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Unified Product & Process Modeling Solutions AMGroup is a business relationship between TechnoSoft Inc. and Newport News Energy, a subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries. This relationship brings revolutionary engineering modeling capabilities to clients in the oil and gas industry. Leaps and bounds beyond today’s CAD/CAE/CAM approach, the model-centric engineering technology enables engineering, design, manufacturing, maintenance and operations data to be managed within a unified modeling environment. By capturing the process and product data associated with these various disciplines, the environment can then utilize this data to create models and automate the generation of all or part of these processes and products.

Using the model-centric engineering environment, we can quickly and economically: Automate the generation of your engineered products Adapt to your processes, requirements, manufacturing constraints, and preferences Capture critical knowledge and experience of your subject matter experts Insert the capability anywhere within the product life cycle to solve your unique problems Integrate with your information systems environment Satisfy your performance and product needs and objectives

Services and products Our services and products are based on your needs and expectations. We provide aboveground storage tank engineering products and services, and aboveground storage tank and secondary containment dike inspection services. We also provide services for marine platform engineering and modeling, as well as digital reconstruction of marine or facility assets. We leverage our engineering and computer science knowledge and experience when working directly with you. This allows us to adapt the modeling environment to your processes and requirements. AMGroup assists with installing the applicable software, training application users, supporting the users, and maintaining the software licenses.

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AMGroup’s services enable you to manage data within a unified modeling environment, so that you can automate the generation of products for various disciplines at different asset life cycle stages. We base this capability on a model-centric engineering environment that uses an advanced object oriented modeling framework and underlying software language (AML) to enable automated rules based generation of products. Capabilities include: • Front end engineering and design • Distributive systems • Modeling and analysis


AMGroup’s services provide engineering and construction detailing for new tanks, major repairs, and alterations. We do this by taking advantage of a model-centric engineering environment customized for field-erected and shop-built aboveground storage tanks. We also provide inspection, calibration, and analysis of in-service tanks and secondary containment systems by using 3D imaging to capture as-is geometry coupled with the model-centric engineering environment. Capabilities include: • Tank engineering products and services • Tank calibration • Tank inspection • Secondary containment compliance inspection

Facilities Engineering & Management

AMGroup’s services include 3D imaging and modeling within the model-centric engineering environment to support in-service facility management. By utilizing this technology, AMGroup can reconstruct a 3D model and Piping and Instrumentation Diagram suitable for performing multi-functions such as analysis, modernization planning, document storage and retrieval, and training. This environment supports management of the asset throughout its operational lifecycle, and includes the capability to handle: • As-is or as-built models for operation and maintenance • Piping and instrumentation diagrams • Turnaround planning • Analytical assessment • Construction validation • Training • Asset documentation for insurance

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