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engage prepare& support Twenty years ago God grew a ministry and a mission agency out of one man’s dream of developing national pastors. What began in Kenya transferred to ministering to pastors in Russia; and from that dream God raised up hundreds of missionaries, interns, and short-term participants that have followed God’s calling on their life while serving through New Mission Systems International. Today... • roughly 500 million among unengaged people groups have not heard the Gospel • over 1 billion under-engaged people have little access to Christians in their communities • every day 66,000 people perish without hearing the Gospel (Joshua Project) • Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe (BBC) • water scarcity affects one in three people on every continent • estimated 300 million children are exposed to violence, exploitation, and abuse (UNICEF) The world is changing, so is missions. People are moving to the cities, so are missionaries. Business as Missions continues to grow as an opportunity to access countries and to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Faithful business men and women are living out their calling in these creative access countries, as they commit to live out Christian business practices as well as plant and develop churches within the community. Currently there are seven different Business as Mission projects NMSI missionaries are involved in around the world. NMSI is committed to transforming lives globally, proclaiming the gospel message of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to the unengaged and the under-engaged, to respond to God’s calling to plant churches and transform communities through the gifting and method that God makes available. The stories shared here are just a sample of how today’s NMSI missionaries and interns are responding to the changing world. The word of the Lord to Joshua, as they prepared to enter the promised land ring true in our ears today, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9

Thank you for partnering with NMSI as we proclaim Christ to the changing world,

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NMSI interns encounter God in the land of the Khmer: 3 perspectives



Bits of summer from around the world: A pictorial


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GlobalHOPE’s global ministry: A hidden door for the Gospel

NMSI partner’s corner: Thoughts on overflowing joy and rich generosity

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God Khmer

in the land of the By Kristy Griffith (YouthHOPE), Britney Sue (NMSI 2011 summer intern), and NMSI missionaries whose full names are not disclosed for security reasons.


Khmer is the language of the Khmer people and the official language of Cambodia.


Cambodia, by stereotype, is the country where people eat rice and the majority believe in Buddhism or Animism. It is, of course, not just that. And it also is not just the country that fell victim to a genocide in the 1970’s that killed approximately 2.5 million people. Cambodia is a beautiful place with beautiful people created by a beautiful God. It is where two NMSI missionaries serve and where they experience people’s lives, including their own, being transformed by the Holy Spirit. Girls are rescued from sex trafficking, men and women living with HIV/AIDS find hope, children fight back from malnutrition, U.S. college students give up their summer break to intern with NMSI - all are being changed as they encounter the living God in the land of the Khmer. Here are some of their stories. I, Holly, work in partnership with Compassion and Mercy Associates Services (CAMA) to demonstrate God’s love in word and deed in Cambodia. That means we do things like teaching people about proper nutrition and ways they can feed their families with what they have. But it’s not just about the physical. We share Christ with them and connect them with the local church because God cares, and so do we, about both their physical as well as spiritual needs. A few years ago, Kheut Srey, a woman living with AIDS, was on her deathbed and had no hope. She went to the Buddhist village chief, and he told her to go to the church down the road because they had hope. Kheut is just one of the recipients of CAMA Homecare’s ministry to people with HIV/AIDS. This ministry trains volunteers from local churches to minister to and visit those suffering with AIDS in > > CONTINUED


CAMA “CAMA” (Compassion and Mercy Associates) provides a variety of relief and development ministries that flesh out the good news of God’s love for people—body and soul. CAMA began as an outreach to refugees fleeing the horrors of the Indochina conflict in 1972. Through camps in Thailand serving Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian refugees, CAMA staff provided food, clothing, medical care, job training and a verbal witness to the truth that God’s Son died and rose again. CAMA’s outreach meets the needs of the whole person— spiritual and physical.

