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Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Computer and Information Science Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Computer and Information Science (CIS) The CIS division provides three distinct tracks which have been designed to meet the changing needs of the technological community within the United Arab Emirates. The IT and IS tracks are further divided into six majors as follows:

Information Technology (IT) Applications Development

Create software applications for enterprise (large business) systems, database technologies and mobile platforms.

Instructional Technology & Training Management

Become effective technology trainers; build training programs; create business staff development strategies.

Interactive Multimedia Technologies

Create 2D and 3D graphics, animation, interactive multimedia and games for the Web.


Design, configure, implement and troubleshoot local and enterprise computer networks; perform network security and server administration..

BAS / CIS graduates are among the most sought-after professionals in business. There are few jobs that offer the same salary, reputation, job satisfaction and security as that of an IT professional. If you would like a career with any of these companies as a:

Information Systems (IS)

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Business Solutions

Apply information technology solutions to business problems; prepare for leadership roles in IT management.

Security & Forensics

Protect computer networks against unauthorized access and intrusion, diagnose computer / network problems, design disaster recovery strategies.

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Software Engineer Business Analyst Project Manager Training Manager Multimedia Developer Web Designer Network Engineer Data Analyst Game Designer … and many others ...


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