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Adopt a Family by: Erin Smith & Truman Lee

Adopt A Family is a great charity for needy families in Anderson Township, but this charity goes further than just Cincinnati-- it happens around the United States. This charity helps economically challenged families have a Christmas that they cannot afford. That is where we Nighthawks stepped in to help. So, what is Adopt A Family? Basically it is when a family is sponsored for Christmas. This means that Christmas presents are bought for families who can’t afford to buy gifts and food for the holidays. It costs about one hundred dollars per family to help, though the price depends on how large the family is. Each child and parent has a wish list. Students are not the only ones helping to pay for the presents. Facility members also

donated. The amount of money Nagel and Wilson raised together was a little over $6,000 dollars! The Advisories that raised the most were Ms. Moyer with $241.00 dollars, Mrs. Groene with $223.00 dollars and Mrs. Cripe with $182.00 dollars. Great job to those advisories! If you can’t donate money, but still want to participate, students can wrap the presents. “Students will be donating, shopping and wrapping for people in Anderson Township and Newtown,” Ms Moyer informed us. Students can wrap the presents with lots of other volunteers at Beech Acres. Students can socialize while wrapping. Volunteers will also receive drinks, hot cocoa, and Pizza. The date for wrapping is Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at Beech Acres from 5:30pm to 9:00 pm. Thanks Nighthawks for always GIVING BIG!

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Chick-Fil-A Challenge Congratulations to seventh graders Noah Wadley and Jacob Fries for winning the ChickFil-A Challenge. The Chick-Fil-A Challenge was a competition for first quarter health students. They were trying to get a feel for what it is like to make a healthy chicken sandwich. It was “one of the coolest things I have ever done,” says Noah. In the beginning, there were about three hundred people competing. Health teachers determined the top ten competitors in every class. The students in each class chose the top two recipes per class. The top two went to Chick-Fil-A to actually make their sandwich. At the restaurant, the sand-

wiches were judged by all the Health teachers, Superintendent Dr. Jackson, and Chuck Perkins, the owner of Chick-FilA. Noah and Jacob created the entrée “Poultry in Paradise.” They came up with the name for the sandwich because they wanted to do something tropical since the sandwich used citruses. Their entree has chicken that is marinated in organic orange juice then char-grilled. It is drizzled with pineapple juice and is garnished with a pineapple wheel and three red bell pepper strips. The sandwich is served on a whole-

by: Abby Corpus & Grady Cummins grain bun. The nutritional facts of the sandwich are: 374 calories, 0.06 grams of saturated fat, and 274 milligrams of Sodium. This sandwich will be featured in November at the Beechmont Avenue Chick-FilA. Mrs. Comarata tried the sandwich at ChickFil-A and said, “I would definitely get it again. It had a very unique taste and was delicious. The pineapple really topped it off.” Both Noah and Jacob received an additional prize of two hundred and fifty dollars. This quarter, health students are going to make salads for Chick-Fil-A rather than chicken sandwiches.

