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FEATURE STORY WHEN SOMEONE SAYS “KENTUCKY,” ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS that comes to mind is bourbon. It is the international trademark of Kentucky, also known as the land of horses and fried chicken. Northern Kentucky is uniquely poised as a gateway to Bourbon Country, and the border between the north and south. Born from a desire to shine a light on our region and heritage, Kentucky’s Edge, a weekend-long bourbon festival in October, is coming to life. The festival is designed to share on a local, national, and international scale what makes Northern Kentucky special. By sharing what makes the region special, organizers are hoping to be a vehicle to spur talent attraction and drive retention in the area, a pillar of the region’s new GROW NKY (Growing Regional Outcomes through Workforce) initiative. The mission of GROW NKY is to leverage the assets of this region to grow, attract, and retain a globally competitive workforce.

PICTURED: A gorgeous cocktail (left), the bar at Newberry Bros. Coffee & Prohibition Bourbon Bar in Newport (below) and a glimpse of the bourbon selection found at Newberry Bros (next page), photos provided by meetNKY. WORKFORCE 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 3


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NKY Business Journal March/April 2019