anybody’s day; Santa Claus greeted children to classic Christmas photos with him by our photographer Nicole; the ISB HS Club and other volunteering children took good care of various children’s activities; and Thomas the physiotherapist engaged visitors in challenging physical activities throughout the day. All in all, the bazaar was a heart-warming event with lots of happy faces, and the organizing team hopes it managed to create a little piece of Scandinavian Winter Wonderland in Nichada. Anne Gry Ranchil Christmas Bazaar Leader, Scandinavian Ladies Group & International Friends Martin Brekke Chairman, Kids Action for Kids ISB HS KAFK Club 16



Thani Talk ~March 2014

“Nonthaburi Needlers” Sews Quilts for Orphans Group meets Tuesdays to Stitch Friendships and Gifts of Love

Toddlers at the Pattaya Orphanage enjoy cribs now covered with colorful quilts donated by Nonthaburi Needlers. Nonthaburi Needlers is an interest group meeting weekly on Tuesday mornings in Nichada members’ homes to quilt, embroider, knit, crochet, cross stitch or do basically any needlecraft or fabric art in which individuals want to share and collaborate. There is always a healthy amount of chatting to share information, and exchange ideas and anecdotes. One of the traditions of Nonthaburi Needlers is to do community outreach to our neighbors in Thailand. Members donate their time, talent and the materials to create crib-size baby quilts to benefit under-privileged babies and toddlers. We take frequent trips to Chinatown’s Sampeng Lane to shop for colorful, children-themed cotton print fabric. Using simple quilt patterns, we assemble kits with all the materials needed to make these special gifts of love, including the pattern, instructions, thread, batting and quilt backing. This tradition of charity quilts was started about 15 years ago by Linda Kubota who believed every child deserves the warmth and comfort a quilt provides. Since that time, nearly 1,000 quilts have been donated to all parts of Thailand. Each quilt is cut, pieced and sewn (by machine). The final product measures about 40x 60 inches (100 cm x 150 cm). The final step of making the quilt is to tie the three layers together by hand using embroidery floss so ability to do actual “quilting” is not critical. And one does not have to be a member of the group to make a baby quilt! We are happy to provide quilt kits to others who have access to and ability and inclination to sew by machine. For more information, go to our page on Facebook “Nonthaburi Needlers” and send a message or contact the coordinator, Charlotte Sanders, at



Thani Talk ~March 2014

This past December, on behalf of Nonthaburi Needlers, I was happy to deliver our most recent inventory of baby quilts to two institutions. At Pattaya Orphanage, I was met by the orphanage Director, Khun Rachada Chomjinda (Khun Toy) who escorted me to the “baby room” where I was happy to accessorize 24 baby cribs with new, colorful covers. However, the small children present had other ideas and promptly asked to sit on or wear the soft new objects making for an excellent photo op. At the Sanuk Daycare Center, I was welcomed by the head teacher/caregiver, Khun Phim and Manager, Peter. The children were learning Christmas carols to perform at a local mall so they regaled me with a heavy accented version of “We Wit You a Melly Chritmat”, complete with good tidings and figgy pudding. I was wishing I had a quilt for each of these smiling faces, but the 26 I was able to leave there will be used in the room where the small children take naps and have only woven floor mats on which to sleep. In each of these places, I was the one who left with the best gift! Meg Farrell Sine

Toddlers at the Pattaya Orphanage enjoy cribs now covered with colorful quilts donated by Nonthaburi Needlers.


Community Bulletin Board

Thani Talk ~March 2014

The Community Bulletin Board contains advertisements from local instructors, vendors, residents, and service providers. If you would like to advertise your business or event here, please submit your announcement by the 15th of each month to Cost per announcement is 400 baht.

