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Volume 1, Issue 2

September 26, 2011


Nagel’s student news

Nagel @ Night Latest & Greatest :     

By Maria Henriquez & Brooke Loewenstine

Are you excited for Nagel @ Night? It’ll be a blast! Nagel Survey It’s going to take place in the Anderson Vs. Turpin Nagel gyms and cafetorium on Friday, October 28th, 2011. The New Fall Line-Up party starts at 7:00pm and ends Teacher Feature: at 9:00pm. Students who raise Facts you may not $100 for the Game-on-a-thon know will get to stay an extra hour and Nagel @ Night

invite some of their friends. There’s going to be karaoke, a DJ, pizza and drinks, basketball, and the best part: the inflatable! All of these activities are included in the price when you pay to get your ticket. If you want the cheaper way, you are able to buy your ticket at lunch for

Nagel @ Night Survey

$5.00. Buying in advance gets your name put in to have a chance to receive a prize! If you buy your ticket at the door it will be $6.00 and you won’t get your name entered in the prize drawing. When you buy your ticket, make sure to bring your student ID so you are able to buy your ticket.

By: Isabella Benintendi

Nagel @ Night is coming up this October and everyone is pumped! A simple survey was conducted to get the view of Nagel @ Nagel from students at Nagel. According to the results 80% of Nagel students attended last year. Students said they loved the music, dancing, and hanging out with friends. Students did offer great suggestions to improve Nagel @ Night such as that they would rather have outdoor activities, a bigger inflatable, and more drinks and food. Lastly, we asked Nighthawks would you attend again and the results were obvious. Check out our results!

Anderson .vs. Turpin

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Anderson vs. Turpin 1 Access 24/7


Fall Line up


Fall line up cont’d


Teacher Feature


On the night of September. 16th the Anderson vs. Turpin game was the only thing that people in Anderson Township were talking about. It was the biggest game either high school had ever seen. Over 3,800 tickets were sold. In the 4th quarter Anderson got a lucky break with an unnecessary hit call giving Anderson great field position to take the lead. Anderson senior Quarterback Nick Mason threw a 10 yard touchdown pass to Jarred Cook in the southeast corner of the end zone with 7.8 seconds left. Anderson’s bleachers went ballistic, everyone in the stu-

By: Josh Davis dent section jumped out of the bleachers to wait for the final seconds, and once Anderson’s win was secure all the Anderson fans stormed the field! This loss for Turpin puts them at 2-2 and playing Milford next week at home. The win for Anderson puts them at 1-3 and playing Northwest next week. In the Turpin, Anderson rivalry this has been the closest game by far.

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Access 24/7 Access 24/7, is an after school program that helps students with schoolwork and homework. Students will have access to computers and to teachers who will answer questions and help them complete assignments. This is the perfect place to go to get organized

By: Ali Roberts and Diana Currier

and stay on top of your assignments. Access 24/7, takes place in the Learning Commons from 2:30 to 4:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. All students who come have to sign in for attendance. All students who attend, Access 24/7, must stay the whole two

hours to receive a bus pass. If students are having an adult pick them up the students must wait in the activity lobby until adults pick the students up. All students are welcome and encouraged to come. If you ever need homework help, Access 24/7 is always there to

New Fall Line-Up Once Upon a Time

By: Hanna Donaldson

Remember the fairy tales, the ones with Prince Charming and Snow White? Well, they’re back as Once Upon a Time, a new TV series coming to ABC this October. In this TV series the stars are Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/ Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan, Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold, Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen / Regina, Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham, Jared Gilmore as Henry, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming / John Doe, and Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket / Archie. Written and produced by Ed-

The Talon

ward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Steve Pearlman, and Mark Mylod. Once Upon a Time is a drama, set in present day Maine, about a fairy tale world frozen in time. When the son that Emma gave up ten years ago comes back things start to change. The characters have to get back to the fairy tale world, but when they try to get back to the fairy tale world bad things happen. If you want to know more the first episode is airing Sunday October 23, 2011 at 8/7 central on ABC.

Suburgatory By: Ali Roberts Suburgatory is a show on ABC about a teenage girl named Tessa who moves from Manhattan, to a superficial cul-de-sac. Tessa will experience a major culture shock when she gets assigned a “buddy” at school. Her “buddy” Dalia is the complete opposite of Tessa… superficial, popular, and fake. Tessa, the unpopular genuine teen, is played by Jane Levy. Dalia, the oblivious “buddy” is played by Carly Chaikin. Subur-

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gatory airs on September 28 on ABC. According to the New York Times, this show isn’t going to be a hit. “Nah; if you have a kid that’s annoying in your house, why would you want one on your television too?” says Neil Genzlinger writer of the New York Times. Will you agree with the reviews? Tune into every Wednesday nights at 8:30/7:30c to check it out.

