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Modeling and Analysis The AMGroup offers a unique model-centric engineering capability for the marine industry, which enables managing data within a unified modeling environment to automate the generation of products for various disciplines at different stages of a platform’s life. The capability is based on an engineering environment that uses an advanced object-oriented modeling framework and underlying software language (AML) to enable automated rules-based generation of products from a central 3D product model. The technology and software, developed by TechnoSoft, fundamentally change the present CAD/CAM/CAE approach to integrated design and analysis processes.

As part of AMGroup’s marine platforms capabilities, our modeling and analysis service provides: • R apid configuration, layout and feature-based analytical modeling • Integration and automation of the design and analysis process within a unified computational modeling environment • Modeling, meshing, and analysis based on multi-disciplinary rules • Translation of CAD files

Benefits: Multi-disciplinary analysis today requires individual analytical model construction and meshing to run the appropriate performance analyses, using certified solvers. Benefits of the generative modeling environment used as applied to aviation, missile, automotive, and marine platforms include: Higher fidelity numerical modeling and analysis earlier in the design cycle • Exploration of more of the design space • Evaluation of the impact of the overall design Savings in time and money • Automation of the process of generating analytical meshes, through the use of a single model • Reduction of risk of not meeting platform performance or cost The capability to rapidly create an analytical model from an assortment of input data AMGroup’s system can take as inputs: • 3D native geometry • Standard geometry • Electronic and hard copy drawings • Digital scans • Analytical meshes AMGroup’s system has the ability to support all lifecycle phases for all marine platform types • Front end engineering • Detailed designs • Modernization • Live-cycle assessments

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