Yoga Class with Napisa Napisa Pant

Bollywood Dance Class Beginners/Advanced Irit

Mon: 8:45-10:15am, Energize and Restore, All Levels Wed: 7:45-9:15am, Strength and Smiles, Level 2 Wed: 10:00-11:00am, Prenatal Yoga Wed: 7:45-9:00pm, Evening Yoga, Level 1-2 Friday 7:45-9:15am, Back and Core Yoga, Level 1-2 @Studio Above Starbucks Napisa C. Pant 086-975-7187 or

Vinyasa Yoga Ellie Edelhoff Develop strength, flexibility, balance, focus and awareness coordinating movement and breath. Thursdays 8.15-9.45 am: Clark Hatch Gym above Starbucks. All levels welcome. Contact: Ellie Edelhoff 087-000-2464 or 02-987-9677 Email:

Meditation Courses-Individual or Group Learn to meditate-TM style. Relieves stress and anxiety. Improves health, academic, athletic, and professional performance. Easy natural, anyone can learn. Expert instruction by a 30-year teacher of meditation. Contact Ellie Edelhoff for more information.,,

Bollywood dance is a fusion of Western, Eastern and Latin dance with traditional classical Indian dance styles. It’s funky, it’s sexy, it’s fun... and it’s a great workout! If you love to dance - this is for you! Classes: Bollywood for Beginners– NEW!: Monday OR Thursday 9:30-10:30am Advanced: Tuesday 10am OR Wednesday OR Friday 9:30-10:30am All classes held at Regent Dance Studio, Nichada Thani. For further information, contact Irit: 086-0044840 or

Advertise your business or event here! Contact:

March 2014 NNR and Community Events Mar. 1 ISB International Family Fair

Mar. 15 Yoga Stops Traffick (see p. 21 for details)

Mar. 8 Visit Rainbow House at Nichada’s Secret Garden Night Market (see p. 22)

Mar 19 NNR Tour: Bike Tour of Ko Kret (see p. 3 for details)

Mar. 13 Harrow School: Movies Under the Stars (see ad on p. 45)

Mar. 22 NNR Social: St. Patrick’s Day Pub Evening (see p. 3 for details)


Thani Talk ~March 2014

Community Events

Join Yoga Stops Traffick to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking In 2010, Sharka Furda, friend and yoga teacher to many ISB yoga practitioners, introduced the heartfelt campaign, Yoga Stops Traffick, to our ISB families. With this campaign, the ISB and surrounding community has helped to create awareness and raise funds against human trafficking of women and children in India. The ISB community joined Yoga Stops Traffick in 2010 with 8 participants raising 5,500 baht. Last year Yoga Stops Traffick at ISB raised 37,860 baht with more than 40 participants. Now in our fifth year, we hope to continue our success. Please reserve your time and your positive energy to enjoy yoga in Sun Salutations, a ritual yoga practice that has been done more than 5,000 years to welcome and be blessed by the sun. It will be a joyful and fun time. No yoga experience is necessary, and we welcome all in joining this worthy cause.

Date: Saturday, March 15, 7:30-9:00 am. Location: ISB Multi Purpose Building 1 (top of the zig-zag) Suggested donation: 500 from adults, 200 from kids T-shirts will be on sale at ES walk way, from March 17 until sold out. For more information contact Napisa C. Pant, About Yoga Stops Traffick “Global, united, compassionate, Yoga Stops Traffick is a large-scale yoga event being held this year on March 15 in more than 150 locations around the world to raise awareness about human trafficking and show support to its millions of victims. Over the past four years we have raised almost £100,000, with all profits donated directly to Mysore anti-trafficking organization, Odanadi Seva Trust. With the help of funds raised from YST events, last year Odanadi were able to complete the building of a residential home for boys and young men in Mysore. Now in our fifth fantastic year, the 2014 events will be led by a group of young Odanadi residents from Mysore, India, many of whom are survivors of slavery, domestic abuse and forced prostitution. On the same day over 3,000 people in 30 countries will practice alongside them in their homes, yoga studios, parks and beaches around the world – to take a stand against human trafficking, slavery and sexual violence against women.” About Odanadi Odanadi Seva Trust is a pioneering antitrafficking organization based in Mysore, South India, working for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked women and children. For more information about Yoga Stops Traffick, visit 2013 Yoga Stops Traffick participants at ISB

