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New Kingston Rotaract Club General Meeting Minutes October 17, 2013 Liguanea Club

VOCATIONAL SERVICE MONTH I. Meeting called to order: 7:04 pm II. National Anthem - Led by Treasurer Brian III. Rotaract Four Way Test and Grace – Led by Dir. Terese and Rtr. Ana IV. Introduction of Visitors and Guests GUESTS


Richard Hamilton and Tiffany Scott invited by IPP Travis Kelesha Dunkley invited by Rtr. Moyen

 

RETURNING VISITORS - Denise Arnold - Chrisesia Taylor - Patrick Forrest - Tanisia Howell



Francine White Dedri-Ann Blackwood Sandrika Dunkley Andrew McKain


Rotarian Audley Knight Rotary Club of MontegoBay East


Rotarian Marvin Rotary Club of New Kingston VISITING ROTARACTOR - Pres. Paulette – RCSA

Rotaract/Protocol Minute - Done by Rtr. Serena and Dir. Sheena respectively.

VI. President’s Time A.

Apologies for Absence/Lateness Absent: Dir. Tresha Rtr. Neville

Rtr. Jody Dir. Ward

Late: Pros. Kimberley

B. Birthdays Oct. 8th – Pros. Thadene Oct. 10th – Rtr. Trudy Oct. 21st – Pros. Diego Oct. 22nd – Rtr. Serena Oct. 27th – Rtr. Tameka C. Updates 

Pres. Dane thanked Dir. Sheena and her committee for a successful start to the mentorship programme that was launched at the last meeting. Page 1 of 2

New Kingston Rotaract Club General Meeting Minutes October 17, 2013 Liguanea Club 

Pres. Dane commended DRR Julie for hosting a really great PETS. o


Dir. Shana commented that it was a great weekend of excellent training and a setting where Rotaractors could voice their concerns and share ideals and information. Blue Jeans was a good event and Sunday was relaxation day at the beach. Overall it was a great experience she added. DRR Julie thanked everyone who came out to support the club. We represented the 2 nd largest contingent in attendance with approximately 23 members present. She expressed her appreciation.

Secretary Vivette and Treasurer Brian were thanked for submitting the Quarterly Report and District Dues respectively on time.

Pres. Dane informed the club that we donated $10,000.00 to the Passion and Purity Christian Conference.

Dir. Shawna spoke about Wing Sauce.

Pres. Dane mentioned the Rotary Club of New Kingston Health Fair at the Constant Spring Primary School and a reception afterwards at 31 West Road.

Dir. Sheena informed the club about the PD Workshop on Oct 26th at UWI, Mona.

VII. Video Presentation on Breast Cancer Awareness VIII. Presentations  Topic: Nutrition – Past President Marvin Reid  Topic: Tips on owning your own home – District Chair Audley Knight  Topic: Sexual Health – Past President Marvin Reid The Rotarians were thanked for coming and sharing their vocation with us.

IX. Other Updates    


Oct. 19th – Rotaract Club of New Kingston Health Fair Oct. 27th – RCSA Back Yard Lyme Nov. 9th – RCSA Bood Drive, Chest Hospital We received our exchange package from the Rotaract Club of UWI Piarco

Sergeant-At-Arms $4450 was collected in sarges and happy dollars.

Meeting adjourned: 9:30 pm Page 2 of 2

NKRC General Meeting Minutes October 17 , 2013