their communities. Today, Kheut‘s health has improved remarkably, she worships God with the church, and she shares her testimony with her family and neighbors. Kheut is not the only one who was touched. Volunteers and church members also experience transformation as they learn to love those who are unlovely so that there is no longer the separation between “us and them.” Fifty percent of children in Cambodia are undernourished and many people cannot afford proper food. With my ministry team of CAMA and Khmer co-workers, we have been working with “Moringa For Health,” a social enterprise that employs Cambodians and produces a quality nutritional product from the moringa tree. When made into powder, moringa is extremely rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and protein. Moringa is one effective way that we have found to help meet the nutritional needs


in Cambodia. Moringa also helps people living with AIDS to have more energy as well as a stronger immune system; it also helps them with anemia problems caused by the ARV (Antiretroviral) drugs. This tree grows naturally in Cambodia and is one way we point people to the Creator who loves them and provides for them. I, Britney, was in the land of the Khmer over the summer as one of the interns who served alongside an NMSI missionary in a safe house for girls rescued from sex trafficking. During my time there, we talked a lot about the truth that Eve forgot when she was tempted to eat from the tree, the fundamental truth of our relationship with God: that God is all good, He calls us His beloved, and we can fully trust in Him. There is no evil in Him, and through every circumstance, He has plans to make us prosper in His kingdom. During my internship I ended up with some bug bites on my legs.


They were itchy. And they hurt. For two weeks. I felt miserable. Some days I would really let the bites get to me, especially when people would make comments like, “Do you use bug spray?” and “Your legs look really bad.” Even though I know that these people had the best intentions of concern, I found myself responding very harshly. I would pray for healing. Nothing would happen. I would pray again for God to take this pain away, and that I would be able to better minister to the people I am around – a very sound reason to be healed. Yet, I was in pain. Advice started to make me angry, it hurt my pride. I obviously was not showing what it meant to be slow to anger and abounding in love. I did not get a miraculous healing for my legs after all. God wanted to show His sovereignty by leading me to a clinic where I would be treated... by North Korean doctors. God would heal my wounded legs, but He also would give me an > > CONTINUED

God is actively bringing people into His kingdom in Cambodia. Please pray there will be continued transformation in the lives of the people here. 7

opportunity to spend two weeks with several people from North Korea, a closed country accessible virtually to no one. If the Gospel could not go in, God brought the people out to let them encounter it. In the end it was not about the bug bites. I was teaching my North Korean doctors English, and sharing my love for Christ with them. I learned this summer that faith is trust and hope in the goodness of God regardless of the circumstances. The Lord truly blessed me with an



amazing chance to shine His eternal light into the country of North Korea while among the Khmer. In the midst of temptation and trials, happiness and joy, rainbows and bug bites, I pray that you remember the promise of God: that He will reap a harvest if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9).   As I, Kristy, reflect on our summer in Cambodia where I was leading the YouthHOPE internship team, I am overcome by the brokenness as well as the beauty of this country.  The longer we were there, the more our hearts grew heavy from the presence of the idol Buddha. Most Khmer are Buddhist by culture, not by choice. You can see this in their everyday rituals and by observing the monks around town. There is a great fear in the country, fear of bad luck. Many temples around town are physical reminders of the spiritual realities of this country. At the entrance to many there are snakes; in fact, the temples are full of them.  Snakes are a symbol of wisdom in the Buddhist culture, which brings us back to Genesis chapter three. Satan tricked Eve into thinking that her


“ I am overcome by the brokenness as well as the beauty of this country.” — Kristy

own wisdom was more valuable than God’s love. She forgot about her first love. She forgot about His goodness.  This area of the world has been dedicated to the religion of Buddhism since at least the 5th century AD. Ancient temples everywhere serve as reminders of that reality. In the picture on page 4, you will notice the thick roots of trees slowly crumbling the temple. As we looked around the Buddhist temples, we found that most of the snakes’ heads had fallen off. It reminded us of the promise our Father made to Satan in the very first book of the Bible, “He shall crush your head and you will strike His heel.” Jesus wins! That is the end of the story.  Another unfinished temple we visited acted as a reminder of a different reality. The temple remains unfinished because it was struck by lightning during construction, which is bad luck in the local belief system. In an instant, like lightning or through slow, steady processes like the growth of the roots, God is moving in SE Asia. His Church is advancing. Every temple we build up on earth will pass away, but the name of the Lord will forever be praised. His promises always come true.