Submitted by Napisa Pant 21

Thani Talk ~March 2014


Spotlight on NNR Charity Table at Secret Garden Night Market Nichada Donates Monthly Booth for Charity Not only just a great monthly venue for the whole family, the Secret Garden Night Market helps provide muchneeded visibility for local charities. At the February Night Market, the Thanksgiving Home located here in Nonthaburi was on hand to sell their handicrafts. They were also making animal balloons and doing face painting, which is another way they raise funds. Run by husband and wife Khun Wanchai and Khun Mae Tin Tripiyachart, Thanksgiving Home is a group home for girls and women with disabilities with the goal of providing their residents and day program students (including some boys) with the skills to live independently. They accomplish this by teaching the women and girl skills in music, beauty, computers and English language. For more information on Thanksgiving Home, visit: or their Facebook page at

“NNR thanks Nichada Thani for partnering in our mission to provide local charities with much-needed resources.� Future Charity Tables The March 8 Night Market will feature Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD). CCD has many programs for children including summer camps and Rainbow House, a daycare facility run in Nonthaburi for children with disabilities. Caregivers and teachers at Rainbow House prepare the children for normal home life and school. The April 5 market will host the Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute, an organization offering food, shelter, medicine and training to homeless adults. Please be sure to visit future NNR Charity Tables to learn more about local charities and ways to help. Thank you for your support! Linda Feltham Charity Socials and Volunteer Coordinator 22




Thani Talk ~March 2014

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Heard It Through the GRAPEVINE This is a column that we hope everyone will appreciate. It’s a chance to share all those good finds and tips so that others can benefit. If you have tips to share, please send them to the editor at Bites the Dust. Some alternatives: Now that, a popular Thai online movie listing that provided show times and locations for the latest movie offerings, seems to have shut down and disappeared for now, movie lovers will need to check individual cinemas. Here is a handy list: www.apexsiam (for this chain’s Scala and Lido theatres) (for House RCA theatres) Liz Lu

Volume Discounts for Bangkok Guide If you still don’t have a copy of the “Expats’ Bible” that is the end-all and be-all when it comes to a comprehensive guide to living in Bangkok, be sure to buy a copy now. Better yet, take advantage of the group discount being offered by the Guide’s publisher, the Australian/New Zealand Women’s Group. Gather five friends to make a joint purchase, and each can get a 15% from the regular B990 price and pay only B840 per copy. To order, email Marylou Rainsford, the Bangkok Guide sales coordinator at Liz Lu

Pure Pharmacy Card: Get 5% Off At the Pure Pharmacy in our local Big C on Chaengwattana Road, ask for a free membership card and enjoy 5% off selected items. The pharmacy is located next to the lotions and shampoos section. Liz Lu 26

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Public Speaking Workshop Hosted by Bangkok Community Theatre Bangkok Community Theatre’s March Club Night is a workshop on speaking with confidence. Whether you speak on stage, in meetings, or just in social situations, this workshop will help you speak more clearly and confidently, and without straining your voice. Come along to learn tips about relaxation and use of breath, and exercises to develop your articulation and vocal range. Comfortable clothing recommended! Where: Bristo 33, Sukhumvit Soi 33 (a few minutes walk from Phrom Phong BTS station) Time: 7 pm Cost: Free for Bangkok Community Theatre (BCT) members and 100 baht for non-members. Email to RSVP. For more information call James on 089-691-0856. Laura Sadowski

Nancy Chandler Map a Great Resource for New Expats One of the first pieces of advice I received upon landing in Thailand was to get my hands on a copy of the Nancy Chandler Map of Bangkok. A little more than a year later, it has proven to be an invaluable resource - I am on my second copy because I use it SO much! The map is intimidating at first due to the sheer scope of great information, but it’s a fantastic primer for all of the various areas in downtown and greater Bangkok, as well as some information about our own Nonthaburi. In addition to the map, the accompanying website and now Facebook page offer even more valuable information and insider tips about restaurants, shopping, hotels, sightseeing, and anything else you can imagine. (There is also a Chiang Mai map available, but the new one is printing now, so you may want to wait until it’s out to buy if you’re not in a hurry.) The map can be purchased at the Villa here in Nichada, or at many other retail locations. For more information, visit Monique Langer 27



When Life gets Overwhelming Reach Out for Help‌ For 30 years, Carl Janowitz has provided counseling for adults, adolescents and families. Educated and trained in the United States, he also had a private clinic at Bumrungrad Hospital for five years. Now with two locations downtown and also in Pattaya, Carl specializes in clients dealing with life changes, relationship conflict, stress management, school problems, substance abuse and self esteem issues. For a confidential appointment please call 089 680 3503 or Carl Janowitz Marriage and Family Therapist First Tower Sukhumvit 1/1 (Behind Bumrungrad)




