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CATALINA GOMEZ being a mother in her life

PITBULL out his new album MOTHERS Character of the Month

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LONDOテ前 ATTACK 窶「 exploded a bomb with a magnet on the windshield of the car by Fernando Londoテアo. As a result, two bodyguards were killed and more than 50 people were injured, including former minister, who is entered in the Country Clinic with "good prognosis". Initially, the police commander of Bogota, Gen. Luis Eduardo Martinez, blamed the attack on the guerrillas . However, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, said in a press conference later that, for now, it is unknown responsibility for the attack against the former minister.


HIGH RATE OF THEFT IN VALLEDUPAR two hundred twenty-one theft complaints registered during the first three months of the year and the police reported that so far 2012. has been captured in fragrance 68 people for this crime, which show a bad security and common crime in Valledupar. this is an issue that requires greater commitment from the municipality in the design and implementation of strategies to reduce cases of thefts in the city.



Although there are no consolidated statistics on the status of childhood cancer in Colombia, some data provide insights. While in developed countries seven out of ten children with cancer survive, in Colombia are saved between two and five. In richer countries, the treatment dropout rate is almost zero. In the third world, ranging from 16 to 18 percent. Matthew, for example, was born into a family living in a city where access to hospitals and clinics of high standard, and whose fathers were unemployed and the ability to pay a private health plan, in addition to that offered by their EPS. Thanks to that the cancer was detected early diagnosis and began the week of treatment. Infant


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Radamel Falcao was named by the international federation of football history and statistics (IFFHS) among the hundred Improve international scorers. is the only Colombian in the top 100 . and in Atletico Madrid can keep climbing the ladder in the coming years Sport

Born in the Colombian Caribbean in 1986, but footballing formed in Bogota, Falcao is the last great appearance of Colombian football. Life seemed depararle a very different fate of his father, Radamel defender who knew samarium play professional football Falcao heredándole to the passion and the will of the player sacrificed, but a few yards above which stood his father, Falcao is striker. known simply as Falcao, who made ​his professional debut in Boyacá Colombia. Lancers Play as front and his current team is Atletico Madrid in the Primera Division in Spain. The player who has scored more goals in a season of European competition by getting this record with FC Porto in the European League UEFA during the 2010-2011 season. In July 2011 was considered the fifth best player in Europe (only behind Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta) by a vote by sports journalists from 53 member federations UEFA

tips to prevent hair loss Lost your hair? get their hair will be easy, if you take some practical tips and tricks home: 1-Do not expose your hair too much sun, beach, sea water or river, factors impeding hair growth. 2-Avoid using gels, mousse and other commercial chemicals for hair beauty, and conducive to hair loss. Prefer natural products to care for your hair 3-Do not brush your hair because you could increase your fall. Use combs with wide separations and keep the scalp clean, preventing clogged follicles, causing hair loss. 4-Do not abuse the use of hats or scarves, preventing the oxygenation of your hair. 5-Do not abuse the use of hats or scarves, Preventing the oxygenation of your hair. 6-Do not color your hair with chemicals that cause hair loss. 7-Try to fight stress, to prevent the contraction of blood vessels that nourish the hair, causing malnutrition of the scalp and increase hair loss.


PITBULL NEW ALBUM the renowned singer pitbull out his new album "global warming" and as usual, will have two duets for this album: the first corresponding to the first cecillo with Shakira and was called "get started" let's see how this pump is Latin flavor. and on the other hand, will do a duet again, from the hand of the Mexican BELINDA, which was entitled "i love you" and to sing in English and Spanish



WISHES TO GO? Originally a small fishing village, Agia Galini with its streets of white painted houses crowded on three sides by mountains, . Although compact the village offers all the facilities that one would hope for and all within a stones throw of your accommodation. There are supermarkets for your daily needs, numerous tour operators offering very interesting excursions to this historic area, quiet tavernas with spectacular views over the Libyan sea, and various boat trips to secluded coves, islands, and seaside villages.


SAN ANDRES ISLAND Island cuisine relies heavily on fish and local vegetables, accented with coconut, plantain, breadfruit and spices. Make sure to try rondón, made with fish, pork, conch, plantain and coconut milk, either in a restaurant or from a roadside stand. you can Duty free shopping for many items, including emeralds from Colombia, it makes a pleasant stroll for good views of the town and coral reefs. Enjoy swimming, horseback riding, parasailing, wind surfing or relaxing on a beach. • Morocco is known for its desert, for good and varied cuisine, among other things, but we also find the wonderful beaches of Morocco as one of the great attractions of this country, which is highly recommended to visit and beaches can be a very interesting for the tourist who wants to rest, I can do it without any problem, because it is a very pleasant sensation to enjoy a beach in Morocco.

work and raise What does it mean to be a mother today when we are in a modern world thatoffers the mother work? Moms take on all challenges, so they

are thecharacter of the month


CATALINA GOMEZ IS A MODERN MOTHER and she tell us: What do you think of the working mother? In fact I am one, and I think we are a heroine, we are able to care for our children and work and is an example for our young daughters What role does your husband to your mother work? is the great support for me and my daughter, a father and committed partner, is a marvel! What does your family think of you work and also be a mother?, Especially your mom they did not think much about it because they know that society in which we are so required, but my mother if , she has been very proud of me and given me their unconditional support

CATALINA GOMEZ SAYS “women have historically accessed territories reserved for men, and the idea that mothers should devote many years, to motherhood, has changed with society “

What are advised to mother? never leave out their children for work, which dizfruten and share time with them and above all give love. kisses and Merry Month of mothers

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