Volume 1, Issue 2

Charlie’s Angels By: Elizabeth Thornberry.

Charlie’s Angels is a reboot on ABC of the original TV series that showed in 1976-1981. The stars who play on this new TV series are Annie Ilonzeh as Kate Prince(Annie Ilonzeh is also the first African-American woman to play one of Charlie’s Angels), Minka Kelly as Eve French, Rachael Taylor as Abby Sampson, Ramon Rodriguez as John Bosley, and Nadine Velazquez as Gloria Morales. The directors for the series are Marcos Siega, James Marshall and Angela Robinson. The writers for the series are Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Douglas Petrie, and Sonny Postiglione.

The orignal Charlie’s Angels was filmed in Los Angeles, California, but the reboot will be filmed in Miami, Florida. The original airdate for this series was September 22, 2011, and it will air on Thursdays at 8:00 PM. Now that it’s the 21st century the Townsend agency (agency Charlie’s angels work for in the TV series) have more upgraded material than in the 1970’s version, even though we have all different types of video-conferencing services they want to keep the identity of Charlie a secret and also to make it more like the 1970’s version, so he still calls by speaker phone. ABC’s Presi-

dent of entertainment promises the reboot of Charlie’s Angels will be “Pure Candy”, but will you agree? Check out Charlie’s Angels on ABC Family on Thursdays at 8:00 PM.

The X Factor By: Kylyn Peveler The X Factor is a show that is like mixing America’s Got Talent and American Idol. There are four judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul used to be judges on American Idol but left to make this show last year. The X Factor is a show where contestants go on TV and sing or express a talent to America. The auditions were in Los Angeles from September 5th to September 19th. These auditions were for the first show which aired September 21st at eight and seven o clock central time. The X Factor will be showing on Fox19 which is channel nineteen or on cable it might be channel three. There were also auditions in Seattle, Newark, Miami, Chicago, and Dallas. There is a poll on the website of The X Factor for who your favorite judge is, mine is Simon Cowell because he always gives everybody a hard time and is the person that makes it or breaks it. Don’t forget to watch The X Factor on Fox19 at eight o clock next Wednesday. To participate in this poll go here it is at the bottom of the page:

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Nagel Today

Why are You Here?

Teacher Features The Amazing Mr. Call

For other updates, go to: Mr. Call is the language arts teacher on Team 81 and on the weekends he loves watching Ohio State in college football. Mr. Call was born on October 28, a long time ago. His favorite thing about being at Nagel is working with a team of teachers. He thinks that is kind of cool. Mr. Call has been at Nagel ever since it started about 13

By: John Pappas

Mrs. Johnston was born in Geneseo, Illinois but she grew up in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Mrs. Johnston teaches seventh grade social studies at Nagel Middle School. She teaches on 7-4 and drives a Ford Explorer and/or Fusion. Her hobbies that she enjoys are traveling to neat places and raising her new baby Truman, golfing and skiing. She has one son and a second child on the way in February. Something that she plans to do in the future is to open a doggy day care with her husband or to win the lottery. Mrs. Johnston has taught two years at Riverside Academy also one

By: Austin Gunther

years ago but has been in the profession for 23 years. He graduated from Walnut Hills High School and got his degrees at Mount Vernon Nazerene University. At the university and in high school he participated in baseball, choir, drama, and newspaper. He has a wife named Tammy and three loving children, two boys of 20 and 15 years old

and one daughter who is 10 years old. Mr. Call’s most proudest moment of his life was probably when each of his children were born. His favorite restaurant is P.F. Changs. Mr. Call plans to travel to new places in the future like England. Another talent Mr. Call has is playing the piano.

Introducing Mrs. Johnston year at Pleasant Run and she also taught at along with her students. Her first job, beNorthwest local school. Mrs. Johnston has fore she taught, was a receptionist at “Tan taught in the seventh grade for six years and Tone”, a tanning and fitness gym. now and one year in the eighth grade. Mrs. Johnston went to Ohio University in Athens (graduated). Then she went to University of Phoenix in Denver (graduated). Mrs. Johnston favorite sports are downhill and water skiing, and golf. When she was a kid her favorite subject was business, French geometry, and physics. As a teacher her favorite thing to teach is witnessing “AHA” moments and also likes making relationships and learning Page 4

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