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music … but I have not figured out how to make it generate income yet.” • Claire Bamberg has had a year of change! “After starting a new business in January (Potentials Coaching and Consulting, LLC), I’ve been traveling more! I packed up my Connecticut house, sold it, and moved to Vermont. It was always the retirement plan; this call came a little earlier than I thought. Son Matthew ‘Bam’ ’02 and wife Genevieve live in L.A., continuing to grow a following for their shows, Speakeasy Society. Son Nathaniel graduated from Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., and I was honored to get my folks there for graduation. Hilary and husband Carey work for the flagship Whole Foods in Hawaii; Brendan and Nico married in San Francisco in May! Brian and wife Shelby are celebrating her APRN accomplishments. I am coaching, consulting, mediating, providing mental health counseling, and serving a church. I look forward to a very full and fulfilling 2019. This year brought occasions to visit with John Burnham, Judy Armbruster, Bradley Schneider, Kevin Cunningham, Heather King ’02, Bill Martling, Peter Allenby, and Betty Edwards Johnson (forgive me if I have forgotten someone)! Looking forward to reunion! See you all there!” • Josie Hart enjoyed reconnecting with Monie Thomas Hardwick over the summer and discussing her new assignment on the NMH Board of Trustees. “I termed out in 2017 after 10 years of service,” said Josie. “I hope Monie finds the experience as rewarding and exhilarating as I did. I came out of board ‘retirement’ this past summer and served on the NMH Head of School Search Committee, and believe Brian Hargrove will prove to be an excellent choice. This past October, I enjoyed dinner in New York City with several friends of the school, alums, and former and current trustees for the 80th birthday celebration of Trustee Emeritus John Mitchell. John has been very generous with his time, money, and talent, and is a wonderful example of the meaning of living with humanity and purpose. I am otherwise busy with several real estate and entrepreneurial projects in the Carolinas and always on the lookout to connect with fellow NMHers.” • Lyn Tranfield Bennett reported, “My husband, Dave, and I traveled to the western U.S. to visit our daughter in L.A. Taking three days’ drive from Las Vegas to L.A., we got to see Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. Since the second-born [has been] living in L.A. since October, Dave and I will be planning more interesting trips west. Hard to have them both so far away, but we


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have our dog and our son’s cat keeping the nest busy and furry. Dave still imparting science to students at Cushing Academy, and I continue to be kept very busy managing the education subscription program at Kronos, Inc.” • Professor Carolie Parker, artist and poet, received a 2019 Fellows of Contemporary Art Curators Lab Award for and had her poetry published in the fall 2018 issue of Yale Review, which can be read online: • Christopher Matthews traveled for work and with family. “We sailed and fished in our daughter’s boat along the Malaga coast, Spain, where her South Olé Spain Tours does custom trips,” said Christopher. “With 10 relatives, we watched our son fly over in his A-10 at University of North Carolina football’s military appreciation day. We toured the U.K. Cotswolds; saw Churchill’s birthplace, Blenheim Palace; enjoyed high tea; and rode bicycles across Oxford. On my first trip to Moldova and Romania, I spoke at a Roma church, and also spoke at Chisinau University to students from seven former Soviet lands. I was a dishwasher at Thanksgiving dinner benefiting the poor in Hickory, N.C. I had no idea I was so allergic, but was treated for new grass allergies! Beth and I celebrated our 39th anniversary at the historic Mast Farm Inn, Boone, N.C. My son and his wife welcomed their fifth child, our ninth grandchild: son Austin Kainoa Hoy! Mike Wise ’79 and wife Diane visited our home in western North Carolina. This year I’m taking the plunge and will publish a historical fiction trilogy! I don’t have a bucket list, but did use a bucket to mop the floor a few times. Which reminds me: We need a new mop.” • Espionage escapades author Michael Richards said, “Your questions were a lot more fun to answer than my former yearly ‘gubbernment’ security clearance updates. I published my second Nathan Monsarrat novel, A Thousand Enemies, about a Russian-Iranian plot to destroy Jerusalem and New York City with nano-nukes the size of a cellphone. After living/working for 30 years on every continent, save South America, I continue to explore the U.S.A. I celebrated more than three decades of life with my wife on a back roads, cross-country trip with East Coast jaunt on a 1,731-cc Victory motorcycle. Only bruises when I wiped out on a trail while on my mountain bike! My son, an Army aviator, continues flying missions. I volunteered teaching at-risk students. I took the plunge and: (1) sold the house, (2) downsized, and (3) bought and renovated a condo in Honolulu with amazing views of the sunset,

Ko’olau Mountains, and the surf break at Ala Moana Bowls. I crossed this off my bucket list: tested for and received my sam dan (third degree) black belt in Hapkido. Now that I think of it, I want to audition for an extra role on Hawaii Five-O or Magnum PI.” • Anne Lawrence Sallee, CEO, Superior Small Lodging Florida, explored a lot of east and west coast small-town Florida last year. “A special dinner for two with my sweetie celebrated our 15th anniversary,” wrote Anne. “My eldest daughter beat the state dead-lift record for her age group! I mixed gallons of pancake batter for a fundraising breakfast, distributed dictionaries to third graders with my Rotary Club, and donated toys to a women’s shelter. I learned that dislodging crystals from your inner ear is a real thing, causing vertigo; the cure is quite interesting! After some contortionist-like manipulations of my head, I had to pass 36 hours without looking down, including sleeping sitting up. It was no fun! I’ve taken the plunge and returned to the arts-andcrafts activities of my NMH days, welding sculptures from found objects! I now haunt flea markets, finding tools and materials!”


Northfield Mount Hermon Veronica Froelich Adams • Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett Bob Buermann, who worked as a semiconductor engineer at IBM for 34 years, is now “retired” in Vermont, working with wife Ann, who raises, weaves, and makes handcrafted items from the wool of their 60 sheep. Bob calls himself “a part-time farmer and full-time volunteer,” as he participates on local land use and economic development boards. He also helps coordinate volunteers who build wheelchair ramps and low-cost homes. Bob wrote, “I often think about how NMH helped develop the foundation for my commitment to community service. Those work hours in the kitchen, the library, and cleaning the bathrooms helped.” He added, “Our key accomplishment is two daughters who live locally and are gainfully employed and independent.” • After 24 years in Brazil, Whit Kennedy moved to the Boston suburbs to assume the CFO position of a rapidly growing biotech company. He’d love to reconnect with classmates, especially those in the Greater Boston area. Reach out to your class secretaries, Kimberly or Ronni, for Whit’s email address. • Jim Miller is doing some serious globetrotting as vice president at the New York Film Academy College of Visual & Performing Arts, where he concen-

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NMH Magazine Spring 2019  

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