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Mr. & Miss Basketball 2011


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Magazine relaunches as your one and only Northern Michigan lifestyle and entertainment guide. When NM3 Magazine first launched in January 2008, it carried the name Northern Michigan Men’s Magazine. Our glossy magazine was originally a monthly read that was aimed at Traverse City’s sophisticated male population. To the surprise of the NM3 team, Northern Michigan Men’s Magazine quickly gained a loyal female following along with its male readers. Since 2008 our audience has continued to evolve to a 50/50 male to female readership, and we are embracing it. Gone is the Northern Michigan Men’s Magazine moniker. Here to stay is NM3 Magazine. NM3 Magazine is your guide to what’s going on in an ever-evolving Northern Michigan. We cover anything and everything happening locally in entertainment, music, fashion, foodie culture and events. The new NM3 Magazine is a monthly, glossy, adrenaline-laced publication. First-rate editorial and gripping photos are packaged in a fresh new design to highlight the distinctive and evolving culture of Northern Michigan. From dining out, events and entertainment, to local culture and personalities, NM3 Magazine is a celebration of the style of the new younger, hip Northern Michigan. We target today’s 25 to 45-year-old high income, young, educated, trendsetting, and professional consumer. NM3 keeps one step ahead by catering to the needs of our technologically-savvy generation. As the digital movement continues to reshape the media industry, NM3 leads the way with an interactive web site that not only lets you view the magazine, but it makes you a part of it with our internet exclusive and highlytrafficked “Pictures of You” section. We hope you enjoy the new NM3 Magazine, we have a lot of interesting content up our sleeve coming up in the next few months. Look to our website for more content, expanded stories and pictures this month, and every month. Brett –

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APRIL 2011 | FREE Grab your smartphone, scan this cover, we dare you.

The QR CRAZE Ever see those strange pixilated square codes on packaging, ads, or business cards and wonder what they are? PAGE 10


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Mr. & Miss Basketball 2011

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“being mayor accelerates my

ability to achieve positive goals for the city – for my home.”



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Chris Bzdok, age 39, has called Traverse City home for thirteen years – the last four-and-a-half of which he’s spent as a tireless fixture on the local political scene. The current mayor and attorney at Olson, Bzdok & Howard, P.C., has energetically devoted himself to improving the city’s infrastructure, supporting forward-thinking projects and creative young professionals, and sustaining an open dialogue with local residents since first joining the city commission in 2007. We spoke to Mayor Bzdok – whose term is up in November, and who calls the possibility of running for a second term a “point of discussion at home” – about what brought him to Northern Michigan, how the mayoral office has changed his life, and what helps him unwind on the weekend. Make no mistake: Traverse City’s charismatic leader and self-proclaimed “slowest triathlete” is in it for the long haul.

NM3: How did you first come to live and work in Traverse City? Chris Bzdok: I moved here from Detroit in 1998 for

a job I’d wanted since I was 15, which was to be an environmental lawyer. I worked here for a few summers in the mid-‘90s by day for (local attorney) Jim Olson and as a bus boy for Schelde's by night. For a while, I had a chip on my shoulder – I thought I was this hip city guy from Detroit who had moved to the land of L.L. Bean and fleece and old folks. (laughs) But it didn’t take long for that to change. Because of the friends I made here, and the beauty of a city that offered so much history and culture, Traverse City became my true home. The firm offered me a full-time position in ’98, and I’ve been here ever since.

NM3: What was your personal motivation for wanting to become mayor of TC? Chris Bzdok: I'm a very goal-oriented person. Once I got onto the city commission, I became

invested in all of these projects and outcomes I knew were going to improve the community. I realized that taking on the mayor's role would amplify my ability to affect those outcomes. I’m not doing it for the money, or to be loved by everybody, because I’m certainly not. But being mayor accelerates my ability to achieve positive goals for the city – for my home.

NM3: You launched a website,, to open up a transparent

dialogue between yourself and the residents of Traverse City. Many politicians shy away from that kind of transparency – not to mention that workload. Why did you feel that site was important? Chris Bzdok: I might be biased, but I think what goes

on in a city is interesting, and it directly impacts people’s daily lives – in some cases, more than decisions made in Lansing or D.C. People respond to the website because it’s not filtered; it’s open and honest and informal. I usually work on the blog on my couch at home at night with a laptop and a beer. People appreciate the format – it’s genuine and true to how they communicate in their daily lives. My job is supposed to be doing what’s good for the community based on the will of the residents, so the more I can take the pulse of what they want, the better off I am.

NM3: Young professionals are one of the fastest growing demographic groups in Traverse City. How can we continue to attract and retain a young, creative workforce in our region? Chris Bzdok: The good news is we live in a place that’s highly sought after. People want to be here. I do think on a governmental level, we could work on being more open-minded to new ideas. We could do a better job of exploring all the potential of a project rather than forming a hasty opinion about it upfront. Having younger people involved in politics would help with that. Fortunately, that’s something we’re starting to see, not just with myself but also with the DDA, the Parks & Rec board and several other local groups.

