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Volume 1,issue 4

November 4, 2011

The TALON Inside this issue: Stop, Walk & Talk 1 Teacher Feature: Ms. Burton 2 Double Lockers? 2 Who Rates Movies 3 Movie Ratings Revealed 3 Book Chat and Exciting New Titles 4 Pendragon 5 How Video Games Are Ranked 5 Friday Night Football Lockdown 6 Teacher Feature: Mr. Suder 7 Unstoppable Cell Phone 7

Stop, Walk, and Talk By: Rachel Allgeier and Elizabeth Thornberry Nagel is a great school to go to because there’s so many great opportunities, there’s only one problem, bullying. Bullying can really hurt people and get in the way of our main goal— to Learn. The teachers and faculty are striving as a school to end bullying altogether. The school has decided to educate the students on bullying and WEB leaders are also trying to step up to prevent any bullying. Teachers are beginning to show the students a bullying procedure, called Stop, Walk, and Talk. The first step is to ask the bullie(s) to stop. If they still continue to bully you just walk away because you are the bigger person (don’t say anything back). If they continue, even after these steps you should tell a trusted adult. The 7th grade health teachers are educating all the students on bullying. They’re actually splitting up the classes by gender because boys and girls bully others differently most of the time. Girls tend to hold grudges and spread more rumors, while boys use a more physical approach and tend to end the situation faster. Nagel will also have students and teachers attending committees to voice their opinions and concerns based on current issues. There are key factors that help people know if they’re getting bullied. There is a difference between a fight and bulling. Bullying is repeatable and a fight usually only happens once. Another factor is an unfair match, which is when a stronger person or group picks on someone each day so that the student dreads walking past them. The last part that defines bullying is that it’s harmful to the person. Even though a fight is harmful, bullying is more so to an extent that being harmed happens every day to the person, instead of just one occurrence like a fight. There’s more than one type of bullying. They’re verbal, physical, emotional, sexual, and cyber bullying. Verbal bullying is the most common type here at Nagel, lots of people spread rumors or say hurtful words to others. The advancement in technology has caused much more cyber bullying, many people will go to sites like Facebook and say hurtful things about people in minutes. The internet has become popular for bullying because you don’t see the other person’s reaction over the computer screen and it’s easy to spread gossip to more people. If one of your friends is getting bullied, you may also use the Stop, Walk, and Talk procedure. Friends can also tell the bully that what they’re doing isn’t cool. If your friend is a bully you can tell them it’s not nice to pick on others and that it’s not cool. But if a person feels like they’re bullying people, the counselors are there to help you break this habit. Bullies can stop by thinking about what it would feel like if they were they were in the person’s shoes. People who are getting bullied just use this great procedure to end the bullying towards you. I know someone who was bullied because others thought she was anorexic. She bottled it up inside her and never told anyone until the 7th grade when it stopped. But she should’ve used the Stop, Walk, and Talk method instead of being upset for so long about her situation. As a school we are trying to stop bullying so if you see it going on you can tell the bully not cool and use the Stop, Walk, and Talk procedure. Nagel’s faculty and even student are ready to put an end to bullying because we’re one of the greatest middle schools. As a Nagel student, my main goals here are to make new friends and to learn. Let’s make a goal to have all bullying finished altogether with full dedication of everybody by the end of the school year.

The TALON By: Hannah Donaldson Ms. Cathy Burton is the science teacher on Team 8-1. She has been teaching at Nagel since the school has opened. She has taught many subjects including math, history, Language arts and some encores, like PE, art and music. To get her degrees, she attended University of California and University of Miami in Oxford. She has taught at Summit and Villaloves in Tracy, California. She likes to teach 8th grade because she loves making an impact on our future. In her free time she likes to rescue animals and be outside. She has many pets like eight dogs, three bunnies and around 20 cats. She also has some turtles and frogs in her class room. She has traveled all over Europe including, Ireland, Wales, Holland, France, and over the summer, China! Ms. Burton is an outstanding teacher and person. If you aren’t on Team 8-1, then you might be lucky enough to get her for encore.

