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~ 排灣族文化 Paiwan Culture~ 組員 : 許夢琳 何寧禎 楊心妘

Tradition Story: 巴里的紅眼睛 Berry’s red eyes 陶壺生子 Clay pots and have children

五年祭 Five years festival 豐年祭 Harvest Festival



There is a boy named Barry, he has a pair of red eyes, just to see his eyes, it will im mediately die.


So the tribe people are not close to him, b ut There is a boy named Paul Lang, Ever s ince Barry know him,

Apparel This is our Paiwan clothing Clothing strengthen social status of Were civilians and nobles This is a no frills clothes from this rich ornamentation and decoration only civilians a nd nobles simple totem on a very clear distinction between the different



小米 Millet 米糕

小米酒 Millet wine

芋頭 Taro

Food This is our Paiwan song~


Thank You~ Masalu~