NM3: President Obama said he listens to Jay-Z on his iPod. What’s on yours? Chris Bzdok: I'm lobbying for Sam Porter

(Porterhouse Productions) to bring Atmosphere to Traverse

City. When I was younger, my brother and I went to a lot of shows in Detroit. St. Andrew’s Hall, the Majestic, the Falcon Club, all those great venues. I logged a lot of time in mosh pits in the early ‘90s. (laughs) My wife (Colleen Masterson-Bzdok) and I also love Seth Bernard and May Erlewine. The first song we danced to as a married couple at our wedding was by Seth and May. Not only is their music great, but they’re a living inspiration to many people, ourselves included.

For more pictures and the full interview – go to 6




What are the chances

that the best men and women’s high school basketball players are from northern Michigan? Pretty darn good for 2011. Central Lake’s Jasmine Hines, and Suttons Bay’s Dwaun Anderson were recently crowned Miss and Mr. Basketball by the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan. For Hines, it was almost a given, but for Anderson, a bit more of a surprise. Not that he didn’t deserve it, but he’s the first winner of the prestigious award north of Saginaw since it’s inception in 1980.



Both are off to play Big Ten basketball at Michigan State next year. Not only are they great players, but also you couldn’t find a nicer pair of young people anywhere. They had followed each other’s careers, but never met before we set up our photo shoot at the offices of NM3 Magazine. Small towns with big players – watch out Big Ten!

For more pictures and additional editorial – go to

Mr. Basketball 2011: Dwaun Anderson Suttons Bay High School

Miss Basketball 2011: Jasmine Hines Central Lake High School

We first saw Dwaun at the class C high school basketball championships at the Breslin Center on the campus of MSU. We were in town for another function, and decided to watch the Suttons Bay team play Melvindale. While Suttons Bay was not victorious, we marveled at the quality of play by both teams. The play was intense, and at many times above the rim.

What can we say about Jasmine Hines that hasn’t already been said? We’ll start with the fact she scored over 3000 points in her high school career, more points than any male or female player has ever scored in Michigan State high school basketball history. This year she also set the women’s rebounding record for the State of Michigan. She averaged 34 points and 18 rebounds a game in her junior year. Her senior year yielded a lower 28 points and 16 rebounds per game only due to her Central Lake team running through their competition during the season, and her not paying complete games. Jasmine also owns state records for most points 935, and rebounds 478, in a season set in her junior year.

Of course we had heard of the 6’-4” Dwaun and his hi-flying brand of basketball, but many in the crowd had not heard of him, or witnessed his level of skill. We sat near some Melvindale fans and players parents who kept asking “who is that guy playing above the rim on the Suttons Bay team?” Mostly when Dwaun was leaping above taller players to steal a rebound, nail a three pointer, and yes, lay down some amazing dunks. To be fair, Suttons Bay has some great talent besides Dwaun, but his play stood out to all who watched. This was the coming out party for the 2011 Mr. Basketball Dwaun Anderson. Anderson is the only player to win the prestigious Mr. Basketball north of Saginaw A humble and polite young man in person, he turns to a veracious player on the court. We made it to the Suttons Bay vs. Saint Francis game in the Saint Francis barn early in the 2010/2011 season, which turned out to be standing room only crowd. Mostly due to almost half the fans traveling from Suttons Bay, or were there to watch Dwaun play. He of course did not disappoint. Sometime in the second half, the left handed Anderson drove down the court, crossed to his right hand near the top of the three point circle, then back to his left hand, launching a one handed tomahawk dunk from just past the free throw line. Needless to say, the crowd (including the Saint Francis fans) erupted. We look forward to following Dwaun next year, even though he’ll be a few more miles away, I have a feeling we’ll se him play on TV for quite a few years to come. MSU needs to get back to the final four; Dwaun could be just the ticket.

Her selection as Miss Basketball seemed almost a lock as she ran, out scored, rebounded, and blocked her opponents all season. An unselfish player, the 6-3 Hines is a very good passer, and has a knack for finding her open teammates at just the right time. Of course her strength is as a post player. She possesses a shooters touch, as well as being a force anywhere near the rim. She’s a smart player, and knows when to kick the ball out to a wide-open teammate to take the shot when double or triple teamed. As great a scorer as she is, her rebounding skills are second to none in the State, and possibly in the whole Midwest region of the United States. MSU coach Suzy Merchant (from Traverse City) knows a smart player when she sees one. Jasmine will be playing for Michigan State next fall. Tom Izzo helped with the recruitment of Jasmine as well, he knows a marquee player when he sees one. Of course the level of talent in Big Ten college basketball is much higher than high school, but we expect she’ll excel at this level as well. Merchant has the lady Spartans humming along with their first Big Ten Championship since the 2004/2005 season when they shared it with Ohio State. With the addition of Jasmine Hines and her strong post play, they should be in line for many years of championships as well as tournament runs.



