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Olivier Skin Care Consultants Mars 2014 Newsletter MARS SPECIALS Goodbye Winter! Perfect duo to greet the arrival of spring. SCC077 : “Spring has sprung Special” Special: $34.95 (Regular Price: $44.90) Maple Lotion (PL820): hydrates, softens and rejuvenates skin cells. Full of vitamins and scented oil of maple syrup transforming it from a simple moisturizer to a repairing serum. It also acts as an astringent and an antibacterial. It is a soothing, rejuvenating lotion that stimulates blood circulation and gives a vibrant healthy skin. Éveil du printemps Soap (SA 135): contains scented oil maple syrup that will amaze not only people with a sweet tooth, but also those who want an emollient soap made from olive oil.

Green for St-Patrick! Luck of the Irish =3 green. SCC078 : “St-Patrick Special” Special: $15.90 (Regular price: $22.95) Green apple Soap (VV071): invigorates the skin and fills your bathroom with the fresh smell of green apples.

Honeysuckle Soap (RX020) : an exceptionally smooth, long-lasting, hypoallergenic face and body soap.

Peppermint Soap (ST090) : an excellent deodorant and decongestant, this soap will help you start the day with energy.

Fresh and masculine smells for monsieur! With after-shave wax and musk soap. SCC079 : “For monsieur Special� Special: $27.95 (Regular price: $37.90) After-shave Wax (HM076) : rich and moisturizing, it contains natural scents and essential oils to help revitalize, tone and refresh the skin. As an astringent it closes pores and seals in moisture. It maintains a healthy skin after a good shave. Musk Soap (HM020): soft, energizing and deodorant. To fully enjoy the delicious fragrance of musk essential oil, lather on the face, the body and even the hair, then rinse.

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