Locker Etiquette/Double Lockers Ali Roberts, Victoria Helton At Nagel, getting into your locker, getting your stuff and getting to class on time can be challenging. Alex Rothfuss of Team 7-2, suggested that students be given double lockers. Here is what he said, “If we had double lockers that it would lower bus and class lateness. With our lockers if there is someone on the locker above you and they get to their lockers first then you have to wait for a long time to get your stuff. It is like an immediate lateness sentence and you are the only person being punished. I have seen students miss their buses just because they got to their locker last and have to wait while the person above them just talks. This makes students late for the bus. I feel like these are good reasons to have double lockers.” These are great reasons to try double lockers but, it would not be possible because there are approximately 1,170 students and only 1,308 lockers in the Nagel Middle School hallways. To keep from having one person late to class every day, students should switch so every other day one person could get to their locker first, and the next day the other person could get to theirs first. Students could also do that throughout the day. Being organized will help students to be more efficient which will make them quicker getting to and out of their locker. We interviewed the head custodian, Brian Stewart, and he said that the main reason why student’s locks are breaking so often is because of old age and students putting paper in the lock to keep it open. Some helpful tips from Mr. Stewart to keep our lockers from breaking are to not put paper in the locks which also helps prevent other students coming up, opening your locker and stealing your stuff. He also suggests that students be gentle, don’t slam the locker doors. Mr. Stewart has to fix at least one locker a day. He has more trouble with lockers at the beginning of the year, and those problems slow down towards the end of the year. So, the only way students will not be late, is to be organized and be courteous to the other students around you. Page 2

Volume 1,issue 4

The Talon

Who Rates Movies?? BY: McKenna Zink and Diana Currier As you might know, movies have ratings. Sometimes these rating prevent us from seeing a movie. At our age you might see a preview of a rated R movie and wanted to see it, you wouldn’t be allowed to see the movie because you have to be over 17 to see it, unless with an adult. More and more American movies are coming out with adult material, things inappropriate for children, so to prevent children seeing these things a group was formed; The Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA), created in 1968. The MPAA is in partnership with National Association of America (NATO) and International Film Importers & Distributers of America (IFIDA). They make up the rating system for all movies. This was created to help parents keep their kids away from inappropriate material that should not be seen by children, or under age kids. Did you know that film makers do not rate their own movie? Yes, this is true! Film makers do not have to send the movie to the CARA rating (The Classification and Rating Administration), but they should. Film makers usually do because the United States uses this rating system. They do not have to rate their movie it becomes harder to have their film be shown since it has

Movie Ratings Revealed Isabella Benintendi, Hassler Carroll, Garrett Krause According to CARA, the Classification and Rating Administration, “ Movie ratings provide parents with advance information about the content of films to help them determine what movies are appropriate for their young children and at what age. Ratings are assigned by a Board of parents who consider factors such as violence, sex, language, drug use and other adult activities and assign a rating they believe the majority of American parents would give a film.” There are five rating for movies. First, is G (General) which is a movie which anyone can see and cannot “hurt” children in any way. The next level is PG (Parental Guidance) which means for children under 13 parents should be supervising so if the movie does contain content that their children should not see they can turn it off or not talk about it. The third rating PG-13 means that teenagers are more reasonable for what that movie contains and for children under that age, parents are urged to be cautious. R (Restricted) is the fourth rating, which contains adult content only, which means gruesome events and adult activity that wouldn’t be appropriate for a child to see. Lastly, is NC-17 (No one under 17 permitted) which is 18 and up and children are not allowed. The difference between R and NC-17 is in theaters you can watch R rated movies if you have a parent with you if you are under 17 but NC-17 you have to be 17 or you can’t go in regardless of if your parents accompany

you. The ratings give an insight to parents about whether they want their children to see it. There is also usually a caption of why that movie is rated that. Video game ratings are very similar to movie ratings but they have seven ratings. The first of this is EC (Early Childhood) which is good for children three and older and with no gruesome content. E (Everyone) is for children six and older and E10 (everyone ten and up) is for children ten and up. T (Teen) is the next rating and a game is normally tilted that because there is more violence, traces of blood, and the possibility of cursing or strong language. The fifth rating is M (Mature) and is suitable for more developed and mature players. Since this is a level up from teen it will show more blood, more violence, and more sexual content. Second to last is A (Adults Only) which is for fully matured adults 18+. Lastly is RP (Rating Pending) and that is when the rating is yet to be determined. All these rating are shown on the cover of the video game when you purchase it.