Winter Break December 22, 2011 through January 2, 2012 THE







Ready to hit the Slopes


by: Griffin Crawley & Valerie Harrison

Nagel Ski Club is starting up again! Interested in learning how to ski or just want some time to go ski with your friends? This is the perfect opportunity for you to have a blast. To get a pass of any sort whether for a full season pass to just every Wednesday from January 11, 2012 through February 1, 2012, students can go on the Perfect North Website to get a pass from there, if students would like to get the pass that Nagel provides. The majority of Nagel Skiers purchase the Lesson Program Pass, which is for skiing and snowboarding. This includes four, one hour group lessons on the club’s lesson day. The Club Name is Nagel Middle School and the Club password is far side. The four weeks begin January 11, 2011. The pass is the same as last year, ($90 without rental; $136 with rental.)The prices go up after November 21 ,2011. If your parents or siblings would also like to join and get a pass through Nagel, they can but they will not be able to get bus service. If students want to ride the bus out there and from you are able to there are just some rules and regulations. Students are only able to ride the bus if they are a current Nagel student and have turned in all three forms, paid the transportation fee (~$25) by the deadline and bought a pass through the Nagel Ski Club portion of the Perfect North Slopes website. Students are able to bring their own ski and snowboards on the bus; the back two seats of the bus are reserved for equipment. Students may begin boarding at 3:15 p.m., and the bus will leave at promptly at 3:30 and arrive at 4:20. When the day is done boarding will begin at 8:00 p.m. and leave at 8:10 p.m. Students will be back at Nagel by 9:00 p.m. Any student not back on the bus by 8:10 will not be permitted to ride the Nagel Ski Club bus for the remainder of the 2011/2012 ski season. Also any student not picked up ten minutes after the bus has emptied will also lose bus privileges. The fee for the bus varies on how many students we have and the number of buses we will need. Things you need to do are complete the bus agreement form & return it to Mr. Weaver or Ms. Bercz with the Emergency Medical form, Co-curricular Pledge Form, The “Next @Nagel” form and also purchase your ski passes on . Students need to pay for busing if they’re using the bus service by December 16, 2011. Over all, ski club is a really fun activity and if you like to ski or want to learn how to, this is a great opportunity to use. Darcy Aders, who participated in Ski Club last year, gave some inside scoop about what there is to do. “You can hang out in the lodge, do homework, eat, ski on the hills with your friends and buy or rent ski or snowboarding stuff. The best part is being able to hang out with your friends and ski or snowboard. The nice thing is that we are one of the only schools that does something like ski club. Darcy highly recommends people to give it a try! Having difficulty making friends? Are you currently in an argument with a good friend and you don’t know how to make things better? What to ask out that special someone but you’re not sure how? Or is homework bringing you down?

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What Are You Wishing for this Holiday Season?

Every year there is a shopping frenzy when the hot new gifts of the year come out, but which of these gifts are on the top of students’ lists? The holiday season is right around the corner, what are you wishing for this year? We asked Nagel students what they were hoping to receive through a survey on created on survey monkey and posted on Schoology. They had a chance to tell us the top three gifts they wanted. Then, we did a follow up survey to see which gifts made the cut. There are many gifts that made it to the top, but which are the most popular? Thanks to all that contributed we have now found that UGGs followed by the iPhone are the most wanted gifts. UGGs come in many styles and colors such as

Classic Tall, Classic Short, and the all New Bailey Button style. The variety of colors is endless but Chestnut is the most popular by far. As many of you know Apple Products have been a big hit the past few years, so it’s no surprise that the iPhone and iPad made their way to the top. New features on the iPhone 4S make it a desirable gift this year. From its audio voice assistant to Face Time this is definitely going to be a top seller. Other cool features that will make it a great gift include a better battery life, a more detailed camera, and it’s by far the fastest out of all iPhones. Similar to the iPhone, the iPad2 has many amazing features that make it a best seller. It is 23% thinner, can now print, and has a battery life that last up to 10 hours. The iPad2 also has two cameras that make it perfect for Face Time. Apple Products and UGGs are going to be the hottest gifts this season but parents can’t wait till the last

minute to get them. So, write your lists soon because these will begin to fly off the shelves as the holidays get closer. There are only a few more days of shopping left to get these popular gifts.

By: Regina Barton & Haley Witherell


SOAR Card Idea Showdown By: Nick Wetzel & Alex Freimuth Using Surveymonkey and Schoology, we asked students for ideas regarding rewards for SOAR cards and we got many responses. Some were not realistic like being allowed to leave school early or things like iTunes/ Starbucks gift. Other responses claim that the SOAR card reward system is useless and should not exist, though maybe they just haven’t been able to earn any. Some students suggested that everyone in the class should pool the cards together to earn one big prize for the whole class, for example a team or class recess or a class pizza party. Others had great ideas like being able to turn in a certain number of cards to be allowed to use their own notes on a quiz or test, or to be given an extra day to turn in an assignment without losing points or getting into trouble. While there are school-wide incentives, different teams may also have a their own rewards system in place. Team 7-1 has different rewards for different teachers. Mrs. Schlueter’s rewards are turn in one SOAR card to sit in a comfortable wheelie chair or turn in two tickets to acquire a free pass in the hallway. Mrs. Kesler’s rewards are turn in one SOAR card to sit in a comfortable wheelie chair, turn in two SOAR cards for a stick of gum or turn in five for a whole pack of gum. For thirty SOAR cards Mrs. Black will pull the emergency shower chord on Mr. Suder! For 50 soar cards Mrs. Black will pull the emergency shower chord on Mr. Vander Meer!! Some teams have some other cool rewards like Team 8-5 allows students to get a SOAR card signed by one of their teachers to get permission to listen to their iPod or MP3 player during advisory during social Fridays, and 8-4 allows students to turn in three SOAR cards and they get to choose a soda that they are allowed to Have you ordered your YEARBOOK? The 2012 Nagel Yearbook is on sale now for $36 (plus tax) until the end of the year. Prices will go up after December 31st. You may order them online through Jostens (see link below). If your student is interested in providing pictures to be considered in the yearbook, they need to go on the website called which will allow them to upload pictures. The students need to log on and set up an account under Nagel Middle School and the yearbook staff will receive their pictures for consideration.