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3 1. Praying with Kheut Srey’s neighbor, Dara 2. Britney Sue in the land of the Khmer

4 3. The Moringa for Health staff 4. Kristy with Nary, a youth worker in a village with no church 9

A hidden door for the Gospel


You may have a key.

If the Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant for all people in all cultures at all times (and I absolutely believe that it is) then the Body of Christ, His church, must engage every vocation within the body with His help and direction (I Cor 12). God has prepared His church, by design, to be salt and light, effecting positive change throughout the world. Since the arrival of the Messiah on Earth, God has called carpenters, fishermen, tax collectors and tent-makers, doctors and saleswomen, just to name a few. And the church grew – permeating culture and transforming the world with the love of Jesus.

I am blessed to have come to faith in Jesus Christ at a church whose lead minister for 36 years has had a passion for the global expansion of Christ and His kingdom, and the church has been giving generously to cross-cultural outreach. However, the greatest resource in our churches for demonstrating and proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ for all nations is not found in our church budgets but rather in the treasure chest of our human-resources – every member in the Body of Christ sharing their giftedness, lending their networks, yielding their influence and doing their part to make Christ known among the unreached peoples around the world. This includes mainstream Muslim societies. Over the years, globalHOPE has launched small businesses in nations traditionally hostile to Christian missionaries. During those years, we’ve seen business owners, politicians, farmers, investors, entrepreneurs and students connect with others with similar passions and interests in the Arab world. It has been an amazing journey. These businesses are impacting their communities and encouraging the persecuted church. Dozens of short-term teams of Christian business professionals and students have engaged Muslims in “The Marketplace” through their passion for their professions and faith in Jesus to use their skill sets as doors for the Gospel.  It takes boldness for our Christian professionals to ‘be Jesus’ to every employee, supplier, customer, and colleague watching us. When working globally, it may also require burying sacred Western clichés that have kept the ministry of the church limited to only what happens within the walls of our churches and has stigmatized those who are truly gifted in the workplace and community at large. Often when global teams are solely recruited from Christian universities and have little life experience or networks in business, it is difficult to make an impact in the marketplace and community to find relevance for the message they embody cross-culturally.

B4T/BAM at NMSI: NMSI has professionals proclaiming Christ among the unengaged people groups by applying their specialized skills, living among and doing business with leaders and communities who otherwise would have limited or no access to the Gospel. 10

1: GlobalHOPE is now at work through NMSI to impact “unengaged peoples” in resistant fields and in our churches around the world. Over the years, globalHOPE has launched small businesses in nations traditionally hostile to Christian missionaries. Short-term or long-term, please join us! You could be called by God to open yet one more door to the world

still closed to the Gospel by using the professional expertise God has allowed you to gain. See ad on page 13 for short-term opportunities in 2012, or write 2: A ministry of NMSI in an undisclosed location in East Asia has started a company to do cultural and language training. Already the company has expanded into software development

This article is written by the leader of globalHOPE, a ministry of NMSI that works predominantly in the Arab world and among other unengaged peoples through corporate networking, small business initiatives, as well as Peace Initiatives among community leaders. His name is withheld for security. You can reach him at

Defining B4T and BAM Global Business or Business for Transformation (B4T) also known as Business as Mission (BAM) “BAM is a for-profit commercial business venture that is Christian led, intentionally devoted to being used as an instrument of God’s mission (mission Dei) to the world, and is operated in a cross-cultural environment.” Johnson, Neal, and Rundle, Steve (2010). Business as Mission, A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice, IVP Academic. “BAM is not Christian charity in a business disguise. But it is more than just business. Two approaches to business that do not come within the scope of BAM by any definition are: (1) Fake businesses that are not actually functioning businesses, but exist solely to provide visas for missionaries to enter countries otherwise closed to them. (2) Businesses that purport to have Christian motivations but which operate only for private economic advantage and not for the kingdom of God. Neither do we mean businesses run by Christians with no clear and defined kingdom strategy in place.” Tunehag, Mats (2004), Occasional Paper #59, Lausanne 2004 Forum The scope of BAM is broad and too often includes Christian microeconomic development (CMED), fair-trade and Business is Mission (enterprise owned by a mission creating income strands for ministry). BAM is often referred to as Business For Transformation (B4T), BAM and B4T are used synonymously.