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Around Nonthaburi and Beyond

Events: Impact Arena Concerts Eric Clapton Live in Bangkok March 2 Bruno Mars March 20 Shopping Thailand Bike and Vehicle 2014 March 6-9 Thailand International Furniture Fair 2014 March 12-16 Bangkok International Fashion Fair & Bangkok International Leather Fair 2014 March 12-16 HomePro Expo 2014 March 14-23

Clubs: International

Adult Volleyball League: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM (and some Mondays) playing friendly matches in ISB’s Rajendra Hall. Contact Pat Sethbhakdi: Nichada Tennis Leagues Tuesday-Intermediate League Mary McCarty: Friday 7:30-9:30- Intermediate/Advanced League Ann McVey:

Worship Venues The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) 50/33 Moo 4 Chaengwattana Road, Pakkret, Nonthaburi. Church service in English begins at 11 a.m. All are welcome! Chaengwattana Community Church Sunday Service- 9:30am Tues/Wed evenings: Life Groups- Encouraging WedWed 9am: Encouraging Women Youth Group (high school) Sunday 6:30pm Youth Group (middle school) Thursdays 6:30pm

CCT - Club Canada Thailand Open to all nationalities. Monthly tours, book group, Lunch Bunch, and other social events.

Catholic Mass in Nonthaburi Our Lady of Mercy Church 69/13 Moo 1, Tiwanon Rd. Ban Mai, Pakkred. English Mass: Sundays at 5:15pm BWG - British Women's Group Faith Formation Religious Ed/CCD) Classes Monthly Luncheon, Activities, Coffee Mornings. Open to all nationalities. Contact: Sarah Glaze 081-793 0806 Synagogue; Beth Elisheva Synagogue, Mikveh & Jewish Center 121 Soi SaiNamThip 2, Sukhumvit Road, Soi 22 Tel: 02-663-0244; Fax: 663-0245 ANZWG -Australia/New Zealand Women’s Group Monthly Coffee Mornings, Tours, Newsletter & Activities

Mosque Soi Prasert Issaram Mosque 8 Moo 3 Soi Prasert Issaram, Pakkred, Nonthaburi Neighborhood mosque just outside of Nichada Thani.

AWC—American Women’s Club of Thailand Buddhist Temple Monthly Luncheon, Activities and Coffee Wat Bua Khwan (วัดบัวขวัญ) Morning. Contact: 02-712-3380/1; 1 Moo 9 Ngamwongwan Road, Muang, Nonthaburi 02-952-8062; Popular local temple offering merit-making, prayer, Clubs: Sports blessings and funeral services. Men’s Softball League: 15 minutes from Nichada. Go via Samakkee Road, on Slo-pitch men’s softball. League runs from No- shortcut soi just before the expressway on-ramp near vember to May. Contact: Troy Regis at: Ngamwongwan. ( 33

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An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman each order a Guiness in a pub. Upon being served, each finds a fly in his beer. Repulsed, the Englishman sends his back. The Scotsman gently flicks the fly out of his mug and begins drinking. The Irishman, carefully lifts the fly up by its wings and screams, “Spit it out! Spit it out!� 34







Recipe Corner: Ice Cream

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Homemade Ice Cream in a Baggie I came across this recipe and thought it was too easy to be good. I tried it on a recent restless evening with my six-year-old, and it was fun and delicious! Ingredients 2 Tablespoons sugar 1 cup half & half or light cream (I used whole milk) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Materials 1/2 cup coarse salt or table salt Ice Gallon-sized Ziploc (or whatever you can get your hands on) bag Pint-sized Ziploc bag Directions Mix the sugar, half & half, and vanilla extract together. Pour into a pint-sized Ziploc baggie. Make sure it seals tightly. You can experiment with flavors and add-ins. I substituted mint extract for the vanilla and added chopped chocolate chips. Mint chip ice cream!

