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Take Two Bottles of Red and Call Me in the Morning Dr. Serena Friedman Talks Health Benefits of Red Wine



ine has played an important part in human history. “In Vino veritas,” the Greeks said, which translates to, “In wine there is truth.” Perhaps the phrase should be adapted to, “In vino sanitas” or, “In wine there is health,” because in cultures where a glass of wine with dinner is a custom, rates of coronary heart disease plummet.


Winter/Spring 2015

Here on the Central Coast, people have the opportunity to acquire some of the finest wines available. As it turns out, these wines may make for more than just a great dinner party or a pleasant afternoon of tasting, they could tack a couple of years onto their lives as well. Doctor Serena Friedman is one of the owners of Four Sisters Ranch in Paso Robles. She has been a keynote speaker at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair and is passionate about staying on top of the most recent studies and research on Published by the

Paso Robles Press

the topic of red wine and health. Once a General Practitioner, this clever cowgirl donned her signature red cowboy hat and slid into her favorite pair of boots to talk about something she has become very passionate about: the health benefits of red wine. Friedman explained that there is, in fact, a host of different compounds and plant nutrients present in red wine that produce health benefits. She calls it an, “alphabet soup,” which includes: catechins, gallic acid and epicatechin, hydroxtyrosol, flavanoids, Central Coast Edition


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VINO Wine Lifestyle Magazine  

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