God is at work to provide eager laborers for the task at hand. While we are wringing our hands at the task of finding full-time Christian servants to serve in our churches and Christian organizations at home and worldwide, God is beginning to bring the largest generation in America’s history to an early retirement age - a generation birthed in the ideals and struggles for peace and equality of the sixties, wanting to make a difference in the world… and they still do. Many “Baby-Boomers” possess career experience and networks that they are willing to lend to the task, short-term or long. They are mature, known to many, have a proven history in our communities, and have years of volunteer service in our churches. For many, their availability to be mobilized is not stifled by debt or career limitation. At a time when much of the world still closed to the Gospel is looking to the West for trade and technology, we need to ramp up our mobilization efforts of our most strategic resources – the people. The church must be willing to take the initiative to share our greatest resource – the people, led by God’s Holy Spirit. To fail at this will keep our outreach efforts out of the mainstream cultures of resistant people groups and only feebly in the margins of “reachable societies.”

BAM / B4T Models Just as terms and definitions for BAM / B4T are quickly morphing, so are BAM / B4T models. Mission agencies differ regarding policy on funding start-ups, ownership and profit-sharing. BAM practitioners vary between affiliation with an agency or in being independent, as well as on non-profit subsidies, equity positions, and like-minded partnerships. The average BAM / B4T model is a hybrid incorporating various aspects in each consideration.


and outsourcing, and provides a platform for professionals to work in these areas and live out their faith in East Asia. Company staff regularly interact with international and East Asian professionals and government officials as well as the local church. The cultural and language training aspect of the company is also helping prepare Asian missionaries for crosscultural service. Internship opportunities are available for 2012 in language training, software development, working with children, marketing, and finance. See internship opportunities on page 13.

Taking the initiative in Global Business! discover how internships short-term initiatives apprenticeships globalHOPE is a ministry of New Mission Systems International




Intern leader, Adam Griffith, moving around Southeast Asia.

Team Southeast Asia, ready to go!

YouthHOPE intern, Laney Binkley, during devotions in Malawi.

Intern team on their way to market in Haiti.

Intern administering medical care in Haiti.

Michelle House, YouthHOPE intern in Kenya, in a moment of prayer.

Bits of 2011 summer

From around the world

>> Intern serving side-by-side in Haiti.

YouthHOPE interns in Haiti with the Bezelal Movement, a ministry of Nego and Ellen Pierre-Louis. YouthHOPE intern enjoying a break in Southeast Asia.

Walking through the community in Southeast Asia. YouthHOPE intern loving a new friend in Kenya.

“ YouthHOPE internships have been a key part of helping me to understand God’s call on my life.” Andrew McClary, 2010 Intern and 2011 Team Leader

Giving medication, physical therapy and love in Ukraine. A homemade soccer ball in Malawi.


2012 internships // 28 May – 1 august*

China BUSINESS | $5400

kenya RELATIONSHIP | $4900

MyanMar BUSINESS | YouthHOPE | $5500

kenya EdUcATION | YouthHOPE | $4950 *28 May—16 august


dEvELOPmENT | YouthHOPE | $3950

Malawi & ZaMbia AgRIcULTURE | YouthHOPE | $4950

appliCation deadline: february 15 scan the Qr code below to apply now!

bulgaria ExPERIENTIAL | YouthHOPE | $4950


Interested? Questions? Contact Derek Ried at: (239) 337–4336 or e-mail

YouthHOPE is a ministry of New Mission Systems International that promotes and facilitates global youth ministry.