Fill the gallon-sized Ziploc bag halfway with ice and pour the salt over the ice. Place the pint-sized bag into the ice-filled bag and seal. Make sure you have a tight seal, then start shaking. Shake for about 5 minutes or 8 minutes if you use heavy cream. With milk, you may have to shake longer.

Open the gallon-sized bag and check to see if the ice cream is set. If not, keep shaking. Once the ice cream is set (or soft set when using milk), quickly run the small baggie under cold water to rinse the salt off the outside of the baggie. Pop in a spoon and enjoy!

Get creative with the shaking party I sent my son out to the trampoline for the shaking part, and he burned off all that sugar in advance! Another way is to put the ingredients into a sturdy container with a screw lid and toss or roll it around.

Original recipe: Monique Langer If you have a favorite holiday or everyday recipe you would like to share, please contact us at We’d love to hear from you! 41





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Can You Give A Dog A Forever Home? As the work of expands, so do the number of dogs needing to find forever homes! Adopting from Thailand is easier than you might think with Soi Dog handling all the arrangements! Boon Rod, Sleeky and Puddleby are just 3 of the hundreds of dogs urgently needing loving, forever homes.

New Year, New Home for Boon Rod? Meet the adorable “Boon Rod” who has been with us all of his life since he was born at one of our mobile clinics that travel the Island. Boon Rod was brought to us and hand reared as it was feared he would otherwise not survive. Boon Rod is 9 months old now, and has grown into the most fun loving affectionate little guy who has as I am sure you will agree, the most amazing coloring.

Meet the Beautiful “Sleeky”

Meet Sleeky, she is almost 5 years old and has been at our shelter for nearly 2 years, and she truly deserves to find a loving home. Sleeky was living on the streets in an area where someone had threatened to do away with her! Thankfully someone called us to let us know and we went to get her and brought her back to the safety of our shelter where she has been ever since. Sleeky is such a beautiful girl in both looks and personality that we cannot understand why she has not as yet found a place of her own. Contacts: Paula Robinson at: John 46


Thani Talk ~March 2014

The Amazing Puddleby! Puddleby arrived at our shelter in September 2012 having been found shivering with a cold, very hungry and wet after being dumped in a gully at a local temple with 3 other siblings. They were all around 4 weeks of age and would not have survived much longer on their own. Puddleby is now nearly 18 months old, and has grown into a stunning dog. She is affectionate and loving, and can still be a little shy, but once you gain her trust she is all yours. She has a beautiful shiny coat, and stunning coloring.

Help Stop the Dog Meat Trade Dog traders continue to operate, though in fewer numbers and in greater secrecy. Just last month another two traders were arrested. The photo on the right shows clearly how traders are being forced to cut down on size of shipments and try other methods to avoid detection. Notice how the dogs have been hidden in the bottom of the truck with boards and then cardboard boxes placed on top, to try and hide the dogs. Sadly, 5 of these dogs died while in the hands of the smugglers. The majority survived and have been taken to shelters. In 2011, when embarked on this journey to end the dog meat trade, many said it was a hopeless task. We are proving them wrong. However, we are not na誰ve enough to believe that the trade will just go away. As with the arrests last month it is clear that traders are using new tactics. We never anticipated the huge cost of caring for the rescued dogs, but we could not stand back and watch them die of starvation and disease after going through so much already. Soi Dog staff members are focused full time on ending the dog meat trade and managing an adoption programme for rescued dogs. In 2011 Thai authorities stated that 500,000 dogs per year fell victim to both the skin and live export trades. Today, the numbers are nowhere near that but dog meat continues to be openly sold on in restaurants throughout the region. The demand for dog skin is on the increase. It is the skin of choice in the manufacture of such items as golf gloves and drum skins. Where there is demand there will always be greedy people willing to fill it. Together we can stop them. John Dalley 47


