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Shabbat Candle Holders A Perfect Gifting Piece - Jewish Candle Holders _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Crise - The Shabbat is the weekly ritual observed in the Jewish culture. This practice is held in high esteem by the Jews as they consider it as a direct command from the Lord Himself. The general tradition while performing the many rites during this ceremony is the lightning of two candles before the sun goes down on Friday. The lightning of the candles embarks the Shabbat and this formal procedure is mainly carried out by the woman of the house. The warmth and glory of the candles increases when they are placed in the Shabbat candle holders. They find good use in the ceremony and hence act as perfect gifting pieces."Shabbat" which is originally a Hebrew word, literally means seven. This is a customary practice in which after six days of continuous hard work the seventh day is observed as the day of the Lord during which candles are lit, prayers are offered and the whole family gather together for a big dinner. The lighting of candles is of immense religious significance in this event. The Shabbat candle holders make this occasion even more glorious. The sight of the beautiful Shabbat candles lit on the Shabbat holders is unforgettable and awesome and often bring with itself sweet and warm memories. Learn More About Jewish Candle Holders

Another important event in the Jewish culture is the celebration of the Bat Mitzvah. In Jewish traditions, when a girl reaches the age of 12, she enters the maturity phase of her life. This event is celebrated in a grand manner by the Jews and the guests bring gifts for the girl. Gifting her with elegant and fashionable Shabbat holders increases the essence of the celebration. Nowadays there are many different types of Shabbat candle holders which are designed brilliantly with unique materials to hold the beautiful Shabbat candles. The glass candle holders come in variety of designs fabricated with hand paintings using acrylic colors. These holders are simple yet fashionable and their elegancy make them fit as a perfect gifting piece for any occasion.

Besides the glass candle holders, there are silver candlesticks which are sterling silver candle holders. These candle holders are made up of pure silver and the silver is decorated in unique layers or patterns giving them an exquisite look. These are available in different attractive shapes and sizes like sterling tulip silver candlesticks, sterling pomegranate silver candlesticks and many others which make them a favorable choice for gracious gifting stuffs.

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