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A publication of the New Mexico Ministry Network.



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Almost 25 years ago, I read Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell. This book played such a significant role in shaping my life and leadership then, and even though John has written many books since that time, I’ve found myself going back to the foundational truths of this book over and over again.

I was delighted to hear that John had written the 2.0 version of this book, so in recent days, I’ve spent some time diving into the book again. If you haven’t read it, I promise that it’s well worth your time and investment! We are all called to lead at some level and the very calling of leadership reminds us of the importance to always be on a growth track in every area of our lives.

While I love every part of this book, I was struck again by John’s words about vision, especially in light of our upcoming Network Conference (NetCon20). John Maxwell says, “Vision is the indispensable quality of leadership.” I personally believe that every time we come together, vision needs to be a component of all we do.

Sure, we’ll enjoy great times of fellowship and certainly be blessed by the messages from our guest speaker at NetCon20. Our friends will all be asking us, “How are you doing?” as we enjoy wonderful conversation, but I also believe that God will be asking us a similar question, “How’s your vision?”

Maxwell says that among the greatest benefits of vision is that it provides direction and passion. As leaders in God’s church, we all need vision individually and for the churches we serve. My prayer for NetCon20 is that God will meet us right where we are, and, that as we are together, He will renew and refresh us; heal and restore us; allow us to spend treasured times in His presence; and that He will powerfully work in us so that each of us connect with His vision for our lives and ministries.

This years’ Network Conference is being hosted by Citizen Church (formerly CopperPointe) and Pastor Dustin Woodward. The guest speaker is our National General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Pastor Doug Clay. Doug and his wife Gail are incredible gifts to our fellowship. I’m so excited that we have the joy of having our national leader and friend here in New Mexico for this conference!

Everything kicks off at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, April 21. I promise you, you don’t want to miss the opening session! I’ll be sending more information later, but know for now that this session will be a gift that you will benefit from for years to come.

We have some very significant business this year relative to our Network Restructuring. Let me encourage you to give attention to the materials we’ve mailed out and take advantage of the Zoom Meetings that are available as

well. Let’s all be well informed and ready to make the necessary decisions.

Registration for NetCon20 is open now, so why wait? You can register HERE. Information about hotel blocks is available on our website at nmministry.net. Be sure to register and book your hotel room in order to take advantage of the early pricing.

Would you join us in praying that God will meet us in powerful ways as we come together? I challenge you to make this personal. I’m asking God to do what only He can do, and that this Network Conference will be filled with lots of “God moments” as we set aside this time to come together, to seek God, and to re c e i v e e v e r y t h i n g H e h a s planned for us.

I’ll see you next month at NetCon20!

Micheal Dickenson

A publication of the New Mexico Ministry Network.

From the Desk of the Executive Administrator As we prepare for Spring and all of the changes that we are to certainly enjoy, I felt compelled to share some information with you that I believe is critical as the church engages our culture.

Item Number One: Bible Engagement

You have possibly heard that the Assemblies of God is preparing to launch across our Fellowship what I call the “Bible Engagement Emphasis.” With the aid of Barna and LifeWay Research organizations, our Fellowship is launching a process of leading our members into a deeper relationship with God’s Word. You can find more information on this topic at www.ag.org, type Bible Engagement into the search engine. Network Pastor, Mike Dickenson, has also scheduled a representative of “Bible Engagement” to be with us at this years’ Network Conference.

Item Number Two: Open Enrollment into Social Security

We have received word that Representative Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, is introducing a bill that will allow ministers, who have previously opted out of Social Security, a one-time opportunity to opt in with no penalty. Of course, this is not on the Presidents’ desk as of yet but it really looks good. We will keep you posted.

Item Number Three: Online Barna Conference

Barna Research is hosting an online conference dealing with the topic of “State of the Church 2020.” The subtopics include, “Where is the Church Headed,” “How Can Churches Navigate Digital Trends,” and “How Can Leaders Know If Their People Are Flourishing.” The date for the conference is April 28th. Go to www.barna.com to get more information and to register.

