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Dear eZ trainee and eZ student,

On the premise that honesty and integrity are qualities essential to the practice and profession of the eZ community the Honor Code seeks to reflect the ethical standards of eZ Systems and the eZ community.

Honor Code principles: Not to seek unfair advantage over other students and trainees 

Using prohibited materials during exams, collaborating with others when prohibited and exceeding certification time-limits are regarded as a breach of the Honor Code.

To respect the rights and property of the eZ community  

Copying or distributing questions or answers from the eZ certification is a breach of the Honor Code. Stating authorship of code that has been developed by others is a theft of intellectual property and regarded as a severe breach of the Honor Code.

To report all material violations  

It is your obligation to report suspected violations. The Honor Code can only be maintained if suspected infringements can be investigated and suspected violators brought before a panel of their peers.

By continuing to the certification course you confirm that you will respect the rules of the “Code of Honor”. Thank you, From now on you are an ambassador of the eZ community. Your conduct will reflect the eZ brand and reputation.

eZ Systems Headquarters Klostergata 30, 3732, Skien, Norway

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