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To access Ajera go to:


If your experience an error message when trying to “Run” the Ajera application it is likely because the client will not allow access to the site from their system. You will therefore need to access Ajera from your home computer. If you must enter your T&E from home.

Please let a member of the Admin team know if you need any assistance. Some employees who need to enter their T&E from home have encountered an error message which required an update to fix. If you encounter this, contact Admin for assistance.

Once you log on you will see this screen:

Click “Time Sheet” and it will take you to the Ajera log in:

Username: Your First Initial and Last Name (ex: jdoe) Password: The last 4 digits of your Social Security #

ADDITIONAL AJERA INFORMATION When entering Proposal time on the TIME SHEET, you need to choose “Proposal Time” from the Activity drop-down list.

ALL Overhead charges should be entered in the “Overhead” section of the timesheet. Scroll through the list to find the appropriate category.


When entering Mileage the “Units” entered should be equivalent to the total round-trip mileage. The “Unit Rate” will automatically populate with the reimbursable mileage rate. The total “Amount” will also automatically populate. (Example in red box below)

When entering other expenses the “Units” entered should be “1.00” and the “Unit Rate” entered should be the dollar amount of the expense. The total “Amount” will automatically populate. Be sure to explain your charge in the “Reference” box. (Example in yellow below)


Each expense is to be entered as a separate line item with the proper date. Be sure to place the correct week date range in the “Report Dates” (green box below). Javan’s pay schedule is from Monday to Sunday.

When beginning a new EXPENSE SHEET for the week you MUST enter the proper “Expense Report Beginning Date” and “Expense Report Ending Date”. Our pay schedule is Monday to Sunday.

On the EXPENSE SHEET, after you enter your project/proposal number you need to choose “Expenses” in the Phase drop-down list not your engineering discipline.


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