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Partnership of 12 mentor network

At Northfield Mount Hermon,

no one goes it alone.

Every NMH student is surrounded by a network of compassionate adult mentors: teachers, coaches, academic advisors, and residential staff. It’s what we call our Partnership of 12. Wondering whether to take AP Biology? If you should sign up to study abroad in Brazil? How to balance your friendships? Your network will help you navigate. They’re here to take care of you — and help you take care of yourself.

College Counselor

Cocurricular Faculty Advisor

Academic Faculty

Dorm Faculty

Academic Faculty


Dorm Faculty

Dorm Faculty

Dorm Faculty

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How the Partnership of 12 supports students The 12

StudentAdvisor Ratios DormAffiliated Advisors

StudentTeacher Ratios per Semester

Every single NMH program involves adults who support each participating student. The inner circle represents the core of the student’s support — adults who are connected to the student all year and meet on a regular basis throughout the year. The adults on the outer circle change depending on the trimester (co-curricular and workjob) or semester (academic), but they also get to know the student well. They communicate with the advisor as needed. Together, the 12 adults provide a variety of people to whom a student can turn for counsel and support. Every student has an advisor and each advisor has direct responsibility for 5–7 students. Students and their advisors are based in the same dorm. This means that all advisors either live in the dorm or are affiliated with the dorm, and most have weekly evening responsibilities in the dorm. This residential advisor-advisee connection makes it easy to gather as a group, allows advisors to establish an adult community presence in each dorm, and enables advisors to understand and monitor group dynamics in the dorm. Dorm staff meet every other week to discuss student residents, schedule duties, and plan activities. NMH faculty members teach an average of 30 students each semester. Because teachers have residential responsibilities and serve as advisors, they are able to observe and support students in the evening and on weekends.

Residential Leaders

Well-trained student Residential Leaders (RLs) meet biweekly with adults based in their dorms. RLs are integral in supporting students as individuals, and as part of the dorm, they help maintain a positive dorm culture.

Director of Advising

The director of advising oversees the formal element of the advising program: weekly meetings between students and advisors that follow a curriculum to support goal setting, self-evaluation, selection of classes, and other advising topics.

Individual Digital Folders

Each student has an active digital file that contains communication about their life on campus — kudos, concerns, and other information. This folder is managed by the student’s advisor; contributions are made by the student’s partnership group.

Dorm-Based Folders

Two dorm-based electronic folders exist for the students and the faculty associated with each dorm. The first is accessible only to the faculty, allowing the adults to communicate with each other about student concerns, general duty notes, and the smooth functioning of the dorm. The second is accessible to students and faculty, and provides daily news and information about dorm activities.

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2019 NMH Partnership of 12  

About NMH's mentor program. Northfield Mount Hermon is a private school in Massachusetts, USA

2019 NMH Partnership of 12  

About NMH's mentor program. Northfield Mount Hermon is a private school in Massachusetts, USA

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