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THURSDAY - B.B.Q. NIGHT SALAD & STARTER Apple and carrot salad Marinated fennel salad Celery and tongue salad with Horseradish Smoked fish salad German radish salad with bacon Greek salad Salad Niçoise Potato salad with dry capers Warldrof salad Lettuces (local, red, frize, Iceberg, Lolo Rosso) Chunky tomato Sliced cucumber Sliced beetroot Fresh olives Homemade smoked salmon with capers Array of fish terrine with dips Assorted homemade MÊridien cold cuts with mustard Beef salami and roast beef with tartar sauce Assorted pork platter with mustard Hummus Moutabel Tabouleh

TEPPAN TABLE Chicken paddy Fish paddy Beef paddy Sidings: Sambal oelek, slice onion, mayonnaise, mustard, Horseradish, tomato ketchup, cocktail sauce

CARVING Roasted striploin Sauce: Gravy and mustard

SOUP STATION Onion soup Condiments: Parmesan cheese, sliced toasted French bread

TANDOOR STATION Chicken tikka madras Fish malai tikka Vegetable tandoor Serve with naan bread

CHAFFING DISH Roasted potato Mediterranean grilled vegetable Plain rice Traditional Irish stew Pan-fried fish with dill cream sauce Chicken ragout

BIG GRILL 1 Grill beef teriyaki Spicy sausage (Crushed pineapple, ketchup, sugar, lemon juice) Marinated lamb steak (Mustard, olive oil, herbs, garlic) Grill chicken wings (Garlic, orange juice, sugar, ginger and dark rum) Grilled marinated breast chicken Baked potatoes Sauces: Teriyaki, lamb jus, barbecue sauce, gravy, mushroom sauce, pommery mustard Cold sauces: Mustard, Horseradish, cornichon, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, sambal oelek

BIG GRILL 2 Marinated salmon Hammour steak Sherry steak Shark Sauces: Raita, lemon butter sauce, tomato salsa, lemon wedges

BIG GRILL 3 ( PORK STATION ) Marinated pork belly Marinated pork chop (Garlic, onion, scallion, mustard, bourbon whiskey and sugar) Pork spare ribs Pork sausages Sauces: Barbecue sauce, spicy barbecue sauce, peanut, mustard, apple sauce

WOK / INDUCTION Chicken curry Vegetable curry Lamb stew with white beans sauce Chicken frikka Stir-fried beef / Stir-fried chicken with Mixed Julienne vegetable Breaded seafood balls / Deep-fried chicken wings Penne Arabiata / Spaghetti Carbonara

Sidings: Tomato sauce, chopped onion, chopped garlic, chopped parsley, diced tomato, lemon juice, fresh basil, anchovies, dried chili, black olive

DESSERT Cappuccino cheese cake Eton mousse Summer pudding English toffee Citrus tart with clotted cream Choux filled with vanilla cream Apple crumble Rhubarb and custard trifle in shot glass Syllabub in shot glass (fresh fruits with meringue) Bread and butter pudding Carved fresh fruit platter Fresh fruit salad Selection of ice cream (Vanilla, raspberry ice cream, exotic and lemon sherbet) CrĂŞpes with traditional condiments


Dhs 199 - nett with regular beverages Dhs 250 - nett with regular & premium beverages DISCOUNTS CARDS ARE NOT APPLICABLE All prices are inclusive of 10% service charge & 10% municipality fees

Meridien Village Terrace  

Set in a piazza style terrace, Méridien Village Terrace offers themed cuisine evenings. Let the Flames Band serenade you as you dine and dan...