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Marketing in 2012: Fall Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Dollars Follow the Trends The names in the business are HARP 2.0 – FHA Streamline – VA IRRRL. Spending your marketing dollars on what is working is always a safe bet. The public is well aware of all the changes in the mortgage industry, and is keeping up on buzz words like STREAMLINE and HARP. Try to find a marketing campaign that works for you and your budget and go to work. Even if it means you have buy leads. Just do something. Business is still picking up nationwide and those that aren’t moving with it are being left behind.

The Invisible Hand By Casey Cunningham

Maximize your return Go for the low hanging fruit, the easiest loans that close the fastest. These days that’s Refinance Business. Get to the people that can refinance today. Once you’ve got that angle covered, then go after purchase. Purchase business is great, but it’s time consuming. Keeping a mix of both purchase and refi is a safe plan to keep up with the competition.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel Your competitors aren’t going to tell you what’s working for them so try calling a national marketing firm that can tell you what’s working in your area and for your specific loan types. One that follows the trends so you can follow them yourself. The market will always show you how to best offer your products.

Test, Measure, Test again


Don’t think your first campaign is going to be the best one. In fact, in most cases, the first campaign is only the beginning. Campaign 3-4 is where they really start paying off. Many people start a marketing campaign with a new company and think that they should be setting records right away. This couldn’t be further from the truth.



Fall tips for closing out 2012 strong Direct mail responses are up. If you haven’t done direct mail in a while, it might be time to give it a try again. Yes it’s expensive but it works. If your nervous about losing money on direct mail, Google “Guaranteed Direct Mail” and you’ll find some safe options. Live transfers are a thing of the past unless you incorporate direct mail. With as much as 90% of the population on the DNC, telemarketing just isn’t what it used to be. But, since direct mail is working, you can find success putting the two together. VERY QUALIFIED CALLS. New data files are available specifically for the mortgage industry specific for HARP – FHA – VA and REVERSE. Data is the number one most important aspect of your campaign, make sure your working with someone who understands your needs and knows how to effectively target your demographic. Mail houses typically won’t be the most knowledgeable but good marketing firms will. FHA, HARP, VA, and Reverse are all responding very well to marketing right now. November and December are always BIG refi months. People LOVE extra cash around the holidays and skipping a mortgage payment can help out a lot so plan on spending some money on marketing and finishing the year strong. Last, but not least, RIDE THE HARP 2.0 WAVE! This has been the biggest thing to hit the mortgage industry since 2009! Medford, Ore.-based TagQuest is a full-service marketing firm created specifically for the ever-changing business world. TagQuest assists companies with their direct marketing, advertising and branding needs, and knows what it takes to generate quality customers and, most importantly, how to retain those customers for years to come. TagQuest brings forth a unique opportunity to utilize our experience and expertise in varying consumer sales and marketing environments. For more information, call (888) 717-8980 or visit

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Business advice is delivered so frequently and repetitively that sales people tune out the majority of what they hear. Common truths run the risk of becoming cliches and cliches are more often times than not, simply dismissed. The purpose of this article is to share with you one critical business truth I’ve discovered, in a manner that resonates with you like never before. You will have indeed heard the message that follows. My goal is to deliver it as no messenger has before, seeking to “flip a switch” that connects. When I founded XINNIX in 2002, one of my favorite sayings was “There are no shortcuts to excellence.” I’d also frequently mention during the course of selling our services to industry professionals, “We don’t offer any ‘magic pixie dust’ that will make you successful.” I’ve been blessed to work with tens of thousands of industry professionals and I have enormous learnings from my relationships. What I’ve observed throughout my long career in sales, leadership and business ownership is this; nothing replaces hard work. However, there is one key “ingredient” that acts like yeast, one that is almost universally successful in expanding the size of one’s success. The purpose of this article is to share with you what is perhaps the single closest thing to “magic pixie dust” I have discovered. If I were to offer you something for nothing, you’d most likely discount my offer as either a “gimmick” or worse, something worth exactly what you paid for it: Zero. Understanding this risk, I will give this my best effort. One business discipline, virtually every time it is executed, works like an “automaticpilot” within a salesperson. This one business discipline works on both the conscious and sub-conscious level of not only the sales person, but each and every individual within the sales person’s sphere of influence. This one “magical” discipline is most consistently present among successful loan officers that I’ve encountered. This “magical discipline” requires personal courage. A courage to dream. A courage to overcome a fear of failure. Resulting from

this courage, they become brave enough to expose themselves to failure. They become willing to be measured, judged and evaluated. Most importantly, I have discovered that most top sales professionals are humble enough to constantly seek advice and support. They have open minds and a eagerness to never stop improving. Top producers keep score. My advice to every loan officer and sales professional in our industry is this. Be bold, courageous and humble enough to dream, to put your dreams and goals into words, commit these words to a plan and then, share your plan with those you trust to help, encourage and ultimately, hold you accountable. There is a transformative, magical process that immediately begins to operate within a person that is willing to formally share their goals and dreams with others. A weird combination of fear, relief, anxiety, excitement, focus and energy occurs when we become vulnerable to failure, open to criticism, and humble enough to seek help. The closest thing to “magic pixie dust” in sales in the discipline of business planning. Upon creation of a plan, the decisions, judgments and influences of all those aware of your plan begin to reorder in constructive ways, from the obvious to the invisible. From your sleep patterns to your diet, from better time management decisions to seeking wiser business relationships, the net effect of thousands of decisions will combine to ultimately help achieve the clearly defined objectives defined in a written business plan. The process of business planning does not require complexity. No sophisticated business degree or professional expertise is required to begin the process. Indeed, it is counter productive to even attempt writing a business plan that is so complex that all variables, sales, expenses, and relationships are defined. The number one reason (excuse) I hear from sales professionals that fail to embrace the business planning discipline is, “it’s just too complicated.” Nothing could be further from the truth. A plan is a personal document that broadly, publicly and courageously continued on page 58