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You have read the story… you have heard of the deaths…you

have seen the destruction…now it’s time to discover who is responsible! Lord of the Flies is a crime scene investigation waiting to happen. There are dead bodies, there are people responsible, but the question is-who? Your assignment is to discover the true guilt of the characters on the island and eventually make a decision as to whom you believe is the character(s) responsible for the events on the island. You and your team will develop a case file for your character (now suspect) gathering all of the information from the crime scene and the suspect to assist in the development of the reasoning behind the guilt of your character. Each team will create one case file. Case File Requirements: •

Suspect Profile

Timeline of Suspect’s Actions on the island: Action Outline

Personality Evaluation

Two Crime Scene Photos

Two Eyewitness Testimonies

Case Summary (a copy for each member of the team)

Your team will present a case proving the guilt of your character for the crimes committed on the island. Each team member will participate in a deliberations committee with representatives from other teams to present your case. At the end of the deliberations, the judge will decide which team has presented the best prosecution case for their suspect. You will be graded on completing the project, the presentation to the committee, as well as your overall argumentation for your suspect’s guilt for the events on the island. The following documents will help you in creating your case file.

Case Summary Outline Use this outline as an outline to create your case summary. This typed summary will be placed in the case file for your character. Each member of your team should have a copy of the case summary on the day of deliberations. I.

Introduce the character a. Thesis: __________________ is guilty of the events on the island because of ______________________________________.


Character Background and Actions a. Before the island b. During the island


Evidence and Testimony for Character Guilt a. Summarize and explain evidence b. Summarize and explain testimony


Character Motivation a. Using the above mentioned items (background, evidence, testimony) present argument for character’s guilt commenting on motivation and reason for guilt.


Conclusion a. Restate thesis

Suspect Profile Name:




Guardian’s Names:

_________________________________ Relation to suspect: _____________________ _________________________________ Relation to suspect: _____________________ Eye Color: Birth Date:

__________ Hair Color: __________ Height: __________ Weight: _________ _________ Death Date: __________

Evaluation of Suspect/Character: Observed Characteristics (circle three most observed in suspect): apathy apprehension anger annoyance boredom calm concerned depression determined excitement fearful

firm ignorant immature innocent intelligence irrational kind laziness merciful naive passive

quiet rage sadness sympathetic restlessness tension unaware violent wisdom

Type of character (circle all that apply): Antagonist






Suspect/Character Explanation (describe the character based on the above observed types)

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ What was the suspect’s motivation on the island?

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Eyewitness Testimony (two) Testimonies must be presented in interview format. You are required to ask your eyewitnesses five questions each, referring to either an incident on the island or an aspect of your character’s personality. The eyewitness must be a character from Lord of the Flies. The eyewitness must also remain true to their own character! The interviews must be presented in the following format: Date of interview: September 21, 1965 Name of eyewitness: Jack Merridew Name of interviewer: McMurtry Team McMurtry Team: From your perspective, was it clear that Roger meant to kill Piggy? Jack: Yes, I saw him deliberately reach over to push the lever to make the boulder fall onto Piggy. I believe that he wanted to because as he watched the boulder fall, he smiled. (continued‌)

Suspect Self-Reflection on Personality & Relational Styles Personality Evaluation Suspect is at the _______________________ level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Reflect on what this means for your character’s personality and nature.

Suspect is a __________________________________ on the D.I.S.C. Reflect on what this means for your character’s personality and nature.

Suspect’s temperament is a(n)___________________________ on Keirsey’s scale. Reflect on what this means for your character’s personality and nature.

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