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The TALON Exciting New Books for Teens By: Maria Henriquez The Learning Commons will be hosting this year’s first Book Chat event of the school year. Special guest and public librarian, Ann Conway, will bring several of the newest and most exciting books to share with the group. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring a recentlyread book or two to share. The Book Chat will begin at 2:30 in the Learning Commons. Light refreshments will be served. Need something to read before the Book Chat? Check out these hot off the press titles! Inheritance by Christopher Paolini November 8, 2011 This is the much awaited fourth and final installment in the Inheritance Cycle. It didn’t take long for Eragon, a poor farm boy and orphan, to become one of the most fearsome warriors in the history of Alagaësia. Now Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, must enter the biggest battle of their lives: confronting Galbatorix, the evil king. Will they have the strength to restore Alagaësia to its former glory? Or will Alagaësia have reached its doom? The Death Cure by James Dashner October 11, 2011 WICKED says the time for lies is over, but Thomas knows they can’t be trusted. WICKED says that the trials are over and now the Gladers will participate in a voluntary test with their memories fully restored. WICKED does not, however, know that Thomas remembers much more than they think he does. Lies are done. But the truth is much more dangerous than any of them, Thomas included, could imagine. Is anyone able to survive the Death Cure? Perfect by Ellen Hopkins No matter who you are, or where you’re from, you want to be something, somewhere, someone, else. Four high school seniors are striving for this: perfection. And their goals are diverse, just as their ways of getting there. A companion to Impulse, this book exposes harsh truths about growing up and into your own skin. Everyone wants to be perfect, but how far will you go when perfection has lost its meaning? Bloodlines by Richelle Mead Sydney, an alchemist, is forced into hiding to protect Jill Dragomir’s life. Jill is a Moroi Princess, you see. The last place Sydney expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. Full of new faces, but including old ones as well, this is the first in a new series set in the same world as Vampire Academy. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare December 6, 2011 The London Institute hangs in the balance. Mortmain and the clockwork army are still threatening, but the Council wants to replace Charlotte, the head of the Enclave, with Benedict Lightwood, a power-hungry and unscrupulous man. Will, Jem, and Tessa must now reveal Mortmain’s past if they have any hope of saving Charlotte and the Institute. On their s=hunt, they discover unseetling Shadowhunter connections that give clues to both the enemy’s motivations and Tessa’s true identity. Tessa finds a choice to make now that she knows how the Shadowhunters made her a monster. Tessa must choose between leaving Will and Jem to join her brother, Nate, on Mortmain’s side and sticking it out with Will and Jem and possibly saving the Shadowhunters of London. She is the deciding factor: save the Shadow hunters? Or destroy them? Mastiff by Tamora Pierce October 25, 2011 Here comes Mastiff, the third book in the Beka Cooper series; one of many series set in the land of Tortall. Now that Beka is a member of the Provost’s Guard, she experiences her gravest lost. Within hours, she embarks on a mission to save the heir to the throne. With no one but Tunstall, her dog Achoo, and a mysteriously powerful mage, Beka jumps into a case that will certainly change everything. The question is, will it change for the better, or the worse? First Kill by Heather Brewer September 20, 2011 Joss McMillan has a perfect life. That is, until he witnesses his sister being murdered by a vampire. Then, as if to make matters worse, or better, depending on perspective, he finds out about his family’s secret heritage. They are members of the Slayer Society, a group determined to rid the world of vampires. As a new recruit, Joss trains, bent on revenge for his sister. While training, he discovers powers that could make him the youngest and strongest Slayer in history. But there’s a traitor in the society. The traitor’s identity will shock Joss, if the traitor doesn’t kill him first. This is a companion series to The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, but can be read as a stand-alone. The Fire by James Patterson December 5, 2011 Whit and Wisty Allgood know the meaning of sacrifice. They have sacrificed everything in their journey to stop The One Who Is The One, the merciless dictator of their world. Wisty knows it’s time, and is ready to go up against The One, but how? All of the power and flame she sends toward The One is absorbed, making him even stronger. Their family is dead, they have nothing but each other. And now they will battle this invincible being. The outcome will determine the fate of their world. Shelter by Harlan Coben September 6, 2011 Is it even possible for Mickey Bolitar’s year to get any worse? Mickey is forced to live with estranged uncle Myron after witnessing his father’s death and shipping his mom off to rehab. Naturally, living with Myron means a new high school, A.K.A. new friends, new enemies. And a great new girlfriend, Ashley. Everything’s looking up, until Ashley vanishes without a trace. Not wanting to lose yet another person in his life, Mickey hits the road to find her. Ashley’s trail takes him into a seedy underworld that reveals Ashley isn’t who she seems to be; and neither was Mickey’s father. Mickey discovers a conspiracy so shocking, it leaves him questioning everything about the life he had. And thought he knew. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater October 18, 2011 At the start of every November, the Scorpio Races are held. In the races, riders try to hold on to their water horses long enough to finish the race. Some people die. Sean Kendrick, 19, is the returning champion. He is a man of few words, and any fears are buried deep within. Puck Connolly never meant to ride in the races, but as fate would have it, she is. She enters the completion as the first girl ever to do so. But she is not prepared whatsoever. A bit of a love story, but thrilling adventure awaits. Page 4

