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HONORS PROGRAM Request for Letter of Recommendation Letters of recommendation are an important part of any job, scholarship, or graduate school application. Those whom you ask to write your letters want to be able to write one that will give you the best chance at achieving your goals, so be sure to ask if he or she can write you a strong letter of recommendation early in the process. To ensure that the person who writes a recommendation for you has sufficient information to do so, the Honors Program asks that you include with this application a resumĂŠ which details any and all relevant information (e.g. honors/awards, research interests, publications, leadership positions, group participation, etc.) and application deadlines. This all must be given three to four weeks prior to the recommendation due date. Where appropriate, you should also provide addressed envelopes with proper postage attached. To ensure your privacy, please submit all materials in an envelope.

Last Name

First Name

Student No.

Major / Minor

Phone No.


Univ. GPA

Honors GPA


GRE Scores V



While you are under no obligation to waive access to your letter, it is highly recommended that you do so. The recipient(s) of the letter will place much greater stock in it if you have waived access.

I waive my right to review this evaluation

I do not waive my right to review this evaluation

I, the undersigned, hereby give permission to the individual writing the accompanying letter of recommendation to release information found in my academic records. He or she has permission to comment on my performance in class, my GPA, and any other factors pertinent to my application.


Date Revised Fall 2010

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Form for Honors Students to give to those wishing to provide a letter of recommendation for any Honors-related leadership opportunities or s...