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Epic Events is loving the EV TG Series PROTECH GETS CLEARCOM


DWTC uses DN9696

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I hope you guys enjoy the first edition of the NMK e-magazine which will hopefully keep getting better and bigger as 2009 comes to an end. The e-magazine will update you on the latest products and goings on inside NMK. It’s a small team at the moment which is me, myself and my business manager who writes all the press realeases and uses me as a punching bag. Anyway here’s a picture of him so you can find him and tell him to solve some technical problem in order for him to stop annoying me. Since this is the first issue please do email me at richie@ and tell me if you want to see anything in particular. I’m surely going to add some cool features, reviews, previews and interviews to the e-magazine later but if any of you guys want to help me out with some other ideas that would be great. I’ll see you guys next month. Peace Richie Lozada Hiranandani - Editor


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Epic continues to expand with all new digital line array system Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics, local distributors for Electro-Voice speakers, amplifiers and processors in the United Arab Emirates, have recently supplied Epic Events with an EV XLC line array system combined together with the Tour Grade digital amplifiers. The purchase includes a dozen line array cabinets from the XLC range, Tour Grade amplifiers that include the RCM DSP module, providing the flexibility to use different settings based on the situation whilst also having the ability to remotely manage the sound system. These TG amplifiers have a microprocessor controlled operation management system that provides useful features like compound thermal management (preventing amps from switching off in excessive thermal environment) and automatic mains voltage detection. Epic’s purchase includes the latest version of the XLC system, which is designed to provide outstanding sonic quality in a wide variety of venues of varying sizes, all with exceptionally easy setup and transportation. Whether heard at a medium-sized festival, in a large concert hall or house of worship, or as a supplementary system used with XLine at the world’s largest events, XLC has a proven performance record second to none in its class.


‘With this system being the third EV line array system using TG amplifiers in the UAE, we believe both the knowledge and interest in such systems is gaining momentum. With continuously updated software and speaker settings from Electro-Voice, the customer is assured that his investment is protected for the long term,’ commented Chicco Hiranandani, Business Development Manager.


DWTC invest in new high resolution audio recorder Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics, local distributors for Klark Teknik products in the United Arab Emirates, have recently supplied the Dubai World Trade Center's rental division the new DN9696 to complement their Midas XL8 live performance system. The DN9696 is a High Resolution Audio Recorder that offers 96 tracks of 96kHz audio at 24bit, with a massive nine hours of internal storage. There is no need for external computers linked to multiple non-roadworthy systems with complicated interconnections, just a simple plug and play unit with dedicated Play, Stop and Record front panel transport controls. The screen based software interface offers in-depth control of both recording and playback functions. There are echoes of the unique features of Midas' digital audio systems within the DN9696, for example the use of POPulation groups to view, colour and edit tracks, an 'Input Sheet' for quickly naming all tracks as well as 'dual operator' control of the system. The DN9696 occupies only 5U of rack space with very simple cable requirements and does not demand the expense of a dedicated recording technician. 'This is the first DN9696 system being used in the Middle East,' commented Chicco Hiranandani, Business Development Manager. He added: 'Together with the XL8 from Midas, DWTC now have a complete solution that allows them to record their events, providing additional services to the end user. Plus a prerecorded live event can be used to carry out virtual sound checks when the time for rehearsals are limited.'


Protec procures better communication with Clear-Com UAE Distributor NMK supplies rental firm with intercom equipment Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises, distributors of Clear-Com in the United Arab Emirates for the Live Sound market segment have recently supplied rental firm Protec with a complete intercom solution system. The order includes a number of headset speaker stations, beltpacks, headsets, telephone interface, 2-way radio interface and other accessories. Production Technology (Protec) one of the leading rental firms in the UAE, with an equipment inventory worth in millions has been involved in numerous major concerts like Justin Timberlake and Aerosmith to private corporate events with icons such as Diana Ross. For 40 years, Clear-Com’s partyline, digital matrix, wireless and IP-based intercom solutions have led the industry with high quality audio performance that meets mission-critical live production needs in a variety of settings. Found in live theatres, concert halls, television studios and production trucks around the world, Clear-Com continues to be the preferred choice for clear, reliable and scalable communication solutions. “Protec are continually reinvesting into their business to have the latest and best in all kinds of technology, intercom equipment is no exception,” commented Chicco Hiranandani, Business Development Manager. He added, “Their decision to opt for Clear-Com clearly shows that the brand is the best in its class.” NMK Electronics Ent: Founded in 1985, NMK Electronics Ent. has been serving the professional audio and lighting industry in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. NMK is the exclusive dealer for some of the renowned brands as Shure, Clear-Com, Midas, Klark Teknik, Electro-Voice, Cloud, Rane, T.C. Electronic, Dynaudio Acoustics, Sabine, Focusrite, Blue Microphones, Konig & Meyer, Neutrik, Van Damme, Pearl, Vestax, Littlite and Pulsar. For further media information please contact: NMK Electronics Ent. Chicco Hiranandani P.O. Box 3191, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 (4) 2665244 Fax: +971 (4) 2626682 Email: Web:


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Tempest® Wireless Intercom

For Maximum Reliability, Functionality, and Mobility Tempest®2400 Wireless Intercom System offers the most comprehensive set of features ever available in wireless intercom systems to the global production community.