Sports Report


by: Matt Burrows & Trevor Porta

8th Grade Boys BLUE Team: Peter Dames, Paul Heaton, Patrick Johnson, DeAndre McCallum, DeAnthony McCallum, Kyle Rogers, Tony Tufano, Nick Vosel, Connor Wheeldon and Blake White.

7th grade boys hawks are Trey Bowden, Jack Gatner, Ben Hemmelgarn, Nathan Hooper, Jayden Lawrence, Nick Long, Jake McFarland, Will Muscatello, Kyle Redden, Blake Rudolph, Scott Storey, Jack Tyszkiewicz.

7th Grade Boys BLUE Team: Luke Bohenek, Ryan Bolt, Dylan Browning, Jack Campbell, Trent Donahoo, Will Ladd, Louie Raines, Drew Sessler, Ben Sommer and Zach Williams Gymnastics: Hailey Beiswanger, Danielle Bonecutter, Natalie Buck, Taylor Caruso, Maria Cronin, Polina Elagin, Brittany Gardner, Teagan Gerke, Zona Herrick, Samme Polonco, Megan Shearer, Hanna Spanos, Kate Striefel, Emily Swertfeger, Sami Vogel, Madi Wessels, Nicole Young, Elizabeth Zerhusen. 8th Grade Girls SILVER: Gabby Beyrer, Claudia Biesnbender, Abby Gunlock, Caroline Mink, Hayley Racer, Anna Richards, Victoria Scheu, Kate Schloser, Abby Toerner, Sara Ventura.

The BLUE cheerleading squad: Saijal Andreadis, Spencer Blankenship, Griffin Crawley, AnneMarie Fetick, Lara Gabis, Brittane Gardner, Teagan Gerke, Natalie Gould, Britney Harris, Megan Hess, Shelby Jacobs, Jenna Kanoza, Jenny Lippowitsch, Ajia McCord, Olivia Morreale, Katelyn Peters, Madi Wessels, Brooklyn Williams, Annie Wills, Ahna Zorn.

Wrestling: Sam Adams, Chris Bercz, David Bouttakotg, Josh Brooks, Brady Eckert, Ethan Farley, Thomas Flanders, Dalton Hertel, David Hurd, Adam Klein, Jeffrey Trey Lanham, Jake Lynn, Drew Matthews, Sean McCafferty, Andrew Merchant, Nathan Millette, Jake Moore, Andrew Mullenix, Ben Rackley, Jake Saunders, Drew Spencer, Lucas Springer, Scott Strong, Hanson Su, Nick Wetzel, Elijah Wittenbarger, Brogan Williams, Jeffery Wilson, Michael

The SILVER Squad: Paige Ambach, Gretchen Baxter, Meredith Eldred, Samantha Galazara, Kate Gislason, Elizabeth Herndon, Katelyn Howard, Grace Humphrey, Sharadyn Llle, Mckenna Johnson, Greena Marcon, Natalie Martin, Meredith McAdams, Megan McElroy, Kendra Owens, Emma Papoi, Mollie Pinckney, Rachel Scardina, Catie Sherman and Beth Smiddy

7th Grade Girls SILVER: Abby Alsip, Clair Armbruster, Lillian Canterbury, Olivia Connaughton, Juliana Drainbarean, Charlotte Kerregan, Namoi Manaster, Deidre Mohan, Remy Polster, Grace Spencer. 7th Grade Girls HAWKS: Ashley Davis, Jennifer Dowling, Grace Hamilton, Sandi Malone, Jenna Maxwell, Dana Middendorf, Ashley Mountain, Kayelyn Nevin, Rashmi Rese, Ashley Rollyson. Boy’s Eighth Hawks are Jackson Burton, Ian Campbell, Max Hands, Michael Haney, Ryan McLelland, Tyreek Mills, Matthew Morris, Trevor Porta, Jacob Rose and Logan Sherrick

8th Grade Boys SILVER: Alex Aldrich, Jared Breeze, Nick Cagle, Dylan Calder, Chase Carney, Jack Glandt, Nick Hogan, Jack Mangan, Dustin Parsons and Sam Strakowski.

