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email Activities Complete the following tasks in Outlook: 

Create your own business card.

Create an email. Include a high priority tag and request a delivery receipt.

Create an email. Attach a business card.

Create an email. Request a read receipt. Send it with a bcc to your instructor.

Create a category for your instructor(s). Create an instructor contact. Assign the category to your instructor contact.

Create a contact group for four contacts.

Create an email asking for an opinion or offering a choice. Include voting buttons in the email.

Flag some emails to follow up on later.

Filter emails to display only those that are flagged.

Filter or sort emails by categories.

Sort your emails alphabetically by sender.

Create two folders for emails. called practice exercises.

Move some emails from class members to the new practice exercises folder.

Create a rule that will automatically send all emails from your instructor to the instructor folder.

Create an automatic “out of office message” to respond to emails when you are on vacation.

One for emails from your instructor and one

MORAINE PARK TECHNICAL COLLEGE 102-135 Business Technology and Innovation

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email actvities for Outlook  

learning activities to complete using Outlook

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