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Name : 張傅堯


Interest : music. dance. sing. read Age : 18 Experience : restaurant waiter

Introduce Myself : Hello! my name is Johny and I come from the east of Taiwan : Taitung, a beautifull country.I live in Giayi now because I study here. My hobbit is dancing, actually, I really love dancing, I can’t live more than one day without dancing. Every time when I hear the music with clearly temple, I could’t stop myself to move rthymically. Dancing make me different. Without dancing,I am nobody. My another hobbit is singing, just like everybody saying : man comes from Taitung can sing. For me, singing is a direct way to express what I’m thinking or what I feel. I like to make friends, but I am too shy to talk to another person who I don’t know, especially female. This problem annoys me a lot.

Thank you