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In December 2018, Adam Handler ’77 (left) saw bass singer Jonathan Rubin ’77 perform with the Fairfield County Chorale in Connecticut.

it so much better!” • From East Coast ’77, Adam Handler was in Norwalk, Conn., in December to see Jonathan Rubin sing bass in the Fairfield County Chorale, which held its Holiday Concert featuring Argentinian composer Martín Palmeri’s Misatango, plus music by Fauré, Piazzola, and festive music from unexpected sources. • And from West Cost ’77, Grady Forrer visited Los Angeles in December and “while there, enjoyed a great lunch with John Spence and my wife, Julie.” • Christina Parsons Smith passed away unexpectedly on 12/6/18. A 19-year resident of Ewing, N.J., she was employed by the State of New Jersey as a patient liaison investigator for the Board of Medical Examiners in the Department of Law and Public Safety, a position she took great pride in. Prior to that, she ran her own child daycare center. An avid knitter and crafter, she worked part time in a local knitting store and was happiest when creating. Her many interests inspired her participation in local activities, which included fostering local musicians, helping to host concerts, and being involved in a cancer support group and a mahjong group. Her experience at NMH inspired three siblings to follow: Periann Smith Carl ’79, Robert Smith ’81, and Nancy Smith Carrizales ’86. Christina is also survived by her father, William J. Smith (who worked at the NMH Plant and Grounds Department from 1975 to 1987), her siblings Patricia Smith and Dawnald Smith, and her extended family of close friends. • To all Northfield campus people: Please think of coming to future class reunions. You are missed. Also, do you feel reluctant to share news, thinking it might not be all that newsy? Don’t! We could all easily echo that sentiment, but we still want to hear from you anyway!


Northfield Mount Hermon Donna Grinold Hawley Hello, NMH class of ’78! I hope your year is going well and that you will drop me a line to share any milestones or details of any


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mini reunions with your former classmates. The only news I have for you at this time is brief and sad. • Karen Badger Wespi has passed away; she lost her battle with ALS on 8/27/18. Karen worked for 29 years in the high-tech industry, ending her career as Intel global account manager for Maxim Integrated. She was an excellent cook and enjoyed many hobbies, including writing, biking, hiking, knitting, weaving, and, in her last year, bird watching in the backyard. Karen’s husband, George, told us that Karen led a full life. She has left behind her husband; four successful children: Eric ’01, Scott ’01, Benjamin ’04, and Maisie ’06; and two grandchildren (George and Eleanor). We join the Wespi family in mourning Karen’s passing. • Paul Montague and Edna Armstrong Montague wrote, “Aloha NMHers. We are alive and well on Hawaii. Our house is off-grid, our 1995 Mercedes is converted to burn waste vegetable oil from our local restaurant, and we are growing most of our fruits and veggies. We are living the life that I have dreamed of for many years. We are enjoying vog-free air, now that the volcano has subsided, and life is good! We live close to Volcano National Park and are open to having guests in our separate guestroom.”


Northfield Mount Hermon Paige Relyea Lehman • Caryn Liebowitz Bonosevich Our class reunion chair, Estelle Dorain Burgess, shared, “By the time you all read this, our 40th reunion will be upon us! Forty years! It feels like yesterday, walking across Siberia in the bitter cold and snow, jumping on the bus to Hermon and doing last-minute studying for an upcoming exam, singing in Modos, loving the pranks in the girls’ bathrooms, cleaning those huge pots and pans in Gould kitchen, running to the lobby to receive a call from a loved one, dressing for Sunday dinner, carrying that 50-pound typewriter down Chapel Hill to class, passing the swimming test — I passed ... now I can graduate! Phew! We all have many different memories that we share with our classmates. Yours may be completely different from mine. Encourage your friends to come to reunion and share all your special moments with others. NMH reunions are unforgettable, just like your memories! See you all on June 7!” • Ralph Bledsoe wrote, “Life in Andover, Mass., is settling back to normal for most as the Columbia Gas Company caused a manmade disaster by incompetently increasing the gas-line pres-

sure [by] 12 times the normal [rate]. I woke up from a nap, hearing sirens everywhere, as fire trucks from 20 surrounding towns and cities searched for fires to put out. All citizens were standing in every street because no one knew if their house or business was going to blow up or catch fire as 90 buildings in Lawrence, North Andover, and Andover already had. The gas leaks killed many pet birds in homes, as if in coal mines. All streets were blocked with traffic for many hours in every direction, as everyone tried to leave Andover at once. While in my fifth year teaching at Andover High School, across the street from my home, I find the attitude a bit different from my time teaching at NMH or Phillips Academy. Instead of teaching fellow Hoggers from around the world, I am teaching neighbors from my community, many of whom are from around the world.”


Northfield Mount Hermon Jack Farrell • Antony Pang • Lynelle Kucharski • Kristin Kellom From Kristin: Facebook and its “in the moment” timeliness can make it more and more challenging to produce a column. However, being just a year away from our reunion, it is our hope that we can all engage in better outreach with each other and encourage a return to campus, where we can share our news face-to-face. Our reunions have been wonderful opportunities for reconnection and renewal, and we hope that you will note June 2020 for a visit to NMH. • Recent classmate travelers to NMH have included Viva Hardigg and Felicia Bianchi (from Atlanta!) to run the Pie Race. Jim Mulholland had pondered returning for the Pie Race but it didn’t work out. • Off-campus events, most recently Vespers in Boston, saw Mitzi Fennel and Anne Shepard amid a crowd of several hundred alumni and parents at Emmanuel Church. Anne told the story of being on a recent bike ride and discovering that a member of the cycling group was classmate Andrea Graves Thackeray. They figured they had probably not seen each other since NMH days. That story triggered discussion of a Boston-area mini reunion for the class of 1980, and we will hope to bring it to fruition! Jeff Aliber ’77 and Andrew Bourne ’79 both stopped by to say hello at Vespers. Also offering a hug and hello was Isabella DeHerdt ’17, daughter of classmate Amelia Maloney, who then popped me an email the next day after hear-

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