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UNLEASH YOUR POWER AND ACHIVE SUCCESS & HAPPINESS What is NLP? You were born with a powerful mind. Learn how to use it! Neuro Linguistic Programming is the fastest and easiest way to change your behavior, unleash self-confidence and rapidly achieve optimum levels of success and happiness!

Live Presentation given by Sebastien Leblond and Michael Bolduc in Bangkok Choose from 3 Dates at the Glowfish Meeting Room, The Pride/Asoke Towers August 31, 2011, Wednesday from 6:30PM to 9:00PM September 8, 2011, Thursday from 6:30PM to 9:00PM September 14, 2011, Wednesday from 6:30PM to 9:00PM Only available for first 35 applicants per session.

Asia’s # 1 Success Coach 7-Day NLP speaks to crowd of Practitioner Course 700 people in Bangkok, 2011

Michael Bolduc Asia’s #1 Success Coach

Sebastien Leblond Asia’s #1 Wealth Coach



This cutting edge technology has been proven to consistently produce results in business and personal life. In this 2.5-hour Introduction to NLP Practitioner You Can Expect To Learn How To : Become a better communicator Change unwanted behaviors Double your income Breakthrough fears and phobias Master your emotions and take control of your mind Gain instant confidence Unleash your full potential Get to know yourself better About The Speakers Sebastien Leblond, “Asia’s #1 Wealth Coach” Sebastien Leblond, author of The Total Financial FREEDOM System, Wealth Coach, is an in-demand coach who works with high-net-worth individuals, millionaires, and CEOS, helping them to reach their financial goals. He has personally trained and coached more than a thousand people, enabling them to achieve financial freedom. Sebastien got his start by using NLP and the power of coaching to double his income within 6 months, following which he began work for The Anthony Robbins Companies, a Fortune500 personal development company. Sebastien then decided to take on one of his own musts by creating a new WEALTH COACHING COMPANY. His 1-person organization has expanded to the point where he now leads teams of his own wealth coaches in both Thailand and Japan. Sebastien is a certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner from Tad James Company and accredited by American Board of NLP.

“There were so many things I never knew I was capable of accomplishing, until I took NLP. Having the opportunity to learn NLP made me not only realize how to access the potential in my own life, but also gave me insights about other aspects of human potential and the methods to utilize it.” --Pemika “I didn’t know what to expect at first from the NLP Practitioner Course. In fact, I barely knew what NLP was. All I heard was the wonders it could bring to people who use it effectively. Having gone through the 7 days workshop, I feel that NLP does indeed provide you with the tools to achieve the outcomes you desire. There is a wealth of life-changing information and many opportunities are provided for you to practice what you learn. The workshop is in two parts, so it’s nice to have a month’s break to digest and absorb all the materials. Michael and Sebastien not only bring clarity to the subject, they also inspire, and most importantly they truly show they care and want you to succeed.” -- Nut

Michael Bolduc - Asia’s #1 Success Coach


Michael Bolduc is a bestselling author, self-made millionaire and sought after seminar speaker. Michael has coached 1,063 people and counting, enabling them to increase their income by an average of 41% within 60days. It is for this reason that his seminars are often standing-room only, with as many as 700people in attendance, even though tickets sell for as much as several thousand dollars. Michael runs Asia’s #1 coaching certification course, with students investing $5,000 each to learn Michael’s coaching skills. Many of Michael’s clients have achieved amazing success in a very short time:

“Within only 30 days of Michael’s coaching, my number of clients increased from 2 to 11. My conversion rate went up to 68%. Within 2 months of training with him, my income had increased to 2 million yen permonth. Through Michael’s coaching, I have changed my way of thinking and achieved my dream of living overseas.”

“After being stuck making the same monthly income for 6months, I signed up for coaching with Michael. In my first month with Michael, I doubled my income! In the second month, I doubled it again! I’m reallly looking forward to my third month.”

“Since training with Michael, I have increased my income by 600% in 2months. Hiring him is the best thing you could do.”

Tony Hosted

Akira Iguchi

Dr. Fukiko Kobayashi

These sessions are ideal for: Sales Person Trainer, Coach or Teacher Athlete, Entertainer or Artist Parent Dentist or Doctor Anyone Wanting to Let Go of Issues Relating to Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt

HR Managers/Directors Entrepreneurs MBA Graduates and University Students Public Speakers Mental Health Professional Lawyer or Accountant Anyone Inetrested in Personal Development

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NLP Breakthrough Seminar  

FREE NLP Breakthrough Seminars on Wednesday August 31st, 2011 from 6:30PM to 9PM. Thursday,September 8th,2011 from 6:30PM to 9PM. Wednesday...

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