7th Grade girls BLUE:Maggie Argus, Grace Dulle, Carly Motzer, Erin Reed, Claudia Reynolds, Kate Seibert, Olivia Schwanberger, Olivia Ueltuschi, Mallory Von Holle, Sophie Yunsblut.

7th Grade SILVER: Wade Hock, Graham Hodges, Marc Gendreau, Zach Roberts, Christain Gabdor, Nick Bartholomew, Jake Newton, Adam Cameron, Collin McAninch, Matthew Lux 8th Grade girls BLUE: Sophie Armor, Abby Bernasco, Anna Brokaw, Morgan Brondhaver, Maggie Harris, Emma Horstman, Dalisa McCallum, Kristen Mills, Caroline Murray, McKinley Raines.

8th Grade Girls HAWKS: Carly Armor, Dana Bausch, Ellie Campbell, Ashley Davis, Alex Doak, Emily Kollmann, Olivia Marsh, Molly O’Neal, Breslin Sand, Cara Schilmeyer.

By Lauren Coons and Logan

1. This teacher grew up in Pleasant Hills, Ohio. 2. His hair color is brown. 3. This teacher has travelled to The People's Republic of China, Germany, Austria, Jamaica & Canada 4. He is six foot tall 5. This teacher doesn’t have any children. 6. This teacher’s favorite holiday is The Fourth of July. 7. Some of this teacher’s hobbies are playing sand volleyball, paintballing and going camping. 8. Lastly this teacher has performed musical selections in Dachau, Germany.

1. She has never broken a bone 2. She is most proud of her kids Liz and Ben 3. Something that makes her class fun is making class creative 4. She grew up in Hamilton, Ohio 5. Some of the coolest places she has been are Eastern Europe, Prague, Budapest and Croatia 6. Some of her hobbies are hiking and gardening

Are teachers giving students too much homework? Do Nagel students go home each night and spend hours doing homework? Erin Smith, of Team 8-1, reported that she does 30- 40 minutes of homework each night. Others reported that they spend one to five hours each night doing homework! All of the students stated that they get too much homework each night. Most of the students who took this survey thought that homework is too hard. On the survey taken by Talon readers, 72 percent thought that homework does serve a purpose, though many of them would like less homework. Homework does serve a purpose. Homework helps keep what students have recently learned fresh and to allow students to practice the skills they have learned in class. Mrs. Crowe, our academic assistant principal, commented that homework serves many proposes. For example, homework helps students practice skill, gain background knowledge, and extend their learning. Mrs. Crowe also stated that if students had more homework that actually interested us, we might enjoy doing homework. For example, at Live Oaks, if auto mechanics interested you, homework from auto mechanics would be more enjoyable than regular homework. Similarly, here at Nagel, if your favorite subject is history then you might enjoy your social studies homework. While interviewing Mrs. Crowe we asked the question, “Do you think that students get too much homework?” Her answer was no, if the homework was, for example

PQRST’s then homework time might take longer, just because that they are …well, boring for some students! If students had choice of what they could learn about, then homework might not feel like it takes as long. Some students might do better in school. Eighth grader Jeffery Wilson shared, “I really don’t see the point in homework. All it does is ruin our grade if we don’t do well on it. We practice the work on the class work, we don’t need to practice it more. If we really did need to practice it more it should be a choice and if we do work at home it should be extra credit. Plus, I sometimes think teachers use it to punish us.” However Isabelle Tegtmeyer would beg to differ. She commented on Jeffery’s opinion stating, “ Honestly, you don't make sense, we need homework to learn the stuff we didn't have time for in class. We need this material to be successful in high school and then college. Without it we wouldn't be able to have good jobs and a successful future.” Though opinions vary, the reality is homework is here to stay. Try to make the best of it. Doing homework at a set time and in a set place daily will help students to establish a routine. Set goals and time limits if you are a perfectionist and spend hours doing homework. Really, students should be spending about twenty minutes per class which is 80 to 100 minutes, if a student has a foreign language. This averages to an hour and twenty minutes to just over an hour and a half. By: Haley Donaldson and David Hurd

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