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  WHEREAS,     Robert’s  Rules  of  Order  Newly  Revised  (11th  edition  2011)  recognizes         board  action  by  conference  telephone  call  only  if  authorized  by  an         organization’s  bylaws;  and     WHEREAS,     The  New  Mexico  Ministry  Network  Bylaws  do  not  expressly  authorize         actions  by  the  Presbytery  by  conference  telephone  call  or  referenda;  and     WHEREAS,     It  is  sometimes  expedient  for  the  Presbytery  to  take  action  by  conference       telephone  call  or  referenda;  therefore,  be  it     RESOLVED,     That  New  Mexico  Ministry  Network  Bylaws,  Article  IX,  Meetings,  Section         2,  Ministry  Network  Presbyter  Meetings,  page  24,  that  reads,         a.   The  Network  Presbyters  shall  meet  at  least  semiannually,  other         than  those  special  meetings  necessary  at  Ministry  Network  Conference         and  Conventions.    The  Executive  Director/Network  Pastor  shall  set  the         dates  for  such  meetings.       An  additional  paragraph  be  added  as  follows:         b.   Members  of  the  Presbytery,  or  any  committee  designated  by  the         Executive  Director/Network  Pastor,  Presbytery,  or  New  Mexico  Ministry         Network,  may  participate  and  act  at  any  meeting  through  the  use  of         electronic  communication  devices.  Participation  in  such  meeting  shall         constitute  attendance  and  presence  in  person  at  the  meeting  of  the         member  or  members  so  participating.         Any  action  required  or  permitted  to  be  taken  at  any  meeting  of  the         Presbytery  may  be  taken  without  a  meeting  if  all  members  consent         thereto  in  writing,  and  the  writings  are  filed  with  the  minutes  of           proceedings  of  the  Presbytery.         Respectfully  submitted,   NMMN  Presbytery  

Resolution 1 Ministry Network Conference 2014