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strongly encourage employees to seek out ongoing training. For most businesses, sponsoring an MBA or other graduatelevel program is financially out of the question. However, this doesn’t rule out shorter courses or development programs from local universities or trade organizations. For example, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals both offer online courses and certifications that are very cost-effective.

Developing a work-family culture The culture of a business has a substantial impact on its ability to execute its strategy and achieve business goals and objectives. If cultivated intentionally, the work culture can significantly improve the environment for both employees and the employer. With so many companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft setting the stage

for the ideal work environment, it’s important that companies understand why this is necessary. While many companies may not be able to provide a work environment that lives up to this standard, every company can start by creating a unique work culture based on their business. Whether it’s in an open environment free of cubicles and walls or a more traditional office, creating a strong work culture is possible. While collaborative spaces should be available, the primary challenge in cultivating such an environment lies in the attitude of management. Managers should welcome and encourage new ideas, suggestions and thoughts. If there’s a problem, employees should feel that that there’s a safe place to discuss and resolve these issues. Whether this is achieved through one-on-one interactions or quick meetings with managers, the primary goal is building and encouraging a team centric workplace.

Another way to empower employees is through self-management. Managers should guide their teams in the right direction, but when top talent is hired they shouldn’t require micro-management. Employers should clearly establish the responsibilities for their employees and teams, while encouraging honesty and frequent follow-ups regarding work performance. Self-management can certainly be a high risk for some companies, so fully evaluating each employee and the office culture will be instrumental in determining whether this direction is right for your business. By understanding that great culture is transformative both internally and externally, employers can focus on empowering employees to be a part of the success and growth of the company. When employees are committed to the vision, values and direction of the company, they are more able to accomplish meaningful

contributions to the work-family culture. The mortgage industry has the opportunity to lead the nation in top talent and productivity. When employees are highly valued, innovation comes naturally. Taking intentional steps towards making your company’s team a powerhouse is imperative to success. Steven Kaufman, CPA, MsEDE, is a finance enthusiast and the chief acceleration officer and founder of Zeus Trust Company, which operates Zeus Crowdfunding, a real estate crowdfunding and investment platform. Steven is frequently interviewed by local and national news organizations like FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN and Bloomberg on the current financial markets. Kaufman has completed the Strategic Marketing Management Program at Harvard Business School and has a master’s degree in economic development and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston.

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n National Mortgage Professional Magazine n JANUARY 2016

When sales reps deal with TPO applications and supporting documentation, they aren’t closing loans. That means lost revenue opportunities - every month.



National Mortgage Professional Magazine January 2016  
National Mortgage Professional Magazine January 2016