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Three Things to Add to You

By Trevor McPherson s 2017 has arrived and 2016 is in our rearview mirror, it gives us a chance to reflect on what we want to accomplish this year as athletes. I cringe at using the word “resolution,” as it has a stigma attached in the athletic community associated with jam-packed parking lots at the local gym for about … the first three weeks of the year. Having the unique opportunity of working with everyone from the week-



end warrior to professionals, one may think that the two share very little in common. However, when it comes to setting goals in tennis, there are similarities throughout. Here are three key things that every athlete may want to keep in mind when looking to build a routine this year. 1. Get assessed Tennis players are quick to judge themselves on their performance on court, but when it comes to the other major parts of the game—hydration, nutrition and physical preparedness—that often falls to the

New York Tennis Magazine • January/February 2017 •

bottom of the priority list. A fitness assessment is a benchmark for any athlete not only to determine strengths and problem areas, but also set realistic goals. The year 2016 became the year of the wearable in all sports. From GPS tracking technology to heart rate monitoring, these are all great tools to track our day-to-day progress. 2. Develop a proper warmup There are endless resources and videos about everyone creating the most efficient warmup for the general athlete. How many times have we looked at the

New York Tennis Magazine January / February 2017  
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