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different points of view. When this occurs, it is better to be a problem solver than a problem maker. This is a conversation I regularly have with my children. In general, it seems they are much better at finding problems than they are providing solutions. In simplest terms, don’t go looking for problems. However, if one is uncovered, don’t dwell on the situation, but instead, get started on finding a solution. Some circumstances require leading through mediation that might include sympathizing with both parties perspective and finding common ground for a solution. Sometimes a little understanding from a different point of view is all it takes. Other situations might call for a gentle education approach. This an informative method that carefully and respectively points out the errors in ones thoughts and opinions. If done

properly, it isn’t uncommon for a per- dealings with him in the future? son to discover his or her own acceptable solution. Don’t take people

for granted Lead with integrity and character The best leaders lead with integrity and character. This means you should never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t do or haven’t already done yourself. Many years ago, I had a client who asked me to do him a big favor and bend the rules just a little to make things easier in closing a transaction. While doing this, one thing would have been beneficial for him in this situation, doing so would also compromise my character and integrity in his mind. In essence, if I act less than truthful in this instance, how does he know that I’m not willing to do the same in my

I once read a story about the former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill. One Election Day, an elderly neighbor came to him after leaving the polls and said, “Tip, I voted for you today even though you didn’t ask me.” This surprised O’Neill. He said, “Mrs. O’Brian, I’ve known you all my life. I took your garbage out for you, I mowed your lawn, and I shoveled snow for you. I didn’t think I had to ask.” She answered him in a motherly tone: “Tip, it’s always nice to be asked.” At the end of the day, a good leader never takes anyone for granted. Everybody needs to be heard and everyone should be treated like they are important.

Leading from the middle As an AMC, we apply all these leadership lessons, so that even though our role is between our clients and vendors, we ensure that all parties reach their goal. It’s not easy being a leader in the middle, but if we continue to do our role, the end result will continue to be quality valuations that exceed our client’s lending and compliance requirements. Bill Waltenbaugh, chief appraiser at Axis Appraisal Management Solutions, has 25-plus years of experience in the real estate industry and holds the SRA designation with the Appraisal Institute. With several years of experience as a chief appraiser and director of compliance, Bill has developed a proven track record of implementing necessary policy and procedures to ensure quality and compliance. 53

n National Mortgage Professional Magazine n APRIL 2015

National Mortgage Professional Magazine April 2015  
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