THE QR CODE CRAZE: What are they?

Ever see those strange pixilated square codes on packaging, ads, or business cards and wonder what they are? Those are QR codes my friend, and just what's a QR code, you ask? We hope to help explain what QR codes are, and why they're a great way to gather more information on a product, event or service as a consumer. You’ll be seeing more of them pop up all around you soon, so you might as well know what thy are all about.

Some Background

A QR code is a unique, two-dimensional matrix barcode that is easily readable by barcode readers and smartphones with applications dedicated to scanning them. The QR code was created by in 1994, and looks much like black (or even colored) pixels and squares in a square pattern on a white background. This is meant to be scanned or red quickly, and save time and space compared to traditional barcodes.

How Do I Use them:

It’s pretty simple really; first you need to have a smartphone such as an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Typically QR codes are scanned with a smartphone, but a new app has been developed by so any camera-enabled phone can now scan QR codes. You’ll need to download a QR code-scanning app; we’ve found the free ones work just fine. Some of the Android phones today are coming pre-loaded with this type of app. Once you’ve downloaded the app open it up and scan the QR code as if you were taking a picture. It’s that simple.

What is QR Codes Used For?

Anything and everything. You are limited by nothing but your creativity. Think magazine ads, business cards, flyers, comics,

education, articles in a magazine for more information, events, for sale signs, comment cards, presentations, books, outdoor games, instruction manuals, interactive menus, products, facebook, coupons, name tags, and more. While they were originally intended for tracking parts when manufacturing cards, QR codes are now used for several different reasons, and are quickly being adapted to new uses every day. Because of their size, QR codes are ideal for adding additional information in advertising, or event such as ticket purchasing online. For example, you could easily link your website on an ad, tourism brochures could link to a website like Map Quest to offer quick directions, a QR code can even send a coupon to the consumer who opts to collect one. As an example of QR codes in marketing, a QR code was put up on a sign at a very busy intersection in Tokyo, Japan. The image had no descriptive text above or below it, with no explanation, the idea was that people would become curious and simply scan it to see where it would take them. Believe it or not, this was a highly successful campaign. Have you ever passed by a poster for an event and thought you might be interested in it, only to get home and forget what the name of the event or website for the event was? If that poster had a QR code to scan, you could capture all the details and even buy tickets instantly. And the scanning costs you nothing, life would be so much easier. As an example the QR code attached to this article takes you to our website, go ahead give it a try, we dare you. QR codes are here to stay. NM3 will be using them more and more in the future to provide additional information, links, events, and contests. Stay tuned to see what lays in store for you our readers.



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Elizabeth Taylor

a Hollywood Legend

May 8th

Mother’s Day:

The Passing of

By Brett Gourdie Mother’s Day, the day we spend a few hours and honor our Mothers for everything they did and still do for us. It seems a bit trivial to honor your Mom for just a few hours each year. Just take a few minutes to think back on all the times your mother came to your rescue. All the loads of laundry, the wonderful meals she prepared, the taxi service she provided, the everyday love you never realized until you’re older, the time she let me buy a an old dirt bike when dad said no, for letting you dream, and for picking the love of my life, my wife of 20 years. I my case, Mom was always there behind the scenes working diligently to better the lives of her children.

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars passed away in March - Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor was one of the biggest stars Hollywood produced from the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s starting with her role in National Velvet in 1944. Her sultry role in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof burst her on the scene as an accomplished adult actress. Taylor won two Academy Awards for Best actress for her performance in Butterfield 8 in 1960, and for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? in 1966. Taylor was as big a star as there is. She also was a tireless humanitarian, and fundraiser for her causes later in life. One of her famous quotes was “Big girls need big diamonds.” In her case it couldn’t be more true. Christie's auction house in London will oversee the sale of $240 million worth of Taylor’s jewel collection, including a Cartier necklace from past husband Mike Todd, and the famous 69.42-carat pear-shaped Burton-Taylor diamond which cost former husband Richard Burton over $1 million in 1969, with the money set to be shared among the two charities.

My Mother recently passed away after a two-year battle with cancer. She never complained about her numerous chemotherapy treatments; she was as strong as I have ever seen anyone be. She was more concerned about us, her family, than she was about her discomfort – a true mother to the very end. So this Mothers day, spend the day with her, take her out to eat, sit and talk, laugh, enjoy the moment, you never know how many of these special days you may have left with her.

A Class act all the way. It seems a bit trivial to honor your Mom for just a few hours each year. 12


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