Item Number Four: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

I heard Pastor Dustin Woodward of ABQ Citizen Church preach a wonderful message dealing with our identity as Christians. One of his significant points is that we are Christians before we are anything else. For example: I am not an anglo Christian but a Christian which happens to be anglo; I am not a Conservative Christian but I am a Christian who happens to be politically and personally conservative. I believe you get the point. As a nation, we are in the midst of a significant political year with not only national elections but also local elections. That is why I want to encourage you and your congregations to be in prayer and to commit to vote as Christians first. That means we should be voting for candidates who are “Pro-life,” and “Pro-marriage between a man and a woman,” who understands that God created us either a male or a female at birth and that the horrible emphasis on transgenderism is contrary to the Holy Scripture. Also, as you think about the Presidential election, in the past three years the ultra liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Northern CA) and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (Texas) have had judicial appointments that have turned these two influential courts from liberal to conservative. I personally believe that one of the most significant changes in our nation will come about when Constitutionalist Judges are appointed to our high courts. Let’s get out and vote! As one of our spiritual leaders said the other day, “Christians hold the future of this nation and we need to get out and participate as Christians and citizens.”

Item Number Five: Support of Israel

As Christians and Americans, we know the value of supporting Israel. God’s Word is filled with blessings for those who bless Israel. If you are looking for a great Israel connection, I strongly recommend “Christians United for Israel (CUFI)”. This organization/ministry is led by Brother John Hagee and has been so influential in our nation to combat anti-Semitism. If you would like more information, go to www.cufi.org.

Marcus McClain





NETWORK NEWS Transferred In:

Andrea Villanueva (Certified) Clovis

Transferred Out: Susan Parks (Ordained) Arizona Christopher Trombetta (Ordained) New England

Randy Wren (Ordained) Arizona Lapsed:

Miracle Johnson (Licensed) Lydia Rodriguez (Ordained) Casey Steen (Certified) Gilbert Todachine Sr. (Certified)


Jerry Pike (Ordained)


Caleb Cooper (Ordained)


Wenona Pettey

Jim Pinckard

PASTORAL INSTALLATIONS Pastor Rosemary & Larry Keeswood Newcomb Assembly of God

Pastor Seth Fincher Prewitt Assembly of God

Pastor Eric & Eileen Lee Shiprock Four Corners Community Church

Wen we think about why the church exists, we think of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. The Lord of the Church has given us a commandment to go into all of the world to preach the Good News to all people. We are to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and proclaim that there is salvation through Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for us.

When we think of missions, we think of countries around the world that desperately need to know about Jesus but do you realize that America is the third largest mission field in the world? More unreached people exist in America than all the nations of the world except China and India!

Our National General Superintendent, Pastor Doug

Clay, has joined with nearly 30 denominations and organizations around the world and America to be a part of GO2020. He is asking every Pastor and church in the Assemblies of God to mobilize their people through training and challenging our people to reach out to at least five unreached people in our personal world and start a conversation with them about Christ. Then, find the opportunity to tell them your story and share the Gospel and bring them to Christ!

The New Mexico Ministry Network has joined the movement to reach our state and cities with the Gospel. I would like to encourage every Pastor and leader to go to the website w w w. G o 2 0 2 0 . w o r l d a n d discover the videos to promote and the training

material that is available to every church, whether big or small, and make the month of May one of evangelism. On the last Sunday in May, we are going to participate with churches worldwide to do the New Mexico plunge where we together will hold Baptismal services all across the state.

R e m e m b e r, t h e g r e a t commission is not the great suggestion! It is our Lord’s command to reach our world for Christ! I hope you will get involved.

Dave Vistine

A publication of the New Mexico Ministry Network.

Register HERE.

WOMEN’S MISSIONS TRIP THAILAND OCTOBER 16-26 (Dates changed by one day to make connections work!)

Breathe Conference World October 20-23 At the all-inclusive Avani Riverside Hotel, Bangkok We will be working with RENAY WEST, Assemblies of God World Missionary/Evangelist, to be extra hands & feet to assist her with the dreams God has given her! It’s going to be an exciting adventure! For all your questions, email Becky Dickenson (bdickenson@nmministry.net) or call (505-350-6998).

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A publication of the New Mexico Ministry Network.

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The Link is a publication of the New Mexico Ministry Network.

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