Volume 1,issue 4

The Talon

Pendragon Savior of Halla By: Austin White There are ten books in the Pendragon series; The Merchant of Death, The Lost City of Faar, The Never War, The Reality Bug, Black Water, The Rivers of Zadaa, The Quillen Games, The Pilgrims of Rayne, Raven Rise, and The Soldiers of Halla. The Pendragon series is science fiction. The protagonist is Robert also known as “Bobby” Pendragon. The antagonist is Saint Dane. The setting starts on Second Earth, and then goes to a planet called Denduron at some unknown time. Saint Dane tries to drive the territories into chaos; there are ten territories in all and they are different points in time on the seven planets that can suffer catastrophic events. Each territory has a turning point; the time when a catastrophic event can occur, Saint Dane tries to push the turning point negatively. Denduron is another planet that is primitive, there are two main tribes the Milago which are poor slave like people, and the Bedoowan who have light sources, running water and clean houses. The Bedoowan force the Milago to mine for a mineral called glaze that is very valuable but it is deadly to mine. The turning point on Denduron is the discovery of tak, extremely dangerous explosive clay, a marble size piece can destroy a house. The Milago are sick of being slaves so they are going to launch a full scale war, the bad news is they get greedy with power and want to continue conquering all of Denduron.Pendragon has to find a way to stop a huge war. Find out if he does in the first book to the series Pendragon. Click here for more information on this series:

How Video Games Are Ranked By: Kylyn Peveler The ESRB, Entertainment Software Rating Board, is the group that is responsible for rating video games based on things like sexual content, gambling, racism, and drug use. They assign at least three people that are highly trained to rate a game and those hired can’t work for the company that created the game. The company that makes the game sends in a clip of their game at its most intense part. Then the raters rate the game from there, based on violence, sexual content, gambling, drug use, gore and blood, language, cartoon, fantasy, and humor. The people that rank the game don’t actually get to play the game instead they just watch the video. If all the raters agree on the rating then it is official but if they don’t agree different raters are assigned to help make a final decision. The ESRB also writes, “Experience may change during online play,” on the game case and on the game startup screen because hackers can change the game and players can cuss online over mics, so this disclaimer warns players of those possibilities. Now you know how video games are rated.

