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campus. One of the tasks … of our downsizing efforts is to purge surplus slides and photographs accumulated over the years.” Dave came across an old Mount Hermon photo during his downsizing tasks. It was of Bob “Guiar” Giardini and David Anderson. • Our intrepid class 50th reunion committee leader, Marshall Horwitz, wrote, “Susan and I are safely retired in Sarasota full time. Our house in Massachusetts is a distant memory. We visited our daughter and son-in-law over Thanksgiving in Massachusetts, and one blast of that cold Arctic air reminded us how much we don’t miss winters. Our daughter got her Ph.D. from Harvard and MIT in August 2017, in electrical engineering. This only proves either I am not the father or Darwin was right and there are such things as mutations. Our son is now living in Shanghai and is a business and technology reporter for Reuters.” • The response to the first round of emails and letters regarding the reunion has been quite positive. Those planning to attend so far include: Bill Parker, Chuck Kirk, Dennis Phillips, Jason Moehring, Art Cone, Calvin Dorsey, Chris Lane, Paul McGill, Joe Mingolla, Austin Duvernoy, Dave Hawley, Wendell Cummings, Michael Daugherty, John Dignan, Steve Michaels, George Forish, Chris Keniston, Win Farrell, Andrew Strauss, Zak Hargraves, Peter McFarren, Erle Flad, John Bendixen, Jim Mayhew, Ray Wagoner, Rob Upton, John Townsend, and you, of course. Anyone who did not receive either an email or letter from me, please pass along your contact information. • I have had lunch with fellow classmates Robert Peyser and Chris Keniston here in Sarasota. It was good to reconnect with folks I haven’t seen in almost 50 years. The class of 1971 is getting closer and closer to the front of the NMH news. • And speaking of reunions, the first week of November found wife Jill and me doing our annual “mini” version, hosted by Dave and Deb Kjeldsen in their new Maine retirement retreat, joined by Lin DeGarmo, Dennis Phillips, Cindy Kitchen Hogan, Joe and Lia Mingolla, Jon and Miriam Whitehouse

Bob “Guiar” Giardini ’71 (left) and David Anderson ’71 during their Mount Hermon years.

and son, and Stetson Heiser with wife Am and family (including daughter Cameron ’02) for a full weekend of meet, eat, and cheer. Just too much fun to put into words — just like our quadrennial class gatherings — so save the date and keep the news, emails, and notes coming!


Northfield Mount Hermon Tom Sisson From Tom Sisson: This past December, I was fortunate to meet with classmates Channing Harris, Jeff Kessler, Kim Montague, and Nancy Klarman for Vespers in Memorial Chapel. Afterward we had a wonderful dinner in Alumni (West) Hall and met with Liza Tarr, director of Alumni and Parent Engagement. We spent time over dinner talking about getting ready for our 50th reunion, June 10–12, 2022. It really isn’t that far off. Many of you have signed up to work on the reunion committee and will be contacted in the near future. If you haven’t signed up to help and would like to, please contact me. • In June of 1972, 36 singers called “MoDo’s” traveled to Romania under the auspices of the Ambassadors for Friendship, led by former NMH trustee Harry Morgan. We spent almost a month traveling around the country, singing and making friends. Well, 46 years later I have finally finished the account of our trip and sent copies to members of the group that I had contact information for. If you would like a copy, email me. It sure would be nice to get as many MoDo’s as possible back to reunion to sing a few of our favorite numbers. Lastly, there are many of you for whom we do not have email addresses. We would like you to know what is going on with our class and get you re-engaged with our beloved school. Please email updates to: addressupdates@ Our class now holds four positions on the Alumni Council. Sara Mills Sands and I are members of the Awards Committee, Deidra Dain is part of the Communications Committee, and Celia Popper Carboni is a member of the Strategic Advisory Committee. Jay Kaplan is now a trustee of the school and headed the search committee for the new headmaster. • Barbara Elliot (Mount Hermon class parent) sends her love to everyone. Every time I head to NMH, I stop and spend some time with her. She does not live far from NMH and is doing very well. If you are in the area and want to stop in, let me know and I will send you her address. • Brad Sherman and wife Jan have bought a small farm in Colorado and are bailing on Rhode Island

and all the ticks. • Channing Harris joined Doug Adair for coffee and pastries. “Always great to see him,” said Channing. “[Doug was] in town from Oregon to visit his dad, now 93. Doug says he’s playing drums better than he ever has — over 60 gigs this past year with various bands. And he had time to do some serious photography while here. Retirement beckons (to me)!” Channing’s landscape architecture firm received three awards last year for projects he’s managed: University of Kentucky’s new Chandler Hospital, Awards of Excellence from both Kentucky and Connecticut chapters of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and a Merit Award for the Healing Garden at Yale New Haven Hospital’s Park Avenue Medical Center in Trumbull, Conn. • John Bleh wrote, “Thanks for the great and persistent job you do gathering our hen scratchings! Happy to welcome our first granddaughter into the world in July [2018]. Our son, John William Bleh ’07, and [his] wife, Rachel, had a beautiful girl, Hadley Grace. I am off to Patagonia tomorrow for my 25th trip to that wonderful country, which I get to visit twice a year working with a fly-fishing lodge in the Andes. Hard work fishing all day, drinking Malbec, and enjoying the starlit southern skies! Looking forward to our 50th (gasp!) reunion.” • Dr. Sieglinde Freed shared, “I have retired from active clinical practice and am pursuing a new avenue: medical writing and editing. It’s a job I can do from anywhere in the world. My partner, John Molenar, and I travel extensively. In May 2019, we will be spending two weeks in Portugal and Spain on motorcycles … and in March, we will be spending a couple of weeks with friends in Panama. I enjoy keeping up with NMH peeps on Facebook, and it sounds like we are definitely making a difference in the world.” • Dan Haslam purchased a summer home at Provincetown, Mass., for the times he is not home in San Diego. He is continuing a round-the-world tour this year. He is vice president for Walkabout International and volunteers for several nonprofit boards. Wedding bells in 2019! • “My wife and I just relocated to Arden, N.C.,” wrote Thomas Riegelman. “Beautiful Smoky Mountains!” • Ellyn Spragins reported, “Love is in the air in the extended Spragins family, so we were able to attend young relatives’ weddings in Tuscany and Sweden. John Witty ’70 and I are also grandparents to Jack, who turned one in September [2018] and whose latest accomplishment is making fart noises while an adult is trying to give a toast.” • “As has been the case for more years than I care to

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