BaseStation features include: 4 audio channels, up to 5 full duplex BeltStations, proprietary 2xTX voice data redundancy transmission, Accu-Sync™ BaseStation coordination and remote antenna capability. BeltStation features include: Backlit LCD display, local programmable controls, unique GPO addressing,discreet audio path for point-to-point communication, plus the ability to select, monitor, mix and talk simultaneously on two of the four audio intercom channels using the A/B and C/D channel selectors.

Tempest2400 Wireless Intercom System is a revolutionary, all digital, 4-audio channel, wireless intercom system that operates with up to 5 wireless BeltStations per BaseStation in full duplex, simultaneous operation. With Tempest2400 Wireless production teams can now have more UHF wireless microphones, IFB and in-ear monitors with less interference and no intercom frequency coordination issues. A total of 10 Tempest2400 BaseStations and 50 Tempest2400 full duplex wireless BeltStations can be operated in close proximity, while maintaining excellent system performance - more users than conventional FM wireless systems operating under similar conditions. The 2.4GHz band is approved for nonlicensed use in virtually every country. All Tempest2400 Wireless Intercom Systems feature license-free frequency usage in most global locations, patented 2xTX digital frequency hopping technology, compatibility with existing installed intercom systems, remote antenna options, on-line control of BaseStation and BeltStation functions, flexible power supply options and more.


Fall Out Boy Goes Digital with Midas PRO6 Engineer Kyle Chirnside uses the Midas PRO6 Digital Console to achieve amazing analog sound quality with digital convenience and failsafe reliability. Like any good punk-pop band, Fall Out Boy has made its reputation on hard work and solid musicianship. Relentless touring is the name of the game, and for the past five years, FOH Kyle Chirnside has been manning the controls, and the Midas PRO6 is Chirnside's console of choice for the current Fall Out Boy world tour. "I've always been a Midas guy," states Chirnside. "Whenever I had a choice, I would have my XL4. But then I had the chance to test drive the XL8." That opportunity came with an invitation visit Metallica FOH engineer Big Mick Hughes during preparations for Fall Out Boy's autumn 2008 tour of the UK and Europe. "We were at his house, sitting around mixing Metallica tunes on the XL8, which was huge for me. I must have remixed that song 'Battery' a hundred times that day. I fell in love with the console. So when I heard Midas was developing a smaller, more affordable digital desk, I was totally into it." That console was the PRO6, which Chirnside and Fall Out Boy promptly took out on tour. That first tour with the PRO6 proved to be a revelation. "Since I was a new user, I brought my trusty EL8s along for vocal processing, but I never touched them," Chirnside recalls. "Instead, I ended up using the console's internal 3 band compressors, which sound amazing. They really made all the vocals pop out and stay dominant in the mix from a whisper to a scream. For Pete Wentz's bass, the PRO6's corrective compressor is perfect on both the DI and SansAmp channels." At the output stage, Chirnside relies on the PRO6's internal Klark Teknik EQ section, which he describes as "quick and precise," to dial in the right sound for every act on the bill.


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Clair Global supplied a PRO6 for Fall Out Boy's spring U.S. tour, which featured four support acts. "Even with five bands, we only used one desk," notes Chirnside. "It was easier and more cost effective than alternating between two consoles. It saved us a lot of money in renting another console and having a huge rack of outboard gear. It was a great opportunity for all these young engineers to be in a big show and mix on a digital desk. It was amazing to watch these rookie engineers just jump right in and get it." When mixing live, Chirnside relies on the PRO6's POPulation groups for instant access to any part of his mix. "I use the POP Groups constantly," he says. "I have a drum group, a bass group, a guitar group, a vocal group and then my effects. That way, everything is right in front of me on the left-hand fader bank. It's a super simple setup, easy to set up and easy to run." The PRO6's DL431 I/O module offers additional advantages. "It's basically a stage box, sort of like a snake head, but that's where the magic happens," says Chirnside. "The AD conversion and preamps are in there, and so you can actually plug a pair of headphones into the stage box, push a button and solo any channel. Great for troubleshooting." Audio connectivity from the DL431 to the PRO6 control surface consists of a pair of thin Cat5 cables, one of them redundant, eliminating the need to run a bulky copper snake.

Similarly, redundant power supplies at the control surface and in the I/O and DSP modules ensure continuous operation even in the event of failure. Chirnside notes the ease with which both seasoned and rookie engineers take to Midas digital desks. Each band's engineer would simply load his show file between acts, do a quick mic check and be ready to go. "The PRO6 is laid out like an analog desk, so you're reaching in the same direction you always have. And if you can't figure it out, there's a screen right there that tells you what you need to know. These young engineers for our opening acts, on their first major tour -- they had it nailed within a couple days. It was great to watch." With its comprehensive latency management system that ensures absolute phase coherency no matter how the audio stream is routed and processed, it's no surprise that the thing that impresses Kyle Chirnside most about Midas digital is its sound quality. "I've tried just about every digital desk out there, and they all have that digital sound. Stale, clinical and boring," he states. "The PRO6 is just different. Midas found a way to take the sound of an XL4 and transfer it to the digital domain. It has all the advantages of digital, but it sounds like a Midas. And that's all that matters."

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