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Vers Un Architecture:

A Diptych Reading of Architectural Theory from 1923 to 2013 By Maximilian Kronauer

Table of Contents

Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi, “On Duck and Decoration” (1968)

Peter Eisenman, “Post-Functionalism” (1976)

Charles Jencks, “The Death of Modern Architecture” (1997)

Rem Koolhaas, SMLXL (1995)

Vishaan Chakrabarti, A Country of Cities (2013)

“Architecture is to establish emotional relationships by means of raw materials. Architecture goes beyond utilitarian needs. Architecture is a plastic thing.� - Le Corbusier

“It is alright to decorate construction, but never to construct decoration.� - Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi

“A house is a machine for living.� - Le Corbusier

“Post-functionalism begins as an attitude which recognizes modernism as a new and distinct sensibility... a modernism dialectic, as opposed to the old humanist opposition of form and function.� - Peter Eisenman

“Society is filled with a violent desire for something which it may obtain or may not. Architecture or revolution. Revolution can be avoided.� - Le Corbusier

“Modern Architecture died in St. Louis, Missouri on July 15, 1973 at 3:32 p.m. when the infamous Pruitt-Igoe... [was] given the final Coup de grâce by dynamite.” - Charles Jencks

“It should not be forgotten that the site of the Acropolis is very up and down, with considerable variation in level which have been used to furnish imposing bases or plinths to the buildings.� - Le Corbusier

“Bigness is no longer part of any urban tissue. It exists; at most it coexists. Its subtext is fuck context.” - Rem Koolhaas

“Dwellings, urban and suburban, will be enormous and square-built and no long a dismal congeries; they will incoporate the prinple of mass-production and of large-scale industrialization.� - Le Corbusier

“Private realestate development has much to answer for in terms of its inability to deliever even adequate, much less great design� - Vishaan Chakrabarti

Architecture or Revolution. Revolution can be avoided.


Maximilian kronauer vers un architecture  

A diptych reading of Le Corbusier's Vers Un Architecture

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