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enjoys horseback riding. Paul hopes all are doing well and looks forward to our class once again breaking attendance records for our 35th! • Brett Morrison moved back to Manchester, Vt., last year. His oldest, Turner, graduated high school in June, and daughter Evangeline has two more years of high school left. Son Jack, an eighth-grader, enjoyed another lacrosse season with Topsy Taylor King’s son, Ben. Local lacrosse also helps Brett stay in touch with Eric Crawford ’88, who had a great first season as the head high-school coach for his older son’s team at Hoosac School. • Rosie ComprésNavarro was pleased to see the reunion turnout, as it was double the expected number than NMH was ready for! She will push harder for our 35th by reaching out to people she may not know as well, and she gives huge kudos to Kit Gattis for keeping us motivated and excited for this wonderful weekend that comes every five years! Rosie discussed the possibilities of mini reunions leading up to the next one, to increase outreach. The first one is set in Massachusetts at Moe’s Tavern, which is owned by Josh Cohen ’88. It would be a great way to have fun while supporting Josh and his business! • Marc Nevins is excited that his son, Alec, will be joining the NMH class of ’21. Alec looks forward to joining the wrestling team and hopes to pave the way for his younger brother, Jacob. Marc, Stacey, and the boys live in Chestnut Hill, and Marc has a periodontal and dental implant practice in Boston. • Imran Qamar came to our reunion right after his son’s high-school graduation, catching a flight immediately after the ceremony. His twin daughters, Aleezé and Anushé, joined him. They love the school and meeting “old” friends. Imran is now living in Houston, Texas, and runs his own construction company. • Jennifer Sauer is keeping busy in northern New Jersey with her kids, Olivia (15) and Gabe (11). She also loves her job working with seniors and planning community events at the local YMCA, riding her motorcycle, and taking her kids to see Broadway shows as often as possible. • Will Sheats promises that the pyrotechnics committee will not have misfires at next reunion. • Tamson Smith continues to live in the Twin Cities area with her husband, Shannon, trying not to freeze to death during the winter (this from a New Englander). Happily, this means she gets to spend time with Anna Meek and, when sent out on alumni functions, Jen Williams. • Deedee Sullivan is still living in the Bay Area, but has nothing to do with the tech industry. She is of no use to you when your computer is down. She thanks everyone in our class for making NMH such a special place. Always remember: “NMH ’87 — Never Convicted.” • Morgan Sturges Vaughan is executive director of a local TV and media center in

East Hampton, N.Y., where she promotes local government participation, theater, film, and the arts. She lives with her husband, Tristam, and their 15-year-old son, Frankie. Morgan and her husband continue to promote their Shakespeare company and theater education. She was delighted to be able to attend reunion and hopes to see us all at the 35th. Everyone, please keep well and safe until then!


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Northfield Mount Hermon Chris Roof roofsound@comcast.net • John Carroll jcarroll@nmhschool.org • Caryn Crotty Eldridge slickcke7@gmail.com Katherine Parkin shared, “My second scholarly book, Women at the Wheel: A Century of Buying, Driving, and Fixing Cars, was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. I was also promoted to full professor of history at Monmouth University, N.J.”


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Northfield Mount Hermon Susannah Sprong Cahillane coloradocahillanes@mac.com I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our reunion in June! The Reunion Committee has been working hard to be sure that it is the best reunion yet, and we truly hope you can come up to campus to visit and celebrate together. I am sure none of you look a day older than the class of 2003,

Aspen Expedition guide Amos Whiting ’94 led Kris Fraser ’88 and her family on a ski trip in Elk Mountains, Colo.

and I am excited to catch up and see what adventures you have voyaged on since our last time together! • A big congrats to Amy Peltier Valentine on her marriage on 11/4/17 to Chris Valentine! Amy is currently living in Hagerstown, Md., and working on her B.A. in social work at the Hagerstown campus of Salisbury University, having grown tired of tax accounting. She will to try to make it to reunion, if only to buy maple syrup and a new mug! We hope to see you there, Amy, and we hope we get a chance to meet Chris! • Another huge congratulations goes out to Meghan Scheck, who has finished her cancer treatments! In her words, “Everything else is gravy!” We are so thankful that you are doing well and are healthy, Meghan! • Our class has quite a few authors to celebrate this edition. Annie McCasland-Pexton published Invisible Work: An Ex-Lawyer’s Guide to Self-Care, which is available on Amazon. She shares that the book is “part memoir, part advice on healthy, stress-free living. I talk about what I learned from being a lawyer, about what to do and what not to do to look after yourself well! I talk about my transition from being a lawyer to a holistic body worker and life strategist. It’s called ‘Invisible Work’ because much of the work we do on ourselves, spending time looking after our deepest needs, is not obvious or visible, and we don’t put a value on it in the same way we value our paid work, yet it’s the most important thing! I throw in a few references to boarding school among some other juicy stories!” Congratulations, Annie! We wish

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