Next issue of Newslink: Stories of hope and transformation from Brazil “In Nosso Clubinho I received education, found respect and love, and, mainly, I was psychologically and spiritually prepared to face life. Today I own a house and am building my own family. I am so thankful our lives were saved.” - ALAN MACIEL FILOMENA ANA PAULA APARECIDA SANTOS MARTINS: Ana’s family was homeless and lived collecting cardboard and begging in the streets. They used to sleep under viaducts and in abandoned buildings. After living for a while at another shelter, Ana was transferred to Nosso Clubinho at the age of 13, where she stayed until 18. ALAN MACIEL FILOMENA: Alan had an institutionalized life since he was 5. His mother did not take good care of him; neither was she a great model of life. Alan was a rebellious teenager and struggled with relationships. After living in different shelters, he came to Clubinho at the age of 13. Today Alan is employed as a machine operator in a PVC processing company. Ana works as a hair stylist assistant and studies to be one. Now they dream about a future. Together. Alan and Ana are just two of the people who found hope in Christ through the ministry of SOBERP called “Nosso Clubinho”, a group home attending to the needs of at-risk children and teenagers between ages 4 and 17 who otherwise would have no hope of a future.



Since the last Newslink went to print RESET Berlin In late spring, RESET leadership team, a mix of Germans and Americans, asked Ben Seidl to take on a role of Director of Operations. Ben is tasked with helping RESET move forward in its calling and vision for the future by engineering a new structure and empowering emerging leaders. As the ministry grows, its structure needs to become more compatible with what leadership feels God is calling RESET to do – namely plant more churches in Berlin. RESET leadership has identified six men who are very dedicated and have a gift for preaching and teaching. This group has been meeting for the last two months and has developed a preaching and teaching plan for the rest of the year. In the last two months, RESET’s first ever Creative Team and Preaching Rotation has been developed. Worthy of note: the group is all German with the exception of one American. RESET leaders are really excited about what they are seeing in these young men... and this is just the start! Please pray for more relevant churches in Berlin.

IMPACTO Latino God has greatly blessed the new Jubilee church plant in Pachuca, Mexico, as it continues to grow. So far this year, more than 20 new people have been baptized. As for finishing off the land purchase for the new church plant, another $7000 was paid off since the summer Newslink went to print. Jubilee plans to have the land paid for by the end of the year, and then will begin the process of support gathering for the first phase of the building. If you’d like to check the progress of the project, financial reports are frequently posted at Please visit the site and sign up for updates from IMPACTO Latino team members.


SOBERP is an evangelical nonprofit organization founded in 1986 in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, in the state of Sao Paulo. The partnership between New Missions Systems International and SOBERP began in 2003. Read more about this and other ministries in Brazil in the next issue of Newslink. 14

The journey is never fully forward. Forward steps usually have backward ones sprinkled in. When Drew McClary arrived back in Malawi, this time as the intern team leader, he found that the garden he had helped create was not as fruitful as he had hoped. The harvest provided for the school fees of the six youths, but there was not enough to fund the project for the next year – an unexpected step backwards. But the project had also already inspired a similar project among youth in Zambia! A few steps forward. The church he had helped plant is alive and well, and those he helped prepare at Nsaru Bible School are now influencing other church leaders to consider the importance of youth ministry. The projects continue to journey forward transforming the lives of youth and equipping the church to meet their holistic needs. Drew will be joining YouthHOPE full-time in 2012.


The Gift of Generosity

It was the toughest of times. They were facing severe trials. They were trapped in extreme poverty. Yet their overflowing joy produced a rich generosity. They gave as much as they were able, and then, even beyond their ability. This is how Paul described the Macedonian churches when he encouraged the Corinthian believers. (2 Cor. 8) Perhaps Paul feared the Corinthians would succumb to temptation and allow the challenge of tough times to quench the spirit of generosity. In Chapter 9, Paul further challenges his readers, “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” (2 Cor. 9:6 NIV) From there, Paul continues with exhortations that are timeless for God’s people. I hope you will read the rest of the chapter. When I do, I have to ask myself, “Am I generous on every occasion?” and “Does my generosity result in thanksgiving to God?” Does it sound simple? I have learned that the more I practice generosity, the more generous I become. And I believe that’s part of what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus. My hope and prayer is that your journey is one filled with rich generosity! — CV Elliott, NMSI Development Director

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