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The Talon

Friday Night Football Lockdown By guest columnist: Whitney Gazar

The Forest Hill’s Administration believes that we Nagel students are getting out of control, but are the problems actually Nagel kids? Don’t you think middle school students should have some freedom outside of school? For instance, at a high school football game it’s important to have freedom, but also show responsibility. Nagel students should be able to attend a Friday night football game without an adult by our side. Have people even considered that adults don’t have the time to come babysit their teenagers at a high school football game on a Friday night? I’m sure parents would prefer to go out with some friends Friday night, too. Students have not had to have parental supervision in the past, so why now? Eighth grade student, Elizabeth Petit, commented, “No, I disagree [with the administration], because the administration and others tell us to show them that were responsible middle school students. But how are we going to show them we’re responsible at the games if we always have to have an adult with us? Even out of school we can’t show them we’re responsible because everywhere we go it seems like we need an adult. We need opportunities to learn how to be independent.” Another eighth grade student, Mekenzie Acosta replied, “I disagree too, next year some of us may be playing for or cheering for that football team, and to think that the year before we had to have a parent monitor us at the game? That’s a big leap! I don’t know if everyone will be ready.” Next year, some of us will be getting our permits to start learning to drive. That’s a time when we would need a parent by our side, not a football game. We know we are all capable of sitting down and watching a football game; a game in which some of our older siblings may be playing, without an adult watching over us. I’m not denying the fact that there are times when we do need adult supervision, because we do. In the end, if this rule sticks, then Forest Hill is going to make less money at the games because fewer people are going to be buying tickets. An alternate way of handling this situation is to kick out the students who get out of control and let everyone else take care of themselves. Banning the individual students who cause the problems is fair. This plan would result in making more money at the games, because more students will be able to come without having to take an adult with them to the game.

By: Austin Guenther Mr. Brad Suder is a Social Studies teacher on Team 7-1. He loves teaching and says that teaching seventh grade is absolutely, “spectacular.” Mr. Suder graduated from Miami University. He does not have any kids yet but he does have a dog. In his spare time he enjoys golfing, hanging out with friends, EATING, playing volleyball, and watching sports. His favorite sports teams are Miami University hockey, Cincinnati Reds baseball, the Bengals, and the Ohio State Buckeyes for collegiate football. Mr. Suder’s favorite food is either pizza or steak. Mr. Suder has taught at Anderson for a half of a year and has taught at Nagel for four wonderful years. He drives a “beautiful Hyundai Elantra” and his drive to work is only about 15 to 20 minutes on a good day. Mr. Suder makes learning Social Studies fun with projects. If you don’t have him as a teacher you could join the Golf Club to get to know him.

Unstoppable By guest columnist: Alex Hellman Did you know that even just to contact a parent before school starts, students can’t use their cell phones? If you forget your homework, gym clothes or a book you had to read, you have to walk to the office and use their phone. A teacher has to write you a pass, you must have permission to use the phone, and it has to be an emergency. That sounds like a lot of rules to use something everybody has. Most students at the school carry their cell phone around anyway. But, the phone must be turned off at all times, and if any of it is showing, it gets confiscated. The school board made that rule because they are afraid we’ll text or call one of our friends and create a distraction. However, how is this any different than some students who bring laptops already create their own distractions? A huge problem with this rule is that it can’t be universally enforced. I know a lot of kids that text each other during the day, every day. If parents work after school but not during, you should be allowed to contact them during school and just send a text saying, “I’m going out to ___ after school,” and that’s it. Is there a problem with sending a message like that? There are many advantages to using a cell phone, too. For instance, laptops were built to be portable computers, but you can’t put a laptop in your pocket. Instead, you have to carry it around in a big case all the time and it becomes a hassle. Another point of interest, laptops take a lot longer to start up and shut down, whereas cell phones can load really fast; just a matter of seconds. Also, more kids have phones than laptops. On a show called “Modern Marvels” it was stated that, “There is one cell phone for every two people in the world, for all ages.” Laptops are at least four times more expensive than cell phones. Laptops can cost anywhere from $800-$2,000+, while cell phones are normally about $40-$300, which makes them more affordable. In an interview with our assistant principal, Mr. Vander Meer, he said that one reason we can’t use phones is because we’ll text our friends during class. He also said that because phones are so technologically advanced, in the next few years we’ll probably see some more use with them and they might become an everyday tech tool like laptops. I also asked my dad about it, and he was surprised to hear that students aren’t permitted to use them. He was also unhappy to find out that faculty has been instructed to take it if they see it, not just if it goes off or causes a distraction. Companies are going to continue to make smart phones better and better. Soon a lot of schools will allow them. It just depends whether the board wants to experiment with them now or later. We were the first class in the Forest Hills district to bring laptops to our school so maybe not this or next year, but after that there’s no reason we can’t just spend the last six months of school trying them like laptops. Teachers and staff members try to stop the use now, but there’s no way that they can all monitor every student to see if they are, and most kids are good at hiding it while they text. So are cell phones a distraction? For now some people might think so, but it’s going to change in the future, and no one will be able to stop it.

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