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The L/A Hunt By: Nancy Tran | December 6, 2012

The Overview Hello! My name is Nancy Tran, and this is a project I completed for my firstyear seminar class. Over the semester of fall 2012, I explored Lewiston and Aurburn, ME. I visited many places, from restaurants to the senior housing center to the farmer’s market. Initially, I thought that Lewiston would be a very run down place. However, I have realized that it has a lot to offer through its people and culture. I had a wonderful experience completing my scavenger hunt!

Me enjoying the college life

Oh the Places You’ll Go 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Marché Basilica Neighbor by Neighbor Welcome to Shelbyville Meet a Professor Community Center Farmer’s Market Senior Housing Center Nutrition Center Trinity Soup Kitchen Bird Sanctuary Guthries F to eMbody 3 stores on Lisbon Museum L/A


I ordered a half steak sandwich and the soup of the day. It was bisque squash soup. The food was just as good as it looks!

On a Friday after classes, Alexis and I went to Lisbon Street to try out a restaurant. One of our floor-mates has been raving about this local restaurant called MarchĂŠ. With high hopes walking there, we were really pleased. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy, and the prices are not too high. We had a wonderful time and would definitely come back another time!

Basilica It was super cool seeing this church.

Please excuse my awkward double chin‌

I pass by it every Sunday when I volunteer at the Somali-Bantu Youth Association. I also passed it on my way to Lisbon Street. On my way back to campus from MarchĂŠ, I heard these bells ringing like a song from the church. I thought it was a very cool experience. The Basilica is one the most beautiful structures I have ever seen.

Neighbor by Neighbor

On a Sunday night, I watched this movie with Kenisha!

I found the movie to be very interesting. It really moved me how the Lewiston locals managed to protect their home by creating a small organization. They made the organization grow, and it became influential because their voices were finally heard.

Welcome to Shelbyville I really enjoyed watching this movie. It reminded me of Rain in a Dry Land in some aspects. I was moved by how the Somalis had to deal with the hate from the new community they must try to adapt to. I’m glad that some of the Hispanics realize that the Somalis are going through something that they had gone through. It’s as if history always repeats itself. Society likes to pick on the newcomers. I found this movie to be very eye opening.

Meet a Professor

I had a lot of fun talking to my Calculus II professor, Grace. It started off with concern about grades, however our conversation kept going on and on about different things. She taught the Bates Summer Scholars math class, but the summer I did the program was the first time she hadn’t taught it. She asked me about how I was adjusting to the fall and whether the summer had helped me. There were lots of topics that we talked about, so I can’t really remember them all! It was very nice being able to connect so well with a professor. Our conversation ended being 1+ hour. People at the math workshop weren’t very pleased…

At the…

Community Center Me at the community center!!

Every weekend I go to the community center to volunteer for the Somali Bantu Youth Association. When asking a receptionist about what they do at the community center, they told me that they did a lot of various things. There are many support programs, especially when it comes to supporting adults in furthering their education. There is also a health center. This is very convenient for families who live around the area, especially if they don’t have a car to get to St. Mary’s.

Farmer’s Market

I came to the Winter Farmers market at the nutrition center to help out the ArtVan.

There was a good variety of stores at the Winter Farmers market. My favorite part about the farmers market was the delicious baked goods and cheese! I will definitely come back during my time at Bates whenever I want a day away from campus and to explore wonderful local food.

Here’s a plate of dinner from the Farmer’s Market. All of the food came from different vendors at the Farmer’s Market.

The menu

Senior Housing Center On a lovely Thursday evening, I met up with Olivia, who coordinates all of the events with the senior housing center, to the senior housing center. When we first walked in, a man was so full of joy seeing Olivia. I saw how after dedicating so much time at the senior house, Olivia has built an incredible bond with the seniors. After spending a few hours with the senior citizens, it’s no wonder Olivia keeps coming back! They are so funny and nice. I had a lot of fun coloring Thanksgiving pictures and painting decorations with them. Maybe next semester, I will try serving brunch on a Sunday morning for them.

Nutrition Center

Lots to Gardens is a program that teaches people how to grow their own healthy food. The Nutrition Center also hosts different events such as the Winter Farmer’s Market. I think that what the programs do for the community is great. A lot of times, people eat unhealthy food because that’s the only kind of the food that they have access to. With programs inside of the Nutrition Center, everyone has access to healthy food. It took me a few weeks to realize that the nutrition center was on my way to the community center every weekday!

The entrance!

Trinity Soup Kitchen At first it was a little hard finding the entrance to the soup kitchen, but some people in front of the church guided my friends and me. There were enough volunteers for there to be one person at each food or drink station. We served a certain amount of food to each person, but we were left with so many left overs. After the first round, it was a free for all, where people took home multiple plates for their families.

The one hour volunteering at the soup kitchen went by so quickly! I love doing proactive volunteering because time just flies by. I hope I can find time to volunteer again!

My friend, Matt, helped out by pouring drinks for people.

Bird Sanctuary And so we walked… Where we stopped by to figure out where we should head.

Let’s try to stay safe…

Libby was very kind enough to offer to lead a trip to the Thorncrag bird sanctuary. A group of us from the class decided to come along even though the sidewalks were quite slippery. I thought that the walk was a wonderful bonding experience for part of the class. My favorite part was seeing this beautiful open field with a lone tree and bench. It was such a beautiful view that I had to capture it. I think this would be the perfect place to study during short term!


I went to Guthries on music night, but sadly, the band had cancelled last minute. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the vibe in the restaurant. It is really cozy but lively. I loved the pictures and cut-outs on the tables. I spent a while trying to read everything on the table. Also, the food looked great. I love the fact that everything is local and healthy. Hopefully, the next time I decide to come, the band won’t cancel last minute!

F to eMbody 000000000000000000000000000000000

The two wonderful performers!

F to eMbody is two men bringing trans-art to college campuses. It was really interesting to watch because for most of the show, I forgot that they were transgender. Their music was very exciting, and I found some of it relatable. They gave me a good laugh. I think it goes to show you that, no matter how different someone could seem to you, there will be always be some commonality.

3 Stores on Lisbon

I found walking around Lisbon to be very interesting. Two thirds of the street is filled with Somali stores that sell Somali clothing and goods. These stores look a little rundown. The third has nice American shops, such as the flower shop. However, the people in both types of stores were really nice and inviting. It’s nice that there are so many Somali stores around since the Somali immigrants need a way to get their type of clothing or food. Also, it allows some Somali immigrants to gain access to the business world in Lewiston, providing jobs.

Museum L/A

The outside of the Museum L/A right behind me!!

As I explored Lewiston on my own, I hadn’t planned on coming across the museum, but I did. So, I decided to walk in and check out inside. The exhibit currently displayed at the museum is called “The Power of Music.” It was really cool seeing different old instruments on display. I was less interested in the pictures of people with the instruments. Overall, I think it’s great how history in Lewiston is displayed at the museum versus famous art pieces from all over the country like many museums back in Seattle.

The End

Oh, the beauty of L/A‌

L/A Scavenger Hunt  

A scavenger hunt around Lewiston, ME completed for my first year seminar.

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