Restaurant Review

Thani Talk ~March 2014

Kuppa Offers Great Food, Atmosphere Yet another gem in Bangkok's stable of chic eateries. Kuppa is very central, situated just off Asok junction, and yet is an oasis of spacious calm. Operating since 1998, it is one of the more established and thriving places to meet and enjoy the casual ambience by day, and the smarter chic by night. Originally it was a love of coffee, and all that entailed, that drove owner Robin Lourvanij to pursue her passion and establish the first in-house coffee roasting in Bangkok, an enterprise which now also provides coffees to many other establishments. Kuppa is a place for relaxed chit-chats with friends and family, to light (or heavier!) lunches, to tea time, to more dressy dinners, to company meetings and receptions. In other words, you name it, and they do it! It is also a place in which you immediately feel comfortable. The decor is a mix of contemporary urban, yet with a rustic, slightly colonial overtone. Burlap sacks of coffee, palms, grinding machinery, wooden artifacts adorn the space, while comfy sofas, swinging chairs and the usual cafe style tables rest upon beautifully polished wooden floors. Floor to ceiling windows make it awash with natural light, sealing that fresh sense of space. The more formal restaurant is equally inviting with water hyacinth chairs, palms, white starched table linen and sparkling glasses that check all the 'quality' boxes.

Kuppa Hours: 10am - 11pm 39, Soi Sukhumvit 16 Tel: 02-259-1954 Tel: 02-663- 0450/4 Parking is provided

The food is described as "honest and refreshing - Kuppa's concept is an interpretation of comfort food concentrating on high quality produce prepared simply, and staying true to its flavors.� And so it does. Specials are fresh and interesting, All-day breakfasts, quiches, pates, soups taste fresh and look good with cream swirls, salads are interesting combinations served in wooden bowls, home style sandwiches on wooden boards, Thai specialties, pizzas, pastas, more substantial fare such as Duck Confit, Braised lamb shanks, and a variety of steaks and fish. Prices average at 195 baht for breakfasts and 200-400 baht for Mains, up to 2000Bt for Wagyu Tenderloin with wild mushrooms and asparagus and seasoned with truffle salt! Desserts and cakes are good! And, of course, their drinks all underline the quality and professional place this is. As always, the servers can make or break your experience, and happily at Kuppa they are smiling and helpful, with great English. So, for expats and visitors it is really hard to go wrong here. Take your friends, your visitors and your family - guaranteed they will all like it. Sally Elliott


Providing highquality quality custom custom tailoring forfor more Providing high tailoring more than 45 years, Raja’s Fashions has been featured in than 45 years, Voguehas Magazine, International Living,Vogue Raja’sMen's Fashions been featured in Men's Worth Magazine, Esquire, Fortune, Bangkok Guide, Magazine, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s Guide, Fodor’s Guide, International Living, Magazine, Esquire, The Washington Post,Worth Vivre A Bangkok, Conde Nast Magazine and Fortune, many other travel magazines. Bangkok Guide, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s Guide,




Baan Kimchi Korean BBQ/Thai Cuisine 02-952-0031 BBQ Sandwich King


Bukhara (Afghan/Indian)


Burger King/Pizza Company


Food Loft


KFC and Pizza Hut


Le Bouchon Food Delivery McDonald’s Milano’s @ Pro Club

02-962-2850 1711 02-582-1555

Mr. Enzo’s


New York Diner




Olive Restaurant


Que Pasa


Sapna (Indian and Afghan food delivery) 02-960-3141 Scoozi






Slider Shack





Bamboo Spa Bank Krungsri Bumrungrad Family Clinic

02-583-9871 02-582-2669 02-960-4216

Clark Hatch Fitness Center Crystal Holiday Travel Gain Florist

02-960-4326 / 27 02-960-4469 081-644-0590

Hair By Jib Happy Teeth Dental Clinic Great Massage

02-960-3783 02-960-3988 02-960-3691



Le Studio Hair 084-022-9928 Nichada Customer Relations 02-960-4300 Pandit Carpets Panipa Pum’s Salon Rex Pharmacy Rose Marie Academy Shawn Carpets Smile Beauty Starbucks Twist Villa Market

081-828-2562 02-960-3934 02-583-7117 081 834 1306 02-960-3663 090-564-8927 081-828-1637 02-967-9686 02-911-6839 02 -584-5444

Wash-N-Dry 085-945-4132 4 Legs Pet Shop Grooming 02-960-4189



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Nonthaburi Neighborhood Reach news magazine, serving expatriates near Bangkok, Thailand.

Thani Talk 2014 March  

Nonthaburi Neighborhood Reach news magazine, serving expatriates near Bangkok, Thailand.