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The magic of of thisthis one place is in thethe faces and words of of thethe campers, The magic one place is in faces and words campers, and in the stories of their parents and everyone who gives their time to to Ooch. and in the stories of their parents and everyone who gives their time Ooch.

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ONE PLACE thAt lets kiDs with cancer Be "just kids.” Help spread the magic of Ooch Downtown. It’s the one place where your support builds confidence and creates lasting friendships and memories. With your help, we can give even more children the experience of Ooch – especially those who are too sick to travel to Muskoka, or whose families want them close to home and SickKids hospital. Join us to celebrate and support Ooch Downtown at An Evening of Summer Dreams on Thursday, April 19. We’ll take your photo at the event so you can put it in this album. Come and be part of the story of the one place where, as one child puts it, kids with cancer can “be awesome.” Visit for more images and stories, and to find more information. If you don’t have a ticket yet, please get yours now at or by calling 416-961-6624 ext. 209.

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AN EVENING OF SUMMER DREAMS We’ll take your photo at the event, and you can insert it here afterwards.


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