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Mount Hermon Loren Bullock mlbullock9@gmail.com Our memories are of classes in old Recitation Hall and Silliman. I was actually there on Alumni Day and watched when Silliman burned down during the football game. But with all the beautiful new buildings over the years, the education experience is certainly enhanced. What a marvelous opportunity for the youth there on campus now. We can be pleased that the support over the years of our class of ’42 is still helping.


Northfield Mount Hermon Please send news to: nmhnotes@nmhschool.org


Northfield Mount Hermon Charlton R. Price charltonrp@gmail.com Although Bobbie Fink Renfrew has a heart problem, she is active in her Spanish class at

her church, reads poetry to shut-ins, and has shown and sold her artwork. Except for her son Jim’s help with heavy tasks, Bobbie is doing great on her own. Northfield girls are tough!


Northfield Arlene Finch Reynolds arlenerey@aol.com All our classmates turning 90 boast about their fairly good health and ability to drive and shop on their own, except for me. • Irma Klein Schachter had a wonderful Thanksgiving with her three sons and nine family members, including a 3-year-old greatgrandson. Her family traveled from points all across the country to her home in Westport, Conn. “We continue to keep the medical profession busy,” wrote Irma, “but we are still in our home and quite active in both social and community activities.” • Irene Eldridge Derby turned 90 in December. Her family paid her a surprise visit and threw a lovely party over Veterans Day weekend. “To keep occupied I read many good books, knit, do crosswords, color (the “new thing”), brag about six grands and two greats, watch the news channels, and take walks,” said Irene. She listed the activities that ladies of our age do to keep busy. Grace Megirian Brewer, Enola Miles Dickson, Jackie Snyder Johnson, Arden Fish Pierce, Irma Klein Schachter, Ele Cox Lawrie, Barbara Baldwin Knapp, and I agree! • Grace Megirian Brewer spent Christmas week in Hawaii with some family members. Her three sons and daughter remember their NMH days far more than their college days. They have master’s degrees, and one

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his Ph.D., and all are teachers. • Patricia Browning Paige turned 90 in February. “My cataract surgery has given me excellent vision, so I can read a lot and see the music,” said Patricia. She practices her music daily to retain some of her past repertoire. Her mission is to promote music by bringing top-flight musical artists to the Performing Arts Center in Antelope Valley, Calif. Patricia’s daughter, Roxanne, visits often. Last summer, Roxanne traveled to Sicily with Patricia’s sister, Toni Browning Smiley ’54. • Last year brought significant events (for Arlene Finch Reynolds). In February 2017, my church honored me for my 32 years coordinating Bethlehem on Broad Street on Christmas for the homeless and lonely. On my 90th in May, 90 family members and friends surprised me. In October, my daughter, Annette, and I flew to Boston; toured Newport, Bar Harbor, the White and Green Mountains, and Northfield, where we peeped at leaves; took bus and boat tours; and visited with my family: Carleton Finch ’41, Ed Finch ’46, and Ellen Finch Flewelling ’54. • Enola Miles Dickson still sings in her church choir. Her Baptist church has a mission in Burma, which has brought 400 active new members to Utica. Bob and Ann Miller Dean celebrated their 66th anniversary with their daughter and son. They still love singing in their church choir and getting their act ready for their cabaret! • Faith Pelton Conlon has moved with her husband into assisted living at The Arbors in Manchester, N.H. She has heart difficulties and uses a walker. • Dorothy Morse Cooper lives in assisted living in San Francisco, her son in San Antonio said. She has dementia, but loves reminiscing about the old days. • Jackie Snyder Johnson traveled with a friend up the coast of Norway by Hurtigruten to the Arctic, and flew back to Oslo. Three of her grandchildren married in 2017. Jackie is still busy with the Shaw Festival and Meals on Wheels. • After graduation and before her marriage, Carol Bengston Steuart worked as secretary to the president of a large corporation. Married for 62 years before her husband’s death, she is the proud parent of five children, 13 grandchildren, and 15 greatgrandchildren who live across the U.S. • Connie Caldwell Lambert still spends time in both Ithaca, N.Y., and Florida, teaching folk dance and working weekly in her church’s thrift store up north, and holding dance parties on her deck down south. Her grandson,